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1. ES 88 - 03 - 14 - 03 Gururaj: -- which is Bhakti yoga and through your actions in daily life, which is Karma yoga. Now all these things are contained in Dr. Ramon's book. Read it, very good, very beautiful. Describing all these different aspects of life in a beautiful story form. Good. Thank you my darling, thank you. Translator: When he is worried about of – how, what’s about with these people in Ethiopia or places like these where they are in such a situation that they don’t even have a time to think on the spiritual advance or god because they don’t have even to eat or to give to eat to the children and so what is the meaning of that suffering, inborn suffering. Public: <0:02:09.3> Gururaj: Quack – quack – quack. Translator: I mean I had to explain. Gururaj: Thank you. What’s happened to your light? Translator: We are repairing it. We are going to light now. Gururaj: Good, thank you. Translator: Yeah. Gururaj: The light makes me talk. See the production within ourself or our knowledge or behavior is produced by light. Right, the inner light of our lord. Now, what is happening in Ethiopia where is there so much famine, suffering, millions of people are dying. Let us not only seek of Ethiopia, all right, India so many people are starving and dying and do you know in china I got latest reports that 208,000 million people died and in America, it is supposed to be a rich country but 8% of the American population is suffering of unemployment. We can – I mean I can go on and on describing all these various countries, but you got the idea what I’m trying to say. Every situation created in any country is produced by the people themselves by their karma and this will go on and on and on, since 5000 years ago when Buddha exist and little later Krishna and little more later 2000, our Lord Jesus, there were still these problems because this world cannot exist without conflict because conflict itself is motion and it take the power of polarity to create motion. Who is to blame of the things

2. ES 88 - 03 - 14 - 03 that are happening in Ethiopia? Who is to blame for things that’s happening anywhere? They are to blame, so they create funds and say to you, oh send contribution to feed those hungry and the poor, don’t do it. Now in our Espanola, in our country, do you know how many hungry people there are? Do you know the percentage of your unemployment in our country Spain? Do you know the amount of suffering there is in Spain? Go down to the south and you will see, as I have seen, poor poor people, so you don’t send money to Ethiopia and China or anywhere, no, you look after your people in your country. Then you will be doing some service. In this capitalistic society, a few has too much and so many has nothing. There’s no balance and there have been no balance in creating the conflicts and the trouble in every country of the world. It was not five-six months when I was talking to Margaret Thatcher and more or less same time I was speaking to that stupid shit arse, Reagan and we were discussing the economy of their countries. So much imbalance. A rich country like America has at this moment 20 million people who are unemployed. If you walk around the streets of New York, you will find so many bag women, makes me cry. They walk around with little bags begging for food. <0:11:41.4> women (sigh!), hurts so... what can I do, man alone? I don’t want to go into deep politics, no, that is not for us on this course, but I know more about what is happening in our political society. Sometime we get together we’ll talk about it. That the rich make themselves more rich at the expense of the poor, that becomes more poor. Is there any sense of balance? No, no. because those rich bastardos are living on the flesh and the blood of we people that are not so fortunate.


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