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2. ES 88 - 05 - 01 Translator: Yes. Gururaj: What did I say now? Looking into your eyes, I forget myself and I'm only aware of you and I lose myself. In losing myself, what great joy I find looking into your eyes? And when the surgeons of love become a ripple and am I really looking into your eyes or am I being just real? Now you see my beloveds, true joy is within ourselves, it’s how we project outside. So be centred within yourself and through that you will project your centrality which is divine to others around us. That sometime today we go visit our centre and we meditate together there. Okay? Right, shall we go in the afternoon? No, no, we don’t plan time. Translator: < 0:05:29.7 > Gururaj: So, we’ll – this afternoon we’ll all go to the centre to bless – today your everything. I thank yo u for the progress you have made in life, good – good – good. <0:06:09.7> thank you darling. -- <0:07:36.0> there, yeah. (Strumming guitar -- I'm out of practice. Grabbing the attention of this, my son here. Te amor – te amor – te amor. And I ask the question while – te amor needs a reply.. Te amor – te amor – and yet I cry. Te amor – humming –take out the cigar -- humming) See my love, this is my love, I give it to you. <0:13:19.4>the energy from -- that’s energy, oh darling (laughs) come to papa, grand papa, come come come, come my darling. You are my amor, you who I love so much, won’t you sing with me – Mi amor – mi amore – the secret is this, to make all my children be happy. You done it. (Laughs) <0:15:46.9>please write an article, explain. The day with my guru. He is so mad, but in his madness he knows his love and his strums along, he sing his eternal song and he goes on even if his body does not carry him on singing his song. One thing I want you to understand is this, I've never played a guitar before, I don’t know, I just plugged so all of you flow in the waves flow. Public: It’s a lie guruji, you played a guitar in the last course. Gururaj: I did? Public : < 0:18:49.7 > Gururaj: < 0:19:27.5 > in recording . Have you got it? Can you play? < 0:19:39.3 > Translator: Koncha is the only one that plays the guitar.

3. ES 88 - 05 - 01 Gururaj: Yes, well look I don’t know the guitar, I just flow, yeah, explain. Now here, another secret, < 0:20:22.7 > what made you? Translator: What made you? Gururaj: What made you to be what she is? Do you know what made you? Not your mother and not your father because it was driven from a previous life, that is a carry on that made you <0:21:25.0> So, we start off from the beginning, you were a piece of shit, we all, and we went through many experiences until the time came where we started to think of ourselves and subconsciously, perhaps, you were asking one question, “Who am I?” that is the beginning of your thought process. This in the beginning are waves on the ocean and when the waves of the ocean subside, you will realise that I am the ocean. So look at the beauty that from shit you have progressed to say, “I am Koncha.” You are now going beyond the waves, firstly by recognising yourself that I am a wave, okay, but I'm still the ocean and with that confidence we go on in life and make the best of it. This bastardo son of mine is difficult sometimes, perhaps all the time. Who cares? So what? It’s him, but not me. I am still <0:24:27.1> Let him bla bla bla. Does not matter, because I Koncha is me, nothing in this world can disturb me. I am standing firm, so his bullshit is his bullshit, not my bullshit. I come to you as your guest to give you some wisdom, some little knowledge, some little realisation to make you all more and more simpler people. That is why I like to come to be with my family, to make their lives a little sweeter. -- Poco poco – that is why I come. Come, let us examine you. Fernando we are examining your wife. I’ll tell you one thing. These women here, they blossom don’t they? Bloom on their face? Of course, why am I here for this? Now, let me get to my daughter. She is a very loving person at heart, but she puts on her front of her being tough. You are soft inside but outside you’d be tough. That is a defensive action. Now when you try to be so tough outside, you are expressing untold desires within yourself. You, by nature, would like to be dominant, that is your downfall, but the other way out would be totally submissive. I am putting this in very gross terms. Have you ever, in physical form, bowed down to your god? Have you ever done that? You have not? Translator: No, not yet. Gururaj: Because you said, “Ah,” I know your whole history, beautiful model, very desirable, I know, I could read anything, no one tell me anything, I know but what is important is my Fernando, you offer yourself as an obedient servant to your love and he offers himself to you as your wife. It’s a togetherness, the communication. So you just get off this tough thing of you because many times I know – I know that it leads to arguments, I know all that and then this son of mine, he just says, “Okay.” His feet is the feet of god, I'm talking metaphorically. Your feet is the feet of the goddess, mother of the universe. That is what love is all about. You see, now come, bow at his feet now, come surrender yourself. Now you bow to her, stand up. No, stand up stand up, stand up, you bow to

4. ES 88 - 05 - 01 her feet. The secret is this that we surrender to each other. I've got to teach you so much about love. < 0:33:30.1 > okay, my darling, alright, alright. Okay sweetheart, she is lovely. That – how old is he now. Public: Eighteen months. Gururaj: Right. You got to wait for two more years, then you’re going to have a daughter. Yeah, show. Yes, you see people think of love, think but thinking is not love. Thinking is an obstacle to love, you just must be and things flow automatically. You are thinking and do not think this ever again of having, what do you call that vasectomy in male, in woman. Translator: I don’t know what’s the name, I don’t really know what’s the name. I don’t know what the word in English but in Spanish its < 0:35:58.6> Gururaj: Vasectomy is for mal e. Translator: Yeah. Gururaj: But for female is – Translator: I don’t know in Spanish its < 0:36:11.1 > Public: Well that means that she has no -- Gururaj: Don’t think about that, leave -- leave. I know you're thinking about hysterectomy, got the woman. That is where a woman sort of immobile – immobilises, sterilises yeah right, no. Why don’t you ask if you'll organise a program for me to speak to the people, my beloveds of Spain. It will be doing good to people. Look I've been on television, in America, all around the world – Translator: I’m living in Spain now so. Gururaj: Yeah, we did that with -- Translator: < 0:37:51.0 > Yeah.

5. ES 88 - 05 - 01 Gururaj: Thank you, why don’t you organise something for that? Public: Do you have the bath now? Gururaj: Hmm? Public: Do you having a bath? Gururaj: Lazy – I think gas is getting low. Now what song? Give him a healing. They need it now, over here? – within myself to compose a novel, a book called Uma. We shall work today, you take notes. I could picture that story of – it is there, we got to write. Have some tapes, we’ll do it. Uma, title of book. Yeah, would you like to try? Uma: < 0:41:12.3 > Gururaj: I think we must get some < 0:41:27.1 > Translator: I can go aft erwards. < 0:41:31.5 > Gururaj: Oh, when we go to town. Translator: When we go to town yeah. Gururaj: No problem. You know my son, the small one, Biren – Biren is 5foot11, beautiful, so handsome, he takes after his father. Now, he has one philosophy which he has plucked on his car, his motor car, “No problem.” Remember this, it’s beautiful <0:42:36.6> what you're doing? Translator: He’s feeling Fernando. Later today I would like to have private conversation < 0:43:15.1 > Gururaj: Sh all we -- beautiful. Come – come, we shall put water there. Public: Water?

6. ES 88 - 05 - 01 Gururaj: Now, you must know one thing that a cake is not complete without the cherry. This is the cherry. Now you will verify this, if you feel so comfortable <0:45:04.3 > Translator: She’s taking < 0:45:06.4 > Gururaj: Oh, okay. Doesn’t matter. I wanted her to witness this. < 0:45:49.1 > healing done by Charles. Now I am going to put the cherry on the cake to complete it, Charles is very hard core, yes, but all his energies to my son < 0:46:11.7 > and I will put it on the cherry, just like < 0:46:25.6 > beautiful Samadhi. < 0:47:50.3 >

1. ES 88 - 05 - 01 Gururaj: What is the date today? Eight? Nine? Public: Nine. Translator: Nine. Gururaj: Ninth March, remember this date. From today’s date to five years, on the same date, we are going to be together to celebrate a millionaire. You better get some old Scotch for Charlie. In five years, you are going to be a millionaire, I tell you this, remember this, its recorded, remember that, you are going to be a millionaire, my son. And I will be the proud father. Translator: I don’t want to be a millionaire, at least < 0:01:24.1 > Gururaj: In the heart? Yeah, I know, I know. Yeah, but still, we need a -- Translator: Pesetas, ye ah . Public: < 0:01:36.4 > Translator: And on next the 20 th of February, no the 20 th of March, this next 20 th , I must pay to the bank 300,000 Pesetas, which I don’t have, I'm going to have it by – Gururaj: Well, take the cours e money and pay it. Translator: (Laugh) No, I cannot do that. I must find some other way to do to pay the loan. Gururaj: By when? Translator: 20 th of March. Gururaj: < 0:02:07.3 > I do not know myself anymore, I only know you.


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