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2. ES 88 - 05 - 02 Translator: No, the baby go to the back. Gururaj: You stand there for one foot, you stand there, I want concentration. – Acceleration – pray together, thank you. I need an object. Uma, Uma, the love that flows within my soul is but a reflection that I see in the mirror and I wonder -- Translator: I wonder? Gururaj: Wonder – WONDER and I wonder, is the reflection real or am I in a dream? That finds itself to be < 0:19:18.9 > yet I go on walking this path, I tremble, I know that these feet cannot las t, yet far beyond, you are there Uma, guiding me in my wavered path. You < 0:20:53.9 > and no sun will ever know – SUN will ever know the beauty that you are at your beloved and only I will know. – go living, how to feel totally relaxed, there you do not hear of anything, just too big. Where are you now? Tell me. Translator: Don’t know. Gururaj: At this very moment you are in my heart, that is why you do not know where you are. When my heart expands in your love, then your path must also expand. It is a repro— reproxation, interchange, that is what and that is love. No attachment, just being together. That is love. You have a beautiful feeling around here. So lovely, nice. Transl ator: We have, shall – shall we go now or < 0:24:14.6 > Gururaj: Okay. -- < audio skips > and at the same time < 0:24:24.8 > the meaning of love is to be able to communicate, the meaning of love is to be able to communicate. Where is the factor of communication ? It does not lie in mental analysis, it lies within the heart where you just flow to each other as I flow to my Ramon . It is something inexplicable and not ever to be defined. It just is with me and my Charlie and my Fernando there, and oh Namaste! And my Fernando here too, yeah. So the beauty of life is this, to be able to communicate, not by mental analysis, to repeat this again, but the hearts flow to each other and we become one in our spiritual essence. That is what your stupid guru teaches. To find this love, this togetherness where Fernando is not Fernando, no more, guruji is no guruji, love is love, that just flows and beating – beating in one heart, together. Charlie, you have experienced it. that is love. You can’t shut up. You think you are separate from my son? No, you are not separate, because your heart is beating in his heart and that bring that togetherness. You were a naughty girl, but today I am proud to say, as your guru, that you have become a real woman which I had in my h ead, than k you for progressing so much in life because your husband is nothing else but me or the divine energy. So simple, so simple, but to be understood. Our baby, Zero --

3. ES 88 - 05 - 02 Translator: Zero. Gururaj: Whose baby is this? Your baby? Your baby? No, baby of the lord. You see, why you love my Zero? Not because he’s so pretty and handsome, you love him because there is divinity in him and that divinity produces love that you give to Zero, Zero is in essence Zero, none entity. So our baby is Zero, non-existent but the cause of our mentality, we give Zero existence. This is a mathematical problem. So we love our Zero, Zero non-existent. But why we love our Zero is we are projecting ourselves into something that is <0:31:37.5> this projection is very important because it makes us flow to a identity which reflects upon ourselves. So when you tell my son I love you, what do you mean? He is handsome? He’s beautiful? He’s powerful? Okay, that's not what you love. You are loving the spiritual being that is him and recognising this, you become one with – that is the secret of life. We can fight and we can quarrel, so what? Okay, all right, we have differences of opinion, so what? Yeah, the night will come and we call out together with each other and he said, you're a stupid fool and you say he is a stupid fool. So aren’t we all stupid? (Laughs) yet, problems that occur within ourselves can’t – you got pen and paper? Koncha is dead, her spiritual name <0:35:19.8 Seene ya a> -- Seeneeyaa – Translator: SINI – Gururaj: See – SEE, to put it phonetically, Senee -- Translator: EE also? Gururaj: Yeah, yeah, YAA – SEENEEYAA – Seeneeyaa -- Public: What does it mean? Gururaj: It means I see, I observe and I am the totality of love. Seeneeya, this is your spiritual name, my darling. I'm your father, you know. Look how beautiful it flows, Seeneeyaa. <0:37:30.1>I can’t help it, it’s just a machine that pumps out spirituality all the time. What is that on the whiskey bottle, 999? Eternal number. Translator: Oh yeah. Gururaj: 666.

4. ES 88 - 05 - 02 Public: No, 999. Gururaj: < 0:38:39.7 > are you going to write – to — oh you – where’s my scribe, < 0:39:06.5 > let us drink and be merry. This moment could be the last. Why cannot? On this cake of life, put on the cherry to make life’s way fruitful for the fruit and the taste is in the cherry, yeah. So you say you are beautiful, I s ay no, but you must know that you are beautiful within yourself and who am I to say no? I am the observer of what life comes around. The more s table I am within myself, the more I find the stability – stability within you. So are you not a projection of my thought? I am to blame , it is my fault and yet you are so beautiful and so pure. I must cultivate within myself the sense of beauty to see bea uty all around, you might have your discrepancies but what must I see, Uma I am the – to find the secret is hard, a guru comes, a guru goes not knowing a guru comes and not know where he comes from. He is a non - entity, he tries to show in his practical life that there is no good – there is only love that flows between me and you. Importance is not of any avail, is not < 0:45:01.6 > it is only the closeness that creates itself in a flow like the river flow, going nowhere but into the ocean of the guru’s divinity. The true guru is not here, not there, he just is, he will hold everyone close to him, but yet he’s apart from the object because he is the subject of existence. Now the question arises is this, why do you love your guru? Can anyone answer that please? Come. You love your guru for one reason only, that guru is love --

1. ES 88 - 05 - 02 Gururaj: < 0:00:13.9 > when you're happy, it makes me feel happy. Remember what I told you, you're not the master. It is what’s important, and you are no < 0:00:44.4 > you see. Thank you, < 0:01:01.8 > the expression of myself through my chelas < 0:01:23.2 > I have nothing to lose, it is a < 0:02:04.1 > when divine energies descend itself in this world up every day. I do not know what my father has meant for me, I do not know, but I am what I am, through me as an instrument , that would be easy, which we know nothi ng about, it just flows in words perhaps < 0:03:08.0 > that is why a guru comes to make you feel that on eness with our father . That is wh y he come . Now, we spent last night together, did you not realise one thing that there was so much peace all around? < 0:04:03.1 > my home is the universe but we felt this impulse feeling of ownership and because of that, because of the presence, we destroy ed everything and that is how we are so < 0:04:48.7 > you will find th e flow of the spiritual < 0:04:58.2 > no problem. – t hat ar m is little lame, okay? Public: < 0:05:29.2 > Gururaj: Is this -- < 0:05:48.9 > got pens here? Translator: Yes. Gururaj: Just put your fingers on my fingertips okay, these are the < 0:08:07.1 > there is a tingling going through your body, do you feel it? Translator: Yes. She is saying that it is like if she was connected to a battery of 100,000 volts. Gururaj: You, I love you. Translator: Okay, I think I'm going to make lunch for all of us. Gururaj: Yeah, okay right < 0:10:22.3 > -- is born of my stupidity. (Laughs) – it would produce a greater joy in me having this second and I will always be the second in my love for you and you, with a cigarette, have demonstrated the love that exists between you and I. < 0:11:51.9 > she is the g reatest – he will remember it, to me be bewildered, not mine, not. What is the sort? I am bewildered? What is this, captures the mood. I am bewildered. The various moods of life is composed of feeling. How could you portray feeling? There are two ways of d oing it, in acceleration or in despondency. Now to create the mood of despondency, worrying – to worry, but in the world, the world – world – now we shall do something despondent. Despondency, acceleration, watch my eyes, eyes can speak. Stand – stand – stand.


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