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2. ES 88 - 07 little sound up please, I want to hear myself, good. I do not want to find the meaning of the question, but I want to find th e meaning of the answer. The more I question myself into the mysteries of life, the more I get muddled up. So I must not question the question, but I must find the answer to the answer. Now how can we find the answer to ourselves by saying one thing, life has no answer. The answer comes because we do not call for the answer, but the answer comes by itself and when the answer comes by itself, you become realised within yourself and that personal realisation will never ask any question, it will only find answer. That is the philosophy of life and I know my beautiful son Fernando knows that that I will not find any answer outside of me, but I will find the answer within me which will explain to me the mystery of life because life itself is a mystery. Now if you can understand English, mystery, hysteria, history, his story, history. So we put in front, mys – mystery and thinking this way, we have missed the his and history. So that is the meaning of mystery. You have missed his story. It is so simple. But we do not want to recognise that simplicity within ourselves, every time we think we say it is my story, but why cannot we say it is his story or her story? Then we feel in a total communication with his story and my story. And we, if we cannot have that attitude of his story and my story, where is communication? Tell me? No, I must understand his story and he must understand my story. So his story becomes non-existent and my story becomes non-existent. So the end result will be that his story does not exist and my story does not exist. In that una momento, what exists? I am not existing, you are not existing, but love, amor is existing. So where is the answer? The answer is in giving oneself, surrendering oneself to the power of love. You don’t exist, I don’t exist, love exists and when we realise the quality of true existence, we realise the power of that love that exists and love is god and god is love. So we attach so much importance to ourselves, we are not important, oh no no no no. We attach importance to ourselves because we want to feel that I am – give me a Spanish name. Translator: I am Fernando, Mario -- Gururaj: I am Mario and the woman says, I am -- Translator: Maria Gururaj: Maria, Mario Maria. Now, can we – we’re coming to the original question now, who is Mario and who is Maria? Does Mario know himself to be Mario and does Maria know herself to be Maria? If you can tell me that I am Mario and I know myself and if Maria can tell me that I know myself, you will be lying to me. Mario does not know himself, Maria does

3. ES 88 - 07 not know herself. They live in a world of imagined self, Mario says, “Okay I am Mario,” nonsense, don’t believe and Maria says, “I am Maria,” rubbish. But when Mario and Maria can say we are nothing and in that una momento we find we are everything. Because in that moment we are not close to Mario and we are not close to Maria, but we are close to love and that love is god. You understand this philosophical problem that we human beings on this earth try and to be what we are not and therefore all the questions arises in our lives and therefore life becomes a mystery and we try and find answers, no answer will come because in the first place we are approaching our problems very wrong. Who am I? You are a good shit, all right. Good. You went to the toilet right? Translator: Oh no, he – he was to take care of his children, babysitting. Gururaj: You come here. Sit down. Ah thank you, the difference of going to the toilet and to do babysitting, you explain us. Translator: Going to the toilet depends only on me to go to the toilet, but to babysit, it also depends of the baby you have to sit. Gururaj: Now looking after the baby, does it not make you feel that you want to have a shit? Because the baby can be very troublesome and your stomach can also be troublesome, so is it not the same? So, to go to the toilet and to babysit -- sit? Translator: Sit in the toilet. Gururaj: (Laughs) Translator: Babysit – baby shit. Gururaj: We are joking together, you know that. So we have to understand the answer to life. We can be anywhere in the world, like me I'm everywhere all the time, but we must ask one important question, “Where am I now?” I am not in Madrid, but I am within myself. And when you feel that you are within yourself, you will find the totality of yourself, there is no question and no answer. So the answer answers itself. You understand this very subtle point, when an answer can answer itself, then question disappears, because answer is answering itself. That is the true meaning of why you are living, you came to this world not to question, you came to this world to find the answer. But yet the tragedy is this that w e

1. ES 88 - 07 Gururaj: That lady sitting at the back row, I don’t know her name, yes bring her to sit here. Thank you. Can I help you? I'm so naughty. (Laughs) You know coming from South Africa to Spain, different weather, so please excuse me. What question shall we talk about tonight? Question. Mi amor. You see it does happen wherein the presence of your beloved the mind goes blank, I don’t need to say blanco, but blank. Where is that psychiatrist son of mine? Translator: He is in charge babysitting. Gururaj: So is there any question coming forward? Translator: Yeah, we have two questions. Gururaj: Aha, okay. So that everyone can hear and at the same time it is recorded, yeah. His question is going to be totally stupid but I don’t mind. Translator: To reach non-dependence and joy, what sort of non-desire –what sort of non-desire must flow? Gururaj: Second question? Translator: On the path of personal integration, must you force the rhythm or wait, just wait that things happen? Gururaj: The question devolves within yourself so that personality does not interfere with the question, because when a personality interferes with your question, then personality is gone – lazy bastardos – Namaste! Namaste! – Have you got chairs? Bring, bring, bring, bring. Hmm, what is wrong with my Spanish children? Satsang is 9:00 o’clock, not 20 past 9:00, okay we have patience. After they get settled down, we’ll have to start all over again. The original question was, you explain first. You better tell me also. Translator: In the path of personal integration, must we force our evolution or must we just let things go on happen? Gururaj: Now, when a person ask a question, it remains no question because every question answers itself. Now we are not looking at the question, but we are looking at the answer and to find the answer of any question requires you to not have a question, requires you to have the answer. Now what is the answer to any question in life? You – we must not –

4. ES 88 - 07 have to question to find the answer. If we can establish ourselves not in the question, but in the answer, then answer will take care of itself. Now, I'm going to tell you something that affects everyone’s lives. Because you question, you're trying to find the answer, but if you have found the answer, question disappears, right professor? So when we become established within ourselves, no question can be there, because then we are living in the answer and not in the question, you understand this? -- <0:34:10.5> (coughs) change of water, get me some water darling. – You know coming from South Africa to London to Spain, change of climate. Thank you. So we still have this question, every – remember this now very carefully, okay – every question is questionable. They got that? Every question is questionable, why in the first place did we ask the question? Because the very question you ask yourself is questionable. So when your question is questionable, your question will not have any validity. You understand that professor? But we go one step little further, we don’t allow our question to be con – questionable, we – we don't allow our question to be questionable, one more step, we don’t allow the answer to be answerable. Who can make a question? It is your mind that asks the question, but your heart gives the answer. Now how can we find the combination of the questioning mind to the answer of the heart? That is our problem. The mind must combine with the heart, then what we will find, no question and no answer, because the quietness of this heart produces the quietness of the mind. <0:38:48.1> right? True. Now, I am a very stupid man, I don’t know all the answers and when I regard myself to be stupid, it is so funny that all the answers just come. Because I am regarding myself to be nothing and when you regard yourself to be nothing, all answers come automatically. We attach so much importance to ourselves, why? All of us are totally stupid and Charles is more stupid than anyone. Now we are going to play a mind game. I'm a master of psychology and psychiatry. That's not important. From this morning to now, how many times have you raised your hand? No, you have not done that. Raising your hand it means an exercise and it also means that I'm pointing to my padre, so will all of you raise your hands? Come on – come on – come on – come on. Now say it to yourself, “I am stupid -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid.” My padre in heaven is the only one that is clever because he is guiding my life, but yet I realise within myself I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. -- I am stupid. (Laughs) oh where you gonna get a guru like me? You see when we can develop that humility within ourselves and admit to ourselves that I am stupid, that's the way you surrender to our lord. Good. Now, geez you make me talk so much. Now I want two ladies, would you, my friend get two lovely ladies to sit here? I’ll leave that job to you. Sit here, come on. – Mi amore – sing, I get tired of talking too much.


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