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2. E S 88 - 08 - 03 - 02 Now when people realise this principle that I am love, nothing can stop anyone or anything. Love knew, because you are love. If I am not totally and sincerely from my inner heart, loving all of you then it answers the question, you haven’t. the reason why you love me because I am love. So the principle is this, love loves love. Translator: After studying this s ituation very seriously, I think that what < 0:18:26.3 > (Laughs) Gururaj: He’s got such a lovely sense of humour. (Laughs) Are you looking after Charlie my son? He better be loved. Translator: He’s always complaining you know. Gururaj: I tell you of < 0 :19:09.6 > you want to know? She puts on total simplicity but within herself there’s so much depth, pain, story that you cannot understand, she will understand. It is a communion – communion of divinity. So you shut up, you do not know the work of the incar nate of Shakti in this world. You – that you want to kiss Charlie on his cheek, do it now. Now, go ,go, come back. Don’t say < 0:21:44.4 > you in your nature are very jealous. Right? But I am universal. I love everyone. Charlie, how many wives have I got in this world? 16,000 something? Charlie: 20,000 -- I think about 2,984. Gururaj: Now, the message is this, I love you, you love me, no attachment, no reward. It is just to be in this momento, that is love. No craving, no desire, but just us. You need some oneness. Charlie give her a cheque of 20 million dollars something. <0:24:10.4> that is not love. Love is to give, not to take. <0:24:42.6> it could be Krishna, Christ, guruji, any one, but that is bhakti yoga, that is to surrender with the thought in mind I am nothing, he is everything. When that happens to all of you, then you will find devotion to your wife, to your guru, to god, same thing. That – stop making a noise. (singing in Hindi) You see, this is a psychological trick to make your mind relax and you are relaxed. I know that. Now, that is what we want to find in life, to be rid of tension, stress and just – just love and just be for what you are. <0:29:45.6> comprehend, okay. What is okay, you tell me now.

3. E S 88 - 08 - 03 - 02 Translator: I can’t remember it because I live in the present. She cannot remember because supposedly she lives in the present. Gururaj: You're married? (Laughs) I'm sorry. I have my wife. Charlie is free. Now this brings us to the question of release. What is the meaning of release? Does it mean that you let yourself go? Now here is a differentiation. You can go, that is the principle, but you can go out and you can go in. Where is the demarcation line between out and in? Now, what we have to find is the demarcation. Where is the demarcation? There is no demarcation because the out and the in close within each other. So here is the principle of any psychological or psychiatric treatment to find within the opposite <0:33:51.4> to find the demarcation, the middle point of the out and the in and when that point is found, then my Uma will truly be my wife. So what it all means is this that we have to find the centre within ourself, central, but a question comes up. How can you find the centre if you do not know the centre? Now how to find the centre? What are you doing Larry? Koncha what you're doing? Public: < 0:37:14.1 > Gururaj: She’s getting fat. Translator: She has a diet now. Gururaj: She is so lovely. What to do, she is – there – ( singing in Hindi ) good, guys enjoy, we are together. Family , we are together. Right, < 0:39:21.3 > okay, right, okay. Okay. You sit next to me. < 0:39:54.5 > you got that, alright. Now just think in think in your mind, you can – you will experience it, right, that I am the dynamo, right and I am putting my hand in him <0:40:37.4> okay, now you will feel a electrical current within yourself which will be totally relieving <0:40:59.4> electrical currently flowing through all of you my beloved. Flow – flow – flow – flow -- <0:42:24.2> form a communication of spiritual energies within our <0:42:52.6> and each and every one of you is feeling more more calm. Anyone did that? Translator: No

4. E S 88 - 08 - 03 - 02 Gururaj: Right, that is the purpose of your guru. I am your servant and I want all of you my beloveds to be happy – happy – happy <0:43:46.5> what it has been to prepare this lovely meal. It is one sense only that our brothers and sisters and we all together we enjoy the divinity of grace and that grace you think is intangible, it is tangible through Ramon and my daughter and we thank you, Namaste! -- the difficulties of psychiatry. Translator: To find patients – to find the patients (laughs) Gururaj: The difficulty that underlies psychiatry is because the psychiatrist does not know his < 0:46:03.3 > from his elbow and therefore the psychi atry that is forwarded on becomes a phenomenon reaching to non - phenomenon. So what are you examining? You are examining the human mind, and if you, in your personal self do not know yourself of your mind, how can you analyse another’s human mind --

1. E S 88 - 08 - 03 - 02 Gururaj: -- does not < 0:00:04.0 > to be together once more and to live again. I look into your eyes, what do I see? I can only see which the computer is within me. I reflect what I am, I am not < 0:01:47.8 > to say this, I am I am -- < 0:02:31.3 > lets do someth ing really quick. ( humming – singing in Hindi ) you see my child , the secret of life is to be able to flow. I've given you so many examples over all these years < 0:07:32.9 > you want to do something, do it. If you want to do not do something, don’t do it. Be yourself < 0:07:46.6 > Tomorrow we’d be both tired, no fucking. So what? What if you and I are close, that is importanto, so flow and when we flow, I'm not there, I'm gone because I have merged into you and only you my goddess is there, that is love. That’s important, rubbish. It’s like going to toilet and having a pee. That’s all, what different? You tell me. Yeah, no so there is a difference, perhaps between animalism and humanism, but we go further. < 0:09:41.9 > (laughs) You know I love you, I want to be close to my beloveds. It’s my greatest moment of joy. But in me there is no lust, no greed, nothing, I'm just <0:10:27.9> if you put a piece of bread there, dry piece of bread there, good. You make a lovely meal, good, alright, everything is okay. That comes from a sense of total non-attachment. I love son, I love my brother there <0:11:11.4> you know him right, I love him, I love him, I love everyone, but I'm not attached. Attachment means you are dependent because you are attached; not knowing of any attachment is the secret of life to be able to live and love and to be free. You, Charlie <0:12:39.8> what does that mean? You tell me you love Linda. You tell me you love Linda, I want to ask you one question, why you love Linda? Charles: Because she looks after me. Gururaj: There we are! Motivation! You love Linda because she looks after you. Beautiful! Right, but yourself motivate. You are involving yourself in your personal ego in saying that I love Linda, you're not loving Linda, you are loving the service she provides for you. That because of your spiritual cognition within yourself, you love everyone but the question comes back to square one, how much do you love Linda, my daughter? You don’t. You don’t love her, you love the service she provides for you. <0:15:12.1> Now all of us go through the same problem. My friend, I can talk to him in any kind, you know, right I'm sorry. But it applies to all of us. We think we love, but we are so motivated. Now we have to discover – cigarette – thank you – you see, we human beings are so so selfish. Let us love. I do nothing <0:16:33.9> now all for my beloved there and <0:16:44.6> I love because I am love.


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