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1. ES 88- 16 - 03 Gururaj: < 0:00:17.7 > (singing – oh my love, oh my love, I love you, I love you oh my love I love you even if it breaks my heart I always will love, there is so much turbulence created in me but I will love you ) -- what’s your name? what’s your name? Tell me. Public: < 0:02:37.6 Mighty > Gururaj: oh Mighty – Mighty – Mighty – Mighty— Mighty I love you. Oh Mighty – Mighty I love you. Okay. Yeah, I haven’t got tabla – you know tabla? Public: Yes. Gururaj: Now, it ’s all right. Now < 0:06:13.7 > Have we got more glass? No? < 0:07:56.4 > thank you darling. (singing in Hindi – what did I talk about – my lips have not whispered any word – but the language that I know is of my heart so my lip must be < 0:10:00.7 > and my hear t tells you to know that the heart love you so) The mind cannot tell of anything of love, but the heart can tell you, the heart has own silent language. Okay < 0:10:59.3 > sure, why not. What about this lady and what about your Rosa? Okay. Thank you my love, thank you. So tomorrow I will be leaving you my beloveds, so I am going to miss you so so much because I love you so < 0:12:19.1 > thank you. So when am I supposed to come back to Spain? Public: November. Gururaj: November? Okay. My hear t < 0:12:51.6 > because I am going to be away. Time will fly soon. < 0:13:26.1 > it is not tomorrow evening. It is not tomorrow evening that I am thinking about, I am thinking of November when we will be together again. It is not < 0:14:54.1 > it is your stupid will – because I come from – I come from hot country to come into cold country and your mountains are covered with snow, so what do you expect? Thank you my darling. Get me a clean handkerchief. I asked for clean handkerchief! Thank you. This lady of mine is stupid. What is the time now darling? How much? < 0:16:52.8 > my wife Uma, relax. < 0:18:38.4 > she makes herself so far away. < 0:18:54.1 > bring yourself close to me, how can I bring myself close to you? I tried very hard t o bring myself s o close to you but you do not < 0:19:49.7 >


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