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1. UK 78-5 Aide. And those of you who have been standing, if you are uncomfortable, come sit on the floor here. Okay. Right. So as I call out the name, if you come forward and Guruji will give you your article, individually. Charles and Linda. Mary Greene & Dorothy Scott, Mary Green - just stand still and let them come to you. Right. Dorothy, Rachel and Norman Bell and Janet Duncan - Janet Duncan, Rachel and Norman. Arthur Dunnett. That's Janet Duncan's, I don't think she is here yet. Janet, yours seems to have slipped into the tray, we'll have to find it. Guruji, this says here the key to the Southport Centre. Anne Raber, Chris and Tricia, Pam Bryan, Mary Greene, Pam Bryan, Colette Krontoroher, Janet Ross, Dawn Foreman, Susan Bradley and Ilse Foreman. We have a problem, no one is allowed to actually touch the thing when it has been blessed except Guruji. There you are. If you've known that you have got something, we could start moving forward. Ather Palloi. Here's a shot for you. And Ilse. Kathy Maver. There's someone called Ather? Yes. Are you the boy from Greece, the Cypriot? This is the young man I told you about on that form. Yes are you staying a few days? Dorothy Smith, Linda Edwards, Janet Duncan, Linda Edwards, Denise Barnes. Jeffrey Denis. Liz Beaumont. Caroline Katon. Jamie Foreman. Is Caroline not here? Pru Davis. Peggy Philips, Sue Attwell and Cheryl Newton-Adare. Sue, Cheryl, Maya, Sonya Gradayla, June Ross, Sonya, Pauline Crisp, Christina East, Gordon Cox, Peter Hughes, Janet Newvey, Norman Webley, Jane Rothwell, Pamela Dunnett, Rhonda Anderson, Margaret Cox, Nicollette O'Beirne, Christina and Jan Neymann, Thelma Whitely, Vivian Coulthard, Elaine Austin, Alan Curtis, Corinne Curtis, Sally Denis - all these wedding rings being blessed, its really lovely - Veronica Morgan, Linda Shaw, Kate Needham, Jeremy Turner, Susan Lawton, P. Baxendale, Nigel Frith, Gwendoline Beresford, Barther Lewin, Doug Anderson, Doreen Hicks, Richard and Claudia Sylvester, Jean Dovey, Elizabeth Hunter, Susan Miller, Michael Roarty, Susan Miller, Michael, Dorothy N. Bristol, Lilian Moult, Harvey Wynne, Nancy and Bill McKenna, Frank Newton-Adare, Christine Mann, Steve Clay and Judy, Muriel, - Christine's here, - Muriel Coles, Cliff Edwards, Jan Walpole, Ina Prentice, I think its Carol Hewitson, Ivor. And the other things didn't have a name on - oh Damon. Damon, that's yours in there. If you haven't had your object back, you could come up because - they're here. Guruji, I'm afraid I touched that. Gururaj. Whose is this? Aide. The young lady, Denise. Oh, I see. Gururaj. Susan Miller. Aide. We called her and she didn't come. Neither did that person come.

2. UK 78-5 Gururaj. No name there. Aide. Any more people didn't receive their blessings. Is that it? What is your name? Phil Howard. Gururaj. So just announce these two names again. Aide. Susan Miller and Caroline Caton. Gururaj. Could anyone take it on? Aide. Going without her wedding ring. We'll leave it and we can - there’s a wedding ring - oh, Jerry and Sarah Penrose. No. Okay. So we'll leave it. Gururaj. There are three items left. Aide. So there are three items left. We can make sure that they get returned to the people. We can pack them up and return them. Guruji is going to talk to us all now. Would you like to come and sit down in front? That's okay. It can't be helped. Gururaj. Well, we normally start off with a prayer and we end with a prayer. Good. Now this one is very well known to you all. So if you like to follow me in your mind. Good. From the point of light within the mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men Let light descend on earth. From the point of Love within the heart of God Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Divinity return to earth.

3. UK 78-5 From the centre where the will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the centre which we call the race of men Let the plan of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let light and Love and power restore the plan on earth. Amen. Gururaj. Well, when a Course ends, it’s normally a moment of such sadness. People that I have known so, so closely, their whole psychic being, I meet them once in a while in the physical and that too has to be parted. And yet this parting carries not only sorrow but so much joy too. The joy of having met you personally. And so as we said, as love flowers in our hearts, and as our souls begin to blossom, as it blossoms out to the world, we fulfil our destiny, our destiny as human beings, the purpose for which we were born. The purpose for which we have been created. The purpose for which this life has been given to us. How valuable this life is and how well it is to be used. So one day when we leave this earth, we all must say, 'well lived this life'. Well lived. So with that I say thank you very much. It has been such a joy being with all of you. It was a joy, my joy, a big joy, a great joy, Divine Joy. Thank you. Now, I have to make an announcement and I do not want you to take this announcement with sadness because there is a lot of joy contained in this announcement too. Amrit and Gita, I have asked them to go to America. England is fairly established now and we have a wonderful person in Robert Meredith who can take over as a leader here. And as you have given co-operation to Amrit and Gita and all your help, I would love you to give the same co-operation and help to Robert. The reason why Amrit and Gita has to go, is very simple. Our message, our methods of bringing so much joy to people, if it brings joy to the people of England, let it bring joy to the people of America as well. Let it bring joy to people of all the world. They might be in America for a few years perhaps. From there, they might have to move to another country and like that, as my right-hand and left-hand, they travel the world for me in all sincere love and devotion, in the

4. UK 78-5 service of humanity. And like that, many of you that will remain home, will carry on the good work of spreading joy and love and the peace that could pass all understanding. So from now on, Amrit and Gita will be leaving towards the end of the month - I think Amrit leaves a week or two before Gita does, in February - and of course Robert will be the National Leader here. He has got a very good meditators' Council with him. He has got a very good Board of Trustees with him, so I am sure things will go further on and on. Ever onward and forward. Good. That is about all I have to say on this. I could go on much longer on this, but I know how all of you feel in seeing Amrit and Gita go. They are not gone really. They are not really gone because the love Aide. Could we thank Amrit and Gita in your presence while everybody is here? Gururaj. Just let me finish Aide. for all the work they have done. Gururaj. First-class. And I believe this was brought to the notice of the Trustees and of course it is my duty to bring it to the notice of the public. Fine. Now if, eh, Norman will say a few words. Aide. This is unrehearsed, but I am sure that everybody would like to say to Amrit and Gita our very heartfelt thanks for starting this tremendous movement in this country and in the world and we are tremendously grateful to them for all that they have taught us and are teaching us under Gururaj. Bless you and thank you. (General applause). Hip Hip, Hurrah, Hip Hip, Hurray. Aide. Thank you, Charles. Well there would really be no IFSU or BMS without Guruji and I think most of you know the story. It was very fortunate that over the last six years that Guruji kept a correspondence going with me and during November, December some of you had the privilege of hearing those letters. And towards the time in December when Guruji's birthday was coming along, a poem started to come. For those of you who have been on courses before will know that over the years, this facility has come to me to write poetry from meditation and so on. And so this poem came as a thank you to Guruji for being on earth this time and for taking birth and was sent to him as a birthday present from

5. UK 78-5 Amrit and I. And we felt it would be a nice way to end the Course by sharing the poem, so that it could become your thank you, too. With a broken heart my Lord was born To help us all, the lost, forlorn Were the whole realm of nature mine That were an offering far too small The lines throughout the years have dwelt in my heart But only now in fullness swell. My mind flows on, revealing thoughts My Lord, my King, my life he bought. Again a hymn rings in my ears Compassion, wonderment and tears Love so amazing, so Divine, Demands my soul, my life, my all. And in his suffering for my sake, I come and take and take and take Infinitely kind, my Lord, my King Blessed be the compassion that he brings Blessed be the precious blood His heart was opened for my good He poured for me his life's blood He suffered all the pain that I might live at one with God I cry out now, oh, not in vain Take my life and use it Lord Channel through me thy love, they word. O living Lord, we love and weep Since thou for us did bleed in sleep Let us not waste thy sacrifice But give us strength to shout

6. UK 78-5 Of life of joy and laughter, love Divine Gururaj Ananda, I am thine. Forgive me Lord for years unseen Of pride and fears for what has been Now spread before me love and light That I may channel to the blind, thy sight. Thy vision of the world, its love, its bliss What you have to share, Cannot, must not be missed. Remember me, not my shame and sin Thy cleansing blood has washed them thin. Remember me in thy Divinity As I reach towards you for infinity My Lord in tenderness I behold your face And kneel before you, asking grace And gradually as I take your hand Just know for this, Our lives were planned Have we not listened to your voice Shared your heart. Oh rejoice, All praise be thine, our Raj, our King Your Death, a life of love doth bring. Namaste. Gururaj. Amrit, you better say something before everybody gets sad. Aide. What is there to say after that? I can't think of anything to say except one thing, now that we have talked about Gururaj and we have talked about us leaving and so forth. I just want to leave a word with you, until July. Oh, yes, we'll be back in July, and every year, once a year. We will be back whenever we hold courses in England. But you can't, its

7. UK 78-5 impossible to build an organisation and the organisation is a manifestation of something so much bigger than a group of people and a set of offices and a telephone and address and things like this. What we are talking about is, you can't use the word movement, foundation doesn't even capture it. It is something, it’s a family. Okay. You don't build a family like this, without an immense amount of support coming constantly all the time. And Robert is going to need this, just as much as we needed this. I am going to ask you to give him that support. Every bit of devotion and love and so forth that you have shown with regards to Gita and myself, to now transfer that to Robert and to give him that same degree of support. And I have to tell you a little story. When we first started BMS, our Newsletter first went out, Robert responded with a small group of people, who had heard us talking about this a little bit before, just several days before the Newsletter went out. And two or three days after the Newsletter went out, a telephone call came. The telephone call was for Robert. He answered the phone and he said he was intrigued and he didn't know why because he was perfectly happy with what he was doing at that time, he just knew he had to start this. This was in, would have been in April, nineteen seventy six. And I talked to him on the phone for about fifteen minutes to make the arrangements for when he wanted to come in to get started with the preparatory practice. And as soon as we had finished our conversation, I hung up the phone, I turned around to Gita and I said "The person who will be the national leader of BMS when we leave, has just called and said he wants to start." As proof that I just didn't make this up, - Gita cannot tell a lie, did I say that - no it’s absolutely true ¬we both agreed, she looked at me - never told him for about twenty months. Gururaj. I think you did write to me to say this was a good watch. Aide. And my God, Robert can tell you how much he's been watched. Aide. About a year ago, a year and a half ago several months after he started, twice he stopped doing the practices. And on the very day he stopped, completely, inadvertently, I mean for reasons that had nothing to do with us because we didn't know this, on the very day he stopped, twice I called him up on that day to give him a message from Gururaj. And he said the inevitability of this is inevitable. Aide. It is actually more extraordinary because it was three times and not twice.

8. UK 78-5 Aide. That's all. God bless. We'll see you all next July when we come back and each year, once a year, here after. It’s just possible, no promises are being made that within two years we are going to have one of our International Ashrams in this country. And if we do, then a certain portion of the time Gururaj will be living here and we will be living here also. So there is going to be much time back here in England. God bless and we'll see you. Aide. ¬Can I just add something to this? Norman has already covered this rather well but I would just like to add, the amount of work that's needed to get something going like this from the very beginning, the original impetus. But of course none of it could have started at all without Guruji being there. But the impetus that's come in this country and that push to get something from absolutely scratch from off the ground takes so much work and effort and devotion it's incredible. And because I've been in the position of seeing very closely how much Amrit and Gita have done to do that just ¬well in fact when I started to work at even something approaching the level at which they do, I was just so exhausted in a couple of days. I couldn't believe that they went on at the pace they did and yet they have done week after week, month after month. It’s absolutely fantastic. Now that it’s off the ground, in a sense, it’s much easier because the impetus is already there and it can trundle on. And we have to keep giving it a push, just like a top to keep it spinning but that original push that is needed, needs so much work. And we are going to miss Amrit and Gita so sorely in that way. I mean - one of you was saying that there is a team of Trustees and the executive committee, the national meditators' Council and so many staff and all of us together are going to be able to produce the same workload as Amrit and Gita have done between them. So it’s really an immense amount they have done. Well we just can't appreciate it enough. We are going to miss you both. END


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