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1. UK 78- 65 Gururaj. I'm sorry I'm late, I was busy on a phone call which I thought would take fifteen minutes but it took three quarters of an hour. Sir George Trevalyan, Sir George Trevalyan is busy organising a Symposium on Scientists and Mystics, where he is going to invite the most best known scientists from all over the world to speak on the modern scientific findings and I will have to speak on mystical findings. So we had to work out some titles and things and I believe their Course is booked out already so far. And working out various titles took some time, so instead of fifteen minutes, it took forty-five minutes. I'm sorry I'm late. Good. Questions. Questioner. My mother handed this question in at St. Albans, so as she is not here, I'll read it out. You have told us about the mechanics of healing and we know that some healing always takes place but sometimes we are not aware of this and it feels as though no healing has taken place. What can we do to prepare ourselves to receive healing? When people are not healed, they sometimes feel that the fault lies in themselves. And if you are not worthy or ready to receive this gift, do you subconsciously put up barriers? Gururaj. Good. Beautiful question. The mechanics of healing - why some people are healed and some are not healed. Good. If we study Scriptures, we will find that for example, Jesus made some lame people walk and some blind people see. Now there were only a handful of those that could walk and a handful of those that could see and yet at that time, there must have been thousands upon thousands of blind people and thousands and thousands upon thousands of lame people. Why were they not all healed? It is an important question. Now, a man or a God-man of that stature, do you think he was unfair to give sight to one and not to the other. Good. So, it means this, that the power of healing is forever there and an integrated person to a certain extent or a person that might not be so integrated but has the inherent ability or is being taught to channel those healing energies unto another, could effect the healing. That is the part the healer plays. But there is a part which the one to be healed, the patient, he also has to play a part. So, it is a mutual intercommunication between healer and patient. Now, in modern medicine, I said this before, that a doctor cannot cure you. What the doctor does simply, is try, he tries to bring about a balance in the system that is within the human being at that present moment in a state of imbalance. So the modern doctor assists with his medicines in bringing about the balance and in this case an organic balance. So the disease is an organic disease and a balance is brought about in the organism. That is one kind of healing. Another kind of healing would involve a Psychologist, a Psychoanalyst or a Psychiatrist where there is an imbalance of thought, of conceptions, of perceptions that are imbalanced. For example, there are phobias which people suffer from.

2. UK 78- 65 I had, I have a meditator in Cape Town who for the past fifteen years would never enter a lift. Now, our offices in Cape Town are on the sixth floor and this is a middle aged woman and she has, she used to climb up six flights of stairs and climb down six flights of stairs. So after proper explanation and studying the cause as far as her case was concerned, we found that while she was a young child she was trapped in a lift for so many hours which caused this fear, this phobia. We went deep into her mind and found the root cause of the phobia and she had so much faith in me, remember that, she had so much faith in me that 'If I go down in the lift with Gururaj, I will be safe'. So, we went for a ride. And we went up and down in that lift half a dozen times. I think that was the most amount of lift rides I took at the same time. We pressed G, came down and pressed six, and went up and pressed G, came down. It was quite fun. Yes. And while we were having this ride, we were joking and I'm very fun loving, because that is part of life and you know our three L's, Life, Love and Laughter. Good. So we were laughing and having fun and after the sixth trip, I said 'Come, sit down' and we had a cup of tea. And we discussed - and then I went into further explanations and told her 'You used to feel fear and now with me, you did not feel fear. Why? You felt within your heart that there was a power protecting you. You felt that in your heart and therefore that idea you had in your mind, that belief in your mind, that faith you had , conquered the fear. And in conquering the fear, you had become receptive to receive these energies. You had become receptive enough to receive these energies to eradicate this fear and from now on, you will not ever fear travelling in a lift'. So when she left, I took her to the lift and pressed the button and said 'Goodbye. Namaste'. And after that, every time she came she used the lift and she had no fear of lifts anymore. Good. Now that was mental healing. Now this - I could give you so many, many instances of this where fear could be the root of so many mental illnesses and all illness is definitely a imbalance. So we have covered body and mind. There is a third area within ourselves which goes deeper than the mind. Now when we use the mind here, we are using the conscious mind and even a bit deeper than that, the sub-conscious mind, but the sub-conscious mind also has a deeper layer. Sub-conscious mind is a very general term. This general term describes the layer of the mind of which we are not conscious and which acts automatically sending its forces, its impressions to the conscious mind whereby cognition occurs and whereby the fear or the failings are felt. Good. Now in the upper layer of the conscious mind, where the impressions are more powerful, those powerful, those very powerful impressions are the ones that reaches the conscious level quicker and that is all. Okay. Fine. No reflex action. You must have been kicking a lot. Yes. You might have been while you were in your mother's womb.

3. UK 78- 65 So now the upper layer of the sub-conscious mind, there is where the more powerful impressions exist and they naturally being more powerful would rise to the conscious level and the effects thereof are felt more readily and more powerfully. But beyond this level of deeper impressions, of these powerful impressions, there is another layer that contains far more subtler impressions. Now, these impressions go way back into past lives. So to recap. We have seen the disturbance of the body, which the doctor through his medicines tries to bring a balance to. We have seen the conscious level of the mind and we have seen the upper layer of the sub-conscious mind. And now we shall go deeper down to the subtler level of the sub-c onscious mind, which contains impressions not necessarily of this life but of previous lives. Now the upper layer of the sub-conscious mind might contain the impressions of this lifetime, might contain the impressions of this lifetime. There are many instances to prove this. A woman saw an accident and she only, after seeing this man that was involved in the accident, her eyes were centred on the man's hair. There was something unusual, might have had some kind of an unusual bald patch or whatever. This had such a deep impression on her and she was pregnant at the time, so when the child was born, the child had a few moles and even at the time of birth there was some hairs growing out of the moles at that infancy - the child is just born. So, what I am trying to tell you is this, that the upper strata of the sub- conscious mind can translate itself to the conscious level and from the conscious level it can translate itself further, activate itself further, bring it into a organic reality. Now the area that lies deeper than that, would be area that contains the samskaras, the impressions that are embedded there from past experiences. These in turn also has its natural progression, but having been deeply embedded and being deeply embedded, it exists on a far more finer level. And because it exists in a far more finer level, it is more subtle. And for those subtle impressions or samskaras to translate itself into its organic counterpart, it takes a longer time. Now these factors must be remembered to understand what healing is all about. Now, a true spiritual healer has the ability to go deep within himself or become the channel of those deeper forces, that deep subtle energy that is below the surface subconscious and pour them out or transmit them, not to the organic self, not to the conscious mind, not to the upper layer of the sub-conscious mind, but to the samskaric layer of the sub-conscious mind, the deepest, finest aspect of the mind. Now, this person who has been given this power - an enlightened man does it much more easily - to him, it is a natural phenomenon. Wherever he goes, his very presence, the force he keeps on emanating from himself, even without consciousness has a healing, soothing, calming effect on people. That is the enlightened man. But then how far can he reach when personal contact is necessary? It is then we could use the analogy of a reservoir. The reservoir has the water there but we got to have the pipes to bring the water into our kitchen tap. So, the enlightened man is the man that

4. UK 78- 65 is the big pipe leading off from the reservoir and from that big pipe there would be smaller pipes and still smaller pipes which eventually bring that very water from the reservoir to the tap in the kitchen. Now, the water in the reservoir is accumulated there by rain. Rain is the main thing that fills the reservoir. Now that is necessarily mixed up with various elements, dirt for example. So a filtration takes place. So a good healer, a good healer is a person that has his pipe clear and has within his pipe the mechanism, the strainer to keep away the dirt so that the pure water could flow through - tea strainer, tea leaves stay behind, like that. So, so here now the energy flows from that subtle level we spoke about and directly affects the subtle area of your self, there where the samskaric body is, which is below the surface value of the sub-conscious mind. Now, in the samskaric body there are a lot of conflicts taking place because of the various experiences accumulated through various lifetimes. This energy which is transmitted from the deeper layers of the healer, is transmitted to the deeper layers of the patient and those healing energies act as a balancing factor at the samskaric level. Good. Now, this balancing factor does not mean that it is going to rid you of your samskaras. May I have some water, love, please? This does not mean that it is going to alter your samskaras. It does not mean its going to annihilate or get rid of the samskaras that are there. But, between the conflicting factors of the various experiences and the various samskaras, a harmony is produced and healing is nothing but harmony. We have seen this through all the various layers of all kinds of illnesses. So when this harmony is produced, it too has to filter through the other levels, from that deep subconscious level to the upper sub-conscious level, then to the conscious level and then from there again to the organic level. That is the process that has to be there. Now, whenever Jesus healed, he always said 'It is your faith that healed you'. He always said that. What does this mean? This simply means that you are opening yourself to those healing energies. Now how many people are capable of doing this? How many people are capable of doing this? I have a friend, one of our meditators who is a brilliant doctor, brilliant doctor, family doctor, not only a doctor, a meditator but also a friend and when his wife falls ill, she asks him to call another doctor. She asks him to call another doctor. She is never healed or never feels well by the prescription the husband gives to the wife because as the saying goes 'No man is a hero to his wife or his valet'. Yeah. It means that the wife knows the husband so well, that all his little faults and frailties and idiosyncrasies that she feels, 'No, he can't heal me'. And so he has to pick up the phone to one of his colleagues, who normally phones him for advice, because this man is a very brilliant doctor. If he wasn't brilliant, I would not call him for my family, that's for sure. But the lesser doctor, the doctor with the lesser experience helps and cures and heals his wife

5. UK 78- 65 when she has some problem. What does it mean, that his wife has no faith in him but has faith in the other doctor. So the principle here is one of faith. Now, man is not strong enough to have that faith because if he had that faith he would need no healer. He can heal himself. Man heal thyself. It is a true principle and it can work if - and that's the biggest word in the English language - 'If' - longest word in the English language, good, I don't mean in letters but in implication. It’s the longest word in the English language and the most misunderstood word and the most trouble-making word. If I had a million pounds, I would do this. If I had a lovely wife, this would happen or that would happen. If I had a lovely husband - like that - if, if, if. Everything is if and buts. Yeah. Good. That's besides the point. Good. So here we have seen that the constituent of healing is faith and because man has not sufficient faith in himself he cannot heal himself, therefore he approaches someone else in whom he has some bit of faith. How is that faith created? It is also on many levels. One is a psychological level. The psychological level is this, that Mrs. A tells Mrs B that forget all your doctors, go to my doctor, he's such a wonderful doctor. You know he has helped me, he has helped Jean and he 's helped Jane and he's helped whoever and he is so brilliant. So the person going to that doctor, her mind is already conditioned that she is going to be helped and that doctor might be a stupid idiot. Right. Yes. Yes. And yet this Mrs B goes there and gets prescribed with just a placebo, placebo, placebo, you know what that means - yeah - its, you fill up a bottle of water and just put some colouring in and call it medicine and Mrs B gets cured, Mrs B is helped. Psychology. Fine. One kind of healing. There are many other kinds of healing and then of course we have certain doctors who are butchers and even butchers are necessary. They play their part. Fine. But now the spiritual healer, he goes down to the root of the problem, because every organic mis-function, malfunction, disturbance, imbalance has its root in the samskaric body because the samskaric body very faintly feeds the upper layer of the subconscious which translates itself to consciousness and the organic self. Now the true spiritual healer immediately goes into a state where he loses consciousness of his body, organic body, his conscious mind. He goes beyond the layers of the upper subconscious and is in direct touch with his own samskaric self. Now, that samskaric self is in such balance, is ripple free, like a clear pond so that the reflection of the Divine force within himself is clearly reflected in his samskaric body. And that very force he translates or transmits into a healing force which is passed on to the person. But if the person creates blocks in between, then the healing would not be very effective. Yet this spiritual force if you would like to call it, is so powerful, is so powerful that it can pierce the blocks, it can pierce the blocks, in the beginning not completely, but at least some power is felt by the patient. And so the patient starts

6. UK 78- 65 getting a bit of faith that something is happening. And when the patient starts feeling that something is happening, at the second session more will happen because the gap has now been widened. The carburettor in the motor car, the jets are now more opened. They are becoming cleaned until the time comes after a few sessions, where that full force is received by the patient through all these various layers and it is organically experienced - an organic balance takes place. Now this we have seen in our movement throughout the world, where so many healings which people call miraculous, have taken place. Now as far as we are concerned, we do not believe in miracles. They are all natural laws but because we don't understand them we call them miracles. Fine. Now this can be effected directly by the person whose samskaric strata is clear of samskaras. He is free of samskaras and even if the minutest ripples are there, they remain in such a minute wave form like radio wavelengths, invisible that the power that is within flows through himself to the other person. Now the power that is within him is interconnected to the power of the entire universe. So his reservoir of spiritual energy is limitless. That is a true spiritual healer, a true spiritual healer that he is such a channel that the more he pours out, his well remains ever filled. Because of this whole universal force, all the universal energies are at his command automatically. Now, when a person has reached a certain level of having control over these forces and by control, I do not mean a conscious control, I mean an automatic control, which in other words is a balance within his samskaric self and when there is a balance within the samskaric self, that is a control within itself. Because the various forces remain in equilibrium, that is a control within itself. Fine. Such a person that has this, can transmit this ability to a worthy pupil. He is the big pipe and he can allow that water to flow through the smaller pipes. Now remember this, that the water in the big pipe is the same water in the small pipe. No difference in the water. No difference in the healing power and the real healer does not give healing power in doses, one teaspoon or one tablespoonful three times a day. No. It does not work that way. He gives his entirety. He opens all the valves and the patient will receive as much as is needed to bring about the balance. So a lot depends upon the patient. A lot depends upon the patient in receptivity, for nothing in this world can be accomplished without having that sense of receptivity. You cannot even live a happy life at home if you don't have that receptivity in your home. You receive your wife to yourself. Your wife receives you to herself. Everything is an interchange. There is reciprocity. Good. English people - I don't know why I ask an American about English. Yes. There is this interconnectedness. Now remember this, that at the very subtle layer where this energy comes from, that subtle layer is, as I said, connected to the entire universe and you are also part and parcel of that universe. You are also part and parcel of the

7. UK 78- 65 universe. So therefore, where more of this water is required at a certain area, more water would be received there. Let us take the example of a road full of potholes and here the rain comes, torrential rain. Now, if there is a small hole in th e road, it will be filled with a little water. If there is a big hole, big pothole, it will be filled with more water and then when you view it from afar, the road is flooded, it will all seem equal and yet one hole has contained within itself a little water, another hole has contained within itself more water according to its need. So the healer pours his entirety to the patient and the patient draws to himself whatever energies are required to bring about the balance. That is the principle of healing. Now, to get back - how this power can be delegated? Now, delegation is not necessary if the recipient has the ability to receive. Many people we know that feel unwell and they just sit down to do a gurushakti practice and in five minutes time or a few minutes time they feel better. And most of you have experienced this. I get hundreds of letters on this - a problem is created in the mind and they just put down the thought to paper and even before the letter reaches, the problem is solved. Because by putting it down to paper you are stabilising your thought, you are bringing your thought to a onepointedness. You are pinpointing your problem and by pinpointing the problem, you are forming a direct link, a connection. And the results are felt. In cases where this is not, where the receptivity is not complete, then that very power can be delegated. Now in our Movement we have healers and they are very good healers. They have been given the power to heal because of certain qualities within them. They are not necessarily enlightened people, but they have the ability to be proper channels to transmit this energy. And so the energy - they do a certain practice before they do a healing on a person, they do a certain practice whereby they truly become the channel and they draw water from the big pipe to the little pipe and it goes into the tap, the kitchen tap. That is, those are the mechanics and that is how it works and the recipient or the patient receives it. Now the patient - what a word it is - you have to be patient. Yes. And invariably in most cases, majority of cases, greater relief can come, does come, depends upon your receptivity. You have a faulty wireless, radio, good, and you tune in to BBC and the reception is poor or you tune into Denmark or USA or to Saudi Arabia and the reception is poor. Some people might think there is something wrong with the transmitting station. It is your radio that does not want to tune well or else you are not getting it on the proper meter, on the proper wavelength. Now, how do we do this? Man being weak, we've got to find a way for him to be able to put himself on the proper wavelength to the healing powers. Amrit is doing a healing for example or Kummel or Marjorie or any of the others that are empowered to heal - we have very few, very few at the moment and I do hope that among the meditators many more will become clear channels for this Divine force to be

8. UK 78- 65 used for alleviating pain, for bringing greater harmony, for bringing peace, for bringing joy, for bringing happiness. Good. Fine. Now, the person has to tune his wireless set on the right wavelength. Now this is done by using the vehicle of sound and that sound which we use is the sound that you are emanating. And the sound that you are emanating is your individualised mantra. Now, I have, I might have told this to you many times that if your mind body and your entire self, if through some mechanical device, is reduced to sound value, what would be heard would be your mantra, because you are your mantra. You are nothing else but your mantra expressed in its various layers, in its various forms until it reaches the grosser physical form. So when the healer, given his art of healing, where certain points of the body is touched - touching the certain points of the body is not only touching certain grosser nerves of the body, no, - what has to be done - must I tell them the secrets of it - there are no secrets - what has to be done, is that the healer has sufficient sensitivity to be able to touch that psychic nerve - psychic is still not the word - language is so incomplete - touches that nerves, those nerves which are beyond the physical nerves, the grosser nerves and transmits the energies, the healing forces directly to that samskaric level which is far deeper than the upper layer of the subconscious mind. And with those forces going there, a greater balance occurs and you will find that after every healing the first thing you feel would be a greater sense of ease, a greater sense of calmness. The mind settles down. It settles down and then greater and greater effect takes place. Good. Now, we come back to the tuning. You tune yourself while being healed by the healer. You sit down, close your eyes and you start meditating on your mantra. You meditate on your mantra, that is your tuning device. The healer also uses your mantra and the healer using your mantra, being the transmitter, gets the direct connection to that level of yourself where energies are required. So at that time - therefore the healer has to be a person that is to be completely trusted - you are not to entrust your mantra to anyone else. The reason being this, that your whole existence is that sound and that sound can be wrongly manipulated by a wrong type of person. Therefore, I am very discriminative. I put many of the healers through various tests. They don't even know it. Oh yes, we gurus are funny people. I told you that the other night, we gurus are funny people. We know what we do, sometimes. (General laughter). Yes. Yes. So the people empowered to heal are people of great trust, great trust, great ability of being the channel through which this force, this power can flow and invariably the person is helped. Now, that is spiritual healing. There is another - am I talking too long on this subject - do you find it interesting? OK. Shall we wait for you love? Oh - telephone call. Good.

9. UK 78- 65 Now that is pure spiritual healing using the energies that are there, real spiritual healing energies that are there and the process is channelling it to you and you receive the sufficient quantity without over dosage or under dosage according to your requirement. Now, there is another kind of healing of which man must be very, very wary. And that is called magnetic healing. Now, anyone in this audience can develop the ability with a bit of practice to do magnetic healing. They too convey a power, a force but not a spiritual force. They convey a magnetic force, which might at times have healing properties. Now there is a difference between spiritual force and magnetic force. Spiritual force is pure, it’s holy, it’s sacred, it is godly. Magnetic force is the emanation that is emanated by every person from the body, from the mind, from the subconscious mind. It’s an emanation all the time and a person can acquire the ability to transmit their personal magnetic force to another person. Now the danger in this lies in the fact that that person, the magnetic healer, not being a channel uses his own energies, uses his own energies and transmits his own energies. Now his own energies might be filled with so much dirt and dross, impure mind, impure thoughts - not to say that everyone has pure thoughts - impure minds, impure thoughts, his own physical problems and all that is put together and conveyed as a magnetic force, because everything has a magnetism about it or else the universe won't function. The whole law of gravity is nothing else but a form of magnetism. Yes. So, one has to be very careful in using the services of a spiritual healer or a magnetic healer because the magnetic healer, as I always say, can remove, because of this magnetism, your headache but it will result later in a toe-ache. Ah. You see, that is the difference. Now, I always tell the few healers we have in England that a problem must be tackled from all angles. Right. Now the spiritual healing that you are doing, bringing a certain balance in the samskaric level of a person's being, is not necessarily enough. It works also through a natural process. For example, if a person has acute appendicitis, that acute appendicitis requires immediate surgery before it bursts. So, what I tell them and I will repeat it over and over again, tha t, tell the person, tell the person who is ill to tackle the problem from every angle. Tackle the problem from the doctor's angle as well as tackle the problem from the spiritual angle. So if you have a pain in your stomach, the magnetic, the, the, the spiritual healer by his touch and sending thes e forces, will bring relief. And it will take time; it will take time for those subtle energies to concretise itself, where immediate concrete energies might be required in the form of an injection or in the form of surgery. So always, always the healer must tell the person that 'Have spiritual healing with me which is of great benefit to you but also at the same time consult your family doctor. See what he says also and let us tackle the problem from both angles’. And that is the right way of doing things and that is the honest way of doing things. Charlatans come along and promise all kinds of things. We don't promise anything, we do not promise. Actions speak louder than words. And a person on the spiritual path must be

10. UK 78- 65 taught to act and that is also part and parcel of the healing process. So, here you have all the powers. You have the doctor that works with his instruments. You have the spiritual healer who is the channel for spiritual energies and then of course that old boy upstairs, He's always with you. That's how it works. Questioner. What about our healers giving people who are not BMS meditators ............ these techniques? Gururaj. Yes, that is workable but not always advisable because that person who is not a BMS meditator or an IFSU meditator - BMS is only a small little chapter of this world organisation, but for our purpose we call it BMS - now, that person can be healed if he is able to tune himself, if his radio is working right, if the wavelength, the meter band is in perfect working order and the transmission is received okay. But if the person is not receiving the transmission on his radio set properly, then we need the tuner and that tuner is the mantra. Now the few healers we have here are busy enough to look after the members of BMS. They don't have much time to open up a surgery for those that are not meditating. So, all our Societies, American Meditation Society, British Meditation Society, South African Meditation Society, this Meditation Society, that Meditation Society, the workers, the administrators, the leaders are, have their hands full and why should they not first look after their own flock, not that they disregard others. They do not. They do not. They would encourage them 'Come, come learn to meditate, feel its benefits, meanwhile let your doctor see to you'. Yes. Or otherwise people will come just because they have ailments and we are not a firm of healers. That is just by the by. That is just one of the services thrown in, bon sella. It’s one of the services thrown in to be as helpful as possible, where the full Counsellors and the Healers, and the Leaders have that communication with every individual meditator. And that communication is necessary because our principle is this that there is no John, Jack or Gerry. There are none of them are distant people, or distant cousins. We are one close-knit family. So charity begins at home in the family. Oh, yeah. Good. That's enough for now on that subject. Yes. Yes. Gururaj. Hour and a quarter on this. Did I speak so long? Such a simple subject, I don't know why we lengthen it so much. Any more questions or shall we call it a day? Questioner. Do you remember doing the healing when you came up the flat and you grabbed my little granddaughter's legs - she couldn't walk and then she walked all round the table afterwards. Do you remember that? Gururaj. Yes. Yes. Glory to the Almighty. I am only a channel.

11. UK 78- 65 Questioner. (Cont’d). And she is getting on lovely since. Gururaj. Oh thank you. Beautiful, beautiful. Kate was telling us - is she here - she was telling us of something - would you like to tell it for - come to the mike. Kate. My little boy Gabriel who is on the Course has a slight spastic thing down his left side and he has problems moving his left hand and his left foot. And Guruji, when Guruji came over, he held him and he spoke to us about Gabriel for a littl e while and he did some healing on him. And while he was holding him, Gabriel was absolutely quiet and seemed to be really enjoying the whole thing. And the next day, he, for the first time, he started waving his left hand and he since that time, he has gradually being doing more and more with it, sort of grabbing on to things and just generally moving it more and pulling himself up on both legs. There is no question about it that something happened. Namaste. Gururaj. But the important part that amused me was this that when we had the concert here the other night Kate.(Cont’d) Oh right. Yes. (General laughing) Gururaj. That was the part I loved most. Kate.(Cont’d) When we had the Concert the other night, he normally sleeps but he woke up that night. And when I brought him down and when you all clapped, first of all he absolutely looked horrified at the noise, you know, and I thought he was going to burst into tears. And then he waited and it subsided a bit and then the next piece of music started and all of a sudden he sat there and started clapping. And that was something his Physio who's treating him said he won't be able to clap because the co-ordination needed to get both hands to do that is really, she felt, would be beyond him, certainly now, maybe he would learn later. Gururaj. So these are demonstrations, these are - there are many instances which many of the people here on the Courses could talk about - but what I am trying to tell you is this, that how powerful this universal force is, how powerful - people don't like to use the word God, I like to use that word so much - how powerful, how benevolent how kind, how compassionate He is. He is everywhere all the time, all the time, all the time. Just speaking of Him brings tears to my eyes. Yeah.

12. UK 78- 65 END


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