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1. UK 80- 39B Questioner. ........................ (Inaudible or not on the tape) Gururaj. A person who is negatively disposed to you what you could do about it, is that what it is? Firstly we have to understand what negative disposition is. A person could be very positive towards you but your interpretation of that person's positivity might seem negative to you. A father slaps a child. Now that to the outside observer might seem very negative, would not know the relationship between the child and the father. And yet the father slaps the child to benefit the child. And as we parents know, that it hurts the father more than what it hurts the child. So the expression of negativity or positivity is mostly one of receptivity, how one receives it. A person is negative to me and yet I would interpret it very, very positively and that positivity would mean that I would try and delve within the mind of the person and find out to myself, why is that person so called negative to me. In finding that out why that person is negative, I will be finding out a lot about myself. And by finding out a lot about myself, I would be able to improve myself. So the reception of any negativity from another, is purely an interpretation of my mind. Good. So in every act perpetrated upon one, there is always some goodness. Even in hatred, there is love. Even in jealousy, there is trust. So how one interprets things depends entirely upon one's personal stature. A child came to complain to his father that someone swore at him. So the father asks "Do you know him?" The son says "Yes." "Is he a friend of yours?" He says "Yes." "So if he was an enemy and did not know you, he would have not sworn at you. But because he knows you and he is a friend of yours, he swore at you. So what? Perhaps in his own way, perhaps on that spur of the moment where he was filled with some little anger, remember he is your friend, perhaps he was filled with some little anger. And this might have been just the outcome of that anger and anger like everything else must subside. No malice must be had." Now if one interprets things in that manner, then one could never be subjected to another person's negativity. Good. Now in order to achieve that status, a person has to have strength within himself and through spiritual practices, which brings about that integration within man, he would have the strength to withhold or withhold away from himself, any form of negativity. So therefore great men like Jesus would say "If they slap one cheek, offer the other one." So immediately the negativity of the other person disappears, for nothing is more powerful than understanding and love and kindness. 'Love Thine enemies’. So he that is negative to you should be loved more and because of your love for that person with all his negativities, would help to change him. So you are doing some good work by turning the other person's negativity into positivity by the love that you express and that you show for him. You see. So in all circumstances in life, in all circumstances we are the main people that could turn the tables at anytime in whichever way we want to turn it. Now with this strength gained through spiritual practices, we become untouched by anything. If you

2. UK 80- 39B are touched by positivity then be sure you will also be touched by negativity. So therefore the Gita would say, ‘Do not be inflated by praise or deflated by blame’. And after all it is in negativity or positivity, it is the same energy at play but used in a different direction. So the person that is negative, malicious, slanderous, damaging for his own personal interests, his own motivations, his own lust for power, greed for money, might perpetrate all kinds of acts with all kinds of distortions, twisted truths, exaggerations but you the man of strength, do not even take notice of it. For that negativity expressed by such people is a reflection of their own minds. They do not talk about you, really speaking. They are talking about themselves because if they did not have that within themselves then those thoughts will not ever occur in their mind. They would not have the ability to distort and twist truths. So the perpetrator of any form of negativity, which is in other words called bad Karma, they will in the law of Karma have to pay for it in their own way. But you, to whom this is inflicted upon, what is your duty? Your duty is to stand firm and be untouched, like the Lotus, although growing in mud is forever pure, and untouched and unblemished above the water. So you have risen above the mud and the mire in which this Lotus grows. When you look at a Lotus, you do not look at the mud in which is grows, you look at the Lotus for that is your focal point. But if you start looking at the mud, you will only see mud and your attention will be half-hearted or even you might not even notice the Lotus. The flower, the rose is so beautiful. Are we going to look at the thorns or are we going to look at the beauty of the rose? So it is us entirely to be in this world in spite of all the things thrust upon you, all the losses that other people might have incurred for you and losses could be of many kind. Losses could be monetary. It could be as far as your name, your reputation is concerned. But the man of strength does not think of that because he knows who he is and his life and his work, whatever he does is not dependent upon the positivity or the negativity of another. The Bible again would say that the gardener, the planter will go on planting. Some seeds will fall on fertile ground. Some will fall on barren land and some on rocks which the birds of the air would pick up. So the planter is not concerned what happens to the seeds he has planted with so much love. If they would grow, they would grow. If they cannot grow, it is no loss to the gardener. It would be a loss to the gardener if he does not do his duty. Then it would be a loss. But if he sincerely goes and does his duty then that man remains totally unaffected by everything. Now we always hear that such and such a person is so negative to me. That thought must be taken out of the mind. That person might be seemingly negative on the surface but within him too resides that Divine force, that positive spiritual force. So the man of strength will look beyond surface values. For as we said earlier, the surface values are ver y

3. UK 80- 39B transient. And the man that knows the Divinity within him, can only see the Divinity in others. Someone for example attacks me, so what should my reaction be. My reaction is this, that within me the spirit, the Atman is forever immortal. So if this body is destroyed, so what, at will or by the force of law of evolution, I will take on another body. What is lost? What do you possess? What do you gain that you are going to lose? What have you that you could really lose? You lose nothing. The only thing that you can lose is to have the purity of your spirit clouded up and make things not so smooth for yourself. That would be the loss. None else. So welcome negativity. There's a lovely Indian story, at the end of the village lived a holy man but the holy man was so maligned by people. Every morning he had a habit of going from the end of the village to the Bazaars, to buy his food things and he used to wear a turban. Now this turban, being very poor, was not such a lovely turban, it was full of holes but in the heat of India , he had to put on the turban. And as he walked through the street, this one made this criticism and that one made that criticism. And as people were criticising him as he walked through the street, all the holes in the turban started vanishing and by the time he reached the other end of the village, his turban had no holes any more. So the person that inflicts or tries to inflict any negativity upon you, is cleansing you, is cleansing you, because it is only by friction that you can be cleansed. It is a piece of cloth that has to be washed, you have to rub it. If you don't rub it by hand, you put it in the washing machine which still does the rubbing. It turns and turns. So it is the friction in life that people don't like but they are the greatest cleansers. Nobody likes to drink castor oil, but it cleanses. It’s a purgative. It cleanses the system and when the system is cleansed, you feel well, you feel nice. So therefore, whatsoever anyone says, whatsoever negativity is inflicted upon you, ignore, take no notice because basically it is a projection of that person's own mind with his own personal motives. So instead of thinking of the other person and his negativities, we turn our attention to ourselves, to our weaknesses and to find ways and means of bettering those weaknesses. And if we have strength and they are no weaknesses, then there is no necessity to correct anything. You just be what you are, with sincerity, honesty and the faith that is required. The mind is the greatest enemy in the world. It has done more harm than good. It has done more harm than good. The mind, being a cunning animal as I said, can justify anything. It can justify anything in any circumstances. And because of the mind's tricks and how it could work, many a innocent man has been hanged and the greatest example we could take is in Jesus Christ. Good. (Coughing) Pardon.

4. UK 80- 39B So with this mind that we also possess, we can turn it into an instrument of strength whereby all these negativities can be resisted or rather ignored, which is a better way. So do never ever believe that anyone affects you in a negative way. They can if you are weak. If your system has no resistance, you can catch a cold. But if your system has resistance, there could be so many cold and flu germs around and it would not affect you. Likewise in every thing in life, this happens every moment of the day. So (Gururaj coughing), there’s no water around here, there is over there, please, I have a tickle in the throat - non-resistance! Thank you. Can you manage? Many people do believe that with all this negativity around me, how can I survive. I know of many young men that have moved from their homes and not only young men and young women but older people as well. It is, although the circumstances are there but basically it is their own personal weaknesses that would make them do that. For they themselves with the power of love, if they could genuinely be sincere and loving, could change the hearts of anyone. They say if you want to kill, good, but kill with kindness. And what will you be killing? You will be killing the negativity that is surrounding the other person. So that is how man can serve another. For the service of man is the service of God. That is the best way to serve Divinity by serving man. And that does not mean just a physical act of service, helping an old lady across the street or carrying someone's parcels. That is very easy. But these very thought forces that we can generate in our minds, be it as cunning as it is, but we can turn that very energy into a positive compelling force where, whatever your heart desires, whatever you mind wants, can be got, can be achieved. As a young man, if you make up your mind today that in five years time I will have a million pounds, you will have it, if you're determined enough, if you can plan well, if you know what you're up to, you can have it. But then again what use is it going to be? If you want it, okay. Fine. Rather the thought that "Let me be one with Thee, my Lord." That is the greatest achievement, for that is what we're all about and that is what, that goes with us and not the million pounds. Do you see? So the aims of life should be such that it could become immortal and not just very, very temporary because that very determination to have a million pounds will breed in you the greed to turn it into two and then into three and there's no ending to it. So you become weaker and weaker and more susceptible to negativity. Therefore very, very wealthy people are not necessarily very, very happy people because they have planted in themselves their greed. So that greed too can be turned into giving. Nothing wrong in having a million or ten million but is it for self or is it for a good use. At first the possession is wrong but that very possession after the necessities are seen to, can become a dispossession. You don't own it. It is not yours. You are just the exchange man that helps circulating. You're like the heart that pumps

5. UK 80- 39B the blood and circulates it throughout the body wherever the blood in its proper quantity is required. Most of the people in the world they live and act, they're just not it. They do not live as they should be, what they really are. A rabbit and a lion went to a restaurant. So the waiter comes along and wants to take their order. So the rabbit orders a lettuce. So the waiter asks "What about your friend, the lion." So the rabbit says "No, nothing for him." So the waiter looks and the rabbit says again that "If he was a real lion, then I wouldn't be here." He is only an actor and that is how the majority of people live in this world. They live and act instead of their original selves. I would prefer a thief w ho acknowledges himself to be a thief, an honest thief that has the honesty to say that "I am a thief" than to have a Bishop who is not really a Bishop, but a true thief. Honesty, sincerity and the thing is, we do not know how to judge and we should not judge. Real judgement comes from within, for the person himself by himself and by none other. So when you say that the other person inflicts upon me negativity, who am I to judge that that person is negative? Perhaps that is exactly what is needed in the Divine scheme of things. At that moment, at that moment it might seem hard and difficult but the end result is what matters. A child was riding a bicycle and while riding this bicycle somehow he fell off the bicycle just about twenty feet away from the corner and he fell on the pavement. Now there's a car coming round the corner, perhaps a drunken driver, very fast, cutting the corner. If the child had not fallen off the bicycle there , the car had gone that fifty feet extra, the car would have knocked him down, dead. So here is an incidence used as an analogy, that the child did not like falling off the bicycle to bruise his knees and elbows but it prevented him from death. Do you see? So the workings of nature is such that even that which we regard to be negativity - firstly you are not to be judgmental - but even if you regard it to be negativity you do not know. And how would you know that that is not one of the pieces in the jigsaw puzzle to make the whole picture. And that is why again and again and again every religion in the world tells you acceptance and faith and hope and, do you see. And that is how we would learn not to view anything negatively and if it is some genuine bit of callousness and negativity, I am not the one to govern the law of retribution. The law of retribution looks after itself. It knows what it does because whatever another has set off in motion (Gururaj stops speaking at this point and another speaker, Amrit, starts talking) Gururaj. (Continues) and given momentum too, must play out the energy, positive or negative that is involved in the momentum itself. So what is our stand? Our stand is just to ignore. It might be hurtful in the beginning but with practice

6. UK 80- 39B we ignore and by ignoring, we get rid of our own ignorance. That is the way to wisdom and knowledge. To be able to stand apart and ignore, is wisdom. To be involved and affected, is ignorance. Do you see how it works? So be brave and march through the world as a soldier, onward Christian soldiers, onward Hindu soldiers, onward Jewish soldiers. Onward, forward and look not behind. Stop not 'til the goal is reached, for in essence there is no negativity at all. Energies go up and down, they fluctuate, they rise, they fall. It is the nature of energy to be in motion. Once energy is set in motion and it reaches the bottom end of the circle, we call it negative. And when it reaches to top end of the circle, we call it positive. But it's still the same energy and it is all pure and purity. That should be our stance. Those should be our thoughts but if the energy rises or falls, it is still Divine, the play of Divinity, in Sanskrit we call it the Lila, the play that goes on and on, beginless and endless, for who knows in totality the meaning of this play of the universe. Who knows the manifestation of the Manifestor until you become one with the Manifestor and then all manifestation is known to you. And when that is known, then you yourself can direct those energies to those you want to direct it to and it just comes with a little thought, a spontaneous thought that may X, Y and Z be blessed. Just that and the blessing occurs. It just occurs and with your mind, you do not know how, you do not know the mechanics of it. It just happens. One little spontaneous thought, little bubble arising within you, makes it happen, makes it happen and it will always happen to the person who is ready to receive, for you could never change the Karma of another. But having reached that stage where you can stand apart from it all, having reached that stage, you can smoothen the Karma, the bad Karma, the effect of the Karma. You can smoothen it, make it lighter for the person concerned who is devoted, sincere, worshipful, for you function there from a totally different level, not from the mind level that recognises negativities of others. You are beyond it. You don't nee d it. There's no positivity either then because there is no negativity. You are beyond it all. You are beyond it all. And it is only when you are beyond it all, the slightest little thought takes its effect, takes its effect. Therefore people of a very high spiritual stature has to be very careful in what thoughts they think because they come to fruition very, very quickly. But then having reached, the person having reached that high spiritual stature becomes incapable of thinking a thought of a lower category. He is always dwelling in his own dimension. And the true seeker, the true devotee, the true lover, sincere, his pleas, his requests don't go in vain. So the man at that level, without even being conscious of it, becomes like a well and you go and fill water as much as you want; small bucket little water, big bucket more water. So that is where one reaches, then all the positivities and all the negativities are nothing else but the play in this world, the act of the actor. For in the other dimension, there is no act and there is no actor, there is only action. There is only action. It is just all happening, one great big happening. One great big celebration. It’s 'Devali', Christmas 'Id' every

7. UK 80- 39B day, 'Yum Kippur' every day. What do you call your celebration? But you have a day of celebration? Ah, New Year, well, you know what I mean. You know what I mean. Then everyday is a celebration. Do you see? And then like that, we become men in the world. You know Fuzzladdin was with, Fuzzladdin was with a group of his friends, his chums and he wanted to go home early. So his friends tell him "Hey, what do you want to go home so early for, what are you a man or a mouse?" So Fuzzladdin says "I am definitely a man." He says "Then why do you leave?" "No" he insisted, "I am definitely a man because my wife is afraid of mice and she's not afraid of me." (Gururaj laughs) Yes. Now my friends, I have to jump into a car that's waiting for me and have to travel to Liverpool now, which I believe is a four hour journey. Nice to have met you all and been together this evening. And it’s quite; the hall is full, full of empty seats, that's quite nice. I enjoy the quietude of the empty seats. They are lovely. They don't creak or rattle, they listen. And you can speak to them, you know that. Everything is live, vibrant. For I don't speak to your minds, I speak to the essence within you and the essence within you, is the same as the essence within that seat. And you've got the right place on it. (Gururaj laughs). Ah, dear me. Good, thank you very much and see you next year. This is my second trip to England this year. We just finished doing a Course in Hoddesdon. END


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