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1. UK 81-8 Gururaj. What shall we speak about tonight? Questioner. My question is to do with something we were discussing earlier on, in the world in which we live in at the moment, with all its problems and a threat of nuclear war hanging over our heads, and one thing and the next, what is the right attitude from a spiritual standpoint that one should take? Gururaj. Good. Very good. The question is in the threat of nuclear problems of today, what is the right attitude man can develop? Now when we discuss the nuclear problem, there is fear in us of destruction. You're not fearing nuclear energy but you are fearing how it is going to be used and if it is used in the wrong way, it would naturally bring destruction. Now what is the duty of man, how can he prevent it from being used the wrong way? Now this does require an evolutionary stage in man's entire outlook, in man's entire attitude. Now why does man have - are you getting this right - why does man have the destructive force in him? What causes this? If man is a manifestation of the Manifestor, who most people believe to be creative, then where does destruction or destructiveness come in? Why do people believe that that energy is only creative? Who says that it is not destructive too, for everything in this universe must have its counterpart, it's opposite. So where ever there is creation there has to be destruction, it is inevitable for one is part and parcel of the other. One has to be part and parcel of the other because creativity or destruction, I rather prefer to use the word dissolution, fo r in reality there is no destruction whatsoever. Nothing in this entire universe is destroyed, not a single atom can be destroyed. It can only be transformed, only be transformed. Like a lump of clay or a lump of gold, you can make bracelets from it or you can make a necklace from it. You would say this is a necklace or this is a bracelet or this is a ring but essentially it is gold. So that gold has not been destroyed. Likewise all energy that exists is never destroyed but onl y transformed and it is the very transformation that we mistake to be destruction. The same applies when you discard this body. Are you destroyed? You are not, for there is no death. Life is eternal; it will go on forever and ever. So the very body you discard, will disintegrate and go back to its original elements. In Sanskrit we call it the 'Punchabuta', earth, water, fire, air ether etc. So nothing is destroyed. Now why does man fear the destruction that could be caused by nuclear energy? Why does man fear that, because he fears the loss of his ego. Because when man fears that I will be destroyed, my environment will be destroyed, then when I am destroyed, I am not there any more. And this fear comes with the sense of total clinging. What are you clinging to and what right have you to cling to anything? Do you own yourself, your body? Do you own your

2. UK 81-8 possessions? Do you own this world or this universe or the environment? You do not own anything. So that which you do not own, can be destroyed, it's not your business. For after all, who controls creation, preservation and destruction? These three are the basic laws of nature. It is created, it is preserved, it has its life and then it is dissolved but to recreate itself again. So in this entire universe, not a single ounce of energy can be added and not a single ounce of energy can be subtracted. So all these nuclear explosions can do nothing else but transform nuclear matter, atomic matter, sub-atomic matter and even matter which science has not yet discovered in the test-tube. But this subtle matter, the essence of all, can be experienced by man. Every so-called individual can experience this force, this power that is there. And it is this force that is beyond all transformation, that is beyond all creation, that is beyond all preservation because it just is. So when one discovers through his meditational and spiritual practices the 'Isness' that is he in reality, then who comes, who goes? I was here three months ago and you say 'Guruji, you were gone to South Africa, now you have come back'. ‘I say, ‘No, I have not gone, and I’ve have not come. I have been here all the time'. For every cell that is in your body, every thought you think, which is also matter, every breath you take, I am involved in that thinking. I'm involved in that breath, I'm involved in the very blood that flows in your veins, for this entire universe, you and I are always one. No going, no coming, but yet the question still remains, where that which you see apparently destroyed. Now all apparentness is nothing but an appearance, an apparition, spooks. They are fixtures of one's imagination. Now these powers that be, that try and create these nuclear weapons - I think I have told you this before, that there are greater and greater inventions that have been made that has not been published in the world, that has been suppressed by various Governmental agencies, by various Governments because by letting them known to the world, a great panic would be created. So to avoid this panic, there is a lot of news that is suppressed. Now how do we overcome this apparition? How do we overcome this appearance of destruction within ourselves? When we say within ourselves, then this can only be overcome, by ourselves. For though man is so interconnected with every atom in this universe, he still tries to maintain his individuality. And it is when you lose that individuality into that universality, then you shall see no destruction, just, shall see life everlasting. For have the Scriptures not said that 'It is by dying that you are reborn'. What part of you has to die? That ego self, that self preservation. Let us not for this moment think of world and universal issues, where a nuclear bomb would explode and an entire country would be destroyed. This has happened before. This has happened in the time of Atlantis, where through great inventions, this great crystal was evolved and because of man's greed and avarice and sense of possession, me and

3. UK 81-8 mine, that strife was born between brother and brother. And because of that greed, as I said, a great explosion took place that changed the entire shape of the world. These various Continents that you find on your map today were not there as you see them today, it is because of this explosion. For example India was right at the foot of Africa and because of this terrific explosion, that portion of land was pushed up, with such great force that the Himalayas were pushed up. You see. So this has happened before, but this world still goes on. So whatever happens, man must not lose hope, for eternity is an individual as well as a universal thing. For, individually we shall realise what universality is, collectively never so. People talk of the age of enlightenment. That is a fallacy. There can be individual enlightenment and the more people that go on the spiritual path, that do spiritual practices and meditation, they develop a greater and greater awareness as most of you have experienced, great awareness develops. Now, that awareness is not a matter of the conscious mind only, although the awareness is known through the conscious mind. But here your conscious mind could be led to reach the deeper layers of your subconscious and further on to the superconscious layers of the mind and there you find in that oneness of all that exists, in the oneness of all that exists, that nothing can really be destroyed. So as more and more people are led on to this path, more and more people are led on to this path, greater and greater love develops, the all consuming love where nuclear energies will not be used. But this has to be done on an individual basis. By the turn of the century, I think I spoke about this to you before, there are great so-called calamities in store, where man will destroy not only this planet earth but because of this great explosion, it will affect the entire solar system. And by affecting the solar system, it will affect the entire galaxy. So now more than ever, more than ever, man must start realising himself, develop greater and greater awareness and by doing that, the heart and the mind becomes combined. So, if your heart is filled with love, then how could you want to destroy and for what do you want to destroy? These people having this cold war in the name of peace, it's a fallacy. It's not in the name of peace, it is to preserve - I told this to the Governments - it is to preserve their personal identities, a kind of weird form of nationalism. And after all, all these countries, America and Russia and other major powers and minor powers, where do they come from? Are these countries not man made, man-made boundaries? There is only one world and I would go further to say there is only one universe and this world is just a speck of dust in this universe, to which people add so much importance and losing sight of the reality that is within every man that that could encompass the entire universe. You see. Now when it comes to the prevention of the mis-use of nuclear power, there has to be a radical change in man's thinking. Is this possible? No. No. Because in evolution, we are only viewing a very small section in this vast continuum

4. UK 81-8 of the universe, of universal evolution. So the more people that pass out of this little strata on the one end, lower beings will be evolving and occupying this very same space. So this world will never be changed. There have been nuclear wars before. If you study ancient Scriptures, the Ramayana, for example, nuclear wars have been described. Nuclear energies and the misuse of them have been described. All the aeroplanes and jet planes we think of, has been written about and described in literature that is supposed to be nine thousand years old. You'd find it in the Mahabharata too. If you study Scandinavian mythology for example, you'd also find these things. And yet the world goes on, the world goes on. So now what do we do? That is the question. And the question that supports that, is what can we do? Nothing. Nothing at all. You cannot control vested interests. Those mighty forces and powers, you cannot control them, but you can control yourself. Let these things be transformed, not destroyed, nothing gets destroyed as I said, let these things be transformed. And you by knowing yourself, will know the value of the transformation. You will see that it is not destruction anymore, it is a transformation. For everything that exists is Divine and Divinity cannot be destroyed. And yet in the very transformation, Divinity can express itself in so many different ways. For nuclear energy too is Divine. Everything is Divine. The very fragrance of this flower is Divine, all forms of expression. So by developing this awareness through our spiritual practices, we come to realise that nothing can destroy me. As the Gita would say 'Fire cannot burn me, water cannot wet me, a sword cannot pierce me. I am immortal'. I am that immortal being. And then when one realises one's own immortality, then you do not fear destruction and neither death, for none of them are real. They are superimpositions, a play of a certain kind of consciousness. Why does this consciousness play this way? Because man's consciousness is fragmented and in it's very fragmentation, he forgets to realise its wholeness. So now by spiritual practices man integrates himself. He takes all his aspects of himself, the mind, the subconscious mind, the superconsciousness mind, into a totality. And when man functions in that totality then he is a walking God on earth. For all three aspects of you are there, here and now, animal, man and God-man. And when you total up the animal and the man and the God-man then what are you? You are God, you are Divine, you are immortal, immortal eternal spirit. And yet this has been portrayed by great Masters in the world what this totality means this. It has been portrayed by Buddha, Krishna, Christ, that showed the world how this integration is not only a matter of thought but a matter of living. So people believe in God, okay, that is a stage. People have faith in God, that's also a stage. But when people come to realise, 'I and my Father are one', that is the ultimate stage. That is what Christ said did he not. So man has tha t

5. UK 81-8 ability. Man has that latent potentiality, just a few veils has to be removed, these fears have to be removed. And all this nuclear energy and inventions are caused only by fear. He tries to preserve me and mine. My America, I must preserve it in every way I can. So by having this bomb, pistol at the head of others, he says 'You can't do nothing to me, I've got this here. You start your funny business and I can get funny because I have got a superior weapon'. Fear. If only we could take all the world's leaders, the political heads and teach them, bring them to BMS, it would be a different world. You see? So when man views his ego, it is existent and non-existent, it depends from what angle you look at it. You look at it from a very mundane relative angle then it is so real, so painful. All the conflicts, all the, the nerves in the brain pulling this way and that way and the mind whirls, whirls and whirls and you are lost in the whirlpool, not of life, not of life, but of delusion, of illusion. Do you see? So to get rid of this illusion, that is man's first duty. Nothing can stand in your way to get rid of the illusion, for primarily man seeks for happiness. And he is so misguided that he thinks that by protecting me and mine, even through nuclear energy, by protecting me and mine, I will be happy. But that's the wrong direction. It is in dying that I am reborn. What dies? The death of illusion, the death of the ego self. Now what do you mean by the death of the ego self because nothing can die. What we mean is the refinement of the ego self. Through spiritual practices, when the ego is opaque, by spiritual practices, we extend it, so it becomes transparent and through that transparency, Divine light is seen, Divine light is experienced. Then everything that even your physical eye sees, assumes a Divine aspect. And when everything is seen to be Divine, how can you hate it? You can only love it, for the very nature of Divinity is love and that love is not only outside, you have it within you. And it is the very expression of that insideness of you that will give you the perspective of seeing everything outside, that is Divine. But we are lazy, we are lazy. When we are in trouble, we beg for mercy. When we are in trouble, we beg for peace. So are we humans? Are we really humans of integrity and dignity? No, we're beggars, blooming beggars. What's the sense of that, what's the sense of that? Now talking of peace and mercy - there was this minister and he was giving a long sermon. So after his sermon, there was a distinguished visitor in the congregation and this minister asked him, the minister asked this distinguished person 'Did you like my sermon, Sir?' He said 'Oh, so filled with peace and mercy'. So the minister was flattered. So he said 'Oh, is it really so? Please tell me how you find it so'. So he says 'Your sermon was like peace that passeth all understanding and like God's mercy, I thought it would go on forever'. (Gururaj laughs) Yeah.

6. UK 81-8 And so one day the priest studied a bit more and more and more but yet he just cannot come to the point quickly, he just went on and on and on, you know. So just that very morning, the carpet layer was laying the carpet on the pulpit floor and somehow he forgot a lot of tacks lying there, nails, tacks. So when the minister came in he said 'James, why are these pins, tacks, lying there on the floor? Do you know, right in the middle of a sermon I could step on one'. So then James says 'Sir, then that is one point you will not be able to linger on'. Yes. Yes. So as long as we linger on the thoughts of fear, you become more fearful. You cannot get rid of fear by thinking of fear. You're strengthening the fear within yourself. Now some Psychologists say that substitute fear with that which is opposite, fearlessness. Norman Vincent Peel said take all negative thinking and push in positive thinking. And I challenge him, that's impossible. I challenge Norman Vincent Peel on any platform, that is impossible. So what does one do? You've got to neutralise the mind. You've got to neutralise the mind. And how do we neutralise the mind? By spiritual practices. A fearful thought comes into your mind, let it be there. You can become an observer of that thought and the thought loses its power. Now to become an observer, it’s a long process, it just does not come over night. There must be some easy way. So what do you do, you do your mantra or you do your chant. And by doing your chant, you would lift up your vibrations to a level where the fear would lose its hold on you and then you think of fearlessness which will have effect. So all these various forces of nature are at your beck and call, they are at your command. Use them. Use them, and its simple to use them. I have said this many, many times to you, that people's minds are forever thinking of the past. They live in the past or they are thinking about the future which might never come, according to your thoughts but no one lives in the present. You say 'I am'. Who am I? I am Jack, John, Jane, Jill. Are you really John, Jack, James, Jill? I am. What do you know about I am? You are only entitled to say I am this, if you can live in the moment. But how are you living? I was Jack or I'm going to be Jack. I was or I'm going to be but never I am. So that's the greatest lie you’re telling yourself by saying I am. If someone asks you again who are you, never say I am John or I am Peter. It's a lie. Live it first, for truth is not dead. The living truth. And living truth is here and now. And you can do that, Blake has said, and I love it so much, 'To capture eternity in a moment'. It is very true. Man has it in him, has it. So wake up, get off your backsides, yes, wake up and know that I am. I am that I am. .............. (Gururaj speaks in Sanskrit) You see how beautiful it is and then all your fears will go away. Do not try and alter the universe. Do not try and alter the various thoughts and ramifications of the mind to what the nuclear bomb can do. You cannot alter that but you can alter yourself you see. And by altering oneself, those fears

7. UK 81-8 disappear. There is no calamity, nothing. All is Divine, all is love and you will say to yourself 'I am all'. Ah. 'I am all'. Now if I am all, then there is no place for hatred. If I am just all, then how can I hate myself? By the realisation that I am all, you'll also know, that in the very expression of the 'I am allness', I am that loveness - loveness and loveliness, beautiful words. When we say, 'Look at the loveliness of this flower', we are only looking at the surface beauty. We say that woman is lovely, that man is lovely, we are only looking at the surface, the shape of the nose or the eyes or whatever. No. When you say next time that that person is lovely, know that you are not looking at the surface but you are looking at the real essence of that person, you're looking at love. And by knowing that I am love and you are love, then you and I are one, for love is one. Love is one. And then you will really know and practise 'Love thy neighbour as thyself'. Until then it is just mental thought, it is just folly. So why are you fooling with the folly? Yes, my friend do not try and alter the nuclear bombs, for how do we know that that is not part and parcel of some Divine plan? How do we know that? How do we know that the world is not ready for dissolution, apparent dissolution, shifting up of energies - as I said the explosion in Atlantis changed the entire shape of this world, of this earth. How do we know that this change is not required? There are many forces of nature that will forever be at conflict with each other all the time, conflict, conflict, conflict. And this conflict has to be there for the process of evolution. If there is no push, there will be no pull. If there is no contraction, there will be no expansion. So this will go on and on in whichever way, even by nuclear energy. Ah, but let me pray to my Lord, 'Give me not nuclear energy but give me love energy'. Love energy, for that is even more powerful than any energy you can think of. Forget about all those Gods and our various conceptions of Gods. The God man knows today, is not God. The God man knows today is just but a conception of his own mind, his own thought, for every man pictures God according to his mind. Some would say God is sitting on a Throne in Heaven somewhere. Some would say God has four arms, you have seen a lot of pictures of mythology but that is your conception. And as soon as you can conceive of God, then God ceases to be God, he is no more God because your limited mind creates a God which has to be limited. For how can a limited mind project something which is unlimited? So we must, in the school of life, learn these lessons gradually, slowly but always onwardly, forward, forward, forward. Now what do we mean by forward? By forward we mean, through spiritual practices, the gradual refinement of the mind, washing the dirt away I was telling you, like a piece of cloth that's dirty, and being washed and scrubbed, all the piece of cloth which also has consciousness, though unexpressed and washing at piece of dirty cloth would also feel pain being rubbed and scrubbed so hard. But it is through that pain, that through that rubbing and scrubbing, it becomes clean

8. UK 81-8 and becomes worthy as a tablecloth on your table, on which the food of Divinity is placed. So let that food of Divinity be placed in your heart, on the table of your heart, on that clean cloth of the mind. You see. So how you combine the heart and the mind. So these are the things we want to learn. And in learning, the learning process, we first hear, in Sanskrit its called 'Shravan'. And then we mull it in the mind, we think which in Sanskrit, ‘Mannan'. And then when it is assimilate d like food eaten, digesting the food is not enough, but when that food is transformed into the very living essence of you, transformed into every cell of your blood, bone and marrow then it is called assimilation. So here think and live it - 'Didiassin'' that is the process. So what I tell you is not only to be heard, it is to be thought about and after thinking, to be assimilated, to be lived. For God, to come back, must not remain a conception of the mind, for the mind will find Him in so many different forms, assumptions. The mind will give it so many powers and so many qualities and He is beyond all qualities. So for practical purposes what do we need, is the living God. Forget those Gods in heavens, forget the heavens. No. Here and now, the living God. Yes, I say this to you again, forget all the hells and heavens, and various conceptions because all your conceptions eventually are misconceptions because the mind cannot grasp but the heart can experience. And when it experiences, then you live God, then you know the living God experientially. So in the school of life let us not be lazy. Let us not be lazy and do our studies in the school, do our homework. There was this young boy, whose father sent him to University. Now this young boy did not do his duties very well, he did not study. He was mixed up with the nice young girls at the University and all that kind of thing. And he used to get an allowance, the father sent him his allowance regularly. But every time this boy writes he says 'I have to attend some seminar and I need twenty five pounds as fees' - I don't know what kind of seminar he goes to. Then a couple of weeks later, some other excuse and he wants more money all the time, money, money, money. Meanwhile he's having a nice time, he's having a ball. So the father did not send on one or two requests. So one day the boy sends a telegram to the father, in desperation, letters take too long, so he sends a telegram. He writes 'No mun, no fun, your son'. So the dad replies 'Too bad, how sad, your dad'. (Gururaj laughs) Now we can send to our Father a telegram but He's not going to reply you like that. He's not going to reply you, it's going to be ignored. For every answer in life, is given by no one else but you. To the problems of the conscious mind, the problems, the questions that are asked by the conscious mind, will be answered by your superconscious mind. For all problems, all these expansions, contractions, conflicts, contradictions are but in the mind. Now the superconscious mind being closest to Divinity has a greater understanding of the so-called problem. So when a question is asked, the

9. UK 81-8 superconscious mind, your mind answers it. Now how to get the answer from the superconscious mind? By becoming attuned to the superconscious mind, by tuning in the conscious mind to the superconscious level of your mind, where the greatest purity, the finest refinement exists. And by meditation, Saddana, spiritual practices you form that link, that tunnel, that channel, that connection, hot line and you can draw any answer. In simpler terms, they call it the intuitional self. So all problems in life can be answered that way if we want. You can't get an answer from your friend in Liverpool if you phone from here and if you don't dial, it's not going to ring itself. You've got to pick up the receiver and dial the number. And you have the number, it's all yours, it's your telephone, dial, that’s all. So problems on the personal level can be answered this way and the basis of every problem is fear, that's all. 'What will happen to me, what will happen to my mother, what will happen to my children?' Fear, that's all. And fear in turn has a lot of cousins. Fears, so many, many cousins, that trouble you more. Fear brings in you inadequacy. Fear brings in you insecurity. Fear brings in you instability. And I can give you a long list of one hundred negative qualities that you are pals with, that are your friends because you entertain them every day. And you know they’re no good. Now in your home, are you going to invite people that are no good for you? No. No. You're not going to invite gangsters and hoodlums and teddyboys and that into your house. But then why do you invite all those hoodlums and these teddyboys and gangsters? Why? You see. Now through meditation and spiritual practices, a greater awareness is had, a greater clarity comes about and you start inviting the good friends, you know. You start inviting adequacy, security, faith, hope, courage and bravery and you start inviting them. And there's only one address to all these good people, only one address, just write to Mr Bravery c/o my heart and mind, post it, put it in the post box of meditation. You see, how simple. Heh, I've gone on for an hour. Will I go on more? I wonder if I've got another joke here for you. You know this, you've heard of this great musician, Paderewski, he was Polish. So one day he met a socialite, a rich young polo player. So they were sitting over tea and they were chatting. So they tried to find a comparison between the two. So Paderewski says that 'You're a dear soul playing polo and I'm a poor Pole playing solo'. So in life you have to play solo, in life you have to play solo because nobody can take you anywhere, not even your guru. You have to walk it alone. The guru can only show you the way, impart spiritual energy to you, clarify your mind, kick your backside at times too, if you don't listen. That's all that the guru can do, hold your hand, pull you up some stee p steps but your legs have to move. You can only do it yourself. And having these Satsangs, these Courses do serve a great purpose - that togetherness. Now when seventy, eighty minds whatever are united for one purpose, the power becomes greater, one helps the other - a vibrational atmosphere is set up. That is why in a day or two, you'd find being

10. UK 81-8 uplifted, you feel different, that's why, plus of course you know the love of the guru and whatever spiritual energy that pours through him to you. That is it, that is it but still with this little aid and help, this little cleansing, understanding practising together, something is achieved that must be carried on, not gone home and forgotten. Many times I get so many, many letters, they say 'I attend a Course, oh for a month thereafter, I feel so good, I feel on top of the world and then afterwards not so on top anymore'. I say 'You must be doing something wrong, perhaps you're not practising, you're not doing your practices. You're not going to have the guru with you all the time. He's all the time with you in spirit, yes, but not physically'. So now by doing the practices regularly, you keep the energies that flow through your guru alive. And then you, as you become more and more integrated, mind, body and spirit acting, performing in a totality, that bliss that you experience here, is kept alive all the time. It's kept alive, and that is required for it snowballs, it snow-balls. You see how simple it is, so simple. Happiness people want - I think I have said this to you before in America or somewhere else - that 'It is so simple to be happy but so difficult to be simple'. Well, I think that's about hour and a quarter. I'm sure many of you have travelled long distances and must be tired, so do rest well tonight, carefree, open in heart, just let the energies pour in. Have an open mind and relax and rest, for tomorrow morning we start working. Careful. Well, good night and God Bless. Rest well. See you in the morning. END


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