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2. UK 82- 18 Tell me once again please. Tell me once again. It has been so long since I've seen you But now we are together And I will never leave again. This is unexpected. What do I do now? Please let me try again. Let me try again. Thank you to whoever wrote this poem. I enjoy poetry so much. And when the heart is poured out, it brings to me such a joy, a joy indefinable, inexpressible, but so felt so deeply. Another one is ‘To Dear Father and Friend. Given with love. Namaste’. I will not mention the name. The largest family you have ever known. The joyous feeling of coming home To the kind of love you’d only dreamt about. It's there. It's real. There is no doubt. Limitless happiness that knows no bounds Based on the grounds of no one particular thing But of the kind that makes your heart sing And tears start in your eyes, Each one a river of release From inhibitions and lies told to yourself. The knowledge that comes from deep within That the mind can only guess about But of the kind that makes you want to shout And tell the world of what you've found.

3. UK 82- 18 And Love is the key to sit in that Which has been hidden and buried underneath illusions, Free if it's allowed to well up and be expressed. No hanging back, no selfishness. Then, at last Divinity and oneness that we know to be, We will see. Whoever wrote, this thank you. Okay. Now my Beloveds, what shall we discuss today? Ah. Questions! Questioner. I'd like to ask you, Guruji, if loneliness is a real thing or is it just a state of mind? Gururaj. If loneliness is a real thing or a state of mind? There is one difference that we have to think about at the moment, to be alone and to be lonely. To be alone is to be within yourself. And you are alone within yourself and when you are alone within yourself, you are with that, which is. But loneliness becomes a need, it becomes a dependency, 'That I am lonely'. Lonely, why? Chuck the ‘L’ away and I am ‘only’. I am only in the presence of that which is within me. And that which is within me makes me alone and not lonely. So the loneliness that one experiences, is an experience of the mind. Ah. Have you ever thought about one thing, that when you go to the toilet, aren't you lonely there? So why be lonely elsewhere? Do it in the toilet? Okay, fine. I grant that, I give you the permission. Ah, but to proceed from loneliness to aloneness, that is the essence of life. You are alone unto yourself and within that solitude you experience yourself. And when you experience yourself, you are experiencing that which is Divine within you, that's aloneness. Loneliness is a dependency. I need this and I need that. And I need this companionship and I need this kind of thing. And I need all kinds of things. And when you cannot get all those kinds of things then you say ‘I am lonely’. But try and be alone. Loneliness is dependency and aloneness is independency. Shall I live my life in total dependency all the time, or shall I live this life in non-dependency? That is for you to decide. There again, the theme of this Course was of patternings of the mind. And your mind is so patterned that you want to feel lonely. And what is this feeling created by? What is this feeling created by, that you feel lonely when there is a whole world surrounding you, in all its beauty and glamour and glory? What is this world surrounding you? And yet you say you are lonely? But is that not a patterning of your own mind? Why not say that ‘Let me be alone, and in my aloneness there can never be loneliness’. Loneliness is created by desire. You desire this man or that woman or

4. UK 82- 18 whatever, or a certain kind of company, certain kind of friendships, certain kind of environments. So what are you really doing? What are you really doing? You are creating within yourself a need which is totally needless. If I was self- contained within myself, do I need anyone to be supportive of me? So, through our spiritual practices, we find that slowly we lose the loneliness, but become alone. And that alone is the greatest loan you have been given by God. What more do you want? What more can you expect? He has loaned you this body, He has loaned you this life, He has loaned you this breath, He has loaned you everything that you are capable of. So in that loan are you really alone? You are not. You are never alone. But loneliness is a product of the mind. Lonely, loneliness is a creation of the mind because the mind is forever filled with all kinds of desires. And when th e mind is filled with material mundane desires, and when those mundane material desires cannot be attained, you feel lonely. Who do you want to walk with? Who do you want to sleep with? Who do you want to talk with? Do you want to talk with a man or a woman? Do you want to sleep with a man or a woman? Or do you want to sleep with the God, that resides in every man and woman. This is the problem that we have to face night and day, night and day, this is the problem. This is why out of every three marriages there is one divorce. Why? Because you are only looking at the man. You are only looking at the body. You are only looking at the mind. But you are forgetting and totally neglecting the deeper side of him or her, the spiritual side, the God that resides, you see? Life is so, so simple. But why do we fail to see the simplicity of this life? Why? What is the reason? The reason is this, that we make life a complexity and that complexity, complexity is generated and created by that ego-self within us, that makes me feel I'm John, Jack, Jean, John, James, whatever. Now if we can just let go. I sleep with a woman tonight, for example, or you do, right, or you sleep with a man. Right. Where do you have to be? What is the level that you have to reach, to make you qualified to sleep with that woman or that man? You lose the body, you lose the mind and you flow in the flow of that which is. And that which is, is Divine. Do you see? How simple. I am very troubled, (Gururaj coughs - pardon) I am very troubled with the rate of divorces in the world, especially in our Western world. I am very troubled with the troubles in family lives; I am very troubled with the sufferings of mankind. Because they seem to not sense a very subtle point and which is really not subtle at all. Be in the flow, flow, flow, flow. And where do I flow to? I flow to my God. That's where I flow, in the form of my woman or in the form of my man. But I am flowing at this moment to God. Hah. And when that feeling is created within you; when that understanding is create d within you, when that realisation dawns upon you, life could be made much more happier. I can tell you one thing that

5. UK 82- 18 ninety percent, if not a bit more, of people in this hall are not here seeking for God. No, I can see it. They are here to rid of themselves of their problems and find from Guruji how some of our problems can be solved. Oh, there are so few seekers after Divinity and therefore I always say, ‘Hold my hands, let me lead you there. And once reaching there, your problems are solved’. You see? We try and analyse causes, we try and analyse all these various factors of life that makes us think we are unhappy. But how about going up there first? How about reaching the Kingdom of Heaven within? And then from there draw that force and that power and that energy that will smooth over all the problems of life. Do you see? So, basically - , that blooming bell -, basically, what we are trying to say is this, that we are approaching life from a totally wrong angle. Why from outside in? Why not try from inside out? You see? By trying from outside in, you are just churning up and stirring up and oh, all the problems that faces you. But leave these problems alone, for God's sake, damn it, leave those problems alone! And you cannot be embodied as a human being without having these problems, they will always be. It's inevitable and therefore, you are born in this world to solve those problems. But how can we help these problems, is by diving deep within, and drawing the energies from within and infusing it, to repeat it a million times, and infusing it into our minds and our bodies, which is so, so easy and so, so possible. You see. Stop dwelling on the level of the mind. Stop dwelling on problems. Stop it immediately! And think of one thought, that Divinity resides within me and I am Divine. Once that thought gets imbedded within your heart and your mind, you will see how problems just start dissolving, dissolving, dissolving, dissolving, they dissolve. And that is how, and that is how the dirt and the dross, the cluttering of the mind becomes clarified. And when the clarification comes, the mind, then the spirit is realised and known. Do you see? Stop being afraid of the unknown. I think I said that somewhere, America, I don't know where, I can't remember, stop being afraid of the unknown. Stop being afraid of the known, for the basis of fear stems from the unknown. And nothing is unknown if you open your heart. Then all is known. Do you see my beloveds? So simple. I talk to you of my own experiences, okay. (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) O betaji, Group. (Group chant together) O Bapuji. Gururaj. Come on, who’s leading it? Robert and Janet, where are you?

1. UK 82- 18 Gururaj. I read this last night, ‘The Meaning of Life’. If there is one good thing I can do One heart that I can mend One teardrop I can replace with laughter of a friend One unsaid word that I can say, to take away a wrong One little thing that I can do, to make a weak faith strong. If there is a kindness I can show, however great or small, My life will have some meaning. That's what matters most of all. I do not know who wrote this, but it is very beautiful. I enjoyed it so much. I read it over and over again. Here is another one which is enjoyable: Let our Satsangs not be filled with philosophy and metaphysics, But also the causal aspects of which life is composed. And in that composition there is a proposition, That life may become more composed, More proposed to that which is Divine within all of us. Now here I do not know who wrote this. It says ‘For Guruji, my deepest love. Namaste.’ I've been living to see you, dying to find you, So we could meet again. This is unexpected. What do I do now? Could we start again please? Could we start again? I didn't listen the first time. So here I am again and I am listening to you now. This is unexpected. What do I do now?

6. UK 82- 18 (Group chants with Gururaj alternately) ............Oh beteaji, oh Bapuji .... (In Sanskrit) Thank you very much. It has been so nice being together. We are but one family joined in the one spirit that exists and that spirit is our Lord. So, thank you for being with me. Thank you for your kindness, your wonderful hospitality. And everything else. There are no more adjectives, are there? Let it all, let all the adjectives be included in one word, the one phrase rather, thank you and Namaste to you. And we shall see each other soon again. END


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