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1. UK 83-1 Gururaj. The Vicar was walking through this garden and the gardener was very busy toiling hard because it was a neglected garden. So the Vicar says "You know the hand of man could do so much to this earth with the aid of Providence". So the gardener says "Sir, you should have seen it before when Providence had it all by himself". So we do need the hand of man on this relative plane of existence, with the Grace of Divinity to make the garden beautiful. And is that not the aim of true seekers, to make this garden beautiful. And we at the same time beautify ourselves, because we are the flowers in the garden. Shall we meditate for a few moments? Should this be nearer or is it okay? You can hear well at the back? Fine. See, we have some of our meditating friends from America. Now you must know that we British we always are warm- hearted to our guests. So welcome. Good. What shall we talk about today? Questioner. Bapuji, what message of hope, of comfort can one give to someone who is very distraught, for example, a woman who is longing to have a child and keeps on miscarrying or a couple who have an only child and after a couple of years, the child is burnt to death. These people start questioning as to whether there is a God or of God's love. Gururaj. Beautiful, beautiful. Hope is connected very much with faith. Now faith, an understanding faith becomes a blind faith. A non-understanding faith without some form of knowledge, the faith could become blind. So if hope springs from faith, then - thank you - the water of life - so a hope that is based on faith or a blind faith can never mature because that faith or that hope, will be very much on a superficial level. And anything on a superficial level can never bear fruit. For the superficial hope can never go deep down to a person's heart and spirit. Because in that hope, a lot of thinking would be involved such as doubts and of course you could never have doubt without thought. So, when we tell a person, 'Have hope, all will come right' - that will not work. They are mere words. It’s like telling a person who is very worried 'Oh, stop worrying'. Those worries won't go that way. And true faith won't develop and yet we know that faith is a necessary quality in our lives, for without faith nothing can exist. You have faith in your wife, that she is good to you. You have faith in your husband, that neither of them will be unfaithful to you. Therefore you marry each other. You have faith when you get into your car, that you will reach from Liverpool to Swanwick. You have faith, but will your car take you there. The engine might go bust. But yet we have that faith and the entire world revolves around faith. But when it comes to a person's own personal emotions, which lies at a deeper level of the mind, and those emotions are so connected with feeling, for there could be no emotions without feeling. And emotions and feelings are

2. UK 83-1 also characteristics of a certain level of one's mind. So when a person wants a child and cannot bear a child, having so many miscarriages as you said, or any other thing in life, and we just can't tell that person 'Have hope'. We’ve got to give an understanding of how that hope in the human breast can be created. Now what is the understanding that can be given, that is the question. The understanding that has to be given, is this, that you are a creature of the Creator or a manifestation of the Manifestor. Your very being on this Earth is as a Manifestation and therefore totally controlled by the Manifestor which in other words, we could call Divine Will. Although you as a thinking being, do exercise your free will by all means. And it is your free will that gives you these feelings and these emotions. For without the free will, you would never have feelings and emotions, for the Divine Will being a neutral force does not have feelings and emotions. For feelings and emotions as I said before, are creations of the mind and the free will of our little conscious minds are of the relative level. Now to create the hope in the human breast, in the person's heart, the understanding also has to be given that what is happening to you has nothing to do with Divine providence. For Divinity is never unfair. Why should Divinity give one more children than required, while to another that is yearning for a child, does not have a child and yet it yearns and yearns and yearns. And they say, "Have faith, have hope". No, it does not work that way. The understanding to be created in the mind is this, that whatever you are going through now, whatever experiences you are having, you know, such as childlessness, is because of your own doings and your own actions, not necessarily of this life, but perhaps of previous existences and therefore you are childless. Now, your present life is dependent entirely, what you are is what you have made yourself to be. But in this realm do remember that you are still in the relative field, the workings of the mind, the yearnings of the mind. So what, if I do not have a child. By having the child I will only be satisfying my own personal yearnings and how important are my personal yearnings. How important are they, for life is so transitory. Who knows, that in a previous existence you might have had a dozen children, which you couldn't care for perhaps, who knows. Or perhaps in a future existence, you might have just as many children, which you could care for perhaps. So everything in our lives, every thought, every circumstance, riches, poverty, whatever, is the creation of ourselves and not of Divinity, not of that neutral force, for that neutral force, is, was and forever will be totally fair. And that fairness does not require Divine Will. It is the nature of that neutral force to be fair. Now let us define this a bit further. What do we mean that the Supreme force or Divinity is fair? It only means that it will flow into the vessel according to its capacity. So if our capacity is of one pint, we can't pour in two pints of milk, I was saying to someone this afternoon. If our capacity

3. UK 83-1 is of two pints, then we can fill in two pints of milk. Now how do we increase our capacity? The way to increase our capacity is by integrating our mind, body and spirit. And when that is integrated, a greater awareness develops. And in that awareness we will find that 'Ah, I have not brought forth a child into this world, but look at all the children around me. Are they not my children? Why must I only be the instrument of having my own children?' By having that sense of possessiveness, that I must possess a child, when every child is your child. All bubbles on the same pond. 'So every child is my child'. And that comes about by developing this understanding, this greater awareness through meditation and spiritual practices. And when this understanding develops, we automatically and spontaneously, without trying, we know the value of acceptance. 'So, Lord, is this my lot?', we say to ourselves. Good. Whatever is my lot, I offer unto Thee. For I accept my lot. 'And yet Lord, I do not blame you. You have not put me into this circumstance, I have put myself into the circumstance. But I do pray, please help me to understand my circumstance.' And when that understanding develops, that greater and greater awareness develops, then all the sadness goes away. That is how to rid oneself of any adversity. For do we not know as I have said many times before, that the very circumstance I'm placed in, is not adverse. Only my mind says it’s adverse, my limited thinking conscious mind says it's adverse because I believe in me and mine. That entire possessiveness. "Possess ye not and be not possessed!" I think on the last Course you heard some of my poetry on that. It was recorded at the Kenny Rogers Studio in Los Angeles. So here we find the qualities of acceptance. With acceptance, sacrifice. With sacrifice, surrender. For who are you surrendering? Your lower mind is surrendering itself to the higher mind. So you are surrendering yourself, yourself to yourself by this understanding and acceptance. For who can really claim to know the abstract God with his thinking mind, saying "I want a child, I want a million pounds, I want a Rolls Royce". For that is working within such great limitations and by just being involved in these limitations and not wanting to go beyond the limitations, not wanting a greater and greater awareness, people suffer and have misery. Do you see? I know a cripple woman but I have never found anyone so more jovial and happy and yet she is crippled. So the attitude of the mind is so important, that even this crippled person is happier than ninety nine percent of people in this world. We exist with the mind. We cannot discard the mind. This individual mind is part and parcel of the universal mind which is still in relative existence, for Divinity is still beyond and yet permeates through via the Universal mind, the individual mind. But do we give it a chance? Now how do we give it a chance to permeate us? Is by being still. 'Be still and know that I am God', that is what it means. Now in that stillness, an understanding dawns, that Grace is

4. UK 83-1 drawn and with the proper perspective and understanding of life, everything is good. Everything is good. So I am poor, good, perhaps I am learning something from it. If I was rich for example, I might not be travelling round the world teaching. I'd be sitting with my millions drawing interest every month. Glory be! Do you see? So every circumstance has a purpose to it. If a woman, say has no children, she is childless, she can develop because of that she will develop a greater love and I've seen this, towards those we regard to be other people's children. In other words, the advantage there is you are unselfishly giving yourself to that which is not of your flesh and blood, it could be a dog, a cat, a child, anything. You see? So look at the great quality produced in us, the quality of unselfishness. Now is that not conducive to spirituality. You see? The forces of evolution are for ever, in which ever way it does, is pushing you on and on and on, pushing you on back home. Some people are fortunate perhaps in this lifetime, of what we call fortunate to travel through sunny days only, others might have to walk through the rain. Yeah. But you do not need to get wet, there's a raincoat, ah and the raincoat is understanding, a perspective. That is why every year, thousands of miles I travel round the world, to try and give people the true perspective of life, the true understanding. And true understanding and these higher perspectives are the eternal truths that we have to embrace. The human mind is capable, so, so, capable of greater and greater understandings. For it is there already, just to be unfolded. All those billions of cells in the brain that are lying dormant must be awakened. Twelve billion cells, I was saying in some talk recently and yet we are using only one millionth part of twelve billion cells. Do you see? So in any circumstance, if we have this understanding - perhaps you might not just all grasp immediately what I have said this evening to you. Listen to the tape over and over again. For an eternal truth forever remains eternal and by listening to it a second time, a third time, a fourth time, you will understand more, more, more. It will seep, seep, seep in deeper. For if this understanding can be had by people in an hour's talk, then I could turn this entire world into heaven. Take inspired poetry for example, you'll read it over and over and over again and enjoy it more and more and more, like beautiful music and I am not referring to the disco stuff! Lovely classical music, you enjoy it more. When words are spoken empowered by the spirit of love, then those words must find its home. And where is the home - in my heart and in your heart, that togetherness, that Divinity. So who am I to cry for my so-called sufferings? Who am I? Aren't there others that are also crying? Are my circumstances so bad - although I do say that the others too must not cry. People have a very bad habit - they always try and compare their circumstances with people whom they think are in better circumstances. 'Oh, I, Jean only have six dresses while Joan has twenty four dresses.' But why does Jean with the six dresses not compare with someone that

5. UK 83-1 only has one. And if she compares herself with someone that only has one, she will feel happy. 'Ah, I've got six.' So simple. So life is a joy, and I have said this before, it is a celebration. I've said this before that if we look around us, everything is celebrating. These flowers are celebrating on their own. Look how beautiful they are, giving off their beauty without expecting any return. Just giving, giving, giving, celebrating. And when you celebrate, you give because there is joy in your heart and joy in something you cannot keep to yourself. It just exudes from you and you just give. You see? So it is no sense in saying ‘Oh, have hope', you know, those remain empty words. But if these understandings are given, then that hope will arise, that faith will arise. That understanding brings about greater and greater awareness, that after all, things are not as bad as I make it out to be. It is just my selfishness, my greed, my lust, whatever, makes me miserable and think that I have nothing. I, as a human being on this earth - when I say 'I', I mean all of us, everyone has everything. Look at this glorious body, look at it! Look at the systems that are working in this body, it is a miracle, an absolute miracle. Look at the functions of the organs. Look at those millions and billions of cells working in such harmony to keep you alive, to make you breathe, to make your heart beat. Such a miracle! And if I am a miracle, what do I need? Nothing. No need. There is no need. The only need that should arise in the human heart, is to find that Unity with the Divine Self. You are united with the Divine self as you are, therefore you are a miracle. But when the understanding comes, when the realization comes, when you feel it and live it, it permeates every cell of your body, then there is nothing but joy. See, what we have got here. We can't go too deep, - we must have some comic relief. You know this Vicar saw an old woman pushing a perambulator, what do you call it in America? - baby carriage - you know, the Americans speak a wonderful language, you know they speak a wonderful kind of English - let me get on to this first before I come to the baby carriage. So the Bishop of London, he was very interested in languages and he went to America specially for one purpose just to hear how the Americans speak. So he learnt a few phrases. So when he came back, he told his chauffeur, "Step on the gas, George". You know what that means, you understand Americanese. You know, we English people sometimes don't. Right step on the gas, but he couldn't. The Bishop of London could not get enough courage in him to say to the Archbishop of Canterbury "Okay Chief".

6. UK 83-1 So now this Vicar was seeing this old woman pushing this baby carriage, perambulator up the hill, and he was observing this and he felt sorry. So he went to the old lady and offered his assistance to help with pushing up the pram up the hill. So when they came up the hill, the old lady thanked him. "Thank you, sir". So the Vicar says "Oh nothing at all, no thanks required. But as a little reward, can I kiss the baby?" So the old lady says "Baby! There is no baby. This is for the old man - his beer!" So the pram came in handy, actually. It would have been quite a load for the old lady to carry it up the hill. Good. So there is no place for despair. Despair is created by not allowing ourselves the stillness that is within us already. It is inherent in us and we don’t - the only way we can come close to that stillness, is by sitting down and meditating and doing spiritual practices. That does not mean all your troubles are going to disappear. It does not mean that the rain is going to stop or the rent is going to be paid. No. But it will give you a different understanding, a different perspective where you do not become despondent and lose yourself and say 'Oh, life is hopeless'. It is not. For hope must not only exist in the mind, you are hope. You are hope. Because hope and love and faith are the attributes of the personalised Divinity that is manifested here and now. Good. That was forty five minutes. I know some of you people have been travelling far distances. When did you arrive from Denmark - today? Oh, last Friday, right, good, lovely, nice to see you. And you, how long have, Trishan - enjoying England - yes - good - it's a lovely place. You must go out into the countryside, - it’s so beautiful. You know I have been round the world but I have never seen better flowers than what you would find in England. I don't think now is the time for a lot of flowers, is it? Oh, the crocuses, yes, lovely purple and white, beautiful. Yes. True. True. True. We have - travelling from Ireland - she left this morning at six, a whole day's worth of travelling. And many of you have travelled so far - Peter and Jean are there, right, from Chard etc. etc. So we'll have a short evening today and from tomorrow we will go into deeper and deeper talks. Okay, so sleep well. I think they're serving coffee in there now, aren't they? Is that arranged? I don't know what the arrangements are - th at we'll have to. I've left a lot of jokes out - tomorrow. END


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