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1. UK 83 - 18 Gururaj. What do they mean by a split personality, a person behaving in one moment in a certain way and in a few hours later in a totally different way. Why? That has not been answered. So for schizophrenics, they give you medication. Fine. And I've seen severe cases where they even inject the brain, I think it’s with modicum, if I remember correctly. Of course in different countries they have the same thing with a different brand name. So, a schizophrenic is a person, because of certain chemical reactions in the brain cells, brings to the fore or in this life, the personality of a past life. So, at times, because of the chemical interaction and because of lack of the proper synaptic control between the left hemisphere of the brain and the right hemisphere of the brain, because of the lack of synaptic control, they somehow, from the right hemisphere bring about a memory of a past life. This gets translated into the analytical level and when it gets translated into the analytical level or the conscious acting mind, they seem to live, while in this body, the impressions or doings of a past life. So, therefore, although all experiences of man through the Big Bang are stored in the memory box but certain parts of a past life comes to the fore and that seems to take over their thinking and their actions. So, it is not a question of a split personality, but is a question of two lives being lived practically simultaneously or one following the other in your conscious waking state. And that is schizophrenia. Fine. Now, all these injections an d whatever they do has not been of great help to people. They might give temporary relief because of the sedative effect or the suppressive effect of medication, but in our system - I remember we have a meditator in a town called Pretoria, which is about thousand miles away from Capetown where I am. So, this Doctor Fentor who is a Psychiatrist, he phones me, he says, ‘We have here, a nephew of the Shah of Iran’- the time the Shah was still alive - this was a few years ago, ‘and we have done everything we could. We had him hospitalised. When he arrived in South Africa’ - now Persia as Iran was called in those days had very close ties with South Africa. As a matter of fact one of the Shahs, the previous Shahs, the Father of the last one has a big mansion in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. So this fellow, quite youngish, about twenty five, twenty seven, he was put up at a hotel and all of a sudden he just got berserk and started smashing up all the foyer, the lobby of the hotel. So what the Manager did naturally was phone the police. And then of course the police got the hospital and the hospital sedated him and sent him to the mental hospital where Dr. Fentor is a Psychiatrist. So then he phones me this Dr. Fentor he says 'Look we have tried everything. We have given him the strongest type of injection possible. Can you do anything?' I said 'Look send him down to Capetown'. At that time I did not know that he was a nephew of the Shah of Persia. He says 'We have a patient'. So I said 'If the patient can afford it, send him down'. And so the patient was sent down and within three weeks, he became totally normal. Now what did we do? Nothing wonderful. I put him through a certain form, not the meditations that you are doing, but I put him through certain forms of practices in those three weeks while he was with me. He had to visit me at the

2. UK 83 - 18 centre we had for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. And we put him through these forms of meditations which synchronised the two levels of his brain and gave him the understanding and created the result in him by that understanding (Baby cries) - that's true, my luvvie - gave him the understanding and the practices, so that he could completely forget that past life that was creeping up into his present life. There must have been a terrific neuronic change in the brain cells. Of course only scientists would know that, but from the mystical point of view, terrific brain changes, neuronic changes must have taken place and the entire memory of the past existence which was troubling him in the present life was blotted out. And then he started living this life as it is and he ceased to be a schizophrenic. So, when I work with the Psychiatrists, I tell them, especially Dr. Fentor, I said 'Look you do not take him off those drugs immediately that you're giving him but or else it might prove to be a shock to the nervous system because he has been so used to taking these drugs over a period of time'. So gradually over a period of another few weeks his doses were reduced, reduced, reduced, until he had no need at all for them. So schizophrenia has not been understood by our medical men. As a matter of fact some years ago here in England, at St. Thomas's Hospital, we have a meditator called Dr. Fennick, you might have heard his name, he has written quite a few books, and we spent a whole afternoon there which he videotaped on this particular subject of mental illnesses etc and I believe, I was told, well it was about two and a half hour worth of talking and he had cut it up into five sections which he is using and has used to teach his psychiatric students because he is a Neuro Physiologist and Psychiatrist. So, our medical sciences are very, very far from really knowing, because what they do mostly is treat symptoms. And of course the Psychologists go into causes and dig up old dirt and churning around the same energies without dissolving them. You see? While with certain kinds of spiritual practices and meditational practices, you don't churn around the energies. You don't even analyse the causes, but you dissolve them or correct them wherever it is necessary. So this happens. For example we had a healing this morning which took a long time and this lady seemed to feel so, so much better after that healing. So there is a great power in that spiritual force, that spiritual power which could bring about a balance in the human system. Now, you would have the physical body, with the physical body you have the subtle body and with the subtle body of course you have your spiritual self. Now all doctors do admit today that most of the troubles in the world originate, I mean physical problems, originate from the subtle body. And the subtle body could also be said to be the mental body. So it is no sense in just treating the physical body, one has to go to the cause which is the subtle body. And by correcting, now the subtler body is composed of certain vortexes of energy and when there's a disturbance between the vortexes or if they are not functioning in synchronicity and there's an imbalance or if there are blockages in

3. UK 83 - 18 the nervous system of the subtle body and those blockages are removed naturally it would translate itself out into its physical, physiological and biological equivalent. So that is the basis for example of spiritual healing. So one, a spiritual healer, a true one would concentrate and pour energies, being a channel of this universal forces, being a channel, you would impart or let rather those universal forces flow through that channel to the person that requires healing. The process is very simple. And with a little background of knowledge, one could really do a lot of good. In other words, that should be what alternate medicine could be about. Because I believe in England, our Queen here and Prince Charles have been quite interested in this. I believe it was on the News and in the Papers. And as a matter of fact, I think an appointment is arranged for me with one of the chiefs of the British Medical Association or something there to go, to go into greater depth on this question, where with the physical attention a doctor could give, if the alternate methods are also applied it will save this country so much suffering and it would save the National Health millions and millions of pounds which could be used to help the poor. So, a lot of these things, for example the meditations you are doing, does not only take you deep within yourself, but it’s also a preventative thing that it prevents an imminent or a forthcoming illness. We don't realise it, because that physical illness is brewing up in, you, you know, far, far before it translates itself in its physical equivalent. So by having these, pouring these energies, that thing that's to come is avoided. So as the old saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. I know some people had wanted to ask about healing, spiritual healing, therefore I brought this up because your question led on to it. Next. Questioner. Guruji, my question is very much related to the last one Gururaj. By the way she is one of our top teachers in England Questioner.(Cont’d) As a teacher I am meeting many people at the moment who are suffering from tension and stress and related illnesses and it is these that bring them to meditation. Could you please say something to these people? Gururaj. What a pity you only came this morning because we did speak about it on this. Yeah, we did. Yes. That's... (Inaudible)........, I mean. I'll just have to repeat briefly what I said during this week. That is the greatest bug-bear today and stress management and release of tension is what people require. You take a walk down, say Regent Street or Oxford Street or Timbuktu Street here in the city and just look at people's faces. Just stand still and look at people's faces

4. UK 83 - 18 and you'll see the tension written on their faces. You will see that they are not feeling at ease. You'll see that they're just rushing, rushing, rushing around. And as you all would know, you can accomplish more with a calm state of mind than rushing around. You see. So through meditation and spiritual practices, one could take life more easier and yet accomplish more. Do you see? And when you do that, it’s quite natural for the stressfulness of life to be eliminated or to a great measure reduced. Because who's making you stressful? You know what people would say, 'Oh Auntie Jane or whoever is creating this and that and that'. But its not so. You yourself are making yourself stressful because you yourself are affecting yourself. This morning a person said within company at first when we started doing a healing, this person said that yes I do feel calmness around me. And I let her carry on and afterwards it did turn out that the calmness is not around you, around you the circumstances might not produce the calmness but that calmness is an emanation from within you. For if you were not calmer, you will not feel the calmness around you and neither would you be able to project that calmness around you. So everything stems from here within oneself and the more deep we dive within ourselves we not only find our true selves but in the process, the mind and the body and all that finds a wholeness and that wholeness is healing. A few years ago I was invited to speak at the Holistic Health Conference in Las Vegas, America and of course there were Psychiatrists and Physiologists and Physicians from all walks of the medical field and of course I spoke from the spiritual angle. And I said that the tendency up to now for doctors has been to treat the body only or the mind only because of specialisation. If you go to a Psychologist, he'll treat the mind and go through all kinds of, as some of the Psychologists here will tell you, go through Jungian therapies, Adlerian theories, Freudian psychoanalysis and what have you. But that's not enough. The person has to be treated holistically, mind, body and spirit. Then you would have maximum permanent results. You see? Good. Next. Questioner. Gururaj, I've two questions Gururaj. Oh one at a time. That's where we rush. We like to do two things at a time. Read both, I'm joking, you know that. Questioner.(Cont’d) What is it actually like having a recognition of a previous life in comparison to our normal way of thinking and how do you know of the other inhabited planets? Gururaj. How do you know what?

5. UK 83 - 18 Questioner.(Cont'd). of the other inhabited planets. Gururaj. Why do you want to know that? If you can't live this life fully, what the devil do you want to know what's happening on another planet? So, what we do, what we do is live here and now. And knowing your previous lifetime what's it going to help you. I've said this many times before that if people would have a natural ability, like any other biological or mental function to go into their previous lives, they would be driven stark mad. Because if you start finding out what all you have done in the previous lives, you'll go bonkers. That's for sure. But people like to know that, oh, oh, they wouldn't like to know that they were murderers or thieves or rapists or that. No. They want to know I was a Pharaoh or I was a King, you know, I was Cleopatra. That's what they want to know. Here is an old story of mind which I have said before somewhere, where this woman came into a lot of money, she inherited a lot of money. But now she thought to enhance my wealth let me try and get a title. So she wrote into a firm that goes into one's family tree, genealogy type o f thing. So they found out that a great grandfather was electrocuted for murder. But now, they charge a big fee, they couldn't write this to that woman, so they gave a reply, 'Madam, going into your family tree, we found that your Great Grandfather passed away while occupying the Chair of Applied Electricity.' (General laughter) They made him out to be a Professor. You see? So, I would say it is God's greatest gift for ordinary man not to remember his past lives. It is okay for a self realised man because he is strong enough to know his past lives. As a matter of fact it just comes automatically and when a person becomes self realised, he can have that entirety of eternity just there. Just need to recede back 'Ah, last lifetime I did that and the previous I did that, that, that'. But even if you have done something bad, you've enough strength now to face it and not be affected. So, for ordinary man, it is a great gift to forget past lives and not wanting to enquire about it. Now you have a lot of organisations that tell you how you can go into your past lives. It is just a racket. If I tell you, y ou were Queen of Sheba in your past life, what is it going to help you? I want to tell you what you are now and how you can better yourself. You see? That is practical, useful. All kinds of the deepest metaphysics or philosophies are of no value if they cannot be brought down to practical terms. That is why people indulge in all this, the stupidity of occultism and this that and the other. No. What we want is to become one with ourselves, with our inner selves to realise who we really are, to really answer the question for ourselves, 'Who am I?' That's the purpose of life. Not this dabbling into unknown things because you'd find that people that dabble in things of the occult, would be mixing their minds up so much that they lose inner stability. All of those that dabble, I promise you now, there's quite a few here, I can see it on the faces, that dabble in that, are not mentally stable. Outwardly, they're normal, this that but their emotional self is in turmoil. For example in

6. UK 83 - 18 that book, ‘Psychic Discoveries beyond the Iron Curtain’, by Ostrand, that this thing always sticks in my mind, this woman that practises the art of shifting objects by thought force. Now these things are very easy to do. I could teach it to you in six months with a bit of regular practice. It’s nothing. But it’s going to harm you emotionally. It will form a block in your spiritual path. What we are striving for is greater peace but it will take peace away from you. Yeah. And those are the demons. Those are the real devils that one has to be careful of. There's no such thing as a devil flying around somewhere, or that descended from grace and was chucked out of that good place. These are the demons. Good. Next. You know I went into, you know while you're preparing your question, I was in Charles's office in Liverpool and on his desk he has three trays, In, Out and LBW. So I said ‘Charles listen, I understand what 'In' is for that in-tray which means incoming mail and the Out would be the mail that's going out. But what is LBW?' So he tells me 'That stands for Let the Blighters Wait'. (General laughter) Good. Questioner. Guruji, it is said that God is love and that if one would be like God, one has to love thy neighbour as thyself. Some people have however by their attitude and conduct resist and often rebuff every attempt to love them. How should one, as far as such people are concerned, carry out God's Commandment to Love Thy Neighbour? Gururaj. So you cannot carry out, you cannot carry out God's Commandment 'Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself' because you are expecting a reward. You're expecting to penetrate with your so-called love so that other person would respond to you with love. In other words its not love that your imparting in the first place. As soon as there is a motivation of a return then it ceases to be love. What we have to just go on doing, is love for the sake of love. Never mind the results if the person changes or not or rewards you back with love or that what you are doing has been worthwhile which will promote your ego of love. No. No, that is not God's commandment, to convert that person to be loving in return. You love your neighbour as yourself and by you, keep on doing that then naturally that person would be affected somehow. Some if they are a bit dense perhaps and not sensitive enough, it will take a longer time. And those that are very sensitive, will feel it immediately. For example me sitting here, just loving you, okay, don't you feel it in your hearts, don't you? I'm sure there's not a single person that will say no. Because why I don't expect you to love me in return. I just love you for the sake of loving you. That's how it works and that's the interpretation of that commandment. Next one. You know we are talking of the mind just now whilst you get ready with a question. These two Fleet Street Editors - of course Fleet Street is your England's top publishing Street where all the newspapers are - so, two of the Editors met

7. UK 83 - 18 outside a Psychiatrist's office. So the one Editor asks 'Are you coming or going?' So the other one replies, 'If I knew I was coming and going, I wouldn't be here'. Questioner. Beloved Guruji, if there are truly no new thoughts under the sun, are visions, thoughts, products of an over- active imagination or are they emanations from within one's true self? And how does one tell the difference between these if there is a difference? Gururaj. All imaginings are true. For whatever the mind is capable of thinking of can be brought to a reality. Now, all thoughts that you are capable of thinking of, can be brought to a reality. All visions which are just emanations of one's thought forces put in picture form or symbol form, can be brought to reality, but that reality is of a relative nature. Therefore Descartes, for example, said 'I think, therefore I am'. But he's totally wrong. I am, therefore I think. Do you see? I am, therefore I think. So this means that the thought process is secondary to the I am. For the I am is beyond all thought. So although these visions, imaginings and thoughts that do come up in the mind have their own particular relative value and if they are positive, positive results are brought about. And if they are negative, negative results. But they are on the relative value of life and they tend at times and at most times to create greater and greater confusions. Because thoughts too are things. Thought is tangible matter and, but operating on the lower rungs of the ladder. The higher rungs of the ladder is an intuitive feeling, where you just know. And when you just know then there's no thought involved. So, if there's no thought involved in what you just know, then you can't find any distinction. Do you see? Because knowingness has no quality, the quality only begins when that knowingness is translated through thought. And how clear is the mind to interpret that knowingness in its true perspective, by your conditioned thinking power, or thinking ability? So, therefore in our meditational systems, we go beyond the clutches of thought. Not that we destroy thought but we become the observers of thoughts and thought patternings because they will forever remain on the surface level. Coming back to illness, on that question, all illnesses, mental or physical are just on the surface level. Your inner self your real self can never become ill. So we draw from that non-ill self, the energies from that reality to the unrealities that we find around us and the unrealities do consist of thought. I think this is a chair. I cannot deny to myself that this is a chair. So that is one form of reality. But I'm not going to say that this chair is the only chair or the total reality. I would say it is a part of reality. It, being too a manifestation, is a reflection of that which is real and I do not deny the reflection yet I know that the real person is not the reflection. And yet without the real person, the reflection could never be. So, it is inter- related. It’s a question, and when you talk of discrimination, the discrimination should be on the basis of what is reality

8. UK 83 - 18 and what is appearance. Now, that is where man becomes befuddled. Say if a person suffers from jaundice, then everything he sees around him will appear yellow. So to him it is real, it is yellow, but in reality is it yellow? Do you see? Now, that is where the power of discrimination comes in. So, we accept the thought forces. We accept those visions unless they are perversions, visions when perverted become hallucinations. Fine. So, you cannot analyse those hallucinations. You cannot say look these are hallucinations because you would believe that they are true visions. Fine. So forget the analysis. Get away from it if they are visions or hallucinations. Just introduce the inner light to it and they will clear up by themselves. And if they are true, they will become more intensified and if they are false, they will disappear like the mist like the fog, it will disappear. Fine. Next. You know the Sunday school teacher was talking to the children about the prodigal son and she gave a talk about the prodigal son, and as you know the father and the family were very happy that he returned home. But she asked 'Who was unhappy when the prodigal son returned?' So the little boy there said 'The fatted calf'. (General laughter) Questioner. Guruji, following on what's just been said and accepting the fact that the oneness of all energy which is experienced on different levels and is also penetrating, they are all penetrating one another, is it anything to do with that or is just projection of the mind when people say that they see people beside you or you sense people beside you or is this just the way that Divine light is revealing itself in the form that is understandable to where you are or the person is at the moment? Gururaj. Right. That's both. It is real and it could be a projection of the mind. Right. When it is a projection which is not wilfully done, then it is hallucination. But when that projection is done with will, it would mean that you are trying to create a certain reality. Fine. Now, to be able to discriminate between something really happening and projection, can only be done by you. Because many people go through hallucinations and they think it is real. So, therefore these people do require attention so that they could be gradually helped. There's no one remedy for that, yeah, because every mind is an individual mind. Every mind is a different mind and the same thing can be produced by different reasons all together. So, that for the therapist or our teachers would have to use their discretion, study the personality and see if they're just hallucinating or if they're finding things to be real. Some people say which I've been told they hear voices inside them. Some people say they see this around them and that around them and I found that some people really do and some people really don't.

9. UK 83 - 18 Side 2 - own imagination, their own hallucinations because of a certain mental chemistry. And that is why a lot of people have to go to Psychologists and Psychiatrists. And of course we as teachers we guide them on and we say 'Look, go through all these various forms of analysis, I will give you meditation and other spiritual practices that will help you and give you the strength to get away from the hallucinations'. Do you see? So that one has to judge by oneself and when one is incapable of judging then he must take outside help. You know, this girl asked her boyfriend 'You love me so much you say, will you die for me?' So he replies 'No, mine is an undying love'. (General laughter) Questioner. Guruji, does our present ego or personality consist of the essence of our previous lives or has the personalities we have had in previous incarnations been lost permanently with each rebirth? Gururaj. Good. The personalities of previous incarnations are never lost. The personalities of previous incarnations are never lost but they exist in impression form in the totality that you are now. So your ego self is a composition of all thos e personalities, experiences in impression forms existing within you all the time. So, this lifetime we have taken is to correct the discrepancies we had. And the tool to do that is to have them before you can correct them, which is quite logical. Do you see? So, in other words it means that you are the sum totality of what you have been in all those other lifetimes. That's all that it is. But if we can clarify the ego more then you'll be throwing off and discarding those samskaras because just as evil is binding, good is also binding. With good of course you get pleasurable results, with that which is not good you get adverse results but you got to go beyond. You can only reach that neutral force of Divinity when you rise above good and bad and become neutral too. You know this man was dying in hospital and he asked the doctors, he was right on the verge of death, this person was in hospital and he says 'I must see my partner'. So the doctor says 'No, you are on the verge on the end and you are to see no one'. He says 'Please, I must see my partner'. So they consented and said 'Okay'. And they brought the partner in. He says 'Before I die, I've got a confession to make that from the company I've been stealing for the last three years'. So the partner says 'I know. Who do you think poisoned you?' (General laughter).

10. UK 83 - 18 Questioner. I'm having difficulty understanding where bad or evil or whatever came from in the first place. I know that I'm first reminded of it, I'm still in the level of ... (inaudible)... Could you explain, does the Adam and Eve story in the Bible, is that a, I never understood that, is that a, is that a Gururaj. Neither do I! (General laughter) Questioner. (Cont'd) If it doesn't make sense to you, could you, I'd like to understand, I'd like to get some understanding if we’re all from Divinity and all part of God or love or whatever, how did we ever get in the first place. I understand we hav e to compensate by karma or whatever it is for what we've done, how do we ever get in the first place to ever do anything, if we need to come and say - ? Gururaj. True. True. Talking of Adam and Eve, you know at that time Adam used to go hunting. Fine. And as everyone knows that Eve was made from his eleventh rib. So when he used to come home at night from hunting, you know she on the pretext of giving his back a massage because it’s hard work, she used to count his ribs. (General laughter). I could explain the jokes to some, - in case he's made another one. Good. Adam and Eve is symbolic - that God first created and this, that and the other. It is very very symbolic. And I mean there are some things in science which are good and true. People say they were the first man and woman. That is not a fact in the sense of a physical fact. But being mythology, it means rather that in the process of evolution, thinking beings came about which could be called man. And they were not thrown out of the garden of Eden. They threw themselves out of that primal joy and bliss when they started thinking. There was no snake and there was no apple and there was no fig leaf. (General laughter). These are but just symbolic representations how the thinking mind, because of the lust and greed and things that gets born into it, can bring themselves into all these problematic situations like being thrown out of the garden of Eden. The Garden Eden are themselves, the primal joy and happiness that resides themselves. And when the thinking mind started operating and temptations came along and you know how difficult temptations are. So of course when you are tempted, you want to taste the things that are forbidden. Now who forbade Eve from eating the apple? She herself. You see with the thinking ability that was created in man, conflicts arise. The one part of her said I must not eat it and the other part the stronger part which is always more powerful, took over in temptation and made her take a bite. Do you see? So it is the old mind battling there between good and not good. Really speaking in reality there is no such thing as good and evil. But that should be interpreted that any thought or actio n that we perform if it is not conducive to your welfare or the welfare of your environment, is regarded to be not good and

11. UK 83 - 18 that which is conducive to your welfare and the welfare of your environment, that is regarded to be good. But this operates as karma does, on the relative level. Fine. So, in this symbolism which is very beautiful, oh I could go very deep into symbolism has really meant the primal manifestation, from the mineral to the plant to the animal stage and then to man primitive man. Now, everything has to start with that Neanderthal and you know those long names, I can't remember from that primitive man. Fine. But now if Adam and Eve could think then they must have been quite advanced because you don't get dropped down on to the earth with a thinking brain, that develops, develops. So they must have been at a much higher stage of evolution than the primitive man because they start thinking. And when they started thinking as with all of us, that is when trouble began. Before they just flowed with nature, just flowed with nature. But when thinking began, no, then you stopped flowing with nature and here and there and little by little you started going against nature because ah, you wanted this and you wanted that and you wanted that. This is beautiful, I must possess it. So here when you start possessing right, when there is a conflict there and then your mind becomes obsessed, the obsession turns to greed when you can't get that then jealousy starts that why does he have it and not I. Like that all these negative qualities start developing. And that was the fall of man. So, all this is very beautiful but one must truly understand what truth it represents in this lovely symbolism. Okay. Next. Questioner. A silly one. Gururaj. Good, why not? There's nothing silly. Questioner. (Cont’d) I read pure and applied mathematics. It said that one of the great mathematicians Pythagoras became enlightened through the science and harmony of numbers. Can you give me his equation? Gururaj. Sure, sure, sure. Yes. A science is a fool and when the scientist leaves his foolishness, he becomes one with God. That's your definition. Nevertheless, Pythagaros did great work. Pure science, fine. Now, you have mathematical equations like Einstein's equation and what have you, they do lead you to a certain level, but even Einstein had to admit, you know that unified field theory of which he said 'I know so little about'. You see? So there's something more than that. Meanwhile mathematics, it’s a wonderful exercise for the brain. Through the scientific studies, for example, you could never measure position and velocity at the same time. So where are you? As soon as you find position, you will not know the velocity and as soon as you find the velocity, the position is lost. So these scientific equations and mathematical

12. UK 83 - 18 equations have their value, have their value by giving you thinking ability. Like one young man came to me he says, 'Guruji, I've got to do maths at school and I hate maths because when I grow up', - 'You're doing maths, are you?' - oh, because she had a big laugh there. He says 'It’s not going to help me in my life in the work I'm going to do'. So I explained to him that 'Look, this is helping you to concentrate your mind. By thinking, thinking on your mathematical problems its helping you concentrate your mind and if you have a concentrated mind you can put your mind to any kind of work that you are going to do in the future and it will help you in that way'. You see? And maths, oh dear me, I wish maths was not invented, really. And the troublemakers were the Indians of India. They came out with the zero. I have never studied maths by the way, thank God. They came out with the zero and it is only because of the zero that maths could exist. Fine. Now just because of maths, we have nuclear energy and atom bombs and. You see? Einstein's famous formula - what was it? MC equals, no, something squared. EC is equal to MC squared. Oh that was the greatest bomb thrown on the world. Do you see? You know somewhere in Scotland there's a place called Echo Point. So this boy and girl they went for a drive and of course the young lady was prodding the boy and says 'Look, why don't you try it?' And he says 'No, I don't believe in these things'. Well she said 'Come on be a sport', you know. By the way, two kids were asked 'Name two great ancient sports'. So the one young child replied 'Anthony and Cleopatra'. (General laughter) Where you going to get a guru like me, tell me? Right. So, they went to this Echo Point and of course the girl prodded, the girlfriend, she says 'Shout something and see what happens'. So he shouted 'Baloney' and there was no echo. So she says 'Why don't you try again?' So he shouted there, 'I'm the handsomest man the world'. Then the reply came 'Baloney'. (General laughter) Oh dear me. Questioner. When you reincarnate ........ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Look if a person cannot enjoy the fullness of life. This is fun. You go deep into a question, the brain gets stretched of your listeners and I know how much the brain can take. And then you crack a joke to bring relief. It brings relaxation to the mind and then you go deeply into something else again. So these are I suppose tricks of my trade. But I love fun and life, by my personal example I'm trying to show you that do not take life so seriously because you can't get out of it alive, in any case. (General laughter). So to have a sense of humour, that's the greatest asset, that's the greatest asset one could possess, really to have a sense of humour as you all know. So, go deep into thought, experience the joy

13. UK 83 - 18 and express the joy in laughter and love and live. So there's a purpose for that. How would you like me with a long beard old sad sack you know? (General laughter). That's no fun, is it? So that's what I pray for each and every one, may your lives be lived to its fullness with joy and laughter. Of course you have to be serious too, but within the seriousness, let there be that element forever underlying it of joy, of fun, of laughter. I think it’s about lunchtime, is it? Its not really lunchtime yet, lunchtime is at one o'clock but it'll give you a chance to go to the loo. END


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