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1. UK 83- 19 I know some of your for the first time are going to be present at a Communion Practice so just a few words on it. Communion Practice is where I go into meditation and become one with Divinity. Of course the Sanskrit word for it is Nirvikalpa Samadhi and you reach there through various stages during meditation and become one with God. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and just focus your attention towards me. Do not concentrate, just a gentle focusing of attention. If any experiences occur, do not analyse it because that will stop, or put a curb to the experiences. But, just allow it to happen because we will analyse it afterwards. Good. So just be comfortable, relax and I shall say bye, bye for now.. (After Communion) Gururaj. It is so beautiful to travel away from this world, this mundane world, and go through the various spheres of the universe. And as you go on, you see the entire universe and you become one with the universe, as if there is no separation between you and the universe. But yet, you go further than that, where even you disappear, the universe disappears and you merge away into that beauty, that oneness, the Impersonal God. So in this meditation, you proceed from Cervikalpa Samadhi to Nirvikalpa Samadhi, which means you first leave the human existence while still in the body and you reach the Personal God and you become one with the Personal God. And then you go further to merge away into the Impersonal God, which is just none else but a Divine energy, formless, attributeless, and without qualities. So because that state has no qualities, it could have no limitations. That is the final end of all beings, all creatures in this universe to merge away into that finality, where self identity is lost, universal identity is lost and you become identified with THAT. There is no word for THAT. You can only call it THAT. It is an ‘isness’. You become the joy, you don't experience the joy. You become the love, you don't experience the love, for experience is limited to the mind. You become it, then you become Divine yourself. And everyone reaches that state. Some might take ten lifetimes, some twenty, some two hundred lifetimes, some two thousand lifetimes. And when you become this joy and then you come back again, the same path, from the Impersonal God to the Personal God and down through the various facets of the universe and really experience the elements of which this universe is made, fire, water, earth, air, ether. Then after experiencing all this, from this vastness with which you have become one, and then you come back into this little body of flesh and blood. And yet the consciousness is so awakened, that when you look around you and you see so much sadness, turbulences, turmoils, in people’s hearts and souls, they become totally transparent to you. And

2. UK 83- 19 when you find that you can experience that joy which has no opposite, that non conflicting, non-contradictory joy and then you find people and you look through them, so transparent and you see the suffering and then you say, why, why, why? Must those that are all part and parcel of the universe have these sufferings? And that was the suffering of the Christ. So the destiny of, or to experience that joy is there, inherent in everyone. Each and everyone of you can go into that Nirvikalpa Samadhi while still having a body, and experience that sublime joy. There are no words for it, no words at all. Good. She was up here. (Referring to a Chela). How did she get here? What did she do? Voice. She was dancing and .................... (Inaudible)... in ecstasy. Gururaj. There must come a time when ecstasy must become self-contained, for the very expression of the ecstasy, limits the ecstasy. For one can get lost totally, in some form of ecstasy and one is not aware of what one is doing. Beginning stages, okay, fine, nothing wrong with it, it's alright. But if you can contain that ecstasy or the joy within yourself, it will have greater force for you. Good. Now as we normally do, and always do, would anybody like to discuss their experiences so that I could explain you what it means. Voice. Having experienced you doing this practice several times, each time it is different. This time what happened was looking at you and seeing light ...... (Inaudible). and pulsating tremendous energy. I had to close my eyes and I could see very clearly in front of me and I could see the profile of your chair but you weren't there. Eventually I opened my eyes again ... (inaudible)... Gururaj. You were seeing there with what is commonly called the third eye, the Ajna Chakra and your eyes can be closed and you can see everything. For example, when I sleep at night, the room is pitch dark, curtains are drawn, lights are off and yet it's all just light, light, light. And I say to myself 'Why don't they put off these lights?' You see? So that is seeing. So while you are in Yoga Nidra, you can be aware and see everything around you. And when you really develop the art of seeing, then everything becomes radiant and golden and luminescent. Then you're really seeing. Do you see? Then you're seeing beyond the physical, beyond the mundane, beyond the material and developing a sight deep within and that sight merges with that which surrounds you. A good experience. Fine. Next. I know people are a bit shy to say

3. UK 83- 19 something in public - but ah, there’s one hand. John, would you pull up a chair or something and guide hands? Over there. Voice. There were many faces superimposed upon your own...... Gururaj. Many faces superimposed upon mine. Voice... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Naughty girl, you have been going through my lifetimes, because when you go to that Nirvikalpa stage, you traverse all the lifetimes that you have lived. Voice........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Because becoming one with that which is, with Divinity, naturally a tremendous amount of energy is released. Some people see it in the form of colour, some in the form of feeling, some in the form of hearing. So, very good experience, very good experience. Voice. Saw you faces changing, colours around your chair and around the people in front of me, at times it was almost blinding ... (inaudible) .. I also had a rather nice feeling somewhere around the solar plexus. I also got a rather ........... (Inaudible) ......... deep vibration Gururaj. Of course you are. Voice. ........(Inaudible) ........... passing resonance .. tremendously deeply restful......words Gururaj. Beautiful. Now which colour that you saw around me was most prominent? Voice. (Cont'd). White and gold. Gururaj. Aha, beautiful, that's true.

4. UK 83- 19 Voice. Around you I saw a very subtle violet mist... (Inaudible)...... Gururaj. Lilac I think, not violet.............. Voice. Very subtle colour, ..... violet Voice.......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. How many of you felt a deep warmth of peace in your heart. Aha, practically everyone. Good. Voice. I thought I saw a crown upon your head like the one with thorns that was put upon Jesus’ head Gururaj. Don't talk about it. Don't talk about it. Voice. The light was so bright... (Inaudible)..._pulsating... Gururaj. Beautiful. You have glimpsed a certain reality which I will tell you in private. Voice. Nothing happened for a few moments and then suddenly I had the silver and white light, and gold, and the next minute I became you. (General laughter). Gururaj. It's not silly. It is so. You had a glimpse of something very beautiful, where you find total mergence. That is one of the finest experiences one can have. Now what happens as one progresses on the path, that when you find total mergence with one person such as your guru, then, later with further going on the path of unfoldment, you start feeling that mergence with each and everything. And now you've had a glimpse, but as you go on, you'll find it becomes a permanent reality as it is with me. And when it becomes a permanent reality, you just love and love and love everything in existence. Because, who can you hate? Because, no one is apart from you Voice. It was just a flash.

5. UK 83- 19 Gururaj Ah, but the entire existence is a flash. Voice.(Cont’d) I experienced pain, Guruji.. Gururaj. Empathy? You felt that pain not only because of, like the empathy described by Psychologists or Psychiatrists. It's a different kind of closeness that you were going through that I was. Yes, it is very beautiful. That is also a form of mergence. Beautiful Voice. Guruji, as I turned my head to look at you, my gaze was caught by the flowers and they suddenly seemed alive. They were absolutely radiating, and the jug of water behind them seemed alive. Gururaj. Beautiful. Now, what happened there is this, that when a person is in Mahasamadhi, this Nirvikalpa Samadhi then he radiates the Aura. For example the radiation that you saw is not only limited to this room, this radiation would be around miles at the moment. And, in that, something would have happened to each and everyone for miles and miles around. For example a quarrel between husband and wife would have been stopped by something, or an accident averted or something good because of this energy. This radiance is an energy. So therefore why you saw the jug and the flowers becoming alive, is the energy that is radiated from me while in that state. Beautiful, a very deep perception. Cle ar your throat. Voice. .............. (Inaudible). Gururaj. Well, you must tell me because I was not here. You must tell me what Jasmini did. But nevertheless, if it is a genuine spiritual experience of ecstasy, it is nothing to be frightened about. For example, Ramakrishna, one of the greatest Saints, at the beginning of the century, he used to go into a state and he used to dance and so on. Everyone feels like that sometime - just dancing. And then what must have happened, I don't know what she did, but what must have happened to her is, because the energy force that was emanating you know she, - that produced, the ecstasy in her. But don't be frightened. Nothing to be frightened about. Papa is here. Voice. ............. (Inaudible)... Gururaj. Wonderful. Dance for him always.

6. UK 83- 19 Voice. ............ (Inaudible) something to do with the yellow behind his head consistent with his coming back ... (Inaudible) Gururaj. That happened because as I was travelling through the universe, the universe is forever pulsating and it has a rhythmic pulsation and if you can stand apart you will find the universe just going like that all the time and it has a specific rhythm. Therefore I tell all our meditators that do not neglect your Pranayama, because that is the same rhythm, on of course a minor scale, but if you do your Pranayama, what you are actually doing, you are not regulating your body only but you are attuning yourself with the same pulsation of the entire universe. Do you see? It's good, good. Voice. ............... (Inaudible)... saw yellow light ............. (Inaudible)...came over me... (Inaudible) ... very disquieting Gururaj. It shouldn't be disquieting really. But I think it was a very beautiful experience on your part to see in colour form the energy, Ah hah, yes - and that energy just entering her. That's a very good perception on your part. Good, good. Voice. The pulsating. I experienced that, it was about .. that sort of speed. But it seemed to be coming from me to you. There was darkness all around for a long, long time and it would sort of close in. It wasn't actually directed at you as a person, because it was a bit of a haze. Gururaj. What that means that from the deeper layers of your mind, you are surrendering to something far greater than you. That's what it means. Voice. ................. (Inaudible) Gururaj. It would linger on for a very long time. Voice. ................. (Inaudible)...... Gururaj. You know funny enough - I don't know if you've been told about this – but in Canada, I was doing a Communion Practice on a course there and Chetanji, - I think you've met him, he’s been to England a few times, Chetan, and he got hold of a professional photographer who took photographs, just as I was coming out of the meditation and they used a

7. UK 83- 19 very high speed film or something. I know nothing about photography - without lights and that – Lois, did you see those photos? Lois. .... I saw the pictures. Gururaj. You saw the pictures. Fine. And, what happened was this, that the background was blue but on the photograph, it came out green. The photographer was very puzzled because he had used no filters or anything. And those pictures were sent to experts to ask them how did the background that was blue turn to green. And of course the test they make, if there was a filter or not, is because I had a white shirt on like this and the shirt remained totally white, while from here, the face was golden and the hair turned from grey to gold and the background turned green. So, after they made scientific enquiries and things, they came to me and, ‘Guruji, can you explain this?' I said, 'You silly cuckoos. It's so simple. You radiate, you radiate a golden light and gold or yellow, and blue would make green’. They said, 'Ah, we never thought of it’. Voice. There was also a picture showing a blue beforehand so you could compare this. It was amazing. Gururaj. Compare the two. They just brought these to me to ask me for an explanation. Its alright, it’s just the yellow on the blue which makes green. But one thing really surprised me, that a photographic film can capture that. I was quite surprised, I didn't know it was possible. Voice. I saw red and yellow specks... Gururaj. Red and yellow specks? Voice. ....................... (Cont'd)......dots. ..... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Beautiful. You see the entire universe can be experienced in colour or sound. Those are two most important things. As you go through the universe, you’d find the sounds of tinkling bells, of drums, of the bina, which is a violin. You’d hear the roaring of an ocean as you go through the various layers of the universe, meaning the finer and finer layers. And then you would experience it in colour perhaps, where you proceed from, as you go through the various

8. UK 83- 19 levels, there's a whole range of colours that are perceived. So that's what it is. So, in other words, you caught what I was going through. Where's your baby? Voice. In bed. Gururaj. Ah, he's looking well. If there’s no more people wanting to say something, any comments, - over there, Voice. You're not looking quite so tired now. Gururaj. I'm not looking quite so tired. Oh, you'd be surprised. As a matter of fact, I've just finished a very exhaustive trip in America for about two and a half months, and before that I'd been away and was just at home for about two weeks and now, before coming here, I was just about three, three and a half weeks at home and totally exhausted. So Lata tells me 'You are not going on this trip, you must rest.' I say 'Sorry, I have my commitments'. I sit down and meditate, and you get rested. Voice. You're looking sad. .... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Am I? Yes, not sad, that’s not the word, because everything is joy, so you're not really sad. But what does produce a twinge in the heart, is to see the suffering of others. My suffering is the suffering of others. That's what it is. And then you think that from that vast joy, you come back and see suffering all around you. But really speaking, what's up there is down here, it's all joy. Any questions? How many heard a vibrating sound? Ah, yes, quite a number. Did it sound something like this? Aummmmmmmmmmmm. Right. Voice....... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ah yes, yes. Right then, good. END


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