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1. UK 83- 21 Questioner. Guruji, though it seems we are affected in our lives by past impressions and experiences and accept another person's expression of their impression of us, therefore we seem to wander through life with feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, guilt or other fears. Possibly this is due to the fact that as children we were shown up in the classroom because we were slow to learn or something like this. How can we overcome such inhibitions and fears that are now so deeply ingrained in our mind? Gururaj. Good, the keyword in your question is this, that we wander through life, who says you must wander through life? Why must your boat drift along without a rudder? You have your rudder but hook it on or screw it on to your boat. And then you steer the boat and there is no more wandering through life but a planned journey through life. And by planning, I don't mean any minute detail that has to be accurately worked out. No, but you have an overall picture like an artist doing a painting. He has an overall picture in his mind but as he goes along with his brush, the picture would change and he might come up with something that would be totally different from the preconception that he had. Or as a poet writes a poem and he has just one little thought floating in his mind and from that one thought, on he goes and he reaches different dimensions because what happens is this with the artist, the composer or the poet, is this, he goes beyond the conscious mind and by going beyond the conscious mind and to a higher level of his mind, he tunes in with that which we know as the universal mind. And all thoughts and everything is floating around just for us to tune in and you pick that up. And as the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun, which is true. So, the poet, artist, or musician just draws from what already is existing and then he brings it down to the conscious level of his mind and interprets it through, and because of his impressions and his experiences and his inhibitions that he might have. Now people are always concerned very much about inhibitions. Now to be concerned about inhibitions is inhibiting. Do you see? Why be concerned about inhibitions? Because the more you mull over it, the more you think about it, the more deeper does it becomes implanted in your subconscious mind. Now you naturally or everyone living in this world is to a certain extent governed by environment, governed by conventions. Now why allow yourself to be governed by conventions? Be unconventional. That does not mean run down naked through Oxford Street. Let life be like a poem, free in expression yet bound by metre and yet total freedom in expression. So if you observe the metre of life or the various bondages placed upon you - you know the football field is so many yards long and so many yards wide - you know that - those are the boundaries you are born with and once you kick the ball over the line, its outside. I think that's the way they play football, don't they? Good. But do not let the conventions of life make a football of you. That's the idea. So within that boundary of the field, you play your game in freedom and play the game for the sake of the game, because there's no such thing as winning or losing. What is winning and what is losing? So you've scored you know

2. UK 83- 21 three goals and the other team has scored two goals. Charles, your Liverpool lost to Manchester, yeah, and the score was two one. You see I follow everything even while I'm thousands of miles. So that must not bother us. Win or lose, just play the game of life. After all what are you going to do with the winnings? You come naked into this world, you go away naked and all that which is in between is a gift. So enjoy the gift. Now if you start enjoying the gift of life, there won't be any place left for those inhibitions because inhibitions or represssions are boundary creating and those boundaries are in your small little conscious mind. Now that small little conscious mind thinks that's what you think. But is your conscious mind really thinking or is it just swayed by past impressions and the circumstances around you? How many thoughts does a person think that are totally original? And if they were totally original, then they would be creative and creativity knows no inhibitions. So we're using this gift of the mind which could be a stumbling block, we use it as a stumbling block but can also be used as a tool whereby if we throughout the day, just half a dozen times perhaps, just watch that thought. And if you watch it, you will know hey, what have I been thinking about, you know, in this past five minutes. You know what, rubbish. Yes, because it has no importance. It has become the past, 'Past' for the Americans. It has become the past. And if you analyse all those thoughts, just half a dozen times a day, takes a few minutes, not even that, you'll find you're either thinking of your dress or what you're going to wear tonight, or the party where you'll dance till four in the morning or eh, eh. You think of this or you think of that. This morning you got up, right, what did you think? Ah, we had such a nice time last night. You know, show me the creativity of it. You had a nice time last night, good. And Irish dancing is good. I loved it. Fine. Okay. It was then. You enjoyed it then and it was then. So why use this mind in all the thoughts that are gone? Why project it into the future? So now when a person, you asked me how to get rid of inhibitions, the best way to get rid of inhibitions is one that you try and live for the moment. Now how can you do that? It is to start off with just half a dozen times a day, what did I think two minutes ago and you reflect on that. Do it for a little while and it will become an ingrained habit with you of self- analysis. And the inhibitions that you suffer of, will be lost and you will be living in the moment because inhibitions are of the past, impressions are of the past. Right, and number two, as you all know, Meditation, Gurushakti, Pranayama. Things like that, it helps. Because it takes your mind away. One man came to me, I don't know if I should discuss these things but you're talking of inhibitions and this is one of the greatest inhibitions. Yes. Because we have discovered that through scientific research that forty percent of the world's women are frigid. Right. Thirty eight point four five, I think it was, if I remember correctly, let’s say just thirty eight point of men at a certain time become impotent. Fine. This is the greatest thing in people's lives, because it being the strongest urge and they worry about it. And the worry makes them

3. UK 83- 21 more. Now I could tell you straight that there is no man in the world that could ever be impotent, even if you're seventy years old. Fine. But it is your thinking and mulling over it that makes you feel impotent. Do you see? So why mull over it? So now this fellow comes to me and says, ‘Guruji, what must I do, you know?’ I say 'Try this. While you’re in the preliminary love making with your wife, you know, in that time, try and do a bit of Gurushakti. Draw upon the power of grace. Fine. Do a little bit of Pranayama, she doesn't need to know. You can even do Pranayama while kissing her. Yes, you could'. And people, oh by the way I'm drifting aside now, people don't know how to kiss. They only know one facet of it. Lips meeting lips is not necessarily kissing. Have you ever tried a prana kiss? A prana kiss is something where you're very close to your spouse, fine, and you exchange your breathing. When she exhales, you inhale, when you exhale, she inhales. And a beautiful rhythm develops between two lovers. Try it out. Now there are two things that happen in this. You develop this beautiful rhythm and by developing this lovely rhythm, both of you forget yourselves. So I told him these things. Fine. 'Your inhibitions and not being able to perform, is because you bring that to your consciousness while you're embracing your wife or your, whatever. But now while you're in this rhythm, those thoughts are gone. You're involved in the rhythm, you're not conscious and then you just flow. Then where is the place for inhibitions? Of course this requires a bit of practice. And you know I am a very practical person. You can take the highest philosophies in the world and the highest thoughts and bring them down to daily practical level. I would never promise a person I will show you God. But I promise a person I know how to make you happier and put you on the path to God but you have to walk yourself. I'll be behind with a strap sometimes to prod you on. So inhibitions are the causes of some of the greatest things and some of the greatest beauties of life. Inhibitions, do you see, inhibitions produce all kinds of phobias, for example, which should not be there, which are unnecessary. They produce fears which are totally unfounded, for after all what is there to fear? There's nothing to fear. And the fear people have mostly in their minds is, if you're getting a bit old, you fear death. Or even while you're young, you fear losing your job, you fear losing your love, your loved one. Now these are fears. So why not just have the attitude, so what, damn it. After all I am going to die in any case. So if it is today, tomorrow, next year or ten years later, what's the difference? Right. I will lose my job, so what. I have enough confidence in myself to find another job. It must be a lazy bum that can't find a job. Yes. Although of course the country's going through a recession we know, but you can create opportunities. Say for example two people or three people go to apply for one job and they're sitting waiting for an interview, do you know who will get the job? The man that radiates confidence and in his mind you know he thinks, 'This job is mine and you bloody Managing Director are going to give me this job'. And if that thought is powerful enough you're

4. UK 83- 21 going to get it because you're transferring a powerful thought, you see. Now the other man you see even before he goes there, he says 'Oh, I don't think I can get this job. I don't think I'm capable enough'. Now he goes with these negative thoughts there, how can he get it? And yet he might be a more qualified man than the other. Do you see? When I was in business and of course it was in the film world and I did do contracts with the cinema owners and if the next morning I have to meet up with a very difficult client to sign him up on a contract, the previous evening I would sit, close my eyes and visualise him. I would visualise him signing that contract which I'd be taking with me and the visualisation becomes so powerful that I would even see what clothes he has on. And the next morning I'd go and without any argument, I would say "Johnny, I have got your contract, come on, I'm in a hurry'. He'd would say 'Sure, sure, sure'. And mind you, he would have the same clothes on, that same suit that I saw within my visualisation. He'd have the same pen. He would be sitting the same way and he would sign it. And he says 'Oh I can only give you eighteen weeks for the.' And I would say 'Sorry, I want twenty-six'. We divide it up into weeks, where we give various companies so many weeks. The fifty-two is divided up. I said 'No, I want twenty-six'. Do you see? And it just works. And the same principle applies to the effects of the so-called inhibitions. Last night I interviewed a young man upstairs and he's involved in a very difficult play. And he says 'Oh I don't know' - by Bertholdt, is it? Bertholdt Brecht. That's right, I've read him quite a bit some years ago 'Mother something'. Was it? Yeh, 'Mother Courage', we call it. As a matter of fact I acted in it too. Yah, well it was a University production. Fine. And I told him this young man, I says 'That is going to prove to be your best direction'. And it's going to be. Yes. Do you see? Approach life, forget the inhibitions, forget the impressions which of course is guiding certain parts of our lives but we can definitely overcome it all by just having that attitude and you can demand anything of life and you can have it. Let your demands not be unreasonable. Forget about the inhibitions or the repressions. We rise above these things by our actions and our thinking. Now something goes wrong or you can't do something, then you say 'Oh, it's a past samskara and I can't' and you give up hope. No. No such thing. You know the story of the spider, it, you know, it climbed up and up and up and every time it failed, it still climbed up. Look at his bulb here - Edison failed nine hundred and ninety nine times in making that filament of this bulb that burns and at the tenth thousand time, he succeeded. Do you see? So anything in life can be achieved. You see? To have that positive attitude Amongst us here, a very young man, just because he had that ambition and he used a bit of his brains, he's a millionaire and he sits on his backside and thinks now and then 'Oh, let's see now, yah, yah, yah,' picks up his phone to Tokyo, and to Hawaii and to New York and where

5. UK 83- 21 have you and all over and done. Do you see? So it starts with thought and whenever any negative thought, forget the inhibitions, when the negative thought comes, you say 'Stop.' You tell your mind to stop and start off with something else, even a chant or even Pranayama, anything and it will get the mind away. For example, you are going to start a Television business, you're a qualified television engineer. You just decide 'I am going to start it, never mind what happens'. A young man in South Africa was going to open up a little store. So licenses are difficult to get. So he comes to me, he says, 'What shall I do? You know I could wait six months to get a license'. I say 'You know what you do. You start off your store without a license, right and if the worst comes to the worse, you'll pay ten Rand fine. And meanwhile in that six months, you will have made quite a few thousand. Meanwhile put in your application for the licence'. So by the time the license came, his store was running and he was also running to the bank, happily. Do you see? Courage, guts, and to live in this world, some ambition has to be learnt, determination, a burning desire to achieve, perseverance. These are the qualities required and hard work comes on its own. Do you see? Forget about the inhibitions. And you can only succeed. I am telling you the story of my life. Okay. Yes. So well now we come to the most difficult part, saying goodbyes. Ah, it's been so so nice this week with all of you, so, so enjoyable. I felt as if I've melted away in each and every one of you. It has been really beautiful and see you next year in May. And there's one thing you could do for me though, if each and every one just tries to bring one extra friend - he doesn't have to be a meditator because once I've finished here, he'll become one, that's for sure. If every one could try to bring just one extra friend, we'll have double the crowd and the more the merrier. And it would make it more viable for the British Meditation Society as well. At the moment they are just about battling away you could say, as you all would know. So do that. Meanwhile of course you know the meaning of the word 'Goodbye'. It means God be with you. That's what it means. God be with you, God bless you. Take care. Not too much of it though. Don't be too serious. Because that's when you're too serious, that's when the snake of inhibitions you know shows its head. Okay, yah. Well I shall say Namaste to all of you. Good. Fine. Namaste. We have a couple of jokes here. Come on, let's end on a laughing note. You know there were two sisters that were old maids, you know and the only thing they could do in the evenings - spinsters - and the only thing they could do in the evenings was watch the telly a bit or read the newspapers. So the one sister tells the other one, she was reading a newspaper, she says 'Listen to this. One woman' - it said in the paper - 'One woman got married four times and every time after a little while of marriage, the husband died and of course they were all, all four of them were cremated.' So the

6. UK 83- 21 other sister replies, she says, 'Look at us sitting here all alone while other women have husbands to burn.' (General laughter) You know this fellow goes to the doctor because he had a very short memory and after he came from the doctor's surgery, his friend asked him 'What did, you know, you have a short memory, what did the doctor do?' 'Well what the doctor did was this, that he made me pay in advance'. (General laughter) You know, one fellow, you know went to Regent's Street and bought himself a hat. Now the funny part of this hat was this, every time he put on the hat, he used to hear music. When he took it off it was gone but every time he puts on this hat, there was music. So then he went to a doctor and the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with his head. So h e was referred to a Psychologist. Right. So the Psychologist listens to the story. So he explains, 'Every time I put on this hat I hear music'. So the Psychologist says 'Oh, that's very easy'. He says 'Give me your hat. I'll be back in a few minutes'. So he went to the other room and came back and puts the hat on the man's head and there was no music. So this man was quite surprised. He asked the Psychologist 'That look, within two or three minutes this thing is gone. What did you do?' So he says, 'That was simple. I just removed the band'. (General laughter) There were these two chaps, these two chaps were living somewhere in the hills of Scotland or somewhere and they were chatting one day. He says 'Look you're such a nice fellow', you know John asks Jack, 'You're such a nice fellow, why didn't you get married?' He says 'Well, the story goes this way'. He tells his friend that I met a girl, she was a redhead, I liked her very much and I would have liked to have married her. But when I took her home, my mother did not like her because the type of clothes she wore was too outlandish. So I had to give her up. So a while later I met another girl and she was a blonde. And I liked her very much and we went out together and then I had to take her home to meet mother. So the mother didn't like this blonde girl either. She didn't like the way she walked and she had this hill-billy style and things like that. And the mother didn't like her. So he said 'I decided, let me find another girl that would be exactly like mother.' So he found a brunette this time and he took her home. Now this girl used to walk like mother, talk like mother, sit like mother. She was very much like his mother. So the mother liked her very much. The mother said 'Yes son, this is a good girl for you, get married'. So the friend asks 'Why didn't you marry her then?' He says, 'There was another thing that came up. My father didn't like the sight of her.' (General laughter) Now the last one. There was this Chinese gentleman who was invited to a diplomatic dinner. And I've been to some of them, so I know you know how it goes. So next to him was a young American man sitting, from one of, from the

7. UK 83- 21 American Embassy, next to this Chinese gentleman. So this American fellow thought that him being Chinese he won't be able to speak English. So while, after serving, after they were served with soup, so this American chap says 'You likee soupee?' So this Chinese, so, so this Chinese gentleman just smiled and he didn't say a word. And as you know after these, you know state dinners, we usually have speeches. I mean I've been involved and so I know. They have some state dinners and quite a few people were asked to stand up and you know make a speech. So then the Chinese gentleman was asked to say a few words. So this Chinese gentleman got up and gave a beautiful speech filled with wit and wisdom and speaking impeccable English. So as he was sitting down, he turns to the American and says 'You likee s peechee?' (General laughter) And I, and I am so glad that 'You likee Coursee'. END


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