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1. UK 83-4 Gururaj. I've got something very important from someone. You see this man was invited to join a party visiting the Zoo and of course he refused. So they asked him why? So this is the reasons he gave. He says "My first daughter does the kangaroo walk, my second `daughter talks like a parrot, my son laughs like a hyena. My wife watches me like a hawk. My cook is cross as a bear, and my mother- in -law says I look like an old gorilla. See if I want to go somewhere I want a change. I'd rather go on a BMS Course and be with Guruji and the meditators. (General laughter) Good. Fine. Today we are going to have a rapid fire question and answer so that we could get as much in as possible. Because everyone one would like to know about something. So we can start with anyone that would like to. Questioner. Guruji, Gururaj. We could do it from there, I don't know. Is it difficult for everyone to jump up? Okay. Questioner.(Cont’d) Guruji, we know about the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. What part does the Holy Spirit play in our evolution? Is it separate from the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit or is it all one? You know each one has a separate job to do so to speak, but what does the Holy Spirit, what is his job or its job? Gururaj. Good. They are but three aspects of the same one. Now when we speak of the Holy Spirit we speak of it also in terms of it being eternal, but as the very fine energy, which is always there and the Holy Spirit permeates the Father, is the Father permeates the Son and is the Son. There could be no separation between the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. For the father too as the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and we had discussed before the Father is that which represents the entirety and the Holy Spirit is one with him and the Son is one with the Father. And being one with the Father is automatically one with the Holy Spirit. So, these three aspects are but one, but for the purposes of definition we seem to divide it or compartmentalise it. So it is but one. You see the Holy Spirit cannot be, being abstract, it cannot be grasped by the human mind, but the Son and the Father can be. Do you see? So, this leads us on to deeper devotion, deeper prayer. For all prayer can never go to the abstract. In meditation you can. But prayer has to go to something concrete, something that can be visualised. For in prayer in sending forth your thoughts there has to be an object to which it is transmitted. So these things are important. Next.

2. UK 83-4 Questioner. The words, everything in this book may be wrong are from the book "Illusions" by Richard Bach, the Author of ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’. Should we use these words, inaudible words that you say and other teachings that are here? Gururaj. I didn't get too well, but I think what you are trying to say. You don't need any words, you just need to understand the meaning of words of good books, the essence and that very essence you formulate in your own words. Because using words that have been written by someone else and you repeating them could become very, very parrot like. But by grasping the essence of any, let's forget Livingstone Seagull and Illusions and that, but the Holy Scriptures take those words in Sanskrit you say Shovan, Mananan and Didiasan, that’s in Sanskrit. It means listen, ponder and practise. Now that can only come about if you grasp the essence of what is said and interpret it according to your understanding of it. And when you interpret it according to your understanding of it then that is how your own understanding will grow. But just by using words and words and words, they could be very parrot-like. Yet we need those words for inspiration. It could inspire us. But of course the main thing is to get the gist, the essence and digest the essence. And after digestion it should be, the essence should be assimilated. And only when it is assimilated, could it become part and parcel of practical living. While someone is getting ready, this man was shouting upstairs. He says ‘Mary, when are you coming down?’ So Mary shouts back from upstairs that ‘I've been telling you for a whole hour that I'm coming down in a minute’. (Gururaj laughs). Questioner. Guruji, you’ve spoken several times about the subtle body and it’s the subtle body that survives death and goes to the subtle plane and is eventually reincarnated, but could you say something about the causal body and the causal plane? Gururaj. Good. Now Eastern philosophies have divided things up and people, philosophers especially, they try to analyse and break things up into pieces. They have the Annamayakosha, that is the food body. They have about five sheaths and that is in the realm of occultism which we some may or some may not agree with. You have the physical Annamaya - anna means food, so the food body which is the physical body. Then they have the Manoinayakosha, which is the mental body and then they have the Anandamayakosha, which is the body of bliss. And then they have the causal body which is the direct result of the Manifestor, the cause, that has caused it. So therefore it is called the causal body. But this can be very simplified in our philosophy, that there are three aspects to man, the body, the physical body, the

3. UK 83-4 subtle body which is the mental body and the spiritual self. So it is much easier instead of breaking it up into all these various things because they are of no help and they really do not explain anything. Now you'd find this in theosophy, you'd find this amongst the Rosicrucians also and it is totally unnecessary for man's evolution. Now the subtle body, the mental body being of a subtler substance goes back and exists in the subtle s phere and then there it would be not evolving at all. What it does there is, it evaluates its progress since its very beginning, since the primal sub-atomic particle, up to that stage which it has reached and in that evaluation which might take two years, five years, ten years, five hundred years, a thousand years. And then when it finds the right medium it would be born through that medium of two people. So I've always said this before that the parents don't choose us, but we choose the parents. And one could never evolve without having a physical body. Because Divinity is forever like a flower expressing itself and it has to have a concrete vehicle like the body in order to evolve. For everything is but a continuum from the grosser to the subtle to the subtlest sphere. And that is what evolution is all about. So in the process, one does go to finer and finer levels and these levels have been divided up in the subtle body with these various phrases like Anamayakosha, Manoinayakosha, Anandamayakosha, you see? So it’s not necessary. Because what happens here there's one big danger, it verges on occultism and you can really be stuck at a certain level of the mental self and remain there because too much emphasis is taken on there. But if you take it as one wholeness then, and we also use the words physical, mental and spiritual in the context of just explanation. Otherwise there's no such thing. You do not own the mental body. You are the mental body. You do not own the spiritual self. You are the spiritual self. You do not own the physical self. You are the physical self. So these three aspects is but one interpenetrating each other, the trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is all there, you. They are not apart from you. They are you. And they are not only a part of you, nevermind being apart, they are not only a part, but it is the wholeness that is you, inseparable. So through meditation and spiritual practices, prayers, one starts realising that there is no separation. For these boundaries that are created are created only by man. They say oh that man's mind, that man's body or his spirit or whatever. These are boundaries created only by the thinking processes of the mind. And philosophers have the habit of trying to break up things in order to prove points rationally. And yet that which is beyond oneself, one's real self is beyond all rationalisation. The finite mind could never comprehend the infinite. And you are infinite. How many people can really say ‘I understand myself’, for understanding requires a mental process? It requires thinking, when your real self is beyond thought. Like the fragrance does not analyse the flower and neither does the flower analyse the fragrance. Next.

4. UK 83-4 Gururaj. While someone is getting ready, ‘Stop, look and listen’ sums up the entirety of life. A young man sees a pretty girl going by then he stops, and then he looks and then when he marries her, he listens for the rest of his life. (General laughter). Good. Next. Questioner. Could you tell me what the gift of tongues is and why does it seem to be confined to the Christian religion? Gururaj. Gift of tongues? Yes it is said that people speak in many tongues. Now, it has been interpreted to be something Divine. But it is not Divine. It is not the spiritual self of man. It is the mental self where certain energies are released from the mind, psychic energies we would call it. And the mind is so vast that certain areas of the mind can be activated where a person that cannot even speak Egyptian, would start speaking in Egyptian and of course gibberish as well. Good. So, that has nothing to do with your real self. It has to do with certain psychic energies that can be developed by anyone. But I would not advise that. Because that could become an impediment and an obstacle for really knowing yourself. So, those that speak in tongues, various tongues, listen to it, but do not add much importance to it. It means nothing. It means nothing at all. Today there are many people so much interested in psychic phenomena and all kinds of occultism. And like if you read the readings of Alice Bailey and things like that, you'd find a lot of that in there, but how far does that get you, how much peace does that bring you? Now those very people I've come across some of them that speak in these tongues and when I analyse them, which I should not really but just for sake of knowing what's happening, I find that their lives are so unhappy and they do lack a mental balance because of non-integration. And these psychic phenomena is only produced because of non integration. We are aiming for balance for integration, for peace and that peace that passeth all understanding. So stop, look, listen and forget. Next. Questioner. Bapuji, could you please explain the meaning of the word Sri as used in Sri Ananda. Gururaj. That's very simple really. Sri is an appellation of respect. And you normally apply the word Sri to someone to a person highly evolved, to a holy person then you would address them as Sri Gururaj or Sri Swami Vivekananda or Sri Peter Moore, or Sri Charles. It’s just an appellation, a prefix added to denote respect like Ji, Guruji. It’s also a mark o f respect but in a more closer intimate sense, where there is respect and yet that close flow the friendliness. That is Ji. Sri is when that closeness is not there but you stand in awe of some holy man. That's what it means. Next.

5. UK 83-4 You know the doctor suggested to this man that he and his wife should have exercise. So this man says “I bought myself a set of golf clubs”. So the friend asks "What did you buy for your wife?" So he says “A lawnmower”. (Gururaj laughs) Good. Questioner. Guruji, could you say something to us about dreams and the significance they have in our daily life? Gururaj. Now according to Freud, Freud says that ‘Dreams are an expression of a unfulfilled desire. Dreams are an expression of a suppressed desire’. Now that is only partly true. If man cannot dream then he could become mad. Now in hospitals we have made experiments. You must have heard of the REM sleep, Rapid Eye Movement. Fine. And when that goes on we could know exactly when the person is dreaming. And he's interrupted long enough over the period of a week, he can go bonkers. So dream is an outlet, a release of energies within oneself that cannot be released in the waking state. You see? Now nightmares which are also dreams and I've said a few times, please have more nightmares, it's good. Because if you had to experience all those experiences while in the waking state, then life could become a total misery. So here is a release valve through the forces of Divinity to help man. So what is actually a dream? A dream is a release of certain impressions you've had in your mind. Now those impressions might have not been of that particular day, sometime that happens or last year or the year before, those Samskaras have been formed through many, many lifetimes and because of a certain triggering off in the happenings of this lifetime, many of those pieces fall together through various lifetimes and that formulates your dream. It tells a story. Now many people try to interpret dreams. Good. You find books that would say if you dream of a boat, it means this, if you dream of a cow, it means this if you dream of George Jackson, it means this. Rubbish. It does not. The way to understand your dream is this, that in your waking state you sit quietly, you pick up your dream and you just let the dream work itself out to its natural conclusion. I conducted a Dream Workshop at the University of Capetown about two years ago. You just allow while sitting quiet, after some meditation perhaps that would be better and you allow the story to unfold itself and you would be surprised what it can tell you. And then when you get the whole picture then you know what that dream was all about. The dream could be prophetic right, but it requires a lot of understanding. And sometimes when one cannot understand it oneself one goes to an expert and says ‘Look this happened now what do you think?’ But the best method which you can do yourself, is in your waking state start with dream the story and then just let go and see what happens to that story. It leads to a certain conclusion and that is how you'll understand what that dream was all about. But that's okay, that's one aspect and the other aspect is we are lucky that we can dream. There is only one kind of person that doesn't dream, the totally realised person who has discarded all his Samskaras. He does not dream.

6. UK 83-4 Otherwise everyone dreams and everyone dreams every night, but many people do not recollect their dreams in the morning. It does not come to the conscious level. So that in a nutshell is what dreams are all about. Dream more. Good. Release those Samskaras in dream form. Next. Gururaj. Now you talk of, you know, here is something about logic. Let me tell you about logic. This wife asked her husband, "Lend me twenty pounds but only give me ten. This would mean that you owe me ten and I owe you ten, so we're square". Do you get that? Let me explain him. (General laughter) Oh what fun? Good. Questioner. Guruji, we know that the spiritual wisdom of India goes back for many thousands of years. Could you tell us where it came from originally? Was it connected with Atlantis or Lemuria or did it come in some other way. Gururaj. Good. Fine. Now this is one great fallacy that spiritual wisdom came only from India. It did not. Spiritual wisdom was always there and as certain nations have certain characteristics, perhaps it was much more to the fore in India. And yet we do find Revelations. All spiritual wisdom is nothing but Revelations. Something is revealed through you when the mind is in a certain meditative state, the inner self of man just flows. You see it with me every day, I never prepare any lecture or anything or any questions asked and I just talk about it. It comes from deep within. I put the mind aside in the two minutes of meditation although we use it to a certain extent, for after I give a talk I don't remember what I've talked about until I listen to the tape the next day or whenever. Fine. So something, when you go into a certain meditative state, you become very close to certain truths and you express those truths. So in India many of the Rishis that started meditating and things like that and certain thoughts came about which were recorded subsequently. That's all. The same thing applies to music. Music just wells up. I think it was Mozart if I'm not mistaken, that at one time he could see the entire symphony as well as the various parts of it. It’s the same principle involved. A poet for example, a real good poet, not Doggerel or Limerick writer, a real poet, he'll go into that ecstasy, we call it inspiration really. But what the poet is doing, that he brings his mind to a certain state where he tunes in with all the thoughts that are floating around. And a thought is something that never disintegrates. It’s always there. Any thought you think now it is there forever floating around in the hemisphere, stratosphere wherever, in the atmosphere. So by tuning in you pick up that like a wireless set, you tune it in finely and you can pick up Germany and Japan and America here and now. Those very waves are floating around here now of thousands of broadcasts. What we need is just the radio to tune in. So that is how the Rishis or the Seers just tune themselves in by meditation and all these, and the mind being inclined Godward, to find truth naturally would pick up these revelations, these thoughts - the same thing with our Lord

7. UK 83-4 Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha. That's how all these profound teachings came about. But those teachings were limited to the standard of evolution of that particular Rishis. You'd be surprised to know that they say that the Vedas and the Vedanta, you know are the highest teachings that has ever been brought to the world. But I tell you this and believe you me, study the Vedanta and study some of our talks here and they go beyond that. The Vedanta can only reach the stage we talked about it, of existence bliss and knowledge. We go beyond existence, bliss and knowledge into a different area where you just are and none of those attributes - for existence is an attribute, bliss, knowledge - those are just attributes - we go beyond the attributes to the attributeless. So India has no monopoly on spiritual knowledge. There have been great poets here in the West whose readings you could write - they might have been influenced okay, fine, Dante, Herbert Spencer, Goethe, Walt Whitman so many, many, many and what about Blake. Oh you must read Blake’s poetry, so deep, so deep, so beautiful. What about your Artist, Turner? Look at his Watercolours, they so magical. One picture could tell you a great spiritual truth if you could know and look deep enough. I get so enthralled with I go to a Museum or go to a poetry reading. Shakespeare, some of Shakespeare's writings are equivalent to the writings of the Rishis of India. Great truths, eternal truths, indisputable truths for truth can never be disputed. So to repeat again, it’s no monopoly from India. India being an ancient country okay so we get things there from thousands of years ago. But that does not constitute a monopoly. So Rishis are everywhere, great men everywhere. Sometimes a child will utter something so, so beautiful. I have sat enthralled with a child just saying a few words and I just go off into meditation for hours. So sublime, so pure, so innocent, so, so, so. Next question. Questioner. Could you give some practical advice in a family situation where one of the parents is a meditator and there is disharmony between the other parent and the rest of the family or perhaps one member of the rest of the family? Gururaj. True, true, true Questioner.(Cont’d.) perhaps just one member of the rest of the family. There's plenty of love - it’s just the age of the child I suppose. Gururaj. The reason for that is this that one person meditates and all the other people do not meditate and are not very favourable towards meditation. The word meditation has been so misinterpreted that they think ‘Oh, Mum or Dad is off in a weird trip’. That is the main reason. But if Mother or Father could explain, the one member could explain the family that

8. UK 83-4 this is not a weird trip this is so in conformity with every religion. For example our Christianity says, "Be still and know that I am God". What's wrong with that? What's wrong with being still? Yes I'm against all these various cults and I believe we've got a whole series of programmes on the Telly at the moment on these cults. I saw one last week and there's one on tonight. What time is it on? I would like to see it. Six thirty. I think we can fit that in, can't we? It just lasts about half an hour. I'd like to see it, something on the Moonies this week. Yeah. Nevertheless, you see when a person starts to meditate then the other members of the family might think ‘Oh, Mum has gone into some cult’. In our organisation we don't have cults. We don't believe in cults, because cults, what it means that you have only to follow one way and the principles of that cult only. While in our organisation, we are so universal that believe what you want to believe. And I've said this a million times, if you’re a Christian, become a better Christian, a Hindu, a better Hindu and by being still and by meditating, one does become a better Christian. I've had hundreds and hundreds of letters where people tell me that ‘Guruji, before I never used to go to church, but since I started meditating, I go to my church’. Do you see? So now if these things are explained to them then you'd find that they'd be more favourable. And then of course you could tell them, why don't you try the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. I had a form from Allen's daughter which I initiated, when was it, Thursday morning at five - I went into meditation on the two little girls and we have the last paragraph what would you expect from meditation. And this little child replied that "I see around me meditators and they are so happy and we feel that they are so much better people and I would like to be a better person too". How sweet, how touching, isn't it. So that is how if these explanations are given in a very kind, loving, gentle way, nothing wrong with it. Just say look I am just trying to be still and by being still, it benefits me in every way. It gives me very deep rest for m y body, because I have my hands full with you brats the whole day through, so why not allow me that half an hour? Okay. Meanwhile, if my body is well rested, I could do my work better. I could be more efficient and not get so tired and just want to flop into bed at night. You can tell that to the husband. And then my mind is quietened. Apart from the physical rest, the mind is quietened, I develop a greater awareness, I could understand your troubles better by having greater awareness. And my heart opens up, opens up slowly gradually depends upon how much we put into it, it opens up and I can love you more, my beloved husband. Do you see? So if these things are nicely explained, you'd find the opposition lessening. And you might even convince them, ‘You try it. Why not? You’re losing nothing by it’. Okay. Next. These two men Smith and Jones they were discussing their respective wives. So Smith says that my wife tells me that every night she dreams that she's married to a millionaire. So Jones says, ‘Oh, you’re darn lucky, my wife thinks that during the daytime’. (General laughter) Oh dear me. Next one.

9. UK 83-4 Questioner. ..............(Inaudible) Gururaj. Yes please. Question. As meditators and we have animals in our home, do the animals evolve through our meditation because my little animals see to be so very, very aware? And they also seem to be able to pick up thoughts from meditation. I'm wondering whether this would happen with other animals in the vicinity as well. Are we helping animals to evolve? Gururaj. Beautiful. Beautiful. I think you should let your animal loose amongst the other animals. (Gururaj laughs) Lovely. You see when a person goes into deep meditation, you are sending off very peaceful vibrations and animals are very, very sensitive and they pick up those vibrations and they too become more peaceful. Animals have certain instincts that are far more developed than ours. And the reason is very simple, because we have cluttered our minds with thoughts and therefore those abilities have been blocked off or veiled up. I mean we all know that a dog even before its master, the master could be about three, four blocks away and the dog instinctively feels that here my master is coming. Do you see? That deep sensitivity. Now we all have that, because we have all grown from the animal stage, but it is our thoughts that has blocked that off. So now when we are in a beautiful deep quiet peaceful mind in our meditation, the animals don't know what’s happening really because they haven't got the power to analyse, they haven't got the thinking mind like we have, but they feel, they feel that peace that is around there. But then do remember one thing, do not have animals in the room where you are meditating. If you are a very strong meditator, it would be okay. But the animals feeling that peace, do tend to drain you. Questioner. ............ (Inaudible). Gururaj. Good. Beautiful. They’re almost human. Questioner. .............. (Inaudible) Gururaj. Beautiful. Beautiful. Now one thing about animals is this that they are better than us. Because they know instinctively that they are animal animals. Now, we call ourselves human but we are human animals. In other words they are more truthful to themselves.

10. UK 83-4 Questioner. .......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ah beautiful. Beautiful. Someone was asking me about my family. I said, well look I've got five sisters and I'm the only son and Holy Ghost. (General laughter) Next. See what else we got here. Yes there was this little quarrel between this husband and wife and he said ‘Oh, so you say you had several proposals’, the husband says. So the wife says ‘Yes, I had several proposals for marriage’. So he says that ‘I wish you had married the first fool that proposed to you’. So she said ‘I did’. (General laughter) There's another one about Charlie. You know Charles forgot his cigars at home and then he was passing a tobacconist. So he thought let me buy one to keep me going until I reach home so he bought a cigar and he lit it up. And five minutes time he went back to the shop and he says "What is this rubbish you have given me?” So the shopkeeper replies, he says "Oh you’re still okay. You've only got one, but I've got a darn thousand of them in my store". (General laughter) Good. Next. Come on. The questions are slow this morning. Questioner. Guruji, if in the course of our exploration of the universe, we should come across civilisations less well advanced than ourselves or what we think are less well advanced than ourselves or what we think are less well advanced than ourselves, would it be right for us to teach them what we think we know and therefore influence their development in spiritual or physical matters? Gururaj. Yes. But first go there. (Gururaj laughs). Yes they are civilisations that are lower than us and they are civilisations higher than us. And if you do happen to go exploring, which I hope you would and if you touch up against a lower civilisations and if you try and teach them higher truths, you'll be kicked out. Doesn't that happen in this world here today? When someone comes along and teaches higher truths? They say ‘Oh, he's a mad man he's talking rubbish’. And if you should knock up against a higher civilisation and then you go in all humility and learn from them. As a matter of fact there are influences from higher civilisations here and now, that is trying to teach this world. This UFO is not nonsense you know. There are people trying to contact us for the sake of furthering our knowledge towards peace, because the world is in such a state - I think I spoke about this many times - the world is in such a state that with the technological progress, this entire world can be blown up. It can be blown up and it will not only blow up this world but the vibrations and reverberations that would be created, the force could bring about a great imbalance in other planets in our solar system for example which again would widen in ripple form throughout the galaxy and still wider and wider. So there

11. UK 83-4 are higher intelligences trying to curb, not curb rather sorry, to help us in furthering the technical knowledge but also wit h the idea of love and peace in their heart so that that these intelligences, our intelligence could be used in a proper way. As a matter of fact now in November, December, I was invited to Boston U.S.A. to attend a Conference there on World Peace and how to by-pass the nuclear threat. So we had people from all over the world there and they are regarded to be the top brains in the world and of course I was invited to speak from the spiritual aspect. And of course the general conclusion was this, that the Government has so many vested interests, millions and billions involved, that they are not going to stop this nuclear production. And today what is happening the whole world is living in fear. So I have an atom bomb and you have an atom bomb, so you strike me and I will strike you back. Do you see? There are so many inventions for example that has been suppressed by Governments of the world, that they could destroy the entire world just like that. So what people need today through spiritual practices is a greater development of the heart, of love, so tha t discoveries that are there could be used in a much better way. Look at the nuclear waste for example, the radiation how much harm it is causing people. We could produce in future generations a totally deranged race. It is so dangerous. We are sitting right on the precipice. It’s very precarious. So therefore true teachers go out teaching the message of peace and of the development of the heart and things like that. So at this World Peace Conference we could not come to any finality. People expressed their views but the Governments pressed them down. And of course the whole idea was, their idea, I was just invited as a speaker is to get International business leaders to put pressure on the Government. But that would be an impossibility because without the Government, the business leaders could never function. For example say in Imports, if the Government decides that ‘Oh, these guys are getting too big for their boots lets increase the duties and there they are, they’re finished’. There's only one way I told them is for people to unfold their hearts more and more and more. That's the only way. Because what you are trying to do I said, is trying to threaten them, the major powers, the nuclear powers, you’re trying to threaten them tha t if you don't stop nuclear production then we won't support you people with our businesses. And of course every country depends on economics. Everything is based upon economics. So I said you are trying to apply pressure and aren't you doing the same thing which the other Governments are doing, one applying pressure to the other with nuclear threats and the other to the other vice versa etc. So there's only one way. So I told them a little story, it was a joke actually. I said President Reagan was in his office and by mistake he tripped a switch which sent off five hundred missiles to Soviet Russia and then President Reagan got worried. He said ‘Oh my God, this was - I did not do it on purpose, it was inadvertently done, now what shall I do?’ So he picked up the

12. UK 83-4 phone, the hot line to the Kremlin and the person that answered the phone he asks ‘Who can I speak to, to say I'm sorry?” See. That's how it goes. Next question. Questioner. Guruji, there is a question here from a Mrs. Vivian Gardner who is not attending this Course and she writes I am very interested in the life and spiritual teachings of Satya Sai Baba. Some say that he is an Avatar, a Divine incarnation. Would you agree with this? Is he the Kali Avatar, the light which was promised to the earth from the evils of the Kali age which we now see all around us have reached a level requiring the direct action of God. Gururaj. Satya Sai Baba I know very personally I was telling someone yesterday. He had invited me to India and I spent about two hours talking with him. He has an Ashram a few hundred miles away from Bangalore, Puttaparthi. So I phoned him and I said I'm coming to see you. So he says ‘No, please don't bother to come up so far, it will take up a lot of time but I am coming down to near Bangalore’, a place called Whitefield, where he has a College. Good. So we were together for a few hours. He is a very ordinary man. He is no Avatar. He has done a lot for people, for the poor people and all his teachings are just based on a blind faith. Now here you'd find a man like Rajneesh, really condemning Sai Baba. I'm condemning no one, I'm just telling you what I've seen and facts. To me everyone is good and fine even the teddy-boy in the street, there's also Divinity in him. And now Satya Sai Baba what he does he manifests ash, he does this ash. So Rajneesh says of him, I used to know Rajneesh very well too, I've been to his Ashrams. I've met all of them practically. Rajneesh says ‘Oh, on the streets of Bombay you can find a hundred magicians like him’. For this is nothing unusual. I give you an example. Sir George Travelyan of the Wrekin Trust had organised a few years ago, I don't know if any of you were there, had organised a Conference on Scientists and Mystics. Good. So I was one of the speakers and there were a few Professors, one from Canada and from there and there was a Lama there and of course myself and then Professor Halstead, he's a Physicist and at that time he also used to head the Atomic Commission of England. As a matter of fact we saw him on TV last week Professor Halstead, on this Uri Geller programme, he was on that Programme. So Professor Halstead started speaking and of course on Physics, and then all of a sudden he changed his talk and came down to Sai Baba and talked about teleportation and all these other words that go with it, I can't think of them now and I was getting hot under the collar. I said here your a Physicist and why, talk on physics, what do you want to go into these mystical things for, leave that to me, that's my side of the work. You know. And I was getting hot under the collar.

13. UK 83-4 So as he was sitting down I did this, you know and I put in his hand, manifested a sweet. Right. So he looked at it and he carefully wrapped it in his handkerchief. And he wrote to us about it afterwards. He took that sweet and he had a little Japanese teaspoon box, a wooden one, so he puts it in there and wraps it thoroughly with cellophane, cello-paper is that what you call it? Sellotape, sellotape, really closed it properly so nothing could get to it. His idea was to take it to the lab the next day and examine it, that where does that material come from, is it from outer space or whatever. Okay. Fine. So here that evening, I was sitting down and after meditation I was thinking ‘Wait a minute, let us show this old chap something now’. Anyone could palm a sweet in his hand and do that and drop it. So I said ‘Right, I've done something now’. When he went to his laboratory and opened the little box, the sweet had disappeared. You see? So these things are so simple. There's nothing to it. But mind you Sai Baba did tell me one thing very good and which I shall never forget. He said "You know they've made a God out of me and don't you fall into the same trap, my brother. Be a preacher, a teacher of the truth and that's that”. Do you see? That's as far as Sai Baba goes. Good man doing good work. All the funds he is getting in, he siphons it off to these high schools, to universities and to education and things like that. And his following they are millions of the illiterate class that do follow him and believe him to be a God. And when it comes to writers, they attribute, they exaggerate a lot of things you know and almost make things into miracles, while there are no real miracles. Just understanding the subtle laws because of greater awareness, understanding subtle laws and putting them into action for a particular purpose. That’s all. And I don't see any reason why Sai Baba must manifest ash. What purpose does it serve? Nothing at all, unless it’s an advertising gimmick. I wouldn't say that but everything is possible. But we always think of everyone to be good and everyone has that Divinity. Next. Gururaj. Is it time? How about this quick one here. This person was asked, ‘Do you play any instrument?’ He says ‘Yes, I play the second fiddle at home’. And this lady asks a friend, ‘Dear, how is the pain in your neck?’ ‘Oh, he's gone out golfing’. Questioner. Can I ask one extra on the question before last, regarding the fear of what might happen. It seems to me that the more we think oh its going to happen and live in the fear, that that way we are just cutting right across the idea o f unfolding the hearts, and somehow we have got to find the positivity to say, but look if we don't believe in it happening, it won't happen.

14. UK 83-4 Gururaj. That is very true. That's very true. The mind forces a lot of things to happen and not to happen. END


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