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1. UK 84- 19 Gururaj. To the new people that are here, you might not know the meaning why I blessed you on the forehead. This is where the Ajna Chakra is. Now the Ajna Chakra stands for awareness and science has proved that that is the counterpart, the psychic counterpart of the physiological pineal gland we have there. Now the pineal gland excretes a certain substance which is called Melatonin and that Melatonin regenerates the entire body. So by the opening of the Ajna Chakra, you are benefited physiologically and psychologically and in every possible way. The other reason for opening the Ajna Chakra is to develop greater awareness where you can, if you reach the heights, you can even be aware of things that are happening around the corner, so to say. You develop a greater intuitiveness. So what I have do ne is poured some spiritual force there, not only as a blessing, but for your greater and greater awareness. So may God bless you all. The old-comers know about this but the new people that are here on the Course for the first time, I thought I would just mention it. Now there is another thing I want to tell you before I forget. Sometimes I get so, when I sit and speak, I'm never conscious, totally conscious. It comes from inside and it just goes out. Now the next Course that we are having in March will be ending the morning of Good Friday, so by the afternoon you are all home. Now here's one thing I would like you to do. Easter Sunday, when you sit for dinner, it could be afternoon or evening, listen very carefully now, Easter Sunday, when you are sitting for dinner in the afternoon and evening, you might have friends or whatever or it could just be a little family gathering, leave one space for me, a chair and a white plate, white. Now Friday, that Friday before you leave the Course, I will be giving you a flower each and everyone and put that flower on the plate, the plate that's left for me. I will not tell you now what is going to happen you must experience it yourself. I never like to tell people what is going to happen because it influences their mind. It becomes a suggestion and I don't like that. Right, so I thought let me tell you this before I forget about it, seeing that i t was in my mind at the moment. Good, empty chair with a white plate, pure white, please. I'll be giving you all a flower to take home for Easter Sunday dinner to put on that plate. Fine. Good. What shall we talk about tonight? He's a computer expert by the way. Don't speak computer language, I can't understand it. Voice Guruji, all religions mention the importance of breathing as being the manifestation of life. Buddha is supposed to have attained enlightenment solely by placing his attention on his breath. We practice various forms of breath control through our Chanting, Pranayama and Purification Practices. Last year you also told us how to perform the pranic kiss. Other religious groups such as the Sufis emphasise the importance of different rhythms in breathing. Please tell us what the underlying importance of our breathing is. Also can you give us a follow up practice to the pranic kiss? (General laughter)

2. UK 84- 19 Gururaj. Good. Seeing it's practically the last night, we can have a few more questions which I could handle all together? Anyone else? Over there. Pranic kiss! Questioner. We are told that we evolve through karma, through experience and at the same time we are told that standing between us and the light are the samskaras as a barrier. So how it is possible to Gururaj. Remove karma and samskaras Questioner. No. That wasn't, that's not my question. The question is how is it possible to live in such a way as to glorif y life whilst all the time the samskaras are holding us back? Gururaj. Beautiful question. Yes. Does everyone know what a pranic kiss is? No? You do. Just let me go over it for those that don't know. Many people kiss, husband and wife, lovers, they kiss in so many different ways. Some of them are just a peck and others, what do they call them Spanish or French kisses, something like that. (General laughter) A pranic kiss, a true pranic kiss can only come about between two people that love each other very, very deeply and sincerely. Now what happens is this, there is no physical touch of the lips or the cheeks or whatever. It is being in a very comfortable position and you form a rhythm between exhalation and inhalation. While your wife is exhaling, you are inhaling and when you are exhaling, she is inhaling. Now this, with a bit of practice, becomes so rhythmic that both of you would forget yourself, without physical touch and it becomes a very, very blissful experience. Now breath is the outward manifestation of the life force within you. Therefore you would find in the Scriptures that God breathed life into the person to make him alive. Now in Sanskrit, the vital force in the outer breath is called Prana. And Prana, the word itself means life. You can stay without food for days or water for days but you can't stay without breathing for more than five minutes, ten minutes perhaps. So that's life force. You are inhaling all the life force that is in the universe and life force is everywhere. And life force is so intangible, you can't see it with your eyes but that energy is there. So we are putting in that energy, apart from talking about oxygen, oxygen is only a grosser counterpart of the life force. If a person is dead and you can give him as much oxygen as you like and you won't bring the person alive. So air is not only the oxygen that the body requires but it also contains a life force which keeps you alive, like the old saying, 'Well, he took his last breath'. That means the life force has left him. Now this life force is so subtle that it permeates every cell in your body. And there are billions and billions and billions of cells in your body and all those cells are working

3. UK 84- 19 in a systematic manner. Cells are grouped so that every group performs its functions in a systematic manner. And they are interrelated and connected to all the various other groups. Now, what is life force? That is the question. Life force is nothing else but Divinity. Therefore life force cannot be seen. You can condense your breath in a tube and you could see the condensation of it, but you cannot see the life force. So in that pranic kiss you are exchanging with your beloved, not only the air that you are breathing but you are also exchanging life force. That also happens when a person requires the 'Kiss of death' to revive him. It is not only th e oxygen because when you breathe, you are breathing out more of dioxide, carbon dioxide than rather oxygen. But even in that is contained the life force to revive the person. So life force, prana is none else but Divinity itself. Now there are Yogis in India that do all kinds of tricks which are totally unnecessary. It does not lead them to God. There is one trick where from childhood, the tongue, the bottom, this thing that connects your palate to the bottom is slowly cut away. Slowly, slowly it is cut and they try to elongate the tongue. So after taking, this takes many years of practice, you have to be trained in to it from childhood but it is just a showman's trick really. It doesn't take you to God. I don't advise you to cut your tongues. So the tongue is elongated and the person takes one breath only and then the tongue is rolled up so it blocks the throat there. And then you can bury him six feet under the ground and after that, he can be taken out from the ground and he would still be alive. Now I'm giving you this example to show you the amount of power that is contained in one breath, the amount of life force contained in one single breath. That could, that one single breath and the life force contained therein, could be oka y for you and suffice for you for thirty days, because I have seen these things where some of these people get buried for thirty days and then taken out of the ground. There have been some fraudulent ones as well where they have a tube going through the ground, yeah, but I have seen genuine cases as well. But it means nothing really, it means nothing. The only point of course, one learns from this is that just a single breath can keep you alive for months. There is so much life force. Now from that you can imagine what great power life force has. It has to have power because life force is God. Prana is Divinity. Now the practice we do - four, sixteen, eight - now if you can stand outside the universe that is the exact rhythm of the universe. It's pulsating like this all the time to the rhythm of four, sixteen, eight. So when you do the Pranayama Practice, what happens is this, that you are tuning yourself to the life force or the rhythm of the entire universe. Now by being in tune with the rhythm of the universe, how much more powerful can you not become because you are in tune with the entire universe. And of course it has its physical benefits as well because when you breathe in the oxygen and you breathe it in for a count of four and you keep it in to the count of sixteen. Now during that count of sixteen - in the beginning you have to count it mentally, afterwards you just get into the rhythm - and you allow that life

4. UK 84- 19 force to penetrate more and regenerate and rejuvenate every cell of your body. And then of course you breathe out at eight, which is the difficult part of it, because many people after keeping their breath to the count of sixteen, just want t o breathe out. Do you see? Now there the control is required where you breathe out slowly to the count of eight, so that all the air can be expelled, all the carbon dioxide and then fresh air is taken into the system and of course there oxygen plays a great part. So there are many, many forms of Pranayama but this is the easiest and the best form that you can practise. There are many advanced forms which you can do. Oh yes. But at this stage, it's not necessary for you. When it becomes necessary, it shall be given. This is the best you can get at this time. You'd find that if your mind is agitated and you do this Pranayama and you bring your body into a rhythm, you will find your mind will also go into a rhythm because the mind is nothing, the brain rather, is nothing but an organ of the body. It is the body. So that too goes into a rhythm and you will feel calm. Many times they tell you if you want to pick up a heavy weight, take in a deep breath, then you pick up the weight. So breathing is very, very important. Now I personally enjoy a few cigarettes. I do. I find great pleasure in it and the other purpose is it keeps me down to earth. I've got to put some impurities in my system or else I have the tendency, like Ramakrishna, just to float off into meditation and become totally detached to the world. But I, as a practical teacher, I have got to have my feet firmly on the ground. So I add in a bit of spice. Good. Now, every month because I have had an open heart operation, every month I have got to go to hospital for a check up, or when I am out, I skip, you know, a month or so, it doesn't matter. And of course they take my X-rays, and my lungs are as clean as a little baby's lungs. Why? Because of Pranayama, because of breathing. You see, how it cleanses out the system. You want a technique that goes beyond the pranic kiss?' (General laughter) There are techniques, yes, but are you totally established in the pranic kiss? That is the question. Are you totally established in the pranic kiss? Do you lose yourself totally in that rhythmic breathing? Does your mind stop thinking at all? Is your mind totally clear of thought? In the pranic kiss do you find yourself covered with a golden light? There is a sexual kiss as well that follows the pranic kiss where, without - well, we're all grown-ups here - apart from penetration and without any movement, you experience an internal orgasm without ejaculation. Yes. Only after you have mastered the pranic kiss. And even without ejaculation, you experience an earthquake of an orgasm, a million times more powerful than the normal ejaculation. And all the energies which are thrown out, are preserved in your system. You see? And in that orgasm, you disappear totally. In that orgasm, you feel as vast as the universe and enjoy that extreme, extreme bliss. These are the various stages that one can go through but it is not necessary though. Just be yourself. Yes.

5. UK 84- 19 Now karma. One has to live a very, very active life but the secret is this, is to find inactivity in activity and activity in inactivity. That is the secret of life. That is the secret of action. And that is what the Gita says. Now how does one do that? One can only do that, Chapter Two, Verse Forty Seven of the Gita again, 'Be established in self and then act'. To be established in oneself is to become integrated within oneself where the mind, body and spirit functions in total harmony and you are totally tranquil and peaceful. Nothing can upset you. I was just telling my friend Charlie today, 'You must never allow anything to upset you'. And when you are tranquil within yourself, nothing can really upset you. You remain calm. No one can wipe that smile off your face. And then in that state of self establishment, being established in oneself, perform any action you want to, yes. I can go and do anything now and yet I will have no karma. No karma can stick to me and karma, of course, produces samskaras. So one can live a very useful life and be totally detached from adding to your karma and your samskaras. Now, work helps a person a lot. Looking at it from a surface value, it keeps your mind occupied, keeps your body healthy and you have a sense of well being. The worst people on earth are the idle rich, not because you are all rich people. Yes. So be active as much as possible. And I found one thing, just before I started with this diabetes, and this heart thing, I only slept two hours a day and I was busy, active for twenty two hours a day for years and years and years and I never used to be tired. And working in that way, I used to get so much more accomplished. Let me give you an example of your motor car. If you speed up to eighty miles an hour and then you slack down to forty or fifty, and then you speed up to eighty again and you slack down a bit, do you know it takes you much longer to reach your destination than if you have kept just to one steady speed? This has been proven. Do you see? So you have in your work, you have your one steady speed and you will find that you will accomplish much, much more instead of being working sporadically or driving your car sporadically, erratically perhaps. Do you see? So life must have the maximum amount of action. Now action does not only mean physical action, it could also mean mental action. And it has also been proven that say in an hour's worth of work, the mind consumes eight times more energy than physical work. Yes. The mind consumes eight times more energy. And the more energy you expend, the more energy comes to you. You see? So work in such a way which is so well balanced, even keeled. And who can work at an even keel without rushing now then slowing off and rushing is the person who has tranquillity of mind. And tranquillity of mind is produced by spiritual practices. No one could ever tell me, who has meditated properly that they would get up in a huff, a hurry or that their minds would be agitated. No. If your mind becomes agitated after meditation, then you have not been doing your meditation right. And for those people, the Purification Practice which we did, would

6. UK 84- 19 help very much to calm you down and you would go deeper into your meditation. And that energy you draw from within makes you into a dynamo. As ill as I am, I travel round the world. Last year I did, Charles, I did nine months last year out of twelve, on the road all the time, sleeping in a different bed every couple of days, eating different kinds of food, five star foods of cours e, but things I'm not used to, you know, living out of a suitcase, sitting up for hours and hours and hours on the plane. I know last time from Capetown to Chicago, it took me thirty two hours door to door, that's waiting time for the plane, changing times for planes and all that. And yet they tell me that when I get off the plane, that 'You look so fresh as if you have just taken a ten pence bus ride.' Do you see? So all these things I tell you from personal experience. And if I can do these things, I'm sure everyone else can. Do you see? Now we are burdened, the second part of the question, we are burdened with samskaras. Of course they are there and they would manifest themselves in some way or the other. They have to. Every plant, a seed, it will manifest itself by growing into a plant. It would. But if our actions are right, good thinking, good acting, good living, never bearing any hurtful or harmful thought for another person, never having malice, just have the idea all this too must pass. If someone has done wrong then you say, 'Well look, that's his, some bad part of his samskaras is coming to the fore'. If you take it i n that attitude then you don't get angry. Yes. Do you know how much energy anger consumes? Too much. They say you consume more energy frowning than smiling which is also very true. Do you see? So now what are we going to do with the samskaras we have come with. In the Scriptures they say 'We are born in sin.' But very few people understand what that means. It is not a sin because you came from your mother's flesh. It’s a holy act. But when you say you are born in sin, means that burden that you have brought with you from a previous life. That is the sin which keeps on hampering your progress and becoming obstacles. Now what shall we do with this? It is very easy. Keep on doing as much good as you can and you will out-balance the sin, the samskaras, the karmas. I have given this example before. It is worthwhile repeating and remembering. Say for five seconds you have a bad thought, for the next six seconds have a good thought, so you are in the credit of one. Next ten seconds you have a bad thought, then after that for twelve seconds, turn your mind to a good thought, a pleasurable thought. Look at some nice picture or whatever for twelve seconds, so that there's another two in the credit balance. So now you have three. Same thing in the waking state of life, it goes on and on and at the end of the day before you go to sleep, you have a credit balance. And if you go to bed with a good thought or even your mantra, or even your chant, 'Aim hrim krim chamunda vi che che' - has it been done well here on this Course? Aim hrim krim - you know

7. UK 84- 19 many times I like to lead the chant myself but many of you that have been into my room, you could see my desk just littered with papers. It is not only me coming down here morning and evening, there is so much other work to be done. Right. Nevertheless - Aim hrim krim chamundai vi che che. You just float away with it, aim hrim krim chamundai vi che che. Right. So even with thoughts like that, if you go to sleep, or even with any kind of prayer, your favourite prayer, no t for yourself 'Oh God, give me this and God give me that'. No, no, no but for the benefit of mankind. Go to sleep with that thought and that thought will be working in your subconscious all the time. So now you have so many seconds in your credit balance, times it by thirty for a month, and then times that by twelve and you will see how much credit balance you have. So what you are doing, you are balancing your samskaras. Those old samskaras are thrown off and you are in the credit balance and not in the red. Because if you have too much red when you die, you go to that red hot place. (General laughter) Oh these guys are hurrying me there because they have a concert tonight. What is the time? I can’t see without my glasses. Ten to nine. So that is how, do not be concerned with the samskaras. Do not be concerned with your karmas because that will only give you a sense of guilt and that is a great samskara. I was a Playboy in my young days and a very popular Playboy too. My phone never stopped ringing. Imagine working in the Film Studios, that is how I paid my way through University, working as an assistant to the Producer, assistant to the Director, assistant to the Casting Director, assistant to the Photographer, Lighting Man, blah, blah blah. And you know these young aspiring Starlets, they are shrewd. They say, 'Oh, so he's so close to the Producer and Director, let's become friends with him because through him perhaps we can get in the back door'. They used to chase after me and I felt good. (General laughter) Yes, until I met my guru and I think, most of you - and listen to that tape, the newcomers, of my time with my guru, you will really love it. It has been our best seller really, that tape. Is that right? Yes. Voice. Pavitrananda. Gururaj. Pavitrananda. That's right. Yes. And then for eight months, he never even looked at me or took any notice of me. If there was a piece of paper lying there, he used to say, 'Why the hell is that piece of paper lying there? Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up'. I used to get up at four o'clock in the morning to light the Hookahs. You know Hookah is an Indian pipe, where you have water at the bottom, tobacco, molasses and all that, the water acts as a filter. And then you have the pipe and smoke them. And that is how I learnt smoking because my job was to light them and of course before I took it to all the old Swamis, I used to have a couple of puffs. (General laughter) You see, and then one morning I woke up late, so Swami Pavitranandaji, he came along with a cane and he whacked me a couple on the backside, 'Wakey, wakey,

8. UK 84- 19 why are you so late?' Discipline. And he broke down - now I was a very, very brilliant student at Varsity, I used to produce plays and you know I won the President's gold medal for poetry and things like that. And I was loved by all the teachers, the lecturers and all the people, my friends, mostly girls, and I had become so arrogant, arrogant. I was the cat's whiskers. So what my guru did was this, he broke down my ego. He got rid of my arrogance. And then, I thought he was damned cruel - what kind of guru is that? You know you expect always a guru to love you and hug you and hello, hello, hello, nice boy nice, nice, nice uh. Sometimes more things can be achieved with a strap than with sweet words. It depends on cases. So, he broke down my arrogance and I started knowing and learning what life is all about. Do you see? So I will not worry about all my flirtations I had during those times. That was a phase I was going through and after learning, I do not feel guilty about it. Perhaps that also helped me in my progress of knowing my real self, becoming one with God. So therefore anything that has ever happened in your life, don't think of it. It has gone, past. Why live the past in the present and make your life a misery or why let the past be projected into the future and make the present miserable? Enjoy life. Live it in bliss, Ananda. That's why my guru gave me the name, Ananda - Bliss. Do you see? So do not mope, do not worry about the past. Let's just think of the present and live the present well. And that is how, my friend at the back there, your karmas will disappear and the samskaras will not bother you because those very samskaras, those very seeds can be made to grow into beautiful blossoms. END


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