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1. UK 84- 20 Gururaj. Good. What shall we speak about this morning? Questioner. You have talked this week of celibacy and the pranic kiss etc. My question is, how if we have no partner, can the sexual energy be used more creatively as spiritual energy, and can masturbation ever be a spiritual experience? Gururaj. Yes. Good. Masturbation could never be a spiritual experience because in that very act your imagination is involved. In other words you're living in a fantasy land and masturbation is only an expression of one's lust that one has. True love-making is really a flow devoid of any lust whatsoever. You flow within each other, in each other's mind, hearts and souls and what would happen, should happen just very, very naturally without premeditation. There's a couple in America who came to see me and they are virile people but at night when they go to bed, nothing would happen. So they came to see me and I asked various questions. And what I found is this, that they started preplanning from the afternoon already 'Tonight we're going to bed'. I said that is wrong. You do not preplan, flow with each other, joke and this and that and chat and create such a lovely merry atmosphere and then you know the sweet kisses, it might not even be pranic kisses. So, you just flow and you'll find yourself totally normal, because the pre-planning since the morning or the afternoon would bring about - you know what reverse psychology is, it works that way - and it would bring about repressions and inhibitions. And now those repressions and inhibitions create a fear in them when the husband, though not impotent, would become impotent at that time and the wife would become frigid. Do you see? So real love-making does not require pre-planning. It is just a flow together. And all married people I would really suggest, don't sleep on twin beds, sleep on a double bed. Twin beds, you know who started that off was Dr. Marie Stopes. I wish I could see her, I'll shoot her. Yes. So for example, every person radiates an aura extending to six feet around them. There is an emanation which the occultists call aura. Fine. Now, when husband and wife sleep together, not only their physical bodies meet and of course that's also good, they might have an argument in the afternoon and when they go to bed together and most times very, even during your sleep, your arm just extends out and puts it around you spouse, which happens most of the time although you're fast asleep. Now with two people sleeping in the same bed, their emanations, their auras so to say, inter- mix and that inter-mixing adds so much more on the subtle level to real conjugal bliss. So do not sleep on twin bed or separate bedrooms.

2. UK 84- 20 I met a family in India - I don't know if I told you this story - and they had about seven, eight children, ranging like a step ladder going up. So and they are very poor people. And so I said 'Why do you raise such a large family?' And I know their position, they are poor. So he says 'Well we can't help it. God gives.' I say 'God gives - did you sleep in separate bedrooms?' Do you see? So everything has its limit. The smaller the family of course, the greater attention you could give to the children instead of having a whole cricket team. Yeah. Yes. So masturbation, children have been told when they are young that, it’s something very bad, very evil, they would become demented. They would lose their mental faculties, which is pure nonsense. It is nonsense. They do not lose their mental faculties. And it has been proven by scientists that ninety percent of all men and women in their youthful younger days have masturbated without doubt, ninety percent. So when we have children, we should never instil such fears into them. You have married people even indulging in that. They do. You know in my work I get thousands and thousands of people with all thousands and thousands of different problems and of course anyone that speaks to me about anything, it just remains within the four walls. I might cite an instance but I would never give the names of people. And I only give these instances to illustrate certain points. And so all these various kinds of problems come to me and to the best of my ability, not only having a deep grounding, I've got four PhD’s behind my name by the way. Last year a PhD was given to me by Stanford University, which you know awarded honorary, which is America's largest Medical Institution, world famous and then the University of Southern Illinois also gave me an Honorary PhD. At Bombay University I have a PhD in Philosophy and at Benares University as well, and of course Philosophy and Psychology and these things go together. Fine. So but then when I speak to people, I don't only use the knowledge that I have gained perhaps through studies, but the intuitive knowledge. You look at a person and you see right through the minds and hearts, and that is what I base my analysis on more than the book knowledge because the book knowledge don't tell you much. That is true. If book knowledge should tell you everything then every Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Psychology should be a highly enlightened man. And he's not. They are more mixed up than all of us. Good. So when a person indulges in masturbation, he creates fantasies in his mind. So he's making love to a fantasy. Why not the real thing? Do you see? So physically, it is not harmful really, but it is harmful to the psyche. Because if y ou live in a mental fantasy, then all your actions would assume a quality of fantasy. People that do indulge in these acts, you'd find them mostly great daydreamers because their minds are attuned to fantasising. Now daydreaming does not take one anywhere, although some of the greatest inventions in the world have been brought about by dreamers. But those are exceptions, they are few. But as far as ninety nine percent of the world's population is concerned, if they indulge very much in daydreaming, they become less active in their lives. The time is spent in dreaming of various things

3. UK 84- 20 and nothing is really done. How many great wonderful thoughts that come up in daydreams that have just been lost and not put into practice? How many a fair flower in the desert air has wasted its perfume? So we want doers and not only dreamers. It’s nice to dream at night though while you are asleep. It’s a great release, an emotional release. I've said this many times you have nightmares good, have more. Because if you had to live those nightmares through the waking state of life, your life would become a total misery. So you're releasing a lot of samskaras through dreams. You're living out certain things which you would not like to live out during your waking state of life. So now, the question reverts round the fact that if the person does not have a partner, a spouse, a wife preferably, then what should one do when the sexual urge is very rampant in you. It’s a very simple way. Now I would not suggest you know plastering yourself with ice cubes. (General laughter) That is actually what I was told in a certain Ashram I went to. Take a bag of ice cubes, ice, and put it around you. It’s nice to catch pneumonia in the head but not elsewhere. (General laughter) So the method I had devised was extreme hard work to get rid of the energy, so that you do not feel very sexually inclined. Now I do make love myself. I do it once a year and some years I forget. (General laughter) Where you going to get a guru like me? (Gururaj laughs) Dear me. And then the other very important practice is this that you have the Muladhara Chakra which is situated in men - and most of you would know a lot of teachers that could explain you - in men, it is situated between the scrotum and the anus. That is where in men the Muladhara Chakra is situated. In women it is situated at the mouth of the womb, at the uterus. Yah, yah, right, fine. That is where the woman's Muladhara Chakra is situated. Now when ever any urge arises, you could take your mantra to your mind, think of your - and with your mind, gradually bring it down to the Muladhara Chakra and with a little practice, you'd actually feel that vortex of energy. The Muladhara Chakra is also a vortex of energy as I said the other day and you'll actually feel it swirling. You'll feel a sensation. Right. And sometimes you could even visualise it in bluish, silverish colour, fast moving and that would dissipate the sexual urge. Good. And that very energy naturally would find, would reach the place where there's less energy. In other words, if there's a road full of pot holes and heavy rains come down, so bigger the hole, more water will go in, smaller the hole, less water will go in. But on top you'll have a sheet, a smooth sheet of water. So that's how it works and it works very well. I speak of experience. Good. What was the other part of the question? Did I cover that? I think I've covered what you wanted. Questioner. ................ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ah yes. Good. Now the spiritual energies could well be connected with physical and psychological energies. Now here what happens that when you think of your mantra and bring it down to the Muladhara Chakra, you are

4. UK 84- 20 stimulating your brain cells. And by the stimulation of the brain cells, giving that you know one pointed thought, you're also affecting its subtle counterpart which we normally call the mind. So a lot of that energy is used up psychologically, making your mind think more clearly. Look for example myself, whatever I do, I'm a living example of what I do for people. I don't deny them anything. I say if you want to have a drink, do it in moderation, have a little drink before lunch or supper. Right. If you want to have a cigarette, have one by all means but do Pranayama and get all the dirt out and don't smoke too much. Right. And for example when I speak to you, I never prepare any talk or anything. I ask for a question and I've been told by very qualified journalists - Judith is one who writes for Omni, who writes for a bit glossy Newspaper in America, published in New York - she says, 'Guruji, I've listened to hundreds of your tapes and one thing which strikes me is this, that it is a structured whole. It has a beginning, a middle for expansion and a conclusion'. And nothing is planne d by me. And the reason is this, that the thought forces or that which wells up from within me, through the mind and brain, comes out structured on its own without effort. Now that only proves one thing, that the mind is concentrated. For example when I give talks in Denmark and Spain, you know I would say one sentence and the interpreter you know would say it in his language and then I'm back right from where I have left. There's no break because the interpreter you know, I might say one sentence and the interpreter might go on ten minutes on it. But yet my mind is so clear that I would be following it sequentially, as it should be followed. You see? So now apart from the deviation. So it benefits one psychologically, by having the mental forces in action. And as I've told you that the mind consumes nine times more energy than the body. And by consuming nine times more energy, the mind becomes stronger. You become less scatter-brained. How many people can continue with one thought for longer than eight seconds? Very few. You see? Now that is in the area of contemplation. Contemplation should be like pouring oil from one vessel into another without a break. That means the mind is functioning in a continuous fashion without a break. And if young people practise this, it'll be very beneficial to them in their studies in their examinations. You see? So psychologically we do benefit. Physiologically we do benefit. People do not know how to make love because lust is involved. Many people make love for exhaustion. The real way to make love is for relaxation. After love-making, you must feel renewed and energetic because it becomes a meditation. After a good meditation, you feel alive. And that's how you must feel. I don't know you might have seen some cartoons where the husband and wife is in bed and after the business is over, the fellow turns around and starts snoring while the poor wife is still sitting up in bed glum looking. Do you see? That should not happen. It is because they lack the art and the technique. In love-making it’s very easy for a man to be in readiness, moreso than a woman. A woman is a delicate creature. It’s not a tough root that you

5. UK 84- 20 pull out of the ground. It’s a delicate flower which you nurse and nurture until it shows its beautiful ripeness and if men would only have the patience. They're too much in a hurry. They're always rushing in everything. They just rush, rush, rush. Have the patience. And then there should be no sexual incompatibility at all. I met a man he was about eighty four years old. He comes to me, he says 'Gururaj, you know my mind is always working on sex but I can't do anything'. I say 'You bloody fool, at the age of eighty four. Think of God, not of sex'. You find such people. You'd be surprised what kind of world we live in. You'd really be surprised. Yeah. So you are benefited psychologically and that energy contains a great vital force which can be used for physical benefit. As I said that energies go to the right places where it should go to and it helps you. I gave you the example the other day, that even doctors are surprised that 'Gururaj you've got this heart operation, and you're a severe diabetic, and you've got cancer and yet how do you manage to live?' Now these are all the little things. Regular diet, proper diet also helps one to control, or not control but sort of lessen the sexual urge. I do know one thing for sure that extensive meat eating does influence the mind in a tamasic manner where a person develops a greater sexual drive. Whatever you eat, that is what you are. What is this body? It’s nothing else but food. It is totally food. So if people have Sattvic food, meaning fruits and nuts and veggies and things like that, you'd find the sexual drive automatically lessening. You'll find people, not all but many in the Western countries, they'll have meat for breakfast, bacon and eggs, lunchtime at the office they'll pick up a hamburger or a steak roll or whatever. At night they come home, they'll have a meat stew or roast or whatever. Three times a day meat, meat, meat. And of course a whole lot of starches with those, roast potatoes or boiled potatoes and sometimes in their jackets and things like that. So seven days a week you are consuming meat foods, twenty one times in a week. I was a born vegetarian and only, I only started eating a bit of meat when I got this diabetes and Professor Mareen who was my Doctor at the hospital, he insisted, he said 'Please take some little meat protein, something light like chicken or fish'. And I just couldn't eat it. Ah I'd bring it near me and I used to feel terrible about it. So after three months of convincing me, I wouldn't listen and then he had a trump card, he says 'Do you know the insulin injections that you are taking is made of ox pancreas'. I didn't know that. So he says 'Now if you can take it into your blood stream you know, in your skin then why can't you just have a little?' So that is how once a week I have a bit of chicken, a very little bit. And once a week, I have a bit of fish and I feel all the better for it. I don't have any stomach troubles at all. Constipation is a word which is not in my dictionary and I feel one hundred per cent, in spite of all the various kinds of troubles.

6. UK 84- 20 So that is how the sexual energies can be used up by the mind and the body, and by the practice of sending down the Muladhara Chakra and even you know having a few deep breaths as we do in pranayama, four, sixteen, eight. By the way those husbands and wives that do copulate, without counting of course, it'll be nice in that rhythm, four, sixteen, eight . (Gururaj laughs) Well we - I must eat more carrots. This watch here the hands are so thin and so fine. As a matter of a fact Jamie and Amita took it to a watchmaker here in town but they didn't have thicker hands. They have to order it and we don't have the time to wait until the order comes in. Although it just takes a minute or two to put in really. Let's see if we can't have a few laughs. I think I've covered your question. Yeh. You know I was having a joke with a few children I met here yesterday and I was joking with them and telling them about Mullah Nassrudin. And Nassrudin was very, very hungry I was telling these children and he sat down eating with both his hands. In the East you know they eat with hands. We civilised people eat with a knife and fork. He was eating with both his hands. So this one person asks him, 'Why are you eating with both your hands, Mullah Nassrudin"? So Nassrudin replies 'Because I haven't got three hands'. Now this King made a proclamation in his Court one day. He says if any of you can't entertain me, I'll have the whole lot of you beheaded. So Nassrudin stands up, he says 'I will entertain you by doing something unusual'. So the King asks 'What can you do?' So Nassrudin says, 'I can make a donkey speak and write in ten years'. So the King agreed, fine, 'We'll give you that time to make a donkey read and write in ten years. It’s never been done in the world before but Nassrudin is going to do it'. So the King gave him the permission. Fine. So after the King left the Court and a ll the Grandees of the Court came up to Nassrudin. He says 'Man this is impossible. You can't do that even if you are given a million years'. So Nassrudin says 'There are other factors that you people have missed about the donkey speaking and writing in ten years. The fact is you've missed is this, that the King is ninety years old and I'm eighty years old. So there might be other elements coming in between'. So then Nassrudin goes to Tibet and he had an audience for dinner with the Lama, the Chief Lama. But Nassrudin was told that, look the King does not like anyone to sneeze in his presence. So they sat down to eat and you know in Tibet, they use a lot of spiced stew and somehow some pepper got into his nostrils and Nassrudin sneezed. And he was told that if he sneezed, the King, the Lama would be very, very upset but he couldn't help it, he sneezed. So this fellow

7. UK 84- 20 nudges him and tells him he says 'I told you not to sneeze'. So Nassrudin says 'That doesn't matter, I sneezed in my language and he couldn't understand it'. And then of course Nassrudin sends for a memory training course by correspondence. So his friend asks him one day, 'Did that memory training course help you?' So he says, 'Oh yes it did help me, sometimes I remember that I have forgotten'. And then of course your TV Times, you get in London, and they advertise in the TV Times, 'The Life of Nelson' and at the bottom in brackets, it said for details, see top of column. (Gururaj laughs) And then this lawyer, you know he had a stereo machine and it wouldn't work. So he phoned for an engineer. The engineer came looked at it and he just changed a fuse which took him two minutes. So the lawyer asks him, 'How much?' So he says 'Eighty four pounds'. The lawyer was aghast. He says 'Look, I'm a lawyer and for the work I do I don't charge eighty four pounds'. So the Studio Engineer says that 'I didn't charge eighty four pounds either when I was a Lawyer'. Then two lads from up country went to Newcastle and went to apply for a job at the mines. So the one lad was interviewed, he says 'How deep have you dug?' He says 'I've dug about fifteen feet' and of course he was rejected. So he comes out and tells his friend he says 'Man this happened and they wouldn't give me the job'. So the friend goes in for the interview and they asked him, 'How deep did you dig'. He said 'I dug down fifteen thousand feet'. So the interviewer asks, 'Wasn't it dark down there?' So this fellow replies, 'No sir, I do not work night shift.' And then this stranger was walking through this town where a little lassie was milking a cow and he asks 'Can you tell me the right time please?' So the lassie while milking the cow lifted up the udder and let it down and told this man 'Look, it’s eleven forty three'. So the stranger asks 'But that's funny, do you mean by the weight of the udder you could tell the time?' So the milkmaid replied, she said 'No sir, if I lift the udder high enough, I can see the clock on the church tower'. (General laughter) Now the last one. There was a fire in the girls' hostel. So the firemen came and they put out the fire in two hours but it took the girls four hours to put the firemen out. (General laughter)

8. UK 84- 20 Well my beloveds everyone has been telling me that you know this was the finest Course they have attended and they found it very, very powerful and nice and pleasant and there's a real, real lovely family feeling. And I too because of the atmosphere you have created here, I've also had a wonderful time. I must thank you very much all of you for being so, so helpful. I don't want to mention names, I'm afraid I might forget some names. So rather say I thank all of you for being so wonderfully nice to me. And I hope to see you soon. Shakespeare said 'The sweet sorrow of parting'. Something like that. Nevertheless, that's that until March, I think it is, the next Course. And do not forget about, you'll all be given that flower for Easter Sunday, I explained that to you yesterday already. So, thank you very much. END


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