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1. UK 84-8 Gururaj. Will this be alright because I don't like it to cover my face, I would like to see everyone in the eyes. That's fine. Thank you. Those that have been made Full Teachers will spend this afternoon with one of our Full Teachers, who will give you the various directions and the teachings on how to do the Full Techniques. The most important people in our organisation are the Preparatory Teachers because they are the ones that form the link between Divinity and man. So the Preparatory Teachers are the people that introduce God to man. They are more important than what I am because they are the one's that bring the people to follow the path of the Lord, to follow the path of love. So all my blessings upon you my children. Excuse me for calling you that, some of you are older than me perhaps. We are all children, Children of God, made in His image, made in His Divinity. And nothing could detract us from that except ourselves, if we want to do it. The path is not always easy but as we gradually go on the path, you'll find the burden becoming lighter and lighter. And that's what the guru does. As you climb up the hill with that bag, that heavy load of samskaras, that burden, the guru comes behind you, you don't even notice him but he's got a lovely long pin and he pricks the bag. And all that heaviness, all that sand or whatever, the sand of samskaras trickles out slowly, slowly, slowly. And when you reach higher and higher on this climb towards Divinity, your burden becomes lighter and lighter and then you realise, 'I came with no bag, there's no weight in it. It’s so light'. Do you see? So the greatest tool the guru has, is a big pin. Sometimes I miss the bag (General laughter) and push the pin a bit lower down. So my Beloveds, in the, being witnessed by all our family here, you have your job to do. The more you do it, the better for you. If you put a quarter teaspoon of sugar in your tea, it will not be so sweet, half a teaspoon, a little sweeter, a full teaspoon much, much more sweeter. And then of course this other guy used to put six teaspoons of sugar in his tea and he never used to stir the tea. So I asked him 'Why don't you stir the tea?' He said 'That will make it too sweet'. Good. What shall we talk about this morning? Questioner. Beloved one, when I go to ask you this question, it seems so simple. I first had this thought when I wrote you a letter where I expressed a lot of my fears about this life. And the thought was so simple, I had to keep turning back to the page to remember it, because my mind reeled and I wrote it down and put it somewhere and it’s more ......... Gururaj. It must be reeling somewhere now. Questioner. (Cont'd). I hope so. In the last week and a half I have attempted to share with several fellow meditators my experience of you as a powerful clear mirror in which you reflect me back to myself. And my perception if I can accept

2. UK 84-8 and love you as I see you or as you appear to be to me, then I am accepting and loving myself at the same time. This is one of the manifestations of the power of your presence in my life. It is hard to fully convey the power of this to others. Would you please comment and help me do this? Gururaj. What does he mean? (Gururaj laughs) He wants me to talk about myself, doesn't he? A guru can be a catalyst to show you who you really are and what you are. He will show you what you are now and he will also show you the potential of what you can be. That is his job. A true guru does it by words and also by imparting the spiritual forces of which he's only a channel. And being that channel, his mirror has to be clean so that you could look into the mirror clearly and recognise the spots on your face. Once you recognise the spots on your face or the marks, you will not need to use all these powders and all those things that you cover up marks with. What for? Those spots on the face you have, they are my spots. Why must I cover them up? Why must I hide behind a mask? How many people in this world can truly say that they are not hiding behind a mask? A facade. People do not live as they truly are. People live in an idea of themselves. So they don't live themselves but they live in an idea and an idea is a mental conception. Right. But I, idea, is so similar to one's ego self, where the ego self conceives of it to be something far greater and better than what they are. Ask any woman when she looks into her mirror, she says 'Oh, I am pretty'. If you ask Charles, he will tell you, 'Don't I look much more handsomer today than yesterday?' I told you that the other day. And I personally look a bit better today and thanks to Hilda, lovely Hilda, where is she sitting? Ah there she is - she gave me a hair trim. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. So the whole point is this, that we live an ideological way of life rather than a pragmatic practical way of life because of one reason, we fear ourselves. We fear ourselves. And the guru with his big pin, tries to pin you on the backside, so that you don't fear yourself. Take off the mask. Be yourself. That is the true message and that is how to live. Every person, every man thinks himself greater than what he is. Every woman too thinks herself to be more prettier or more greater than what she really is, everyone, except these neurotic, psychotic cases which we are not talking about now. But how beautiful won't it be if man can say to himself, 'I am this. I am me as I am now. But let me do something to improve myself, to become a better person'. You don't need to be a religionist. You don't need to be an atheist. You don't need to be nothing. You need to be yourself and when you really realise the meaning of being yourself, you will know immediately, I am nothing. Because you are nothing. Only your assumptions and presumptions and ego selves that make you think you are something. You're none lower than the biggest King in the world or the biggest millionaire, or the greatest Queen, or the greatest genius. You are none lower than any of them. You're totally equal to them. Why are you totally equal to them? Because you are nothing and they are nothing too.

3. UK 84-8 Realising this nothingness within yourself, you lose the sense of the 'I'-ness. You lose the sense of the ego. And when you can truly say 'I am nothing', then the real something dawns in your heart, the reality which can only be one and that is Divinity. And yet man says 'Oh I'm a Professor, I've got half a dozen Ph.D's behind my name. Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Metaphysics, Doctor of Psychology, Doctor of Bullshitology'. What does it mean? Nothing. It means nothing. All these people with all these Doctorates are more befuddled in their minds than simple humble people like us, whose minds are trained, whose minds are led forward to that something when you automatically, observing the glory of that something, you feel I am nothing. And when you feel I am nothing, then all the joy of that something, enters your life. Because you feel you're something, that is the greatest blockage. So that glory of the something cannot infiltrate or permeate you. And then everyone complains of suffering. My husband did this and my wife did this and my daughter did this, and my this, that, that, that, that, that, that, a million problems. What are problems? Who creates problems? God does not create problems like in our prayer the 'Shanti Path', the entire universe is filled with peace and in the end we say, 'Let that peace dawn upon me'. But let those not just be words, experience it, feel it, enjoy it. When I go to bed at night I lie down, I do certain practices which you will learn later as you progress step by step, step by step. No hurry. There's a whole eternity in front of you. I do certain practices and not a single thought is there in the mind. And I put my head on the pillow and people that have slept in the same room with me will tell you that. My head on the pillow and I am gone, in total awareness. Gone, and still here. Ah there's the rub, 'ruubb'. Gone away and still here. In the world, yet not of the world. Do you see this beauty? There's something, we do not believe in destructio n because nothing can be destroyed but to use this word, I would say try and destroy the sense of 'I', 'Me', 'Mine', 'Ego' for I had explained sometime I don't know where about the ego. It’s just a whole concoction. It’s a cocktail of all your thoughts. A cocktail. That’s all. All your thoughts mixed together. Do you know how the Irish make their cocktails? They take half a glass of whiskey and mix it with another half a glass of whiskey. (Gururaj laughs) You see my Beloveds, give away the ego, discard it and that is surrender someone asked me about the other day. Chuck the ego away. Say as I would say, 'I am nothing, nothing at all. I possess nothing. I own nothing. I don't even possess myself'. By having that attitude, greed will disappear, lust will disappear, the love of power will disappear. And purity will dawn. And when that purity will dawn, then everything that you deserve will come to you automatically, without even you lifting a finger. That's the law of nature. It’s an eternal law of nature. The more you hanker after something, the further will it run away from you. The further it will run away from you. So cravings and hankerings, get rid of them. Just say 'Okay, so what'. They're only two people that can say 'So what', the evolved person and the idiot. The idiot says 'So

4. UK 84-8 whaat!' The evolved person will say so what for a different reason altogether. Ah this has happened so what okay fine, I take it. Do you see? How beautiful life can be. I just can't understand why people make their lives miserable. To me it’s such a contradiction. Yet I see it around me all the time. Not that I have not gone through misery myself, but have risen above all misery. Then I look down and see others miserable and say, 'God, if I you have given me the grace to rise above it all, please why not all your other children, my brothers, my sisters. Why not remove their miseries?' And then He tells me, 'I remove nothing. I don't give you misery and I don't give you happiness. So tell your children to whom I sent you, tell them in plain words and kick their backsides too if you would need to do it, that the happiness and misery is not God's creation'. It’s a neutral force. It is your own creation. And I do know one thing for sure that anything you create, you can uncreate. Its like taking a piece of string and tying it round your finger and you can also tie it off your finger. You see? And yet the central word is tying on and tying off. Do you see? So its all ties, until that string is taken away completely and there are no ties. I got a letter from a woman, yeah, yesterday, today, this morning I think it was. I get a lot of letters up there. Just don't think that I come and sit down and talk to you for an hour, hour and a half and joke and give a few words of wisdom of which I am capable. But in my room you know, I'm sitting at my desk all the time doing progress forms and initiations and all the letters that come in and interviews. And it’s full time thing from morning 'til night. And this lady writes to me. She says, 'I have done my best and I'm so miserable because my husband tends to spend more time with another woman than with me. What must I do?' I was nearly tempted to write a letter back to her saying, 'Write to Auntie Mary Love Column'. It takes two hands to clap. Let me extend my hand first. That's one solution. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. It can't be helped. But if you do not put in one hundred percent of your effort to make it work, you have no right to break it. You make it, you don't break it. But after putting one hundred and one percent of your effort to it, then you'll be totally guiltless because you have done your best and break. Common sense. So that is how life goes on. I'm just using this as an example. This is how life goes on in every aspect, in every facet, be it your love life, be it the economic side of things, be it any other side of things. Accept what is there. Why moan about it? Throughout my travels round the world, I don't only stay with wealthy people, but also with those that are not wealthy, but they are so, so loving, so beautiful. They pour their hearts and souls out to me. In wealthy homes, they have those big bathrooms, you know, fine, okay, and you can walk in and turn around. And there are other homes, such loving homes where you can't walk into the bathroom, you've got to reverse in and then pull off your pants. But how beautiful that is? Because the home is filled with so much love and joy. So much togetherness, that I personally feel I could just

5. UK 84-8 hold them in my arms, twenty fours hours of the day. Now the point is this, that be you wealthy or not wealthy or just making ends meet and sometimes the ends don't meet, you got to create the spark and the spark meets. That is not important at all. What is important is the purity of your heart, the Divinity that you could recognise that is within you and then come what may, it does not matter. And we do know that after May, there's June. So if May is not behaving properly with me, I'll find June. You see? Life is fil led with changes, changes, changes, all the time. Everything is changing and the secret of Divinity is to find the underlying factor which is changeless amidst all the change, the motionless amongst all the motion. You know why you have emotions, is because of motion. You enunciate the motion so that it becomes emotion. But you need that. Otherwise you'd be a senseless being without feeling because emotions and feelings are so tied together. But if you can really analyse things, Jnana Yoga, what emotions really are, what feelings really are. Can anyone here in this room tell me that they have true feelings in all its purity? No. No one can, because their feelings are guided by their patternings o r their idealism that they formed in their mind. Miss X, Miss A, Miss B, Miss C, Miss D, Miss, what comes after D, E, Miss F, F, G. Right. They all love me. They all love me. Yes. Because they have a certain ideal of me. So are they truly loving me or they loving the ideal? That and an ideal is always a concept of the mind. And the concept, the real concept if it is from the mind, if it does not even come from the heart, should be this he is an ordinary man that does everything that we do. Why should he be different? If he had to be different, he wouldn't have been born in this world. He would be born in some other word if he was different. And can you imagine that I've got ten fingers? How many have you? Also ten. I’ve got ten toes and you've got eleven, ten? Yeh. I've got one head. So have you. Got one heart. So have you. I'm totally human. That's all. But through the grace of God, because the message of peace and love that has to be taught to the world, I come to you to give you that message, to make you look at life in a totally different perspective, in a totally different perspective, so that your life could become just as joyous as mine. Do you see? If Divinity has given me the capacity to enjoy His love and His peace, I can assure you that He has given you that capacity too. Why should He favour me and disfavour you? No. That's never done by a neutral agency. So you see He favours no one and He disfavours no one. It’s totally up to you and we limp away through life. I don't know why. Reminds me of this Professor. He lived not very far from the University and he was walking, limping. So he meets a friend on the road while going to the University and he says, 'John, I don't know why I'm limping this morning'. So John tells him, 'Look, why not walk with both feet on the pavement or both feet on the road because you will limp if you have one foot on the road and one on the pavement?' By the way you Americans, pavement means sidewalk. Okay, you understand. Good. I don't know what it’s called in Danish. You see

6. UK 84-8 So we limp our way through life when it is not necessary. You just need a little bit of sense, a little bit of common sense and a little bit of nonsense and you can walk straight. You need this little big of nonsense in your life. It is very important. It is very important because that gives humour to your life. Do you see? That shows you, that teaches you not to take things too seriously. So have a bit of nonsense, enjoy it in its true perspective and have that common sense to it as well. And have the sense to have common sense and nonsense. You see? Oh my God, before that bell rings. The way they treat us here, I must talk to Mr. Moon, what does he think we are, school children that you ring the bell and we must be there for lunch. Let's see what jokes we got today. You know this girl that went to work as a typist and when she was told about punctuation, to her it meant to be at work on time. Well those that are not typists won't understand it. Who cares? So what. There was a fight, a duel between a fat man and a thin man. So the referee, that's what you call it, referee in a duel, shooting pistols. I only know of referees when they play soccer matches. Just imagine twenty two grown up people kicking one small ball around. Damn silly. And then you have sixty, seventy thousand people sitting around watching those twenty two fools. (General laughter) And especially the Liverpudlians are very fond of that. And oh, they have a special language, I don't know if I told you about that. You know Poodle, p,o,o,d,l,e, - means little dog. Right. So the 'Liverpoodlians' have a special language of their own, they say 'Woof, woof, woof, woof'. Nevertheless this fat man and this thin man was having a duel. So the fat man complained that you know, a duel with pistols, that 'Look, this thin man has got greater advantage over me because I am fat, you know, so he doesn't need to aim too accurately in shooting'. So the referee said 'Look, we'll work out a plan'. He took a piece of chalk and drew lines on the fat man to match up, yeah, to match up the body of the thin man. And then he announced that if the thin man shoots the fat man outside the lines, it won't count. (General laughter) You know these nuns they go about in pairs always. The one is there to watch the other what she's doing. That's besides the point. But this one person from Ireland thought that a transistor, tran-sistor is a woman who wear men's clothes. You don't catch that, cuckoo? Transistor, Transvestite, Trans-across. I got to explain my own jokes.

7. UK 84-8 So this one guy, he was a Kerryman. That's also you know a place in Ireland near Cork, I think it is. Is it? Kerry is near Cork? Oh is that where they put the corks on their liquor bottles? Ah, good, I learn always something. Good. So this guy went to a five star hotel, posh place, you know en-suite bathroom, this that. So next morning the steward came in and said, 'Did you sleep well sir?' So he says 'No, I did not sleep well at all because I was afraid that people would walk through my front door to use the bathroom'. So he couldn't sleep well. Now I must explain that joke. If you stay in a five star hotel, you have a bathroom en-suite. Right. Nobody comes in there, it’s your private bathroom. Duchant will tell you because he only travels on Concorde and stays in five star hotels. I got to be very careful, you know. And this Irishman, he heard about Knighthood and we English people, we know what Knighthood is, like for example Sir Charles, you know, things like that, knighthood. But this Irishman thought a Knighthood is something to wear to keep his ears warm when he sleeps. This guy went to the doctor and the doctor gave him a box of pills and he says, 'Look, take the box of pills. Okay'. Some days later the patient goes back to the doctor. He says, 'Doctor, I took the box of pills but it has not helped me'. S o the doctor says, 'Don't you worry, don't you worry, wait 'til the lid comes off'. Now this chap was supposed to be conscripted into the army. Yes Linda, explain him. If you don't then I'll explain him later, over a Scotch before lunch. So this chap was conscripted to the army and he wrote a letter, 'Dear Sir, I cannot join the army because I've got a wooden leg'. So then the army officials wrote back to him and said, 'Look, you'll have to give us more details'. So he replied, 'Dear Sir, my father had a wooden leg, my grandfather had a wooden leg, my great grandfather had a wooden leg. So this runs in the family'. (General laughter) And that is true of most people. When people have wooden heads, it runs through the family. And then of course this last one, you know the Irish, you know what a streaker is? You do. A streaker, you Americans know what a streaker is? A streaker is a person who would streak through the football ground with all his clothes off. Right. But this Irishman wanted to streak and he forgot to take his clothes off. END


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