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1. UK 85-1 Gururaj. As I said, it is so beautiful to be with my loved ones, friends of so many, many years to which our hearts has flowed so beautifully in the name of Divinity. For what else is there in life? Do we live only for the five physical senses that we have, eating, tasting, smelling, touching, feeling? Is that the meaning of life or is there a higher meaning of life? And happiness can only be found if you try and strive for the higher meaning of life. Let us meditate for a moment to calm ourselves. Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Open your eyes slowly. I don't know how many new people there are, but most of you that have been attending Courses year after year would know the meaning of this greeting that with thought, word, and deed I salute the Divinity within you. Because you are Divine. You imagine yourself to be non-Divine and that causes y ou the miseries of life. But if you think to yourself that 'I am born in the image of God, that I am that Divinity' then all miseries will disappear. So during this Course as well as many others I will try my best, according to my ability which is very little, I'm so human like you, to show you other aspects of life, how you could view life and get rid of misery. Because that misery comes from 'isery', - I, I, I - you're no I. So as the Course progresses and I put you through various experiences, you'll find a different understanding in life. Unfortunately I have a bit of a sore throat. When I left South Africa, it was about thirty five degrees centigrade, very warm. And then coming to England, it was below zero and going to Denmark it was all the snow and then in Spain high up in the mountains, it was very cold. I said to myself, 'Why must the outer weather influence me? I want to be myself as myself'. And that everyone can do. If you can only be able to divorce, - ah - to divorce yourself from the externalities of life and bring yourself into the internality, which is really you, then nothing can affect you. Now affectation is a product of your mind and your mind as everyone else's in the world, ninety nine point, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, percent is affected by the mind. Are you ruling your mind or is your mind ruling you? If you say to yourself, 'I'm feeling sick, sick, sick, sick, sick', you will feel sick. But if you say to yourself, - oops - if you say to yourself 'I am well', you'll find that energy welling up within you because your mind is the greatest obstacle to your misery and it is the greatest help to your development, to your non-misery. What is the meaning of misery? And what is the meaning of non-misery? Misery means that you are feeling uncomfortable within yourself and thoughts fly through your mind, conflicting thoughts where one thought conflicts with the other and that causes the friction that makes you feel miserable. But if you get rid of conflict then it is quite natural and logical that you'll feel non-conflict. Now the secret to non-conflict, is not controlling the mind. The more you try to control your mind, the greater the conflict will occur because you are pressurising a non-conflicting force against a conflicting

2. UK 85-1 force. And therefore because of these two opposites, you create greater conflict. But now if we can allow our minds just to flow - Inoo has said a bad word to me, I'm just using names - don't take them - Amita has said a bad word to me, Vidya has said a bad word to me, - how am I going to accept those words? How am I going to allow what Vidya has said to me or anyone else has said to me? Whose business is it? My business because I am the one that is allowing myself to be affected. You go out now and you find it cold. Who's feeling cold? Not the weather. You are feeling cold. If you go outside and it’s warm, you are feeling warm. So why not treat the mind in a similar way, where you could say to yourself 'A h it’s cold. So why not? Let it be cold'. If it’s raining, why not let it rain. Does not that rain give us the food and t he flowers and the beauty when joy. And if it so hot, can't we just think that it’s because of the heat that the food and flowers and everything grow. Is it not the heat and the rain that sustains life to its fullest? So, whose fault is it? Now here is something I'm going to tell you which is revolutionary. It is not your fault. And it is not the fault of the weather or the environment or anything else. The fault lies in the patterning of your mind. Now, if your minds can be patterned in a way of total acceptance, whatever befalls us, then the mind will unconditionally accept the patternings because the mind becomes unpatterned. You walk out of this room, so you put on your jersey and you put on your coat and it’s cold outside. You're going to feel cold outside. But if your mind says 'Oh well, if it’s cold outside, so what'. Its also part of nature as you are a part of nature. Because nature can only interact with nature. Nature can never interact with anything which is not natural. So if you have the attitude of saying 'Ah, its going to be cold when I walk outside. So what! Eh.' There's always a remedy for it. I'll have a hot cup of coffee or a scotch. Your whole attitude will change and that cold that you will find outside will not be felt because your attitude has changed and it is not in discordance with natural laws. So when you develop the acceptance of your environment, life becomes more happier. You go home, get out of your car, - Jyotima come here please. Sit here. My friend over there, Dhanjee my beloved, what's his name? I - Yeah come sit here, come, come, come close to me, come close to me my beloveds. Come close to me. So your attitude in life influences everything in your life. I've known of a person who was in a wheelchair, suffering so many diseases and yet this lady, must be about sixty years old, was the happiest person I've found in the world. Because she accepted her condition. She accepted her position. She accepted the fact that, 'Let me accept the things that I cannot change and change the thing, the Serenity Prayer, and change the things which I can change'. Now, there are many things in our lives that can be changed. You study your work situations, you study whatever you want to study, in every aspect of your life and if you can really look at it from a positive angle, you will fin d everything can be changed. Look at me, - Vidya where are you? Come sit here. I like you people to be close, close, close, close to my heart. Amita, you sit there. Sit there, Amita. Everything in your lives can be changed immediately.

3. UK 85-1 What you need are very, very simple principles. Hey Bavna, you're sitting so far, come, come, sit next to, come on, come on, come on, come on. And Inoo, come sit next to her here. Come on, Inoo. Yes, that's it. We are one family. Do you see the idea? We are one family. I'm not apart from you and you're not apart from me. We are created by the same one spirit and it’s the same one spirit that flows through us all. Do you see? So, when people talk to me of misery, I say it is not necessary to suffer misery. You can be so, so happy and the principles are so simple. That is the tragedy that I feel and that I suffer for, that the principles are so simple and peopl e just don't do it, dammit. 'Cor Blimey. If you would only meditate, quieten the mind, become the observer of these thoughts that flow through your mind and the mind could never be empty and observe them as the play on the screen of the cinema and not allow them to affect you. Because whatever is happening on the screen of the cinema, you can not influence it, you're sitting in the audience. Things are happening. You watch it and yet you know that what you see on the screen, is not reality. It is a play. So, if it is just a play, why should it allow to affect you? And yet you know, I used to be in the Film World for many years as Director, Producer, Actor, Script Writer blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Studio Sweeper, the works. That is a play happening on the screen and you sitting in the audience can do nothing to change what's happening in the play. So one man socks the other man. What can you do about it? Or the one man is unfaithful to his wife and makes love to another woman, - bloomin' idiot, - I beg your pardon - how is it going to affect you? You're watching a play, a drama which is enacted there. But it must not be allowed to affect you. You, your life, your real self is untouched, unblemished and nothing can affect you, if you do not allow it to affect you with your small little mind because what you have put into action is not your real self. You have put into action that small little mind. And I've said this in many lectures around the world that your brain has two billion cells and you're only using one millionth of the two billion cells. Even Einstein only used about, they say eight percent. But I think it was a bit less. I'm using about, never mind. So that little percentage of your mind or thinking power is ruling your lives when your life is vast as the universe. That little percentage is ruining and running your life and making it a hell and a misery. Why? Do you know why? Lack of understanding and lack of strength. The reason I go round the world, seven, eight months a year out of twelve, is to teach people that wholeness of themselves, not to be dependent on that little fraction of the mind, but to use the totality of yourself and enjoy the beautiful happiness, the totality of life. And you hear the sound of eternity flowing through you as a vibration through your Mantra, and you're happy. When you say you're unhappy, there's no such word as unhappy. What you are doing, you are using the word happy and negating with 'un'. It’s a negation. Now, why negate that which is true when you can experience that which is true without the negation of it? Now, when you negate, you are negative. And negation is married to negativity.

4. UK 85-1 I pity that husband and wife. We get rid of negation and we find that peace which is non-negative. And non-negative means a realisation of one's inner self, that I come from Divinity and I am Divine and I've added on all this rubbish on to myself, this dirt, to make me feel or not feel rather, the Divinity that is within me. If I'm born in the image of God, which is purity, then should the image not also be beautiful, pure and happy and blissful? So all of you here, oh, sorry dear, all of you here, ninety nine point nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, would you carry on nine, nine, nine, nine percent are absolutely lunatics, mad. And to be mad, I suppose it could be bad. So, through our meditational practices and other spiritual practices, we bring and focus the mind to greater and greater calmer level, where the mind does not function on its own but the mind penetrates the depths of the heart, the inner core of one's personality which is Divine. And when you can combine the thinking, the intellectual ability with that which is Divine and unthinking, how happy life could be? So what happens is this that within your inner self, you feel that bliss tha t joy. And I talk of experience. I don't talk from books. I chucked up reading books many years ago. Sometimes I read a book just to see what other people are saying. But when you feel that peace and calm within yourself, deep down within yourself and then you translate it to the conscious level of the mind, so then the conscious level of the mind, with the superconscious level that is within yourself, work in unionism. So the conscious level appreciates that which had been totally unconscious to you. It has never been unconscious. I challenge Jung, I challenge Freud, I challenge Adler on any public platform. Of course they're dead, but any of their, you know teachers on any public platform, that there's no such thing as unconscious. There is only consciousness all the time within you. And why you call it unconscious is because your conscious mind has not grasped it, grasped it. Do you see? So when the conscious mind grasps that inner level of quietude, of the peace, the peace that passeth all understanding, your conscious mind through which you function every day in your work, in your jobs, in your factories whatever you are doing, when it grasps it, the conscious mind also develops a level of peace, serenity, quietude, calmness and you feel confident within yourself, that I am not a lost soul. I'm born of God. I'm born in His image and I am the essence of Divinity and I am Divinity. Simple. I was called into a very serious situation once. They're were two neighbours living next to each other and there was a lane in between the two houses. Now it happened one day where a few dogs passed through the lane and fouled up the lane. What does that mean? You'll have to explain to me later. Right. Now they fouled, they dirtied the lane. So now these two neighbours you know were not on good terms with each other. So the one neighbour says to the other 'You clean up that lane' and the other neighbour says, 'You clean up that lane'. So they were fighting, quarrelling and the

5. UK 85-1 case went to Court. So here the Judge was sitting on the bench, listening to this argument and that argument. Meanwhile, the lane is in the centre and this house and that house. They were fighting - 'Now you clean up the lane, and you clean up the lane', blah, blah, blah. Right. So the argument went on and on, legal arguments, the lawyers and the advocates and the barristers and all of them. And no finality could be reached. So, the Judge called on me and says 'Gururaj, what do you think of this problem?' I looked at the two opponents and the Judge and their barristers and all that, I said 'Your Worship, your Honour' - I was looking stern, I had my wig on too, like in England. I said 'Your Honour, I do feel this that this Court is constituted by Her Majesty's Government to clear up matters. Do you agree with me, Your Honour?' So the Honour says, 'Yes, Gururaj'. 'So seeing that we could not come to any finality on this case who should clean up that dirt, and seeing that you are in charge of clearing up matters, you go and clear it up'. (General laughter) How many didn't get it? Oh, I love you so much, I love you so much. So lovely to be with you. What can I give you is only the love of God that pours through me to you. And may your lives be empowered by that love and Gurushakti flowing through every vein of your blood, all the time. All the time. All the time. Good. Now, that's about an hour, is it? Right. So tomorrow we start working with various things. And John, do not forget those flower petals tomorrow morning. We're going to have quite a number of things on this Course. We can have the Midnight Practice where I will be meditating in my room and you in yours and you will go through kinds of experiences. We'll have the Gold Thread Ceremony. Ah, that will be something different for you. Right. And then of course Communion Practice. And Vidya - so many other things, okay, we don't want to mention them. Right. So we're going to have a wonderful week together filled with Life, Love and Laughter and perhaps some little wisdom, I don't know. Did you know that one arm is slightly longer than the other? Did you know that? Did you know that one foot is slightly longer than the other? So my left foot, I've more trouble with. Thank you love. Well, did you all have dinner? Y ou did? Do have a pleasant night. And I don't know what my Secretaries, she, she, she - I don't know what they advise but we might do, I'm not sure yet, I might teach you the Garba dance, which is the dance created about five thousand years ago by Krishna and his Gopis. So we'll think about that. It is something to do, it is something to do with rhythmic bodily movement to a certain melody. Look we'll try and work it out. Rajesh, you have brought tapes, have you? Good. And see those that we picked out and perhaps he could do them and we'll see. It’s done in a sort of a circle and of course the Sufi dances were actually based on that. Oh well, that's just one of the things. There are many things we're going to do and keep you busy. Because by the time you leave this Course, you're not going to know who you are. Namaste.

6. UK 85-1 END


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