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1. UK 85- 12 Gururaj. gave was at the age of five and I had met a very holy man and one advice he gave me - incidentally I was voted to be, in one of your London papers, they had a survey on the best speakers in the world and I was one of the ten. But that's besides the point. What this, you know very wise man told me that if you want to speak in public just regard everyone in front of you to be worms. (General laughter) And you carry on talking. Why should you be shy of a worm? And here is the biggest one sitting here. Anyone, would like to discuss Easter dinner. Never mind, Inoo. You know we had on this last Course and the Course before that, we had what we call the Midnight Special. Right. So what actually happened on that Course and the last Course, that I would be sitting in my room meditating you know we said quarter to twelve, you start meditating and everyone was meditating in their rooms. So of course the next day, you know I asked them what experiences you had and of course many of them saw me physically in their room. Many of them you know felt the whole room lighted up in gold. Many smelt incense - is that what you call it - a fragrant smell in the room, plus, plus, plus many other experiences. And then one lady after a while came up to me, you know that was in privately and of course she says 'Guruji, I want to tell you something'. I say 'Yes dear, anything, you're never shy of your guru, do you, should you be, I mean'. She says 'I couldn't say this in public but the experience I had in that meditation was that you were making love to me'. (Gururaj laughs) Oh dear me, what a world? And it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world. I think there's a film by that name. Something like that, was it? Good. Has anyone got dark red lipstick here? Have you, Vidya? While she's busy with that, you know I found a - Vidya you do it, you'd know how - you know I found a girlfriend you know. At last I found the perfect girl, the one that I adore. She's deaf and dumb and oversexed and owns a liquor store. (General laughter) Voice. You think that's funny? Gururaj. Why should it be funny? The whole damn world is funny, isn't it? Right. I think that's fine. I think it’s red enough, Vidya. Fine. Thank you. Lovely. Voice. Do you want the lights off? Gururaj. Not necessary. Voice. Or the blinds Gururaj. I don't know. They can't see at the back there. This won't topple over, will it?

3. UK 85- 12 Voice. Yes sir. Gururaj. Now we'll make your paralysis go away in five minutes. Voice. I'm very grateful, sir. Gururaj. Good we'll do it. Now just walk and down a few times here so I can watch your movement. This is part of the answer to your question. Your trouble doesn't stem there. No, no it’s not from there. It’s from just somewhere up here. Now there is, the whole body has nerve complexes. The trouble originates there but you might feel it up there. Now ke ep yourself a little still. Walk again. See how much better you feel? Voice. It feels lighter. Gururaj. So simple. My joy. Good questions. Questioner. You have said many times Guruji, that Glastonbury is a very holy place. Some of us feel however that the energies here are very mixed and that nowadays there is a lot of darkness as well as light. Gururaj. Well from tomorrow you'll find it totally unmixed. Glastonbury is a holy place in one sense that it has a certain energy here. Now when the, when Atlantist, Atlantis rather exploded, the reason for it exploding was this, that they had reached a very high level of technology and they created a crystal which is a million times more powerful than a nuclear bomb. But as human beings go, there's always a power struggle. They had the cold wars and the hot wars and what have you, like America and Russia having cold wars and things like that happened and just because of man's greed for power that crystal got exploded. Now pieces of this crystal are in nine points in this planet, on this planet rather. There is a little bit of that crystal here in Glastonbury. Then at the slopes of the Himalayas. At the slopes of the Andes mountains and alongside the Yangtse River in China and in Capetown. That's why I'm there. And it is an energy. It gives off a certain energy that you'd find less Librium and Valium users in Glastonbury than the whole of England. Right. Yes. I was telling on the Course a little story to someone, I don't if it was in England or Denmark or somewhere, there's a place in South Africa called Seapoint and the area, the main road is just one and a half miles long. And it has about twenty eight Chemist Shops, Chemist Shops, Pharmacies, right and only three Dentists. So twenty eight Chemist Shops

4. UK 85- 12 in a road that's mile and a half long and of course my middle son, the second son, he's a Pharmacist and through him I know quite a number of Pharmacists, Chemists, and I ask 'What's your best seller?' They say Valium. Because you go to a doctor and you complain about this, that and the other and he gives you Valiums, tranquillisers. You get them by so many different names, Indiasepans and blah, blah, blahs. I do not know the medical terminology. But this is going to be one of my subjects, now on the thirteenth of April, to about eight hundred doctors I believe, the MBA something what ever it is. And you could see that the human body, I mean if it has that purity, could convey a spiritual energy which is more powerful than any medicine whatsoever. And after all what do doctors do, really speaking, they're only experimenting on you. They really don't know what they're doing. They read up, you know go to College, Medical College for five, six years or whatever the case might be in England and study up material written by others, which was also done more by guess work than real knowledge. So they do a test on a patient for say ten twenty, thirty patients. Fine. And twenty or thirty patients and then they draw up a report. These were the results. It’s mostly guess work. Right. And most of the information they get from rats, injecting rats with this and injecting rats with that and things like that. And then having these various groups injected and not injected with certain drugs and others on other drugs. Fine. That's as far as your doctors go. Right. When it comes to your psychologists and psychiatrists, it’s also - oh, I beg your pardon Vidya and Amita, they're both psychologists - but its also just a whole lot of guess work really and the things they use mostly is just common sense which any mother could tell a child or explain. Those are your psychologists and psychiatrists. Right. When there's an inbalance in the mind, right, and a psychiatrist cannot understand the cause of it, you get that shock treatment and they don't know exactly how it works in the brain. And it could be very, very fatal and damaging to a person's brain. While the same things you can do by just touching a person's head, you know and allowing the spiritual force to flow through you to the person and create better results than shock treatment. And this of course is harmless while shock treatment could be very harmful. So healing is a great art. And as I said I've had healers throughout the world and it’s only recently now from this Course that I've started giving them advanced healing practices. For example, let's take a dentist, my friend sitting over there from Preston, I'm sure you all know him, don't you. Her husband, Inoo's husband is a dentist too by the way. What are dentists doing in this country? I mean I'm not referring to an honest person like our friend from Preston or Don you know. They don't do these things. But do you know what dentists are doing nowadays, such a racket? They put you under anaesthesia, right, and there might just be one tooth to be filled but they'll bore ten and fill them so that they could get paid from what, do you call it your National Health something. So things have become such a racket. What is

5. UK 85- 12 happening to this world? And that is the tragedy and that is my greatest sorrow. I have no personal sorrows of my own. My sorrows are of others, where honesty, sincerity, truthfulness is disappearing so, so fast. I was telling Vidya the other day that I wish that all the world's problems, you know was like a bolder, that I could just pick up and throw away. Take all the miseries and sufferings away. Wish I could. Well of course, that's wishful thinking, naturally. But I hope you get the feeling behind it that you know I wish I could really get rid of everyone's problems. But we can get rid of problems if people are prepared to, if people want to get rid of them rather, by doing their spiritual practices regularly. By developing a sane attitude. Right. By looking at things in a, with a different perspective, from a different angle, by being in the company of holy people. I mean really true Masters. Not these money-making business machines calling themselves gurus. In the company of holy people true Masters, by reading good books, instead of reading Harold Robbins. I don't know these things, I don't read them. Right. And thereby we try and change our attitudes and perspectives and ways of thinking in life, we'd find life improving, the quality improves. We feel more uplifted. And I personally have one motto, I like to inform, educate, ah yes, inform, educate, Voice. Elevate Gururaj. Ah yes, inform, educate, uplift - there's a fourth one I can't remember now. Whatever it is - oh and entertain, that's it. Yes. Yes. Because these things are so combined, to be informed, to be educated, right, in a certain way of life. You know having half a dozen PhD’s behind your name does not make you an educated person. That education must be there inside. That's education - inform, educate, entertain, laugh. Didn't Jesus say that 'Be of good Cheer'. And yet every picture we find of Jesus, it’s always with sad long face and eyes and you know and tears running, which is not, it’s wrong. I've known him since I was a child, since I started crawling. I've seen him. I know him very, very well . In America they had arranged for me - this was about two years ago, almost three years now - where they got hold of a man called Captain Niles. And he was a teacher on this IdentiKit, is that what you call it? IdentiKit. Right. So, of course you know he flashes all these various noses and eyes and ears and things in front of you, in a quick flash. He doesn't give you time to think which is the right way of course of doing it. He's a lecturer on that subject. And then you know we got what I wanted as it was this is new that. And then we went to George I think, who is a very good artist and he painted, he drew the picture I was with him for quite a few hours while he did that. I said a little bit this, a little bit that, that, that. Have I brought that picture to England yet?

6. UK 85- 12 Voice. Yes, yes. Gururaj. Have I? I did, yes. Yeah. And that is exactly what Jesus looked like and not that long sorrowful face. Yeah. So, change of attitude, perspective, listening to wise words, reading good books, listening to some good tapes you know which - I think they're good in any case - which Dave readily would supply to you. And things like that, that uplifts life. Yeah. Because you are not born to suffer. No. No. No. You're born to be of good cheer. And we just bring all these various sufferings upon us you know. Next question. What have we got here? You're all familiar with Rudyard Kipling, aren't you? Good, and this is quite a favourite one of mine. There was this old lion you know and with a thick mane. And what the birds did was built a nest in his mane and of course at night you know they used to twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter and the poor old lion couldn't sleep. So he went to the dentist and the dentist suggested that 'Look you know it might be a nerve connected to one of your teeth. So I think we should pull your teeth out you know'. Right. That didn't help. Then he went to a physician, right, a psychiatrist and psychologist and then to a physician. So the physician says, 'Look, there's only one way is to shave off the mane, so the birds can't build a nest and then they can't twitter away'. Fine. So that's what the lion did. The old lion and of course he had his mane cut off, shaved but it had a deep psychological effect upon him because what is a lion without a mane. You know he felt so feminine, effeminate, yes a lion must have a mane. Yes. And then slowly of course the hair grew again and the birds came back and built a nest. And you know they were twittering away merrily and the poor lion just could not sleep at night. Right. So then he thought 'What must I do now?' So he went to a witch doctor. Now which doctor he went to I don't know. Nevertheless he went to this witch doctor and the witch doctor said 'Oh well, the problem is not so terrible as you think it is. What you do is this. Down the road go to the grocers and buy some yeast'. You know yeast which we use in making bread and it makes the dough rise. That's a good idea really how to make some dough rise because my dough keeps on going down. (General laughter) That’s an Americanism. These Americans understand it better, dough means money to them. Dough. Oh he's got plenty of dough, you know that kind of thing. Right. So the witch doctor says 'What you do is, go down to the grocers and buy some yeast. Fine. And what you do is rub it on your vest'. So the lion did that and in a few days time all the birds were gone and there was no twittering at all and he could sleep so well, the lion could. So a few days later he goes back to the witch doctor and says 'What do I owe you?' The witch doctor says 'No, it’s on the house you know'. Very few people do these things. As a matter of fact these teeth of mine here were done on the house by my Preston friend there. Nevertheless this witch doctor was like him, he says 'Ah, it’s on the house'. Fine. And the birds went away and of course there was no twittering and the lion could sleep well. But

7. UK 85- 12 when he went to ask the witch doctor for how much he must pay his fees, the witch doctor say 'No, no, but remember one thing yeast is yeast and vest is vest and never the mane shall tweet'. (General laughter) That is from Rudyard Kipling's poem. I'm sure all of you know Rudyard Kipling's poem, 'East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet'. Meanwhile you must study the following lines because they are very interesting. Questioner. Beloved Guruji, if two people are in love and can say 'I am you', how can one be mean to another. Does love have Gururaj. How can one be? Questioner. (Cont'd). mean to another. Does love have opposite components within us? Gururaj. How can they be mean to another? They must try and mean something to each other. When a man can say 'I am Thee my beloved' or a woman can say that 'I am Thee, my lover' or whatever, then it is true love, otherwise it is not love. It is just a means of bluffing ourself and being mean in that way by bluffing ourselves that we love each other. Love has many reasons, the ordinary surface love. It could be by need. Needs could be physical, needs could be emotional, needs could be economical. There are many kinds of needs. And therefore you bluff yourself in saying that 'I love my wife, or I love my husband'. So where is the question of meanness? For true love knows of no meanness at all. Love is. Love just is. I believe this girl that drew those cartoons, cartoons, 'Love Is', made a packet. I think I went into the wrong business. Nevertheless, so love does not need any qualification. It does not require any kind of analysis. You love for the sake of love, not for the sake of the person that you think you are loving, because as soon as you start thinking that you are loving, you are not loving at all. Because the very process of thinking requires analysis. So you don't analyse love, you just love. For example to my beloved, you know, I would say even tomorrow you get shrivelled or burned or whatever I'll love you just as much. Because it is not your outer self that I’m loving. I might be infatuated by your outer appearance, beautiful face, nice nose, or lovely lips, or other parts of the anatomy, whatever they are. That's surface. And then you have a slightly higher grade of love, where minds meet. They have common interests such as art, music or whatever. Right. That is, one is a physical love, one is a mental love. Right. But real love is spiritual love where the body does not matter and the mind does not matter, because matter does not mind in any case. But the spiritual flow from one to another, it’s like electricity. It’s like this light burning here. This light could never burn without the positive and the negative current. They both have to be there for this light to burn. Right.

8. UK 85- 12 So that is how when people go deeper and deeper into their meditations, they bring out more and more of their deeper selves, their inner selves, their real selves, not the assumed self. And do you know this works in every way. Every woman thinks she is prettier than what she really is. Every man thinks he's more handsomer that what he really is. Is that true, love? Voice. I don't really know. Gururaj. Look into his eyes, you'll see how beautiful he is. Yes. So we live, ninety percent of our lives are lived in assumptions and presumptions. And we base all our conclusions on the assumptions and presumptions we have about ourselves and the world around us. So what does that mean, that ninety per cent of us are loco, cuckoo, mad. Didn't I say before it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world? So, when two people really love each other, I'm talking of that spiritual flow, right, there is no breaking point there at all. It just keeps on flowing. Oh yes. It’s a direct current not an alternate current - I don't know what kind of electricity you have here in England. Do you have alternate current or direct current? Voice. Alternating. Gururaj. Alternating. Yah. Right. But this love from spirit to spirit is a direct current. Alternate current means you know there's a break in between. And direct current means its continuously flowing and what a power it contains. Even in love making, like I've said a few times before, it could be so intense so beautiful. And these guys that talk of celibacy, they know nothing about it. If you had to be born a celibate, if you were supposed to be a celibate, God would have not given you the organs that you have. Yeah. But to use it wisely, that is the idea, not lustfully. Husband and wife, two lovers make love. What are they actually doing? Just releasing tension. That's all what they're doing. It has its uses of course . It would have its uses, you know release of tension has its use. But it could be used, but that release of tension can be released in so many other ways and not only by lust. When a man and woman really loves from the level which I'm talking about, you forget the body, you forget the mind, spirits merge in oneness because there's in reality only one spirit. And you become slowly conscious of that oneness and then what remains, is one vast orgasm where you are lost and she is lost in this vast orgasm. So where is the question of meanness? Meanness would come about if your husband has to use you as a child producing machine or release releasing machine or whatever. That's mean. But when it comes to real love, real flow from soul to soul, there is love, that takes you above your little self. That is love. I would like to open up a

9. UK 85- 12 school one day on the art of love. Bring your own partners, I'll do the demonstrations. (Gururaj laughs) Naughty but nice. Next question? Voice. Elizabeth Hill. SIDE ONE OF TAPE ENDS Questioner. I would love to know your thoughts on this 'That Christ came with a sword'. Gururaj. Yes. Christ came with a sword and I come with beads to strangle you. What does it mean by saying Christ came with a sword? Not to kill you. No. He came with a sword to cut away your sins, your ill-doings. That is the sword he came with. And there was a special name inscribed on that sword, it was L-o-v-e, Love. So it was a tool to make people realise what love was all about and through the love of his sword, he wants to cut your sins away. That is the real meaning when they say 'He came with a sword'. Have any of you ever thought of it in that way? I think it’s a nice way to think of it. His sword was to cut away. Therefore he said if you study the Bible, I haven't read the Bible, so I wouldn't know very much about it, but he talks of repentance and things like that. That's cutting away those ill-doings. Cutting away bad karma for example. Yeah. That's the sword of love. For example, a child is naughty and the mother or father whacks the child. The mother or father feels more hurt than the child. But nothing wrong to use the strap. If something can be taught. If it can't go in from top, put it in from the bottom. Yes. Right. You know this one seven year old girl was naughty one day and so the father took her upstairs to the bedroom and took the hairbrush and gave her a few good whacks on you know the tender parts, the backside. Right. And then she cried and cried upstairs there. And the father was downstairs worrying you know he might have hurt the child a bit too much. So he went upstairs and what the child was doing, the child was start naked and looking at her backside you know in the mirror. So the father says 'What are you doing?' So she says 'Dad, you hit me so hard you cracked it'. (General laughter) Question? Qu estioner. Guruji, in comparison to other major religions in the world would you say that Christianity has been particularly successful in helping its participants resolve and advance themselves? Gururaj. That could be true. That could be true. It could be true. It could be true. But remember one thing always that they're have been no wars in this world that has taken more blood than religious wars. In, take the time of the Crusades, take the time of the rise of Islam, take Hinduism, millions of people have been killed that even all those great World Wars

10. UK 85- 12 we had, never suffered so many deaths. So as Vivekananda, to quote him as Vivekananda says that 'There's nothing in the world that has done more good than religion. And there's nothing in the world that has done more bad than religion'. Now I do not teach any religion at all. You can see our Emblem up there, it includes all the religions, all the major religions. And this circle there, the Eternal Circle represents the religions that are not listed on the board. Because how many can you get onto the board? And then of course people have their own private ideologies, their private philosophies. So the Eternal Spiral Circle represents all that. And you'd find them mounted on five lines, which in musical notation we use, symbolising harmony. So let there be harmony amongst all religions for one purpose, to lead us to the light within the flame in the centre. Do you see? So, our teachings are based on basics, the basics of all religions. When I speak to Mohammedan people they think I'm speaking of Islam. When I speak to Hindu people they think I am speaking of Hinduism or to Buddhists of Buddhism or to Christians of Christianity. Yet, I'm saying the same thing. Because you don't go for the trimmings, that's where differences lie. You go to the core, the basic truths. Is there any religion in this world that would say hate, don't love, or things like that or be untruthful and not truthful? No. No religion says that. All the same. Their methodology might differ right in outer trimmings. As I said they tend to become dogmatic and they tie you up in dogmas, which we don't. We give every person a total freedom. We are no religion. No. I don't even like to call it an organisation. Do you see? We give them total freedom. Right. Here are the tools, use them if you want to. If not, you know what to do with them. Do you see? And that is how a person evolves. By tying a person up is like imprisoning someone, putting someone in prison where he can't move out of. But give all the tools and say 'Here are the tools. Now use them wisely if you can'. And then you'll find that person will progress, or evolve. And through one idea, one creative idea, another creative idea will dawn upon him. And through for example, our meditational and spiritual practices are so well designed - I should go into the subject with you some other time because it would take a long time - where each and everything in the package is so interlinked for a particular purpose. I had one couple here in England that wanted to start off a Movement with the idea of using me and filling their pockets. Nevertheless so this couple you know, I said you must, I first sent them to America then I sent them to Australia. What they did in Australia was read half a dozen books or a dozen books perhaps, and formulated certain things. And that's called spirituality. Spirituality is something tangible that can be felt, not only through the words I speak, but you feel it in your heart as well the mind consciously too would appreciate it. But the greater benefit is the Gurushakti, the grace and I am only a channel of God. I'm nothing else. I'm so ordinary like you. I'll sit down and share a cigarette with you o r a Scotch and soda with you. I'm an ordinary person. I want to be ordinary. I can very easily, like you know most of these

11. UK 85- 12 gurus I know very well, they invite me actually but whenever I go and visit them, they shiver slightly in their pants because I g ive them hell. Like Maharishi wanted me to take over TM. He invited me, he sent me a ticket to Spain when he was holding a Course there. He says 'Look, I'm getting old, will you take over TM and there's so many millions there and blah, blah, blah'. I said 'Sorry, I don't want you millions and I don't want your TM because I disagree with your ideas and your methods and the way you make Teachers and lots of other things'. Right. Muktananda, I knew him very well he passed away about a year, year and a half ago. Satchitananda, Shitanda, I know them all. You name them and I know them. So this couple which I trained up, kept a list of mantras you know which I gave to various people according to their vibrations. Right. And each mantra given is filled with a spiritual force that uplifts you. It’s not just the sound alone. And of course everything in the world is nothing else but vibrations. Even the Bible says it. 'First was the word, and the word was with God and the word is God'. So what is the word, sound? Sound is vibration. Fine. So if there's a true Master and can get to your vibration then that mantra will be uplifting for you an d beneficial for you. You see? Now these two young ladies from Australia came to visit England and somehow they heard of the Centre which Rajesh and Jasmini runs. I mean, they'll tell you. Right. And what these two people that went to Australia were doing after having made a list of thousands of mantras I had given out, they started giving out to people without knowing anything about vibrations, without having no spiritual force in them at all. I don't like to mention names but I heard very recently that they are divorced. Karma catches up with you, that is for sure. And Rajesh and Jasmini initiated these two young ladies. How old were they? Can you remember? Jasmini. Twenty three. Gururaj. About that. Twenty three, twenty four, right, more or less that. Fine. And of course on our Forms we always ask a question, 'Have you done any form of meditation? What is it? Have you, are you using any kind of mantra? You know, what is it?' And would you believe this that to a twenty three year old girl they had given a mantra - you know they made a list of my mantras, right - they gave a mantra which I gave to a woman of sixty five years old and who was severe asthmatic. Now by doing that, those girls can develop asthma. Voice. She did have asthma.

12. UK 85- 12 Gururaj. There you are. There you are. You didn't tell me this before. Voice ...................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. There you are. So by using the wrong Mantras or wrong Practices, they could be harmful to people. And if you can't do anyone any good, don't do them any bad. If you can't do a person any good rather stay away. But don't go and do them bad. And it’s all for the sake of money. That's all. That's all. And this couple that went over, we heard in thei r Newsletter they took in four hundred and eighty thousand pounds for the year, moneymaking. That's wrong. Wrong. Rather not do anything than to do something bad. You see? And it requires a true spiritual Master to be able to impart that spiritual force to you. The Mantra you are given or the other practices are only half of the programme. The other half is by the spiritual force that's imparted to each and everyone doing the practices. And therefore I always insist, practise regularly so you can draw on that spiritual force. You see? And then this couple that went to Australia, they even came here to England to get hold of some of my old Teachers and wanted those Teachers of mine to start teaching English people here. But unfortunately they failed miserably. I'm sure you know, Dorothy, who I'm talking about. Next question or shall we have a joke? Oh this young lad was telling his friend 'You know my mother does bird imitations'. So, bird imitations, so this other little boy asks him, 'What do you mean by bird imitations? Give me an example'. So this youngster replies 'She watches me like a hawk'. (General laughter) Next question. Questioner. Guruji, sometimes there are people in our lives, sometimes our nearest and dearest, when they're in a great deal of pain and they are depressed and living in this very black blackness. How can we best help them? Gururaj. Oh very easy, dear. When you do the practice of Gurushakti, you are very spontaneously and automatically connecting yourself to my superconscious level. You know you have the conscious, sub-conscious and superconscious. Now I'm not aware of it at all. The super-conscious level is as vast as the universe. Right. So by doing Gurushakti, you are contacting the superconscious level and then after making that contact, the Gurushakti Practice, you bring it down to your conscious thinking level and direct it to the person who's ill or sick or in a dark cloud or whichever way. And you'd find that you, through you are pouring spiritual energies to that person to lighten him up. Yeah. It’s like a tap. Do you Americans know what a tap is? Its called a faucet in America and as a matter of fact I was in one home - oh they're great,

13. UK 85- 12 great dear friends of mine, I'm just making a joke - the tap was so tight that you really had to force it. (Gururaj laughs) Life, Love and Laughter. Now you're tuning in to this universal level. Fine. And you're directing it to that person and the person will of course be greatly benefited, oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. Do that. Try it out. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Questioner. It seems to me that the forces of evil are winning the battle. (General laughter) I wonder what are we supposed to do in the face of this evil whether we just sit down and think love and stuff when someone sticking a nuclear bomb up your ass. Gururaj. Sticks you? Questioner. (Cont'd). nuclear bomb up your ass. Gururaj. Oh. There is no evil at all in this entire universe. The only thing evil is your perception of a particular person or an object. There's no evil. Quoting Scriptures again 'Man is born in the image of God'. Okay. Right. Then again quoting Scriptures again 'God is omnipresent', meaning present everywhere. So where is the place for evil to exist? There's no evil at all. It is just a mental patterning of oneself that makes one see things as evil. And then of course you know the old saying 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'. You can look at something, you know one person will see it beautiful, while another might see it to be ugly. Do you see? There's no evil. If God created this world as the Scriptures would say, then why did he create evil? And this business about Satan, the devil, there's no such thing. There's no devil. There's no Satan. Your wrong thinking, negative thoughts, negative impulses that is the Satan and not some fallen angel that became a Satan. Do you see? There's no such thing at all. Everything is pure and holy and sacred. Yes. Questioner. If there's good Gururaj. Hold on. Everything is sacred. For example faeces, there's some other word, a four lettered word for it, I don't know it, is also sacred. Did you know that? Yes. The faeces fertilises the ground from which food grows and you eat the food and pass it out as faeces. So how can it be unholy? And if it has any stink to it what makes it stink? You, your stomach does it. Your intestines, stomach, the section, abdomen. So there's nothing evil at all. Nothing. Everything is sacred if you know how to look at it. I had a man - I told the story somewhere sometime - was caught up in some

14. UK 85- 12 circumstances not due to his own fault but he was imprisoned for about three years, I think it was. And after he came out of prison he tried very, very hard to find a job. But of course when every boss heard that he had a prison record, he couldn't get a job. He came to see me and I looked at him and what a beautiful person he was. That three years, while he was in prison, he kept on doing meditation and other spiritual practices and became a very beautiful person. So I saw the beauty in him. Those other people he applied to for a job only saw evil in him because he was put into prison for things which he could have not had helped, not through his own fault. Right. And I saw the beauty in him. I saw 'Ah, here's a lovely person'. So I picked up the telephone and phoned, I just made two phone calls and got him a job. And he's still in his job with annual increments and promotions and he's in his job for the past ten years now. So, who's evil? He, the worker or those bosses that used to kick him out. It's how you look at it. Next question? Questioner. What is innocence? Gururaj. Ah. 'Til what time are we allowed here, Peter? Peter. Half past five, Guruji. Gururaj. Oh I was wondering if we can stay until ten. Because that question it’s a very profound question. What is innocence? I spell it differently. Inner sense. When one has inner sense, you automatically have innocence. Right, Inoo? (Gururaj laughs) Yes. You automatically, once you have an inner sense. What are you trying to do, do the disco? I'm busy answering that lady’s question because give everyone a chance. Don't be selfish. Voice. Right. Gururaj. Yes. So how does one develop this inner sense, to make you innocent? You can be cent-less but you can still be innerly very rich. You see? This quality of innocence comes about through awareness, awareness which is attained through meditation and spiritual practices. Because the more aware you are, the less evil would you see. And the less evil that you would see, would make you more innocent. In other words you do not get involved in the unawareness, which seems to be around everywhere. So you look at things from a totally non-attached way. When you can look at things from a non-attached way, then you are not affected by it and not being affected by it naturally makes you innocent. Right.

15. UK 85- 12 Now the innocence of a child is different from the innocence of an adult. The innocence of a child is because the child has not developed the ability to analyse things or to think, rather. And it acts totally spontaneously. Its only when he starts growing up and getting some little sense in his head - by the way there are three kinds of things. You have sense, common sense and innocence, right - so, when the child starts growing up and starts thinking a bit then it loses its innocence. Right. But the child is not innocent really, because he is born with karmas and samskaras and past impressions of previous lives he might have lived. Okay. But when an adult becomes innocent as a child - you don't become childish, but childlike - when you become innocent as a child, then only you approach the portals of heaven, something like that. That comes from awareness. Right. To be aware of everything around you and not find any fault in anything and see no evil, then you are innocent. Yes. I tell you a story of myself now which I might have said somewhere before, I don't know. My car couldn't start and I had to reach home from the centre of town. I live about fifteen miles away from the centre of town. So there were three thugs and on a Saturday afternoon I was working late at the office 'till about, oh I think about four, five o'clock. Yes tha t was the last initiation I did about fivish. So I had to take a walk to the Bus stop. And Capetown is a City than on a Saturday afternoon you know you'll find no one around in the streets, really, you know very few people. So these three thugs grabbed me and pushed me into a shop door, you know you have a little what do you call it? Voice. Doorway. Gururaj. A doorway. Fine, pushed me in there and I think I had about thirty or thirty five Rand on me which I was supposed to give to my good wife you know for doing the shopping, buying bread and milk and usual things. Fine. And they pushed me in this doorway and felt my pockets and took my wallet. And then they started running up the road. So I came out and I shouted to them, I said 'Wait a minute, you've forgotten my watch and my pen take this please also'. They came back and of course they spoke Afrikaans and said in Afrikaans 'Die ist anders souter Mann', which means this is a different kind of person. So they didn't take my watch, they didn't take my pen and gave me my wallet back and off they scooted. So innocence also implies the purity of heart. If you are pure of heart and bear no malice why only the thirty Rand I had in my pocket, take my bloody watch, take my pen. What the hell. You know. That attitude and it came back. Do you see? So when a person is pure of heart and of an innocent mind, good thinking, good attitude in life, looking at things in

16. UK 85- 12 its proper perspective, then you are innocent. And the innocent person does not see any evil anywhere at all. Next question? Questioner. Guruji, could you tell us what the mechanics or when a person's feelings are hurt, and is it due solely to their attachments or some other things? Gururaj. Thank you, you have just answered it. (General laughter). Yes. When a person's feelings are hurt, it is due to attachments but more than attachments, is expectations. You expect a certain thing from a particular person and those expectations are not met, your feelings are hurt. You do a business deal and when you do not get the profits that you expected to get, you are hurt. And like that, in everything. So expectation is the mother of hurt feelings. I love a woman very deeply. Fine, and but without expectation that I expect her to love me. I love her because I love her, finish. If she doesn't love me, it’s her business, not mine. Right. Do you get the subtlety of it? I love her because of love. Right. B y loving her truly, sincerely, very deeply I am improving myself. I'm evolving myself more and more and more. But if she pretends to love me and does not, she is devolving instead of evolving. That's how it works. That's how it works. So expect nothing, never. And the day you learn the secret of not expecting, everything comes to you. That's an inevitable law. It’s a mystical law call it whatever you want to whatever label you want to put on it. Then after all these things are in a mess really and one should not really get involved in the mess. Rather get yourself out of the mess of expectation. And you become happier. That's your reward. The greatest reward. After all what are we all seeking for? Happiness. That's the basis of everything, happiness. It is for happiness that we want a bigger house, or a bigger car or a bigger this or a bigger that or a bigger bank balance, thinking it will give us happiness, which happiness is dependent upon security. And who can ever be secure? There's no such thing as security. I might walk out of this door and trip over the steps there and pop off. What security is there? Or you might sit in your car and drive and you know you might have some little accident. What security is there? None, none. Do you see? You know many things with four wheels like cars have a spare wheel, but we poor humans with two legs, don't have a spare leg. (Gururaj laughs) Where is security? Tell me? None. None. So, accept life as it is without any exception. And accept life without any exception or expectation and you'd be the happiest person on earth, like me you know. We were talking about messes just now where two neighbours and like many of the country lanes of England, you know the small lane, houses just practically adjoining each other. So here, some dog made a mess between the two

2. UK 85- 12 Questioner. Guruji, would you like to speak please about the Holy Grail? Gururaj. I don't know much about it and I'd rather refer you to this book written - what's it, ‘The Holy Grail and Red Blood’ - something like that. Voice. ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’. Gururaj. ‘Holy Blood and Holy Grail’. Yeah. I'd refer you to that. Yes. Because this author seems to go into Jesus’ life and maintains, these authors maintain that an offshoot of Jesus’ family lives in France, which is a total lie. I don't by th e way like to interpret Scriptures or Scriptural writings. I'd rather like original questions because my teachings are never based on the teachings of others. They are totally original. Nothing is ever prepared and in a moment's meditation I am away in a different world from where the answer comes. Questioner. Could you tell us about the importance of colour and its use in spiritual healing? Gururaj. The importance of colour in spiritual healing. The mind can think. The mind functions in two ways, verbally and in colour. So if a person understands colour and there are different points of the brain, where different colours originate and by treating those nerve centres and by getting a proper synaptic control between the left and right hemisphere of the brain, cures can be affected very easily. But this is something that one has to study, you can't know it in ten minutes. Nevertheless our healers, after about seven, eight years at least, have I put them on to advanced practices now on this last Course we had at the High Leigh. So until they became used to the prelim stages of healing, I have put them on to a more, the second phase. And then of course the third phase will come when you just need to look at a person and cure his or her ills. You don't even need to touch them because you can pour out so much energy from you, that could heal. Is there a person here that has leg trouble? Voice. Yes sir. Gururaj. You? Come, come along my son. You can see immediately just by a glance. It’s your left leg that's partly paralysed.

17. UK 85- 12 house and these two neighbours were not on good terms with each other. You know they used to be at logger-heads. You know some neighbours are like that where they just don't get along with each other. So this dog made a mess there in the lane. So here the two neighbours started quarrelling about it. He says 'Look, you clean up the mess'. And the other one says 'You clean up the mess'. And it went on. So it went on so much that the thing was taken to court for the judge to decide who should clear up the mess, this neighbour A or neighbour B. So after days of argument, the Judge could not come to any decision because the mess was made right in the centre of the lane. And the Judge could not say 'Look, you clean it up or you clean it up'. So I happened to be in Court that day and so the Judge says, 'Gururaj what do you think about this matter? I said 'Well Your Worship' - or do you call it Your Honour or Your Worship here? Voice. Your Worship. Gururaj. I said 'Well your Worship, seeing that your Court is (Tape ends here) END


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