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1. UK 85- 16 Gururaj. What is the reason of the flowers? Isjuga maka............................ (Inaudible) to make a world beautiful for all the flowers we see around us. (Gururaj Chants Sanskrit) How can I combine my heart to the flower? ......... (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) When I have decided finally and in the time (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) let me become the flower. (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) Let me become the loving flower combining myself with the flower. And when I become the flower I could only say to myself Jai Aum, Jai Aum, Jai Jai Aum, Jai, Jai Aum. (repeated) Aum, Aum, Aum. Jai Jai Aum. (Repeated again) I am the flower combined to you that grow there. So, Jai Jai Aum, Jai Jai Aum, Jai Jai Aum, in that combination of you and I my love and me, me, me, me. Jai Aum, Jai Aum, Aum, Aum .............(Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) This is what I want to tell you. (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) this flower, and this fool finds no difference with the chela. Jai Aum, Jai Aum, Jai, Jai, (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) Jai, Jai Aum. How the flower's blooming and yet looking at the flower blooming, I feel such a fool. Because you do not appreciate the beauty of the flower and therefore you are a fool, as I am one too, three, four, five, six. ..... (Gururaj Chants Sanskrit) Jai Aum, Jai, Jai Aum. ........................ The spontaneity that could well upon within you, is creativity. Never plan anything in life. Do not plan anything in life but allow your life to flow and in that very flow, you will never be low, for your entire being would be heightened. ..... (Gururaj chants Sanskrit) I should have had my Sitar with me or the harmonium. ............. (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) The whole principle is of the male and female togetherness. Rada is female and Sham is the male. And when the combination is there between them, then that forms a unity. Rada Sham, Rada Sham, Rada Sham. This is for Ricky of course. Rada Sham, Rada Sham, Rada Sham, Tu hay Sitaaram ............... (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) We can jazz it up. Rada Sham, Rada Sham. (Repeated). It’s so simple to be creative in every moment of life, be it in art or poetry or music, the creativity has to be there. For you are a creature of creativity and you are created by the Creator which made you the creature to propagate the creativity of the Creator. So when people lie low and do not know what the hell they're doing. What sense would that make really? So at least for a few moments of the day be creative. Do something that wells up within yourself. Our actor there, for example, right. Just give me any subject and I'll create upon it like that, better than Shakespeare, hopefully. Anything? I have to get rid of that. Okay. That's a peppermint. Justice. Good. Thank you dear. If justice be mine then what is yours. For can you be just as I am just to thee.

3. UK 85- 16 There's no such thing as physical releases which could very easily be had. But there is that closeness, that purity, where two people just merge and the beauty of it all is this that they do not know why they merge. And it is the very mergence in humanly form that will make you realise the mergence of the Divine form. For the Divine, as I've said before sometime, somewhere, is abstract. So start it through the concrete and reach that which is abstract. For you got to have a finding place to start from. Right. You'll be going for lunch a bit later. You’ve got to start from this Lecture Hall to reach the Dining Hall. The Dining Hall is not going to come to you. You've got to go to it. So start from the concrete and reach the abstract. For the abstract is a value that you will not appreciate. So immediately, as you would think, everyone looks for miracles, we know that, so start from where you are. I said this I don't know somewhere, start from where you are. If I love in the concrete form, a woman, right, I do want to proceed from the concrete to the abstract where I will really know myself. And if anyone accuses me, it is because of their own small little minds. For I as you, have the right to love and live. So who is being judgmental? Who can judge the Master of life if that person has not achieved the mastery of life - and being a damn idiot all his life? So if I hold my hand in yours, it is with total purity and love. Yeah. What is greater than love? Nothing else is. For love is God and God is love. But not in the form of lust. No. No. No. In the form of true love. A true flow between, not two people, that would constitute lust, but between two energies that combine together, that is love. For love is nothing else but an energy. You have for example this young lady there. What's your name by the way? Voice. Rachel. Gururaj. Rachel. Look at this lovely pants she has on and the scarf and the blue thing abob there that covers her breasts. I don't look at them, (General laughter) I'm just looking at the blue. What do you call it a blouse? T-shirt. Voice. Jumper. Gururaj. Jumper. Oh do you jump in it? Right. So when I look at her right, beautiful eyes, lovely nose, lovely lips and lovely smile. But I'm not looking at that, that is the surface value only. I am looking at your heart. That is where my attention is. Your heart. Right. Now what I as a guru can do to unfold that heart more and more and more so that it would enhance more and more your jumper and your pants and your scarf and your hair and your lovely eyes and lips.

4. UK 85- 16 I'm the most ugliest person in this world. Do you know that? And yet I'm the most attractive person in the world. Why? Because it is not the concentration of the features. Ah, lovely cheeks and bones. Feel my skin, look how soft it is. It is the heart, the heart forever pulsating, pulsating and pulsating with love for all humanity and that makes me attractive to all of you. Is there anyone here in this lecture hall that could say I am not attractive? Put up your hand. (General laughter) You see? Now the message is this, that if you can love totally and sincerely, then you automatically become loveable. So simple. 'Love thy neighbour as thyself' and I would add on to that, love thyself first before you can love your neighbour. It’s very simple really. So simple. Life itself is very simple. As I've said I think where, somewhere, that we only add complexities to it. You find around you all this complexes and they could be so simple. Really they could. Right. And to create complexes is to bring about complexities which are worrying to the mind. Because the more you get involved in complexities, the more your mind becomes filled with complexities. So the more we enjoy simplicity, then the more would there be simplicity in our mind. And is that not what each and everyone is looking for? The simplicity, the Christ-hood, the Krishna-hood, the Buddha-hood, so simple, the Gururaj-hood, I haven't got a hood sorry. I can sit on a pedestal and be so far away that I become virtually untouchable. But that is not my teaching. I want to identify myself with you all the time and show you through our teachings of course, that I'm very human and I am as human as you are. No difference. Because if Divinity resides in me, it has to reside in you. Now that is identification. That is the true combination or communication between one with the other. And then you say, 'Love thy neighbour as yourself'. For who is your neighbour? Am I not your neighbour? Are you not my neighbour? We are apart, nowhere. We are nowhere apart but we are now here. Not nowhere, but now here. These are the lessons one has to learn to find that Divinity within oneself. I disagree with that word Divinity. And there's a very simple reason for it, that 'Di' means dual. I would rather like to say unity, for in that unity there is all the Divinity. Do you get that? For in the unity of the entire universe, you will find that Divinity. I would rather, - as Peter says, I should have been a Professor of Philology - I would say, not Divinity but Di Vinity, D-i-e. Die to the variations that forms this ‘Vinity’ or ‘Vanity’. Rather unity because in that unity, all the variations would be there to which you would die. The vanities, the ‘die-vanity’ will automatically pass away and you will realise in that unity, that this die-vanity has to go. It has to disappear. It has to vanish for you to realise your personal unity. And what are you going to be unified with? You are going to be unified with yourself. Do not seek now to be unified with God. No. Some travelling required. Okay. We'll all reach there. But be unified with yourself. That is the message. Get away from fragmentation and get into your personal unification, integration, self realisation and then the road is easy. It just flows.

2. UK 85- 16 And if I am just to thee Where can justice be found. So come beloved Lyn Come beloved there And meet me on the road Where there would no forks to be found. So let me be just And always be just And when I find the justice in me I will find the justice in thee. So we march along on this road, my love And when we come to the fork That is there separating the paths Where will I be And where will you be, where? So merging within the forks of life Let us travel on and that will be just. For justice will always prevail And avail itself to you and me. For I am you and thou art me. Justice. Okay. Good. Good. Creativity is an art. It is born from within oneself. It arises in you the most profoundest poetry the most profoundest art, the most profoundest whatever. And that whatever, ah, that's important. That whatever, is there with you forever. Discover it and find it. You see? How simply poems are created, songs are created, art is created an d poetry and plays are created. Things like that. Why must people miss out in these beatitudes of life? For your life is beauty itself. Take advantage of it. Live it. Enjoy it. If I fall in love with a girl for example, why should I be denied the pr ivilege of being close to her because my love for her is totally pure? So with her, let me enjoy the purity of love because there's a great difference between lust and love. Lust is animalism, while purity is Divine. And so you're close together, two lovers, husband and wife, whatever, you're close together and you enjoy that purity. There's no lustful feelings.

5. UK 85- 16 That is the message, get away from (This ends Side 1 of this Tape) END


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