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1. UK 85- 20 Gururaj. morning today, and we had a mini Satsang this morning in my room, which many of you were there for and we had a jolly good old time. So I thought to myself, why bother about shaving and you know dressing up and all that. Is it necessary? Look when you wake up in the morning, right, with your husband and your wife right, right, are you going to get dressed up before she wakes up or he wakes up? The whole lesson is to be totally natural. And by developing this naturality, you develop humanity. In other words you get rid of all pretences and you just be yourself. Don't fall through that window, darling. You get rid of all the pretences. You get rid of your self, because your self is made up of pretences. Now, to pretend what you are not are, is the greatest sin you could commit to yourself. When I wake up in the morning and when I'm with my beloved, I would like to see her as she is, and this is what I am showing you. So in your pyjamas and your gown and oh, they insisted I should have a scarf not to catch a cold. And what is wrong with that by being yourself? When you love someone, always try and be yourself. For being yourself - this damn thing is shivering again - and by being yourself, you become natural, as I've said before. And to be natural is the ability you have to find to be with nature. We had a morning bedroom Satsang. Of course they're were many of you there and of course some could not just make it. Where is Charles? Voice. He never made it. Gururaj. You know why? Because I shitted him out last night. So to be oneself is to comply with nature itself. And when we talk of nature, remember nature is filled with purity and in that combination, we also feel pure. So to combine one's own nature with the universal worldly nature is to combine purity with purity. And when purity mixes with purity, what else is there left but purity. Do you see? Now that is the meaning of life. That is how life has to be lived and that rids you of all the miseries and you feel so purified within yourself. You feel that wholeness, that totality, that beatitude which comes from Divinity. That is the secret of life. An d yet it is so much an open secret because in the openness, there remains no secret. I could come here unshaven and in my ‘Jammies’ and gown and what have you. Does that make me a lesser person of what I am? Do you see the lesson which I'm trying to teach you? That your Divinity comes from within yourself and not your apparel, and not your dress. I could even walk in here in my underpants, I wouldn't care. So what? Everyone wears underpants, don't they?

3. UK 85- 20 How can I express my love to you, how can I be, my beloved, my life is not without you. Like the lover to her beloved, I dedicate all my thoughts to thee and no thought is formed if not mastered by yours. My beloved, what I am is yours. What I have is yours and have I anyway anything? No. So what else but I am you yourself and my heart belongs to you, my beloved. (Clappin g) Gururaj. Would you permit me to compose a poem on your poem? Thank you. I find myself floundered in the waters of your love and therein I swim to become a part of the water. So when I meet thee in that boundless sea where then could I be? You come, you go and you float through my heart for life then becomes an art. To know and feel and love thee that is eternal and forever there in my eternal heart. Come, come, come, come, come. Voice. Beloved Guruji, I'm afraid. (Inaudible)..... very disturbing ....... (Inaudible).... above us half the night. And as I started to go deep into meditation I get a very, very poor feeling around the centre of my head and my heart. And then somebody upstairs must have been moving beds or something and it just collapsed on the ceiling. And I sort of came to and there was a very bright light that flashed and then after that I thought well I'll try again. And as I started to go again, I opened my eyes and I looked at the chair and I seemed to see you appearing in gold and then something else dropped a bomb. So I thought well I can't contend with this lot, so I'll give up. So I went into Pat, she said the same thing, she was having an experience. Anyway at about five o'clock this morning, well it was Gururaj. I was working then

4. UK 85- 20 Voice. Well it had gone everywhere - I was supposed to be. At about quarter past five, I heard Aum Aum and it sounded rather like home without the H. Then I heard a knock at the next door Gururaj. You come from Liverpoo l? Voice. (Cont'd) Yes. Then I got a strong smell of burning incense which was very bitter and this strong smell of incense went through to my heart, right to the core of the heart. And then down below in the pit of my stomach, I heard your voice going 'Aum' which went through my body. And I was quite afraid but I thought 'Why be afraid, you're a very silly girl'. So after that, I heard the door closing next door and I thought 'Oh good, Pat's got up to go the loo'. (General laughter) And as I was walking down to Pat's room Gururaj. I'll tell you what happened, I was trying to come to your room and I got into the next room. Voice. (Cont'd). Anyway the firedoor opened and there was nobody there, so I went into the loo and I came out again Gururaj. You went to the loo? Was I there? (General laughter) Voice.(Cont’d) So I ran back to the room again and the alarm was still ... (inaudible)...........after about half past six this morning it was your voice, it was nobody else's. And I still tasted the incense and I thought 'Oh Lord not more problems'. We've had about a dozen lives in one and from that I got the words put into my mind that the bitterness that you taste now will turn into sweetness or nectar. And I thought oh thank you Lord. And then I just went on hearing your voice all the time and this buzzing like a lot of bees in the pit of my stomach. And it happened as soon as I put the Golden Thread on. Gururaj. Do you create bees in your stomach? I know other women that create other things in their stomachs. Voice. (Cont'd). But then Guruji, that's my experience and thank you. Gururaj. Beautiful. Beautiful. What a lovely soul you are. Yes. The hum came from the bees because they could only hum in a beautiful melody. The thoughts that were going through the mind, were not really going through the mind at all. The thoughts or the feelings were going through the heart and when that heart palpitates, always remember it palpitates in

5. UK 85- 20 the Divine palpitation which penetrates you. For your mind is not capable of thinking, although the mind thinks that it thinks. But it's that Divine palpitation that flows through you. God Bless you beloved. God Bless you. Next? Questioner. Beloved Guruji, I started off with a lovely Midnight Experience. My body was really still Gururaj. Look I did not sleep with you Questioner. (Cont'd). I couldn't really feel my body and I felt an inner self of mine rising up and I could feel my hands coming up Gururaj. Right and your entire consciousness of your body disappeared. Right. Carry on. Questioner. (Cont'd). And I was saying 'Thank you Lord', that's what I was saying. It passed off and I went to sleep and I had a really strange dream. I dreamt that I was back home in Ireland and there was an earthquake and everybody was really, really scared. It was a warning earthquake and everybody was going round the place really, really, afraid. We all knew there was going to be another earthquake and everyone was going to die. And I was there and I wasn't one bit afraid and I was watching everybody being afraid and I had no fear at all. The only thing I could feel was 'I'm not afraid because I have Gururaj within me'. And then I thought 'I must tell everybody about Gururaj and they won't be afraid either'. And I woke up all full of peace and thanks. Gururaj. So beautiful. The 'quake, the earthquake as you said, is not an earthquake at all. It is the quaking of your heart which means a stirring up, an awakening of your inner self. So therefore when you tell others never to fear, it actually means that you have stopped fearing. God bless yo u. Questioner. Well I felt really angry Gururaj. Eh, come on. Namaste. Questioner. (Cont'd). When Midnight Special started - after the morning - and I felt like killing everyone including myself and including you. I was just completely and utterly

6. UK 85- 20 Gururaj. Have we got a knife around? Questioner. (Cont'd) I was just so angry with you. I wanted to be with myself because I didn't want to hurt everyone else. I didn't understand why everybody wanted to see colours and lights and be happy and high. I just wanted to me and down on earth and back at College and doing everything I wanted to do. I just wanted to be me and not happy like you are and just wanted to be happy as I was. Then quarter to twelve came and I said I wasn't going to meditate anymore and I wasn't going to do the Midnight Special which I didn't do. And I just sat there I turned your photograph round and I looked you in the mirror and you were like the Elephant Man to me. And I laughed at you and I was really pleased I could laugh at you. And then John came in and I told him to go and experience a psychedelic experience and be really, really happy and I didn't want to feel happy. I was happy to be sad. And then I felt peaceful, all of a sudden I just felt peacefu l and I was angry with you for feeling peaceful. And then I just didn't hate you anymore after that. I just felt okay after that. (General laughter and clapping) Gururaj. The symbol of the elephant according to ancient mythology is a symbol of auspiciousness. Now the hatred and things that passed through your mind in the beginning, was a cleansing process. That was the hatred that was existing there and when that was removed, you felt happy and you started loving me. Thank you. A true guru, in his varied ways, works in so many different ways because every person is an individual person and there are no two people alike. All are unique. So they have to be put through experiences which are beneficial to them. And our teachers here will tell you that, like Peter and Jean and all the others - let me not mention names - they will teach you, though from the instructions given to them, they will teach you on an individual basis where you would feel what you require. They will teach by the intuitive ability they have developed, to just give you what is needed. If they need to give you a kick under the pants, why not or they need to kiss your cheek, why not? As long as the basis of the teachings imparted by the guru are preserved. And they, with their intuition, will always lead you on for your own benefit and comfort. That is the principle. Someone has an experience in his or her mind, would you please come up to the microphone and I will tell you of it before even you say a word. Anu, the experience you had last night was this, and we do not need to be shy of it. Because it was an inexperience that you and I were making love to each other. Am I right? Anu. It's really odd, if we were.

7. UK 85- 20 Gururaj. She's shy. Tell me. Anu.(Cont’d) Towards the end of my meditation which was all very peaceful, I did my Mandala and I felt that well as if somebody had their knee in my back and were breaking my back. And it was very painful and pulling my shoulders back and my head back. And then my chest seemed to open and from here it was like something trying to get out. And it felt as if my bones were all opening up and something was being born out from my chest. It was very strange. Gururaj. Now is that not a sexual experience? Something born out of your chest and opening up, to love. You see? The whole idea lies in interpretation and I as a Doctor of psychology, of philosophy, of metaphysics of blah, blah, blah and BS as well, could explain you these things. You are describing things symbolically. But the real basis, the inner psychological effect was that your feelings were that I was making love to you. And that was symbolised with the opening of the chest and something was born in there. What creates this effect? The effect is created by a deep desire within oneself. When one becomes devoid of desire, then these effects are not produced and there is only fire, that burns off the dirt and the dross in the mind. So that was the basis of your experience and after that, I think you said you felt very peaceful. Anu.(Cont’d) Then I started to do Pranayama and I thought I was going to pass out. I seemed to lose consciousness although I was still very aware Gururaj. Ah. Right. Now after experiencing an extreme orgasm, you do tend to pass out and feel at peace. My experience is different. Must I tell you about it? Whenever I do make love, that's once in -, I feel totally energised. Now remember one thing that sex is made not for exhaustion but for relaxation. It is because of the lust in human beings that they feel exhausted. This is a very common thing where a husband and wife would sleep together and of course he's gone and he turns his back and the poor wife is still up in the air. Do you call that love-making? It is not so. There has to be a mutuality and I'm not a protagonist for - what do you call that word non-sexuality, - celibacy, ah that's it. It got to get audience reaction you know. No. Normality, not celibacy or non-celibacy, but normality which is something very mutual, where two people as I've said many times before, just merge into each other and the man is not there and the woman is not there and this vast beatitude just exists. Because the greatest experience - now I'm going to tell you something totally different today - the greatest experience you could have as a physical being, is the totality of an orgasm. And after that, you feel as you proceed along, the orgasmic consciousness of the entire universe.

8. UK 85- 20 Can anyone of you tell me that you find a greater pleasure in your orgasm? No. You have not. Right. You eat lovely food, you have puddings and rice and what's this other meat stuff, chicken and duck and steaks and things like that. But can you ever compare it to the totality of the orgasms that you could experience? You cannot. Because they are things apart. One is taking in, as far as food is concerned and the other is giving out. And do you know that in an orgasm, there is not only giving to your beloved - look this must not be interpreted as promiscuity, because I do not like promiscuity, it is not healthy for you, right - but in this giving out and I've done many experiments at various hospitals analysing through microscopes and things that, when the male sperm gives out, there is an absorption in the tissues of the woman's vaginal passages which invigorates her. I've worked with some of the greatest Nobel Prize winners of society, of the world rather, and we have come to conclusions through extensive research that this is something very valuable. The problems of most women - now listen to this damn, damn carefully - is sexual frustration because they lack the power of absorption, or perhaps the incompetency of their husband or male partner. I'm marrying you next week. So, come, sit down. Don't we look beautiful together? I'm always fun loving and lovingly being funny. So the conjugation, the togetherness of man and woman has to be formed on one basic principle. That principle does not depend upon your penis and neither your vagina. That principle does not depend on the shape and size of your face or your nose or ears or - what do you call these? It depends upon your spiritual quality. And the more you progress in your meditations, you'll find the spiritual qualities will merge. And in that mergence you will find Divinity within yourself as well as in your spouse. That is how the failure of this recognition brings about the diversity where there should be unity. And if there's no unity, how can happiness be found? Logic. If you understand mathematics, which I'm sure most of you - X and Y equals XY. But divert, - this is a new proposition and poor Einstein I feel sorry for him, I could teach him a few lessons - and if you minus the X from the Y, what will the equal be? X minus Y. Right. So now, if this X minuses this Y, the equation will be that she won't marry me. (General Laughter) You see? Life is so beautiful but we fail to appreciate the beauty within us. Do you know one thing which I'm telling you now, that each and everyone sitting in this hall is totally beautiful, for we don't look at face value. She's an ugly girl, but I love her. Each and every one is a beautiful person because your real inner self of you is beautiful. Learn to recognise that. Learn to feel that and you will see how yourself confidence grow, how you will feel yourself to be a better person. You could be rich or poor or whatever,

9. UK 85- 20 that doesn't matter. That's just incidental. Because you came with nothing and you're going with nothing as I said sometime somewhere. But learn to recognise yourself to be beautiful and you will find yourself to be beautiful. So, the mind conditions your beatitude until you start realising it. So start with the mind. No one denies you. Start with the mind and say 'I am beautiful. I'm great. I'm a master of my life. I am one with God'. And slowly and gradually through your spiritual practices, you will realise it. And that is called Self Realisation, capital S. Like that. And that is how you will recognise or cognise or know or realise Self Realisation. Then all troubles are gone. Puff. Puff. Puff. There was a person in my company last night having dinner with me and he lifted a part of his self and made puff, puff, puff. So then he said 'Gururaj, I'm so sorry but I couldn't help it'. So I said 'You don't need to be sorry that whic h does not pay rent must be chucked out'. (General laughter) But if you eat proper foods, it won't create a stink. (General laughter) You see? So, the point is this, this whole life you imagine to yourself is nothing else but a puff. (General laughter) Where are you going to get a guru like me? Where am I going to find a girl like her? So if you regard your life as a puff, ninety nine percent of your worries will be gone because how could a puff have any worries? (General laughter) Yeah. Do you see? So, when we get rid of the gaseousness in our tummies, when we get rid of the gaseousness in our tummies, we reach the heart which is the true reality and true reality of the heart never produces a puff. (General laughter) Ah dear me. What's the time darling? Voice. Just five to one. Gururaj. Just five to one. Okay. So get rid of all the gaseousness. Get rid of them and I would suggest to you do take a purgative so that you do not land in Purgatory. Read Dante's 'Divine Comedy'. (General laughter) Look the whole idea is to provide joy in your life and with the joy, some wisdom where you could come to the realisation of the joy that you actually are. Without understanding, there cannot be joy. Without understanding, there could be no devotion. Without understanding, there cannot be proper karma or action. And this all leads up into a oneness of Raj Yoga, where all of it is combined and you function in totality. So in spite of all the BS, I want you to know that you are total as you are. But you need the cognition, recognition and the realisation of yourself. I come to you travelling thousands of miles to provide some bit of knowledge. I'm not a knowledgeable man. What do I know? I only know God, which I can't explain you really. But I also come to provide some joy, some fun togetherness of this beautiful family, where people meet people and they enjoy each other's company and things like that. That's important. We have very many professional people here and I've been doing quite a number of consultations. I saw a qualified psychologist this morning which, who required psychological treatment. How can you treat anyone

2. UK 85- 20 My teachings or rather, the Lord's teachings is to be natural, right, and to be in tune with nature. No one gave me a clean handkerchief this morning, damn it. Who's supposed to look after me? Oh thank you darling Anu, Anurada, Anu. So now what shall we talk of this morning? Let us start with your comments about the Midnight Practice last evening. There's a mike there and anyone of you of course are welcome, so I could analyse it for you. Questioner. ................................ (Inaudible) Gururaj. A little louder please. Questioner. It was a beautiful experience realising that you're not on your own. What happened was that I found that with this realisation that a hundred people all together came for a beautiful purpose. I could feel the link coming throughout everybody and I joined the ranks and let myself flow with everybody. And it was like a beautiful flow going through everybody and I experienced everybody and myself as well. Gururaj. Beautiful. So the experience you gained in your Midnight Practice was an experience of universality where you could combine your heart with the hearts of others. And what greater could there be? When you feel at one-ment with all your family around you. So this experience will develop more and more, to lead you not only the confines of our family but will lead you to a greater universal perception, where you will feel unity with the universe. God bless you my son. Next? Gururaj. Oh that girl, I'm going to marry her next week. My spiritual bride. Questioner. Well I had my little experience and because it was not of colours or whatever things I just wrote a little poem about it. I'm not a good writer of poems and I am not a speaker of English language usually, so perhaps it's not great as the one we heard the other night but it gives an idea. Like the lover to her beloved, not knowing the words but completely in love. I give myself to you because what is mine without the self that's in you. I'm not a word magician nor is my hand worthy to write to you but my heart palpitates a pulsation of love for you and not knowing what to do with it, I offer it to you in this fifth night of your love.

10. UK 85- 20 psychologically, if you cannot treat yourself first psychologically? These were a few salient points which I pointed out and this person really realised it. And I promise you one thing, and this is for sure, I will write it down and sign it, that she will now be capable, this person will now be capable of giving better treatment to the patients that are involved. I imparted to her energies that she in turn, that this person in turn could impart to others seeking this person's help. Life works this way, the more you can give the more you will receive. And I tell you, it takes more energy in a frown than a smile. It’s a very old saying. So smile, smile, smile at life. Smile at all the difficulties that there are in life. Why not? Shall we do a song on smiling? How many minutes have we got? Voice. A half. Gururaj. A half. (Gururaj sings) Smile along, smile along, let us smile all the way. For that very smile (Group joins in) will make my day. Let us smile along (clapping) Let us smile along, all the way. For I know this smile will make my day. And let me impart this smile, someone who might be far away. So what does it matter, near or far, but I am smiling. So let me smile. (Clapping) Let me smile all the way. For my smile will make my day. (Clapping). END


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