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1. UK 85-5 Gururaj. Why doesn't this thing turn round on its own? You see I'm no magician, just a lover of life and humanity and teaching what life, humanity and love is all about. I wonder why Jesus turned water into wine. Why didn't he turn it into Scotch? (General laughter) A prayer as I explained you this morning, the meaning of Sanskrit and how Sanskrit was conceived. So before the Golden Thread Ceremony, we have a prayer. Om bhur bhuvah swah. Tatsavitur varenyam, bhargo devasya dhimahi. Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat. Om vishwani deva savitar duritani parasuva. Yad bhadram tanna asuva. Om agne naya supatha raye, asman vishwani deva vayunani vidwan. Yuyo dhyasma jjuhurana meno bhuyishthante nama uktim vidhema. Namaste. (Gururaj continues chanting in Sanskrit) Om asato ma sad gamaya. Tamso ma jyotir gamaya. Mrityorma' mritam gamaya. Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah. Sarve santu niramayah. Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Ma kashchit dukha mapnuyat. Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Open your eyes slowly. Namaste. This Sanskrit prayer, I remember I translated it into English and some copies were made. I don't know, John, if they're still available? John. Guruji, a couple. Gururaj. Yeah and whoever wants it, you know could. For example, there's one verse, Asato ma sad gamaya, ‘Lead me from untruth to truth’. Tamso ma jyotir gamaya. ‘Lead me from darkness to light’. Mrityorma' mritam gamaya. ‘Lead me from mortality to immortality’. Very beautiful, I think. If you understand it well. I'm sure you do. Good. Now we are going to, by the way is there any person here who's a record publisher? If there is one, could give me a recording contract. I think it would easier than working as a guru. At least I could make a living then. I'm going to have two ladies to help me. So would you please? This morning I did explain to you the Sacred Thread Ceremony. I've been working on it for about three months at four hours a day, really energising them and giving it so much force. So when you sit down and do your meditations, put them on and you meditate and you'll feel your meditations going so, so much deeper. And even while it is put on you now, now, now, now, you'll find such a beautiful calmness coming upon you. Then of course we have that red - it’s calle d 'Kung Koo' or 'Cum Cum', that is to increase your awareness. Okay. Fine.

2. UK 85-5 Gururaj. Oh we've got the midnight special tonight, what is the time? Is it ten? Ten o'clock. Whilst I suppose tonight's Satsang would be a bit short but I could make it up tomorrow afternoon or anything. I'm here to serve you. I'm your servant, servant of God and to me, God is represented by mankind. ....... (Inaudible)... to see Him if not through man, so to serve God is to serve man. Good. Question? Questioner. Beloved Guruji, Gururaj. Yes, six foot four Questioner.(Cont’d) Five, if I stand up straight. (Gururaj laughs) Gururaj. You must tell us that other one before you ask the question, that he was actually six foot three but then Charles was pulling his leg so much that it increased by two inches. Questioner.(Cont’d) Before I get to know him, I'll be eight foot tall. In a pamphlet I was given by Nirmilla, there is this statement, ‘That which I am seeking, I am’. The author further suggests that to achieve consciousness of this truth, one develop the following attitude. And I quote, 'God, I do not want anything, I do not need anything, I am not coming to you for anything. I am releasing you. You have no responsibility for me whatsoever. There is nothing that I need. There is no thing you have that I want'. Would you please comment? Gururaj. Yes. There's a little story in the Vishnu Prana where this devotee was a great worshipper, - this is mythology, legendary - where there was this great worshipper of Lord Vishna. So because of his austerities and penances and things Lord Vishnu appeared to him and said 'Ask anything you want, any boon you want. You want mansions, you want cities, you want countries, you want anything I will give you'. So this Devotee said 'Lord, I want nothing from you, but just one thing, give me more ability greater and greater ability to worship you and be devoted to you'. This man realised what is the value in these material possessions which are so transient, transitory and really has no value. But that devotion, that togetherness, that oneness with God will always be there eternally and for this, one requires cognition of it. It starts, as we explained the other day, from the superconscious level of the mind and filters through to the conscious level so that while we are awake and even while we are asleep, we are still remembering God, that Divinity, that force that power that is permeating and pervading everything on earth.

3. UK 85-5 So when this man says, 'I don't want to come to you. I don't want to know you. I don't want anything from you'. What is actually meant there is not any disrespect. What is meant there, is that God how can you give me anything, how can I ask for anything when you and I have become one. What could I ask of myself when I've become one with you and you, me. So whatever you possess, it’s mine already. What is there to ask? Like I don't know if I told the story here in England or America or wherever, I float around. I really do float around. In aeroplanes. So the story goes where this very rich King was giving a party and at the party he said that all the treasures you see here, any of you are entitled to take anything you like, the jewels and pearls and emeralds and diamonds and you name it, it was there. So of course everyone started running to get the best piece of treasure they could. Meanwhile the King had a maid servant, she must have been a really spiritual brilliant person. I wish I could find one like that. Nevertheless, so she asked the King after everything was over that you said 'Anything you touch can be yours, is that true, did I understand you correctly?' So the King says ’Yes’. So she touched the King. And by gaining the King, you automatically gain his whole Kingdom. So touch the inner self, the real self of you, you have everything. We think of things, actually it is just very, very wishful. I wish I can sell twenty, an Estate Agent will say, I wish I can sell twenty houses a month. An Insurance Agent might think I might sell a million pounds in policies this month. A business man would say that I wish I can increase my productivity by a hundred percent. Wishful thinking all the time. And what purpose does it serve, the wishful thinking? I also have wishes, but they are non-material, that I wish that I would remain with God forever and ever and ever. I've been with Him from before time began until time ends, which it will never, ever. Do you see? But now there's a difference between the two wishes. One wishing is where you're wanting something. The other is a wishless wish. It is just that burning, that yearning, that churning in your heart of always wanting to be with that Divine forc e. And you are there. What more can you ask? Joy cannot be found anywhere else. You can walk with fifty lanterns in your hands through all the paths of the world, but you will not find that joy. It’s inside you. It’s like the musk deer. Many of you ladies use musk perfume don't you? It’s like the musk deer smells a fragrance of the musk and was running around here there and everywhere trying to search for the musk and he couldn't find it. At last it became exhausted and fell to the ground. And as it curled up to rest, it found that the musk was actually in his navel because that's where musk comes from, from the musk deer's navel. And we are all just running around here there everywhere looking for that fragrance which is in reality within us. Now please tonight don't go and examine your navels. (General laughter) Yes. So, it is was and always will be that Divine force can never appear and could never disappear because it is, was and forever will be. Only thing we have to do is go a little deeper. And now with tonight's sacred Golden Thread

4. UK 85-5 Ceremony, you will find your meditations will go deeper, far deeper and I want them to go deeper. I want you to be in greater and greater contact with your real self. After having had this cord put on you, how many of you feel more calmer now? Put up your hands. Practically everyone. Do you see? It’s not me doing anything, Divinity. And for example if our six foot eight, six foot five wants to sell, he's an Estate Agent by the way in America, if you know someone wants to sell a house, so he'd go to his Agency because he specialises in selling houses. He's got the contacts, he can get the customers and all that and he makes his deals. That is very beautiful. Right. So God too that sells you the goodies of life, needs an agent to hand it out. That's all that I am. It’s His house. It’s His mansion. It’s His sacredness in that cord, I'm just the agent handing it over. That's all. Do you see? So treat the cord as sacred. Have a little pouch if you like and put it in there and if per chance you should lose it, I'll be leaving a batch with our officials here and you can always get one replaced. You can always get one, another one. And if they do make any charges for it, don't blame me. Quarter past ten and they want me to eat and then of course we got the Midnight Special. Now, I don't know why a person should eat really. I never feel hungry. I never ever feel hungry. You can ask Vidya, you can ask all these people who are so close to me, I never feel hungry. I only eat for one reason that the physical body requires some sustenance to keep it going. But really speaking I never feel hungry. And I remember when I was much younger, I used to go on fasts for twenty one, thirty days at a time and just at night a little glass of water with half a teaspoon of sugar in it. That's all. For thirty days at a time. I suppose that's because of old practices that still lingers, where there is no hunger left in yo u anymore where all the sensors, the input of the conscious level, the Manas, the lower mind does not require. Do you see? It’s a very sacred evening and the Midnight Special, I will be in my room meditating, you all be in your rooms meditating. Okay. Start at about quarter to twelve until about five past, ten past, a quarter past twelve. And I won't tell you what experiences you'll have. I don't want to influence any thoughts in your minds. Tomorrow morning perhaps we can discuss some of them. You can tell me what you experienced. I think we have done this before in England, did we and people had fantastic experiences. And then in America as well and in Spain. Vidya where are you? Oh we did it in Denmark as well, didn't we, yes? Yeah Dhanjee, we did it in Denmark. Dhanjee. Oh ya.

5. UK 85-5 Gururaj. Yes, Oh Yaw. I like the Danish language they way he said 'Oh Yaw' sounded like oink, oink, oink. (General laughter) Thank you very much. Sorry it’s such a short Satsang but of course the Ceremony took longer that what I expected and I do believed in one thing that whatever you have to do, do it well or don't do it. So rather spend half an hour more than less. Oh but, oh yes Ron, you were initiated in Denmark, that's right. I was wondering what happened to you. Questioner. ..(Inaudible)............. practice.... Gururaj. You can do Mantra or Tratak whichever you want to do, no problem or even Gurushakti. Yeah, anything you want to do. Thank you beloved. Namaste. See you at midnight. To the Midnight Special. END


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