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2. UK 85-9 so much needed for our physical and mental upliftment and spiritual unfoldment, so that we may become better people and reflect our inner Divinity outwardly in our daily lives. May our thoughts always be guided to purity and virtue and strength. May our minds always be filled with happiness and joy. May our bodies be worthy temples for the Divine Spirit. May Divinity be so activated in us that our needs will always be fulfilled and may your blessings be with us bringing happiness and fulfilment to all who are here today. Namaste. Gururaj. Namaste. (Group start chanting the Gurugita) Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnur Gurur Devo Maheshvarah, Guruh Sakshat Param Brahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah, Akhanda Mandalakaram Vyaptam Yena Characharam, Tat Padam Darshitam Yena Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah, Shri Brahmanandam Param Sukhadam Kevelam Gyanamurtim, Vishva-Titam Gagana Sadrisham Tat Tvam Asyadi Lakshyam, Ekam Nityam Vimalamachalam Sarvadhi Sakshi Bhutam, Bhava-Titam Triguna Sahitam Sad Gurum Tam Namami, Agyana Timirandhasya Gyananjana Shalakaya, Chakshur Unmilitam Yena Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah. (The translation) I give thanks to the Spirit of Divinity, the Supreme Transcendent Personified, limitless like the canopy of the heavens and pervading all creation; I give thanks to the essence of Truth and Joy, to the All-knowing the One Supreme Self, and to the unchanging

3. UK 85-9 beauty and Oneness of all things. To the All-seeing Divinity which brings the light of pure knowledge to dispel the darkness of ignorance. I give thanks. Namaste. Gururaj. What shall we talk about tonight? Why do you approach me through the side? Approach me from the centre, to my heart. Questioner. Beloved Bapuji, I've been asked by the Healers to ask you this question, it could be of interest to all of us, would you please talk to us about spiritual healing, different types of spiritual healing, the laying on of hands, altered states of consciousness, absent healing, how it works? How healers may become better healers? How those being healed may help themselves, heal themselves? Gururaj. Good. Some more questions because I could answer about half a dozen at the same time. Anymore? Aide. I have a question. Gururaj. You have a question. Good. Fine. Aide (Cont’d) Do I have to come up there? Gururaj. If you wish to. Why don't you use my mike? Aide.(Cont’d) Okay. I have a question about desires. Gururaj. Say ..... Aide(Cont’d). About desires.

4. UK 85-9 Gururaj. Desires. Aide(Cont’d). You said on tape once that if we really want something, we will never get it and if we should happen to get it, it would only be on loan. How do we distinguish between desires and true goals? Gururaj. Beautiful. On healers and healing, you must remember one thing, as I've said many times before, that there is only one universal mind which has been individualised by our samskaras, impressions and experiences. Therefore we feel ourselves to be individual. In reality there is no individuality. There is only universality because there is only one existence and that existence is Divinity. It sounds like a poem. There is only one existence and that existence is Divinity. And any person that has the ability of healing, some innate ability, born ability, I awaken it so that they could use it to help humanity. The reason being this, that although there's only one universal mind, but living in a little physical frame, you can't be everywhere at the same time. So therefore you have the channels for that grace, that one power, that one force that is always there from before the beginning of man's conceptual time and even after all your conceptions of the little mind disappear. In other words it is eternal. Now when a spiritual healer heals, he or she is instructed always that he or she is not healing at all. He's only a channel. So they practice Gurushakti, drawing upon the grace of Divinity and pass it on to those that are in need of any form of healing. You have a tap in your kitchen, bathroom, - by the way in America they call it a faucet - if you say tap, they wouldn't know what your talking about. Is that right Vidya? Yeah. So the faucet, do you think the water comes from the tap? No, it does not it comes from that reservoir into each and every home. But the tap itself does not produce water. It is only a channel. But now for the channel to function, it requires various other channels. Now from that vast reservoir , you have a large channel and from that large channel is lead off into smaller channels through which you have water in your kitchen. If you take an example of electricity, there's plenty of electricity in water, you know hydro electricity, hydro- electric power, fine, but it can't come into this room without having a generator. So the generator captures the electrical forces which is in turn channelled off to the various rooms of your home. Now the guru is not the electricity. The guru is not the grace but he's the generator that captures the grace and passes it on, so that lights could burn in this hall, that lights could burn in every room that you are staying in at the moment. So the thing to be remembered is not you, and as soon as you develop the sense of 'I-ness', that I am healing - and we've had fantastic results and we've got thousands, Vidya, we've got thousands of letters on files where terminal

5. UK 85-9 diseases like cancer and various kinds of things have been totally cured, lumps in the breasts and cancer of the chest, and lameness, blindness, deafness, all kinds of things have been cured, not by my healers and neither by me but by that Grace. Now to draw upon that Grace you require purity. And that purity comes upon you, while you are healing a person, you regard yourself nothing else but a channel. And when you regard yourself just as a channel, then that Grace flows so, so forcefully. The questioner mentioned laying of hands which really does not have much meaning. Anyone can lay hands on anyone's head and people still cannot be cured. Right. For example, my beloved friend Don, who's a dentist, he can't just touch someone's tooth and pull it out, he needs his, what do you call that, pincers? Voice. Forceps. Gururaj. Forceps, 'Four cepts'. Ah, how many concepts are there in 'Fourceps', I suppose four perhaps more. Do you see? So as in everything, tools are required. And these tools are nothing else but the manifestation of the Manifestor. And you and I as mortals, living creatures must allow ourselves to be used as the tools of that Guy upstairs. Do you see? And the more we allow ourselves to become His tools, the more do we gain. Now the analogy I use many times is this, that when you water your garden, remember the water goes through the hosepipe. The water cleans the hosepipe even before it reaches the flowers. So by drawing upon that Grace, you are cleansing yourself while at the same time helping someone else. Laying of hands can have some value, if they know the value of Gurushakti of Grace. There's another kind of healing which is very, very dangerous which is called magnetic healing. Magnetic healing is this, where a person learns an art which anyone can learn and you project your personal magnetism or your personal energies to another person making the person feel a bit better. But that would be very temporary. You'll cure a headache, but at the same time, you'll be starting a toe ache for that person. Do you see? Don is nodding his head, he's a medical person, you see. Right. Now in magnetic healing what also happens is this that a person projects not only whatever little ability he has, the magnetism he has, but also his negativity, because they go hand in hand, they go together. So you’re not only receiving those magnetic energies but your also receiving the negative energies as well, and it is not beneficial. For example, sometimes I have been asked a question, 'What about hypnotism, Guruji?' I say never, ever in your life allow yourself or subject yourself to hypnotism. Because what happens is this and anyone can do it. It’s one of the simplest things anyone can do, by suggestion. You can hypnotise yourself by the way, by auto suggestion. Auto means self. I don't mean automobile, auto. You can implant thoughts in your minds which could have a very derogatory effect,

6. UK 85-9 harmful effect. Now a hypnotist would make suggestions to you that you are going into a deep, deep sleep. Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier and heavier. Your eyes are closing, the more you try to keep them open the more will they close. And the more you try to open them, the tighter will they become. The human mind is very susceptible and it can be influenced. How many times have you not gone to a cinema, say a tear-jerker, right, and you see this film where the lady is in some kind of trouble or whatever. And you know it’s just a picture on the screen. It’s not reality because you go and touch that, you’re only touching a white screen. It’s a picture that is being projected. Yet many of you will pull out your hankies and your tears and start wiping. You see how susceptible the human mind is and yet you know, you're conscious of the fact that you know this is a picture on the screen and you don't get influenced by it. You're watching a story concocted by some Scriptwriter and I've been in the film business for twenty years, I should know. As a matter of fact I paid my way through university working in film studios. And thank God if it was not because of the orders of my guru, I might have been a film star, a very ugly one. (General laughter) Yeah. The point is this that the mind is susceptible. So this hypnotist, by his suggestion he blackens out the conscious level of the mind. You remember the chart I drew on the blackboard the other day. Right. He blackens out or dulls the manas, the sensory input section of the mind and then his suggestions go deeper and deeper into the subconscious layers of the mind. Right. And by implanting suggestions there, he'll give you a potato to eat and tell you that it’s such a sweet apple. And you'll taste it to be like an apple. You see? Now this happens very much to people of weaker minds. Not a single meditator here present that are meditating regularly, could ever be hypnotised because their minds are too strong. Now, coming back to the questioner, that these magnetic healers are doing nothing else but planting suggestions into your mind. They are not curing you, but by their suggestions, you start feeling a bit better. But it is not lasting. It will, it’s like shifting energies in your mind where a certain amount of energy is taken away from one place and it goes to another place. Now that is not, - (Gururaj coughs) I beg your pardon. Don, I should have asked you to bring me a throat spray. Pardon, the change of climate. When I left South Africa I was telling them, it was thirty five centigrade, hot, hot, hot, and when I got here, it was below zero. Mind you I like zero very much. Zero which was invented in India I believe, is the basis of all mathematics. Without zero mathematics cannot function. And of course if we can bring our egos to the zero level, all your sufferings are gone. There are two ways to bring your ego to the zero level, but one would be very temporary, by jumping into the lake. The other would be permanent, that would be evolving you all the time and taking you to the greater and greater depths of your mind. And when you reach, as I've explained before, when you go past the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and reach the level of the superconscious mind, that is the area where all joy

7. UK 85-9 and happiness resides. Therefore in the prayer which our Peter led, that was one of the stanzas there, to that joy and happiness. And if you are sincere, if you want it, if you have the desire, you can achieve it. Now, desires are of many forms. Now this might sound like opposites, but there is something called desireless desire. And then of course there is the ordinary desire where you desire for a twenty four carat Rolls Royce. When are they going to deliver mine, Vidya, John? Right, or a ten room mansion blah, blah, blah. But those desires are based upon total selfishness. Right. What do you want a twenty four carat Rolls Royce for? Do you know why you want it? So that you could drive down the road and people look around and say 'Ah, there's John Doe going', - to take attention to yourself. That's all, why you want it. Because as I said the other day that a Mini is just as good as a twenty four gold carat Rolls Royce. The idea of a car is to take you from point A to point B. And that's all you need. You don't need more. And what comfort, what more comfort is that Rolls Royce going to give you, none more than a Mini. Because for the first few weeks you'll feel nice and those lovely leather cushion chairs and that, and then in a few weeks time you won't even be conscious of those leather covered soft chairs. Do you see? Because there's always the law of compensation. If the chairs are softer, your backside becomes harder. (Gururaj laughs) So you see there's no value at all to it. Now those are what we call selfish desires for self gain. And what is any gain going to benefit you? Vidya, have you that poem of mine, on? Vidya. ...... don’t have it here. Gururaj. Do you think you can run up quickly? Would you? You can always catch up with what I say on the tapes. I'd like you to listen to this poem of mine. I don't know if you heard the recording of my poetry. It was done at Kenny, Kenny Rogers's Studios in Los Angeles. And it was quite funny because it was my last night in Las Vegas, and after the lecture which we only got back around about half past eleven, nearly twelve and they had arranged a big dinner. And by the time we got finished with the dinner and everyone wants to ask about this and that and that, went to bed about five o'clock, not bed actually just relaxed on the couch a bit. And I had to catch a plane at seven to reach Los Angeles because the appointment at Kenny Rogers's Studio was for nine o'clock and I had to do this recording. You must listen to that Tape, you'll really love it. Yeah. So now have desire, but not selfish desire. If I have say, this suit which is so kindly given to me as a gift by Charles, it must have cost him a few million I think. I wonder how much I can pawn it for. Right. Or else I might be sitting

8. UK 85-9 here in a patched jeans. Are you going to look at this beautiful pair of pants or the patched jeans or the knowledge which I'm giving you? Where does desire come in having a beautiful pair of pants? This shirt I think I've got for nearly ten years, haven't I, at least. Yah. It's you that's important. It's you that formulate and modulate and regulate your lives. You ca n produce the greatest amount of misery if you want to and you can produce the greatest amount of joy if you want to. There's one difference though, that misery you produce yourself, while joy you're receiving from elsewhere by conditioning yourself, by making yourself receptive enough to receive that joy. Do you see? You understand boy, that joy? Good. So how does one make oneself receptive to this is by doing our prayers in whichever way you like. But there's a method of praying as well, how they could be more effective. And a prayer is always more effective after meditation because through meditation, your mind is calmed to a far, far greater extent than in other ways. And then after meditation, if you utter a prayer and let it not be selfish, because selfish prayers is doing business. 'God, you give me this and I'll do this for You'. Can you imagine the absolute fallacy and foolishness of that? 'God you make my son pass in his dentistry degree you know, you make my son pass in his degree and I will donate a hundred pounds to the British Medical, BMA British Medical Association, rather BMS' - ah, that's better I think. Do you see? So all our prayers which are filled with desire, so you have desireful prayers. So prayers lose their value. They have no effect at all. Because they are as I said very selfish. But if you should, I'm talking of taking an English word and turning it into Sanskrit, I'm a lover of words. I love playing with words. There's a reason for that. For the greater command you have of language, the greater clarity there is in your mind. It’s an art of self expression. Some artists express themselves through painting. Anton, his art, he would express through acting. A poet through his poetry. An orator, through his oratory. And a 'BS' through his 'BS'ing'. The penny didn't drop. (General laughter). So life is an art and so is prayer an art. Never demand anything. Because all desires leads you to misery. Your desires are never fulfilled ever. And if they are fulfilled per chance, then the very fulfilment of a desire will lead you to greater desires. You see? So you desire, you live in a bedsitter and you desire a home with a garden. Yes, and six months later you get tired of that and you'll desire a house with double the size of the garden and ten more rooms although your are not using all ten rooms. And if I should know some people, they are too damn lazy to clean all the rooms, because the house is too large. Do you see? So, never demand anything for the self. Now to use word selfish and giving it, using the same sounds, the Sanskrit meaning, it would be this - self is your real self, not the little assumed 'i' but the big 'I' and 'ish' means Lord or God. So even in your selfishness, remember the 'ish', God in your real self. So you see how you could use language with words. You couldn't find it. No. (General laughter) I knew it.

9. UK 85-9 Vidya. .......biographical sketch ...................... I couldn't see.......... Gururaj. Oh, it doesn't matter but I know you had to go somewhere else, so it served a purpose. (General laughter). Right. So now we've talked of selfish desires. Never demand. Never demand. Just deserve and all your demands would be met. Never bargain with God and ask him 'Oh, give me this and give me that and give me that'. No. Never do that it doesn't work that way. Just make conditions in yourself conducive to meet all the demands, which become then demandless and when demands become demandless, you enjoy them. Do you see? So here in selfish we've seen 'ish' which is God in the self. Good. Now I hope everyone could become selfish in that way. Right. Now desireless desire is a desire, yes, but that desire is always for the benefit of others. No human being in this world can be totally desireless, there would be some desire in him all the time, never mind how small. For example, where Vidya went now, she had the desire to go there. But there's nothing wrong with it, is there? Nothing wrong with it, af ter all you have a bladder. (General laughter) I mustn't go on, that's right. I missed it by a second, this time. But may your desires always be for others, for the happiness the welfare of others. As I said, you could never be desireless but you can use the power of desire for the benefit, welfare, goodness, happiness of others. And I tell you what happens, here's the big secret, whenever you desire good for others, it will rebound on you ten times. Tenfold it is returned to you and this is an inevitable, infallible, indisputable law. Whenever you give one for a good purpose, be sure to know that you will get ten back in return. You put one penny in a poor box, - you know you have these people on the road I don't know if you have it in England, you know with a little box collecting for the Blind Society or Deaf and Dumb Institute or you know whatever. Do you have it here? Where they have these street collections - that's what we call it in South Africa. And you put in a penny, right, and you'll find in some way or the other, you'll be repaid tenfold by ten pennies, always. One person was very unsuccessful in his business, unsuccessful, in other words he was not you know making a decent living or neither a decent profit. I studied him and of course you know gurus, they are damn fools really, because Vidya's husband tells me, and he's a Director of Computer Services of one of the world's largest Companies, the Armour Group, Revlon and all that, right, he tells me, he says, 'Guruji, if they should give me a million pounds a month for your job I won't take it'. Because a guru has to be a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a doctor, not a dentist though (Gururaj laughs) Right. He has to be everything, an advisor, Counsellor and with a background of training in business, as a Business Advisor, Accountant and blah, blah, blah, blah. So, so you got to be everything. So this fellow came to me and I studied

10. UK 85-9 his mind. And one thing I found by you know studying his mind was that he was a very selfish person. And because of his selfishness, you know it’s a mental attitude remember that. Because you get what your mind creates. Remember that always. If you keep on thinking you're poor, poor, poor, poor, you're going to remain poor. If you develop prosperity consciousness, you will prosper. You will attract things to you that you never knew existed because the mental forces, as I said before, there's only one mind, right, and from that universal mind, you can draw to yourself anything. If you want prosperity, develop prosperity consciousness through your meditation and spiritual practices and you will prosper. So I studied this man's mind. Fine. And I told him something which might sound silly to you at this moment. But I told him that 'Every day you take a coin, it could be one cent piece, or a five cent piece, or a ten cent piece and just throw it over your shoulder and don't look back where it fell'. Now this might sound silly, but do you know what effect it had on his mind. He was giving away and not even worrying who he was giving it to or who is going to pick up that coin. And slowly his entire mind changed in giving. And when he started giving, his business started prospering because of his giving unselfishly, he started receiving. You see how simple, how simple it is to become a master of your destiny, to become a master of your own mind. Mind you your mind doesn't matter and matter doesn't mind. Yeah. So tonight is practically the last night and there's only a Satsang tomorrow morning, yes, of course, yeah, which I think will be a short one, because people have to pack and get ready, - am I right Peter? - people have to pack and get ready. And of course all the goodbyes and all the huggings you know and all the poor tears. Yes. So, the points we have covered this evening are very important. I could put all those things in a highly technical psychological way which only perhaps Don would understand and some others of course. But I like to be, I always, as you know me for the past ten, eleven, twelve years coming twice, thrice a year to England, you've always found me giving of the most profoundest wisdom in the most practical terms, as simply as possible. I think I told you, was it in this Course or somewhere else, this thing about 'Scintillate, scintillate, carbuncle nebulae', was it here? Oh it was. You see I never remember. If you ask me a half an hour later 'Guruji, what did you speak about?' I say 'I don't know. Bring a tape and let me listen to me what I said'. Scintillate, scintillate, carbuncle nebulae, you know all that business, that is when I did journalism, Don. I used to be an Editor of a journal, a philosophical journal. And when I took up journalism, in the first lecture this was told to me instead of saying 'Scintillate, scintillate, carbuncle nebulae'. It actually means 'Twinkle, twinkle little star'. So why not say 'Twinkle, twinkle little star', instead of this carbuncle business? There's some kind of disease that sounds very similar like carbuncle. Thank you very much. Hey, wait a minute. Life, Love and Laughter. Are these my glasses?

11. UK 85-9 By the way, a lady presented me, - where is that young lady, oh there you are - she presented me with a shoe-horn. Now as I said, you know I've heard about horns but not about shoe-horns, so I don't know how to use it. Now does a person use a shoe-horn when you take off your shoe or when you put on your shoe? Voice. ... when you put it on..... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Is that the way it’s done? Ah what a profound lesson I've learnt tonight. Thank you very much. I'll remember this. I wonder if I can't tighten my beads, the string is through there but then how am I going to do Aim Hrim Krim Chumundi Yai Viche Che, Aim Hrim Krim Chumundi Yai Viche Che because this might come in the way, you know but I could use it as a stopper when I finish the round. Thank you dear. You know there was a notice in an office and the notice said 'Please try your best to take off the workload of the workers, so take advantage of the typists early'. (General laughter) And then of course this guy went to a restaurant and he ordered some soup and he calls the waiter. And he says to the waiter, 'There's a fly in my soup'. So the waiter said. 'Please speak to the chef’ because he was a tailor. (General laughter) You know and then this person won about a quarter of a million pounds on - what do you call your football pools, football pools, - he won a quarter of a million pounds, so he booked himself a world cruise on the QE 2, QE 2, I see. I normally thought it was q-u-e, we have to queue. Nevertheless, QE 2 and then of course he hired a whole suite you know with all those bucks. Right. So being an important customer and spending so much money, so the Captain sent down his Chief Mate to invite this person to come a dine with him, dine with the Captain at the Captain's table. So this fella says, 'What, after spending all this money I must dine with the Crew'. (General laughter) There's another one. You know it’s fun getting old like me, you know and sometimes it works out well. I had to give some talks in Las Vegas. I had a Course there and then I had a talk with the Holistic Health Organisation, something. So nevertheless they took me around to show me some of their clubs you know and things like that. So one of our chaps, - I think Charlie you were with me, right, - so he took me this MGM something and all those gambling joints. Right. So he says 'Here Guruji is a dollar, put it in'. You know. Now why I say sometimes it’s an advantage to be old because when I pulled the handle, you know the one arm bandit, I had three pulls. (General laughter)

1. UK 85-9 Gururaj. It has been suggested to me that if all meditators around the world would say, at six every Sunday evening, meditate, never mind where you are you, you can be living thousands of miles away. It would be nice to spend that twenty minutes or half an hour in meditating. And you'll always find that the power of meditation is so great that it unites the world in love. And it's not only love to us but love for the world. And Easter Sunday we're having something very special, I might be many, many miles away from you, but at your main meal, it might be the afternoon or the evening, do set a place for me at your table. Just a white plate, not with all squiggles on it because I want to make you squiggle free. Pure white plate and tomorrow I think Tony is organising some flowers which I'll be giving to each and everyone of you. So on Easter Sunday, just a white plate and put that flower on that white plate and I 'm not going to tell you now what will happen. I don't want to influence your minds as usual. I don't like to do that. And it'll be fun. I know. Questioner. Would you like a wine glass? (`General laughter) Gururaj. No thanks. No thanks. Good. Now I've been told by so many people that this morning our beloved Peter Moore led a prayer and it was so uplifting and so, so beautiful. And this has been told to me by many people. So I wonder if I could ask Peter please, to do us that prayer, lead the prayer. I hope I'm not bothering you too much. Peter. No. Gururaj. A Master teacher. He spent his whole life in teaching. You'll have to bring a mike, I think. Yeah, Yeah. Peter. The whole thing? Gururaj. You can leave out the - up to there. But if someone wants to, the translation. Well look all join Peter, please. He's sitting right behind you. (Gururaj laughs) Peter. .......... is very unusual ..... people please ..................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. And everyone, whoever knows it. Peter. Beloved Gururaj, father and friend, teacher of truth, channel of Divine grace, help us to unfold the Kingdom of Heaven within, which we through our ignorance think we have lost. O Living Master, guide to us the energies and forces

12. UK 85-9 And then this lady, and then this lady calls the butler and says 'James, unzip my dress'. James did it. Then she says 'James, remove my stockings'. At that time they had not invented panty-hose yet. So of course James pulls off the stockings. And then this lady says to James, 'If I catch you wearing these again, I'll sack you.' (General laughter and clapping) Dear me. You know this missionary with his daughter went into the deepest of Africa, darkest Africa. And of course you know what these cannibals are, you know they eat human flesh, as you would know. I mean civilised people don't eat human flesh but they eat flesh though. Right. So these people were putting the missionary into the hot boiling pot, cauldron, whatever you want to call it. So the chief shouts out 'Okay, we'll have the old man for dinner tonight but for breakfast, I think I'll have it in bed'. Now I've got to explain it. You see the father and the daughter went to darkest Africa. Of course and they had the old man for dinner at night and of course the chief said 'Wait, wait, wait, leave the daughter, I'll have my breakfast in bed'. See if we can find another dirty one. (General laughter) Now here's one thing about me. When I was a small boy you know at school I took up art. Right. And I was drawing, right and the teacher came up to me and says, 'What are you drawing?' So I says 'I'm drawing God'. So the teacher said 'Look, no one has seen God, so how can you draw God. No one has seen God'. So I tell the teacher 'By the time I'm finished in this world, many people will have seen Him'. Thank you very much. Now whoever brought this flower, thank you very much, blessings to you. Now Jyotima, I put it in this way, do I? You do it for me. Oh, come on use your finger. Who wants to use a horn when you can use your finger? Thank you. Bit of fun and merriment. Life, Love and Laughter. Thank you very, very much and have a pleasant evening. Good. And please do everything tonight which I am going to do. Meditate. Namaste. Those books have to be given to Jamie. Would you pass these on to Jamie? END


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