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1. UK 86 - 13 Gururaj. Is the wife of our Spanish National Leader here? That's right, Spanish - of course he's in Madrid, and this is his beautiful wife, my daughter. Good. And this one here is our Danish Leader who's going to get married on the twenty first of December. Her boyfriend is here, her fiancée, where is he sitting? Oh there you are, there you are. Right, good. That's it. Bravo. And this one here, it’s a pity it’s not Leap Year, well she was going to propose to me! Beautiful. Always in life be surrounded with beauty. And what you're actually doing is not seeing beauty, but you are expressing really the beauty that is within you all the time. In other words, that inner beauty of yours, you're only objectifying it by seeing it outside you. So the internal self becomes one with the external self. Now isn't that beautiful? Do you see? Good. And that adds greater and greater joy to one's life and to one's living. This life of joy and beauty. Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. Satyam, Truth; Shivam, Lord; Sundaram, Beauty. Which in its true meaning means the same thing, Truth, God, Beauty. It’s the same. So if you develop the sense of seeing, observing beauty around you, you are seeing Divinity around you. For how can Shivam, God, express itself only through truth and through beauty, which culminates in Love. Love me, do you? That is the expression that everyone's life must express. And as I told you, I think was it on this Course or some other Course, that everything finds its own expression. When you were a little child, you are fed by your mother, with the booboos, what do you call it? Something - I was treating a lady's titties, right, so I said look this is a totally new science, it's called titto, titto- ol ogy, titto-ology! Tittology, what's wrong with it. I tell you, you know they're very important. Firstly you don't have to use glass bottles for the milk for they automatically come in such beautiful containers! (General laughter) Good. Now with this bit of fun, and seeing the smiles on your faces, now let us get down to a bit of deep thinking. Any nice question tonight, ah, please? Please don't ask me about tittology. Questioner. Beloved Guruji, please explain in simple terms how we can learn to be true to ourselves, and also what is truth? Gururaj. I don't know. Next question? To be true to yourself means coming together with the essence of yourself, and that essence within yourself is truth in itself. But how do one discover that? Do you think you could discover that, - pour me a little water, darling - do you think you could discover that with your mind? Yes, but very partially, because what would seem true to you today might prove to be false tomorrow. Because of the mind's ramifications and its modifications, truth assumes different properties from time to time. What is true today might be untrue tomorrow. And what is untrue tomorrow, the following day there is another truth to be found. So truth is a process of continual search,

2. UK 86 - 13 and you, seeking truth, are involved not in truth, but you are involved in the process of truth because truth is forever building up unto itself. Today a four feet wall if you are small, would seem quite tall. And as you grow up, the wall goes smaller, so you got to add another two feet to it. And then as you still grow further, taller, like her fiancée, Jean, then you need a higher wall still. And that is how truth is a process of building, and what do you build upon? You build upon the foundation of thought. Now, when thought in the beginning has a firm foundation, that that wall would not crumble and it won't fall. So if we could regulate, you know, coming to Courses, attending Satsangs, listening to tapes you know from this old guy here , whatever, you're building the foundation of true thought upon which truth is built. So what are you? Nothing but a builder. You build and build and build. But then you got to have that - what do the builders call it, the thing that shows you, the little thing there in the centre to see if the wall is straight? Voice. Level. Plumb-line. (General laughter) Gururaj. Level. It's the level you use to build the wall. Where do you find that level? Only from a true Spiritual Master. A lot of gurus falling around over their own two left feet but it is the true Spiritual Masters that gives you the level, so your wall in thought processes to find the truth is built straight instead of wavy, wavy, wavy. Right baby? So to recap again on this point, you have a good level and you start building your wall. The foundation must be on sincere and true thought, and then the wall will have the foundation of stability, and stability itself is truth. It is only when people's minds become unstable through their various mental processes, that you'd find the wall could waver and crumble and fall. So how do we get to that stability? How do we become stable? How many of you for example really walk on the ground? Not very many. Some do, others they just float across the road, and they are not aware of the ground that is under them, on which their feet are firmly planted. And that is also the way you think. How many of your thoughts - just try to examine this tomorrow, just observe your thoughts - how many of them are firmly planted? Very few of those thoughts. They are floating and fleeting all the time. So to get your true foundation, to find the truth, your thoughts hav e to be firmly planted on solid ground. And where is the solid ground? Here, in your heart. Not there in the mind. That is why the mind is always upstairs. The heart is downstairs. Do you see? So why live upstairs all the time? Phew, I'd get suffocated, I'm sure. Come downstairs. And by coming downstairs you're coming to the truth, to the ground. Your feet are firmly planted. That is how you find truth in life. Why become an airy-fairy? Come down to the dairy and suckle your mother's breast. That's where your food has come from. That is what has made you grow, made you live. And that is

3. UK 86 - 13 why we call the mother, the foundation, the Holy Mother, for every mother's holy. I'm very holy too, did you know that? I've got nine apertures, nine holes. Two, four, five, six, seven and umm, I'm sitting on one at the moment! (General laughter) Yes, yes, yes. Now to realise these things, is truth in itself. Truth does not come from anywhere else; it is within yourself all the time. You are born of truth, you are fed with truth, and you live truth all the time, unless you're twisted. And that's why you need a guru, to untwist you. You see? You get so knotted up. And if we can't untie the knot, we get someone to do it for us. Don't we? Everything in life, for example, is never all done by you. You always have someone doing something for you. Like food, you have a girlfriend or your wife or whoever cooking for you. You want to go shopping, alright. For example Anu, she's been running up and down the stairs taking notes from me to various meditators, messages to them. Yeah. I might have sat down and wrote a message on a piece of paper but she did the running. There's always someone doing something for you, even in lovemaking. I'd like to see you make love by yourself alone. That would be an aberration. So we do take the assistance of something outside yourself, and then with that assistance, you, the externality, you make it into internality. Do you see? Internality. Not ananality. New word for your dictionary, Raju. Because people are very orientated to ananality. Many people concentrate, they think they do it with their minds, but they don't. They do it with their blooming asses! And then they want to find truth. Can truth be found with the backside? (General laughter) Well there is some truth there, for elimination is very important. Yes, very important, keeps you healthy. It's not only the input but the output. So eliminate all the rubbish. What do they call that stuff that you eliminate? I don't know how to say it, but I know how to spell it. S-H-I-T, something, eh? SShhh-it. Yes, yes, yes. Get rid, eliminate those thought forms in your mind because they are nothing else but imaginary. How many thoughts do you think in a day that are original or creative. Very few, very few. It's just the ramblings of the mind which turns to imagination, imaginary thoughts, not concrete thoughts, and the very concreteness of your thoughts is truth. Please do me one favour, don't run off to the hardware shop tomorrow to buy cement to concretise your thoughts! Do you see? Truth is to be found only within yourself. I will say this a million and a million and a million, a billion times over and over again be regular in your practices, for that would be the level with which you build that wall. But then after building the wall, remember you've got to break down the wall. The building of the wall is the path. Breaking down the wall will take you to the end where the pot of gold, that rainbow lies. So life is like that rainbow, you see all those colours of the rainbow there. Can you reach it, can you touch it? No, you can't because it is just a reflection of the sun's rays on vapou r

4. UK 86 - 13 that creates that spectrum of colour there. It's intangible. And that is what life is, intangible. You attach so much importance to the solidity of life, when life itself is not solid. Only truth is solid. Do you see? But you do need that rainbow to see its varied hues, the spectrum of the various colours that make up your lives. And after seeing that, you stil l know within yourself that these colours are there to observe, but they are unreal because they are not tangible. You see the illusion? And people live in illusion and forget the truth that is within them all the time. You get so enwrapped in that beautiful rainbow, all those lovely colours, you get enwrapped in it. Why? Do you know why? Because you are made of those colours. So you are projecting an illusion to another illusion, just a reflection of your self, from illusion to illusion. How about from truth to truth? It's a different angle, isn't it when you realise that I am truth. 'Asato ma sad gamaya. Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya. Mrityoma mritam gamaya.' Lead me from untruth to truth. Lead me from darkness to light. Lead me from mortality to immortality. That was Sanskrit by the way. That is the real beauty of life, if you want to live in beauty. And yet funny enough, there is no ugliness at all in this world. Everything is beautiful. I've never ever seen an ugly person in my life. I've just seen everyone to be beautiful. For how can creation be ugly when creation comes from the Creator, who is beautiful Himself? From the Manifestor of which you are the manifestation - where is there any place for ugliness then? I tell you where ugliness exists, in you. And whatever you see to be ugly, is just a projection of you. That is why you find ugliness. That is why you find unhappiness outside you. But if you can look at things from the angle of truth, then everything is beautiful. Everything is beautiful. My cough is quite infectious, isn't it? Let my word be infectious too. Okay. I suffer of a terrible disease. It's very contagious. That disease is called LOVE. It's very contagious. So be careful. But it would be enjoyable if you get it. Yes. So disease is actually dis-ease. And when you are not at ease within yourself, then you float away from the truth, do you see? So, to start on the path, we find - that was the first part of your question - to start on the path is to get rid of the 'dis- ' and just have the ease. And then you can view everything in its total glory and beauty. That will make everything around you beautiful and make you so beautiful too. Am I not beautiful? Hah! The handsomest guru in the world. (Gururaj laughs) Yes, it is this heart that flows over and over and bubbles and bubbles with joy and laughter and love and life. And that is the truth. Asato ma sad gamaya, - from untruth, lead me to truth. And let that not be wishful thinking but let it be useful living, not wishful thinking but useful living. Everything becomes true to you, all the illusions disappear. That rainbow goes away with its spectrum of colours and then you get to the origin, because there's only one colour. White. Only one colour. But that colour being reflected through a prism, it sheds a variety of colours. But the origin is only one ,

5. UK 86 - 13 and you're seeing it through a prism. That's all. These are the things that one has to realise to find the entire joy and beauty of life. So never ever be troubled in your mind to say 'Life is not joyful'. It is joyful all the time. You just fail to recognise i t because of the illusion that you have created within yourself. And you know what an illusion is? It has no substance; it has no value at all. Now how do we get rid of this illusion, when we live in illusion and we are made of illusion. In Sanskrit they call it Maya, illusion. It is a false manifestation created by ourselves. On a cloudy day, you do not see the sun. It's covered. And you think the sun is not there. But the sun is there all the time, shining its primal beautiful glory. It's there all the time. So the clouds have to disperse. So let the clouds of the mind disperse and dispersing, it could be beneficial because the clouds disperse in rain to benefit the earth, all the flora. Do you see? So illusion can also be put to useful purposes by dispelling it in the form of rain to benefit the world, to make the rivers flow, the fill the oceans, to make the trees grow, to make the flowers bloom, to stop you from becoming dehydrated. You're all dehydrated, actually, lacking the water of truth. De-hydration. So on and on we go, fathoming and unfathoming, near and far, and all the travels you make through life's ways. It could take so many, many countless days, going through the hills and vales of life's meanderings. Yet, there's a straight path there, just for the taking. And to walk on that straight path of truth, you need a bit to wake up, awaking. Are we awake or are you going to the wake? Do you know what that is, going to the wake? Tell me. Ah, going to the funeral. That's for our Spanish and Danish friends that do not know English too well, so just to clarify going to the wake. I don't want to go to a funeral, I want to go to life's party. Dammit. Do you see? You see that is how life must be, for life is a party, it's a celebration. Everything in the world is celebrating. Why are you not doing the same? The flower's blooming, it's celebrating, the grass is swaying in that wondrous dance. The wind is creating such a beautiful symphony, blowing through the branches and the leaves of the tree that is standing still. So you stand still and at the same time you dance. It might sound contradictory, but how can you dance while standing still? Of course you can. The dance is in the heart. The dance can be taken up to the mind, and you, as the trunk of the tree are forever standing still because you are stabilised in truth, that Rock of Gibraltar standing firm all the time. That is the secret of life - is to move and never to move away, whichever way life could sway, maybe tomorrow or even today, but let me be free to sway, sway and sway, for that is life's play, play, play. And then finding the eternity within yourself, you become the eternal poet for ever singing of life's glory, forever appreciating the beauty that is there, for everything is nothing else but beauty, and beauty is truth.

6. UK 86 - 13 Look at the snake on my arm. Look at that. This is Anu's. Thank you, dear. She's looking a little sad this evening. So she had this bracelet on, I say 'Give it to me and let me put it on and wear it awhile'. And may the energies emanating from me go into that snake to you, and may you be filled with the same life, love and laughter. That's it. An hour goes by so, so quickly. Doesn't it? (Gururaj starts singing in Sanskrit) 'Jabba jabba jai jumae comme......... (Clapping) Become lively if you want to live life! La la la la ............ (Gururaj lilting) That is truth. So you want to live? You want to live? Then become lively, for God's sake. (General laughter) Is this a note for me, dear? I told you the other day, I can't read at night, because I went to day school. Oh yes this is what I - yes, when you fill your life with humour, you remove the mental tumour. Did I dictate this to you? Thank you very much. When you fill your life with humour, you remove the mental tumour. So get rid of that tumour. Or else come to the surgeon, I'll operate on you and cut it out. And that's life, that's living, and that is truth. Good. Okay, you cuckoo-bums, where are my shoes? You see the whole idea is this, the whole idea is this that you can give off the most profoundest wisdom without making it tedious or boring. You can make the deepest wisdom, the deepest truth into something very entertaining, if you know what you're talking about, of course. And that comes from experience. Namaste. Do have a lovely evening. Okay. Oh, yeah, just, just another moment of your time - are you sitting on your brains? Good. Now, how many of you here are interested in art? Tony, could you take more or less a measure. Yah, so where can we gather? The meeting room, will they know where that is? Okay, what time, Tony? Five thirty, and then we'll discuss art. It will be not a talk from me as a normal lecture or things, it'll be something where everyone will participate in and we'll exchange ideas, the various forms of art, the various traditions of art. We'll go into Van Gogh and you know Turner and all these well-known artists, and learn something from it perhaps. Good. But the discussion's going to be yours. I'll supervise the meeting and pop in here there and everywhere to give you deeper understanding and appreciation of art. And then the next day, people that are interested in literature, Thursday, right, and then those that are really interested in literature, we get together. You see these are afternoon sessions we're going to have. And then, the third one is on your meditations and meditational experiences. So if there are any experiences you go through, or any problems with your meditation, then you

7. UK 86 - 13 ask me and I will tell you what experiences mean, and how you should interpret them and what you could learn from them so that you could know the truth. Namaste. END


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