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2. UK 86- 17 your burdens for God sake, give it to me, I can bear it. Give it to me and you will feel so, so relieved. You will, I promise you this and this is the greatest gift that’s given through me by Him. Give yourself a chance just to let go, shed it. For night and day I cry I cry, I cry and I don’t want to see my children unhappy. For you are not born to be unhappy my beloveds, you’re not born for that. You are born to become happier and happier and happier. You’re walking on this path to become closer and closer to our Father. I will come back again to you, yes, to reincarnate and I’ve told you before in six thousand years time I will be back. Do not cry my love. Don’t cry. I came to you two thousand years ago and I’ve taught you so many things. Can you remember any of the things that I taught you at that time, can you? But I will always come back and back and back. Six thousand years is just but a moment my darlings, my children, my beloveds. So while I’m still here around you, give me your burdens, give me your sorrows and in return if you are sincere in giving me your sorrows, in return I will give you joy. So that you will know wha t your life is really about. And it’s so simple really, when you think of it. Do your Gurushakti and have that picture of this stupid bastardo in front of your mind and say ‘Guruji take all this away, take away my suffering’ and I tell you within five minutes for the most, you’ll feel so relieved. Look at these hands, lift your hands, come on, lift your hands to mine, within a moment you will feel a tingling in your palms. You do. Yes. It is not me my darlings, it is the power of God that flows through me. And I’ve told you this many times before, I’m just an instrument, like a flute, a hollow piece of wood. He blows through it so that the world could enjoy our Lord’s love which is your birthright and it is there for you. That tingling in the palms are getting a little stronger - it should, it should. I’m doing nothing. He’s doing it all. I am his instrument, I am, I am his flute, He blows and I just play as Krishna played to all his beloveds and Gopis. Rest. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit). ............... I have come and I do not know where I’ve come from. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit). .............I do not know, because I have no knowledge, I’m so ignorant of the Lord’s force. ........... I’ve come, I don’t know where I’ve come from but neither do I know where I’m going to. But there’s one thing I’m so sure of that forever every moment of the day, my head lies on the lap of my Father all the time. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit). ...............You’ve left me have you? You think you’ve left me but that will never happen. (Gururaj continues singing). ........ Do you know the power of my love? My love for you is so strong that forever and ever you will return to my love and my love will bring you back to me always and forever. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ...... Where have I come from and where am I going to and how can I explain this to you? Explain it in your heart the love that will forever flow from me to you.

3. UK 86- 17 You have to find the understanding of your life. The magnet is powerful and the iron filings will always be drawn to the magnet, the magnet of love. And then you start living because the iron filings that gets drawn to the magnet also develops the quality of the magnet. They become magnetised because they have taken over from the Father, that magnetism, that drawing power. So the iron filings become magnetised. It’s so simple. I’m sure all of you know that. So to assume the power of Divinity does not remain an assumption. You become Divinity yourself because you have drawn from that eternal magnet. Do not throw the filings in the water, but let it be drawn to the magnet where the magnet’s power is absorbed into the filings of your life. So you see how beautiful it is? See the beauty of life, its forever there. Come, you don’t need any help, come. No, no, no, no, no, no, come, come, come, come, come, come my darling, you can do it. For you are in the presence of Divinity itself, come slowly, don’t rush. Remember one thing always you just need to take one step and Divinity takes ten steps towards you. Yes. Yes. Yes, of course. Come, come, come, come. Come, come I’ve extended my hand to you so come my love, come my darling, come. Sit down there. Can you manage there? Sit down there. ........... against the chair that’s right, that’s right. The healing hands of God. It’s not my hands. No, it’s His hands. He’s the greatest healer in life and I’m just his instrument. Pick up my hankie. Pick up my hankie, lovey. Thank you very much. So if we can only give ourselves over into His hands don’t’ you think life can become more beautiful? Don’t you think life can become more joyous, Jyotima, and all of you? Glory be and glory be forever, for in my heart, in my very breath, I praise thee. Allow me the Shakti, the strength to surrender myself to thee for I know in my surrendering you will always be with me. I found these ten twelve years or so that I’ve been coming to England about twice a year I think, Peter is, that, about twice a year, yah, people that have started meditating have become so, so creative. I get hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of letters, about two thousand letters a month, I suppose. Of course it’s impossible to reply everyone. I can’t afford a secretary to dictate to, but I’ve found so much greater and greater creativity in their lives. People that could never say boo or bah, can sing a very beautiful song to us. Is that right love? And I give you the breath of life. They write such beautiful poetry. The letters are so well constructed. There’s a beginning, there’s a middle, there’s an end, they are so meaningful. So you see, meditation can do so, so much for you. But you have to be regular my darling, you have to be. That little effort in the start will later become effortless. Twenty-four hours of the day I am always in the state of meditation, always there with my Father, all the time. And yet I function in the world like anyone else functions. And then you will know the real meaning of ‘To be in the world and yet not of the world’. I will sit down and enjoy a cigarette with you. I’l l have a sip of your drink to share with you, to make you feel and make you know that I am none different than you.

4. UK 86- 17 This reminds me when I lived in the body of Jesus, how many nights and nights we used to spend getting pissed. And then of course Mary Magdalene was known to be a prostitute yet just a touch made her so pure and made her forget all her guilt. One of the truest Saints in the world was Mary Magdalene because to rise from the lower depths, to rise so high above, don’t we all want to do that and forget all our sorrows forget all our sins and just be filled with courage, bravery and hope, for life is unending. Life knows no end at all for you keep on resurging back like a wave that rises and falls, but just to rise again. Thank you darling. She knew I was going to blow my nose. You see my beloveds, that is the real beauty of life where you become through your spiritual practices more and more aware. I have seen here in the group, I’m very observant, about fifty odd of you who are shedding tears. What is the meaning of shedding tears? You’re just but sharing with me the love I have for thee. Do you see? Good. Cry more, heh, get rid of that inner pain, you will find life never to be in vain. For everything has a meaning. But there’s one thing I have to do, weaning, stop suckling your mother’s tits, you’re grown up enough now, aren’t you. So be weaned away from life’s falsity and try and stand on your own two feet even if you have two left legs, who cares. I bring you nothing more but love and joy and peace unto thy hearts, give you some knowledge, some wisdom with a whole lot of fun. We laugh and we joke and life becomes merry. Are you going to marry me? Life becomes merry you know. Don’t take it too seriously and the only way not to take life too seriously is to really dive within yourself, dive within yourself. Let the body die but that which is within yourself can never die, it is immortal, forever living. It is just the realisation that you require to live this life of joy, Ansuya? Do you see? And so we progress on and on and on. You don’t need to trod along, but walk along that lovely balanced peace of life, of loving, of giving and receiving is grace. Our philosophy is so universal that I’m sure none of you could ever forget, universal you are. Now universal you are and universal you will always, universal you will always be. That’s it. Oh thank you for helping me dear. Now I want you all to start meditating tonight, say about twenty to twelve, quarter to twelve and specially most of you know that we have gone through the experiences, but those that are new on the Course, start meditating about twenty to twelve, quarter to twelve, right. If some of you have not get your Mantra yet, then just take your attention to your breathing, not concentrate, just your attention to your breathing and I will be there with you. I will be in my room and you will be in yours but you’ll feel I am there with you. You might see me visually, you might feel my presence there, you might feel the room all lighting up in gold. Do that tonight. So who says I’m far away? Never ever far away and neither

1. UK 86- 17 Gururaj. Sorry, please do sit down. Shall we meditate for a moment? Just a few words quickly for those that - you’re looking so well, glowing, aren’t you. Ah good. For those of you that are on the first time on a Course, while many of you have been with me on several Courses over the past ten, eleven, twelve years, but those that are first time on the Course, just a few words on what Communion means, where I will be leaving this body now and merge away into Divinity. What you have to do is sit back and relax that’s all and do not concentrate on me but just focus your attention on me. And you will go through so many experiences but do not analyse the experiences because your mind will be taking you away from the experience that you could have within you. So do not concentrate, just a gentle focus and whatever experiences you have, we’ll talk about it so you could understand what it is all about. Now I know exactly what experiences you will have but I would not like to talk about it. I don’t want to influence your mind at all. Just have the experience without analysis, just feeling it deep within you whatever it is and then after the Communion I will tell you what it is all about. So I will be leaving you now to merge away in my Father. Now please try and sit in such a way where you don’t need to stretch your neck, like when you go to a movie and this tall person is sitting in front of you then you got to turn this way and you got t o turn that way to see the screen. Is that right Dorothy? Now you can have the backlights on, Tony, have the backlights on but take these off - they’re very bright on my eyes. These must go off and put those back ones on. That’s better, so it’s not too heavy on my eyes. Thank you for, you know what. To float away in Divinity, to just go and be away and merging yourself totally within God. It's such an ecstasy and you travel through the entire universe and you see the beauty that is there. Everything is scintillating, shining and bright , pu lsating and within that pulsation, you feel your heart also pulsating in unity of all that comprises creation. And then you come back and when you come back you look around you and you see the faces so filled with suffering and you just can’t understand why my beloveds have to suffer, when the entire universe is there so supportive of its beauteous light that gives you the vital force of life and living. My children there’s no need at all to suffer, not at all. So you can see the beauty of what life is about, all suffering ceases because you are living then in His light. Why not that? I came down to earth again to bring you this message of love, of peace, of joy. Give me all your sufferings, give it to me, I can bear it I’m strong enough. You are not. So offer it to me. When you do your Gurushakti Practices, say to yourself ‘Guruji I offer all my problems to you’, and you’ll see how your problems will disappear. They will not be there anymore. I’ve come to you and I won’t be around very much longer. The spirit is eternal but the body is becoming very weak. So give me your troubles, I will lift the burden off you. Try it. Try it and you will see. You came with a burden into this life because of your past Samskaras, past impressions. Give me

5. UK 86- 17 away. Right. Okay. You going to do that tonight? Fine. It’s an experience that you will go through and it’s a very, ver y worthwhile experience. I don’t travel thousands and thousands and thousands of miles round the world without giving of myself to my beloveds. For you are none else but me. For there is only one spirit that exists in you and in me. So tonight, about twenty to, quarter to twelve, at midnight, I’m going to be with you in your own rooms. Meditate and don’t do anything else, you know what I mean. Okay. I’ve got this damn bloomin' cold, change of climate and the pressure, you know, in the aer oplane pressurised air and things, which aggravates it really, but I’m fine. Oh yes. I will be back. END


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