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1. UK 86-6 Gururaj. Spirits and I do not mean alcohol (General laughter) I mean your inner self, your inner self is the most important part of you. For your outer self means nothing. She is pretty, she is pretty, she is pretty, he is handsome (General laughter) but how pretty and handsome is your inner self, that is my concern for all. What's her name by the way, Paula, Paula did you ever have a boyfriend in your life called Paul? (Gururaj laughs). Sorry for what. Rather be late than never, as the old saying goes you know. I have a very efficient Secretary. Shall we meditate for a moment? What shall we talk about today? Question. Rapid Fire. Fine. Sure, sure, anything you want. I am your servant, not your Master. Whatever you ask. I think I might obey. (Gururaj laughs) Good. She looks nice with the blue and that's yellow isn't it. Yes. Good and white shoes lovely. Good taste. Questioner. Guruji, I would like to know what jealousy has to do with imagination? Gururaj. Good. Imagination is a force of the mind only the mind can create images which becomes imagination. Now, when that imagination is combined with your emotions then it becomes jealousy. Thousands of women love me throughout the world and she's jealous. (General laughter) So the point is this that imagination is very closely related to jealousy. Jealousy comes from a sense of insecurity. Now, why do you feel insecure? It is because of your own personal inadequacy. When you feel you are inadequate to the man you love, then naturally because of your inadequacy, you have the feelings of jealousy. It is very logical. Now, jealousy also has other components that creates jealousy. It is not only your own feelings of inadequacy, but you try also very hard to please the person you love and when you feel that you have not really pleased the person you love, then you feel inadequate and you feel jealous. Now, when you feel a sense of jealousy, what is happening within you? Have you ever thought of that? It is bringing up your blood pressure. It has a great effect; I mean there are doctors and psychologists here that will verify what I'm trying to tell you. It brings up your blood pressure. It has an effect on your physiological and biological systems and it affects every cell of your body. And when every cell of your body is affected, affected rather, then naturally the mind and thinking processes also gets affected. So, jealousy is total selfishness. You are selfish like she is. Why is this mike shaking? I suppose it’s the power of my vocal cords. So now when you get affected physiologically, biologically and psychologically, it is detrimental to you. You are destroying yourself. I'm a very jealous person myself and so is our Lord the God. And this is a total

2. UK 86-6 misconception because Divinity is a neutral energy that does not have any emotion at all and neither any passion. So, according to our Scriptures, they say that ‘I am a jealous God’. It is not true. This conception or misconception rather was formulated by the Council in fourteen twelve; I think it was the Council of Nicene. Something like that is it. God is not jealous. He is a neutral energy which has been given to you so you can live and your living must be lived in love and not jealousy, because jealousy is imaginary and it affects your entire system. Next question. Oh this computer expert, oh. Questionner. Guruji, Haley’s Comet has often been looked upon as being a harbinger of change in this world and in fact it was thought to, they now speculate that it appeared at the time of Christ’s birth. Recently Astronomers have reported that Haley’s Comet has got much brighter and in fact it has developed seven tails as opposed to one. Could you tell us what this means? Gururaj. Has anybody got a gun here (General laughter) because I will shoot Haley, because what is said is absolutely bull. What is meant by that, the seven tails as you have mentioned, are the seven energies that makes the world go around all the time. And Haley’s Comet is mythological going around. So, what it really means is that those energies are going around and around and around to energise humanity and everything else you find on this planet. Now who can prove to me, anyone of you that Haley’s Comet only went around this planet. No. That which we call Haley’s Comet, though being a myth, contains a lot of truth. Because it is composed of energies and it does not only go around this world but round the universe all the time. I am Haley’s Comet because I have all these seven energies contained within me. And it is not difficult for me to make the world go round and round and round. And most of you know that the entire planet is based on an axis. And is forever turning, turning, turning, rotating all the time and not only rotating but it is also revolving around the sun. So what this means is this that Haley’s Comet, the power of energy is the sun and all the planets in our solar system is revolving around the sun all the time. You think you're sitting here. Do you know you're hurtling through space at thousands and thousands of miles per minute? Now if you want me to prove this to you, I can rise up from this chair and float around this room. So easy, because everything is nothing else but light and light travels at one thousand, one eight six thousand, one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second. You see I need helpers like Peter. I can't see you. (Gururaj laughs). So you see we are forever in motion. Right. Do you know of the billions and billions of cells in your bodies are forever in motion and in such wonderful precision. The entire solar system functions in total precision. If it did not function in precision, in its proper orbit or way, then the planets will collide. And that is the meaning of Haley’s

3. UK 86-6 Comet, the energy that goes around all the time with its seven tails as you have said. You've only got one tail. Do you see? So do not go after these myths. They mean nothing at all. How practical are these myths in your lives, tell me that? There's no practicality at all. The practicality of life is to live life in love and peace, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Ah, Namaste my beloveds. Come, come, both of you sit there. Namaste, beloved Asha. You do, most of you know Dharmesh and Asha. You sit that side, the devil. (General laughter) I'm glad you could make it. Thank you. This morning we're having a rapid fire question and answer session. Right next question. Jamie, beloved, you got the idea of Haley’s Comet now. Good. Questioner. Guruji, I'd like you to tell something about losing the outer guru, I don't mean death because that's not a loss obviously, I mean the guru is dead, not that. Gururaj. Just repeat that please. Questioner (Cont’d). I'd like you to say something about losing the outer guru when he doesn't appear as a guru to you anymore. Gururaj. Beautiful, very good. Very good. John. You can never, never lose the outer guru. Because the outer guru will always exist in some form or the other. But the idea of the outer guru is to make you find (General laughter) the idea of the outer guru is to make you find the inner guru within yourself and without the outer guru, you could never ever find the inner guru. You can read a million books if you want to. That’s good. Nothing wrong - get new ideas and things but without the touch of the true guru your inner guru can never be found. In Sanskrit it is said in the Veda, guru (Sanskrit).. ., without the guru and we're not talking of these false bastards, bastardos that you can find your inner self because a tru e guru uses his can opener to open your heart so that you could recognise yourself. For that should be the end and aim of life to find yourself. Does the Scriptures not say ‘Man know thyself’, and how are you going to know yourself? Not by reading books or following all these Maharishis and Mucktanandas and Fucktanandas (General laughter) between a guru and chela something wonderful happens which most of you have realised. There's a spark flowing from one to the other and that spark creates that light which will in time enlighten you. I do not need you. You need me. That is the role of the guru because he is not only your Master but also your servant. And he gives everything of himself, to put you on the path for you to discover yourself. Why is this mike shaking, Anton, it must be you?

4. UK 86-6 So, the aim of life to say it other words is to find your self identity. When you find your self identity you will discard the small "i" that makes you think you’re so important and you will find the Big"I", the universal "I" which in reality you are. So, what does the guru do, what does he do? Look you have so many, thousands and thousands of Professors of Philosophy round the world in all Universities. I have been offered five posts as a Professor but I said ah (General laughter) and what do they teach you, they only titillate your mental buds. That's all. Titillation is good sometimes. (Gururaj laughs) You don't catch that (General laughter) and of course I'm not talking of ..... Titillation. (General laughter). Yes. But these Professors of Philosophy, Philology, Shitology sorry, cannot impart anything to you. But a true guru can. He not only awakens your mind with different understandings and different attitudes but he also uses his can opener to open your heart and pour so much love into it. That is why you benefit in the presence of a guru. Understood. Next question. Questioner. Guruji, this is a letter, this question is in a letter from a meditator in our area, though I have to confess we don't know him, so I don't know anything about him. He says, "As I am unable Gururaj. Tell me his name first, Questioner. (Cont'd). His name is John Swift. Gururaj. John Swift. He must be quite swift. Questioner. (Cont'd). As I am unable to attend BMS Courses, I wonder if it would be possible to ask Gururaj a question on his next Course. The question is 'As I have suffered with nerve trouble and depression for over thirty years, could Gururaj tell me of any other way of alleviating suffering than taking drugs or meditating which I do both.' Gururaj. Very good. Thank you. Please tell Swift, John Swift that he must become more, more swift in stopping drug taking and become more swifter in meditating. Because from the feeling I get is this, though he might say he's a regular meditator, he is not and I can prove it to you if he was here now. So, for thirty years he has been going through nervous problems. Okay. Good. Everyone in this room has some form of nerves and that is no lie. Can anyone deny that to me? There has to be a certain amount of nervous tension to inspire you to greater and greater heights and why, while relieving the nervous tension, you are at the same time simultaneously creating a greater calmness in you. But thirty years - the only thing I can do for that meditator - he took up meditation not to find God, that I tell you, he took up meditation because

5. UK 86-6 of his drugs and nerves. Now it’s a pity he could not be here, but tonight I will go to him and relieve some of his problems at least. But he also has to make a bargain with me not to indulge so much in drugs or otherwise the energies which I will be sending to him tonight would be invalidated. Do you see? So please convey this message to John Swift and may he have a very swift recovery. Next question. Questioner. Gururaj, Gurdjieff who was a mystic in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition Gururaj. I beg your pardon, speak English. Questioner. (Cont’d) Gurdjieff, who was a mystic in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition, evolved what he termed an all embracing system for transformation. If he had lived today would he have been incorporating a meditation technique? Gururaj. Who was this Eastern mystic? Questioner.(Cont'd) Gurdjieff. Gururaj. Rub my feet my darlings, they are painful. (General laughter). Gurdjieff who was a person that had a deep knowledge of human psychology and that is all what he had. Nothing more. He did not have any spiritual force or spiritual power, though he had that personality to put him across, to put his words across rather and he appealed to people that were not well, physically, mentally, biologically whatever. He also had the power of a certain form of magnetism where he could magnetise people. That is not spirituality. That is not the way to our Lord. So, he conducted a very large business which I don't. I'm the poorest guru in the world. And because of the magnetism he exuded from himself, he attracted people that were to repeat again unwell physiologically, biologically, psychologically, blah, blah, blah. Gurdjieff took some teachings from the Upanishads which was ten thousands of years ago and used them for his own personal advantage. He was actually a crack pot and his, his pot was so cracked that it even leaked. (General laughter) Nevertheless, we do not decry or deny or despise anyone. No. That is not our dharma. If some people can be benefited by some so-called guru why not. Therefore I've said in many lectures before, that study everything, yes. Read this one that one, that one, that one, listen to people that might come here. Go and listen to the lectures, do it, do it, do it, do it. I'm not like Maharishi, that sh it -arse, I beg your pardon, that holds their people like that and say ‘You go nowhere’. The latest form of the TM Movement that were published said 'If you follow Gururaj's teachings, you are not allowed on

6. UK 86-6 our Courses'. And those Courses about flying techniques, levitation. You know I rather prefer the Levis. Those are the jeans. Because at least putting on those Levi’s, those jeans I can stand. So it is Levi-stand. And funny enough you can buy a pair of jeans, I don't know what it costs in England, but I suppose twenty pounds or something. Yeah. But he charged four thousand dollars which is about eight hundred pounds, double. Three thousand pounds and he did not even give you the Levi. (Gururaj laughs) You see the point which I'm trying to make is this, with me, with us rather, there are no costs, no charges, nothing. I come to teach for the benefit of humanity. The fees that you will have paid goes to your living accommodation, to your food and whatever. A true teacher does not work for money. Never. Of course he does need his bread and food and send his children to University and pay rates and taxes and rents and lights and water. You know, I mean, you are people that have homes. So do not ever be bluffed at all. Now this friend of ours that has this nervous problem, he could have spent five or six, I don't know what it costs in England, five or six pounds to come here even just for half an hour so I could have given him a personal healing. And I'm sure one of the meditators in your area would have, for his problems, given him that five or six pounds for train fare or someone could have given him a lift or something like that. But he wants, he wants to have after thirty years of nervous problems and drug addiction, for me to sit here and heal him, I don't know how many miles away. Do people like that deserve any attention from me, or do true followers and my beloveds deserve more attention? But I have no discrimination. Tonight I will send him healings and you phone him tomorrow and then if I got any coins, no. Voice. Guruji, ............. (Inaudible) he has written a letter because he is in the Bath area and we had lost track of him. Catherine sent me a list of the people we had lost track of and I looked through the book and he wasn’t in the same place ........................ (Inaudible) Gururaj. What a pity ah. If I could just phone him tonight and just through the voice. Voice. Well now that we have got his address, perhaps we can ask the telephone exchange if he has got a phone number. Gururaj. Yes, sure, sure we do that yes. Good. Good. Everyone in the world, be they my disciples or not, I love all, as I will always do. By the way Asha, I finished your play and we're going to put it on in the West End. I was writing a play for

7. UK 86-6 her. Good. Next question. Oh Inoo, always asks - oh sorry, who's first, I don't know. Please guide it, would you? Yes, Inoo will ask a very deep profound question. Questioner. I won't, Guruji. (General laughter) Beloved Guruji, could you tell me please whether Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh is enlightened? Gururaj. No. No. No. No. That's your answer. Next question. Ninety three Rolls Royces! You phone him and ask him to send me one. (General laughter) Okay. Voice. (Cont'd) What colour? Gururaj. .............. (Inaudible) ......which will match my aura. Beg your pardon, June sorry. Why must people have noses? Are noses not made to smell instead of expel? You know most English people tell me, sorry June, most English people tell me that I have a greater command of the English language than the English people themselves. Do you agree Peter? Peter. Yes, Guruji. (General laughter) Gururaj. June. June. I have a friend who is a meditator and her son was almost completely paralysed in a car crash about nine months ago he’s eighteen. I wonder could you say some words of encouragement to him and people like him whose lives appeared to be quite shattered by such an experience. Gururaj. You have seen this boy, you know him, June? June. Yes, I do. Gururaj. It’s a pity we haven't got chalk, charcoal and paper or else I would draw him exactly for you without even seeing him because I saw him already in my mind. The only thing in this instance I could say that I will meditate upon him and he will feel better. But if he was brought here in person, I could have given him a personal healing, just by a touch. But

8. UK 86-6 thank you very much for conveying this message to me and you can phone him tomorrow and he will be feeling much, much better. His paralysis just won't go like that if I don't give a personal healing, but he will be in greater and higher spirits and feel better inspite of his paralysis. There's one lady I knew, I know who had both legs amputated, in a wheel chair of course, but after doing some healings on her personally she's the most brightest spirit that you could ever hope to meet. Having no legs, in spite of that she's so, so, happy. Now there was one lady I saw who was walking with two crutches, please arrange for me to give her a little healing - and she has got flu. So what's today Wednesday and the Course ends on Friday so I'm sure by tomorrow she'll be feeling better and in front of you all let's see what we can do for her incapacity of the legs whatever. I have to speak to her. Good. Next question. I can't answer your question. Namaste. Questioner. Namaste. Beloved Guruji, when we go to work and we mix with other people, there's a lot of energy exchanges that happen and it’s very difficult I find to keep in balance all the time. Then we come home from our work and we join our spouses or friends. How do we get that balance and harmony back in our lives? How is the fastest way? Gururaj. That's very easy. Amita, that's very easy really. While you are in contact with people, while you are doing - she's a psychologist by the way from America - while you are doing your counselling or whatever, - Wellness Clinic Incorporated - why must you not be well if you call your clinic, Wellness Clinic - the secret is simple, while you're doing counselling and healing or whatever, do Gurushakti at the back of your mind. Right. Now when you would be doing that Gurushakti, the energies will go from the left hemisphere, is this left, left hemisphere to the right hemisphere and create a combination that will prevent you from picking up the vibrations of other people. If I did not do that, I would have been dead a long time ago. Okay. (Gururaj laughs) Next. By the way tell Don, thank him for the two lovely cigars he sent to me. I think I'll have one today after dinner. Good. Questioner. Bapuji, a person in Ireland has asked me to ask you this question; he is a maniac depressive and an alcoholic. He's been off the drink for a few years and he said that the doctors in one of the big hospitals in Dublin are working on the technique that if they could see the person's aura they would be aware of the maniac depressive state coming on and he wants to know if there's any truth in the fact that that might work? Gururaj. Yes there is. Right you tell that hospital in Dublin to send me a ticket, not a train ticket of course and I will teach them the art of observing auras and what to do with them and how auras can be altered. It is so difficult to explain - I

9. UK 86-6 could write ten books on the subject. I'm an expert on these things because I also have a scotch sometimes. So, if they are prepared to finance a book on the subject, I will write it and all the royalties can go to you, to the Irish Meditation Society. I want nothing. Okay. You see many people have problems and they expect you to get rid of their problems for them and yet not have the decency to come to a bloody Course. I get thousands of letters every month, about two thousand and very few people have the decency even to put a pound note in the envelope for me to buy eye drops. You see? People are grasping, they want to grab, grab, grab. But how many have the decency to give, give, give even a cent. You know the story of the widow's mite. You know that story from the Bible which was worth much more than all the wealth possessed by Nicodemus. But you know this world. So what, I don't care a damn. Next question. Have we got time? A little time? You see I have the art of kissing you and at the same time slapping your arse. Questioner. Guruji, Namaste. Gururaj. Namaste Questioner. (Cont'd) Please explain Gururaj. Closer to the mike so I can hear you better Questioner.(Cont'd) Please explain the path that self forgiveness for past action plays in karmic debt. Can it alter the wa y our future lives or simultaneous lives are lived? Is there such a thing as good luck or is it merely good thoughts? Gururaj. Beautiful. Beautiful. That subject, what's your name? Helen. That subject is complex, perhaps we can leave - don't lose that, remind me of it tomorrow. Perhaps we can leave it for tomorrow because within five to ten minutes I will not be able to do justice to a very profound question. So tomorrow morning let that be a question. Okay. Okay, Helen. Fine. Good. Another quickie. The computer master, his brain works like a computer - Come-put - is it computer or computer in - what’s it now, come put i n - you know my English is terrible. Questioner. Guruji, would you tell us what the hour of Brahman is and what purpose we can use it? Gururaj. There's no hour of Brahman. If you measure Brahman in hours, you will be limiting Brahman and Brahman means the Lord. When we do accept the fact that Brahman is eternal then why do we measure him in the term of minutes

10. UK 86-6 or days or hours? He is eternal as all of you are eternal too. For nothing can exist, exist without eternity. Everything is eternal. Even your or my little body is eternal because after we shed this body, it goes back into its original elements. Fire to fire, earth to earth, dust to dust, air to air, and it takes on different shapes and different forms. So everything is eternal. Now if you are eternal, how can you talk of the hour of Brahman, because Brahman does not exist in an hour. It exists in uno momento always. You measure life in the time of years, fifty years, sixty years, seventy years, three scores and ten as we say. But it is not so at all. All those years that your mind thinks of, is nothing else but uno momento, one moment and that one moment is eternity. Paula, do you agree? Good. Why don't you come here? Whichever way. Thank you. (General laughter) You know with the wisdom, oh thank you my darling, thank you. Namaste. Namaste, thank you. What one has to remember is this, that we are attaching too much importance on the length of our lifetime. But if you see your lifetime - look I'm only about five thousand years old - that doesn’t matter. But if you see your lifetime with the attitude and the sense that I am only living in this minute, then you will find that eternity, which is you, which resides in you, which is made of you. So always try please my beloveds to live in the moment. Let every moment of people's lives be joyful and when one moment is joyful and filled with love then the next moment will also be that. And the third moment might even increase that joy and love in its own personal momentum. So live in the moment and find greater and greater momentment. Half past twelve. What time do you go for lunch? One. Okay. Let me compose a poem or a song for you. Just name anything. What? Right, I'll be silent. (General laughter) Come on come on, come up with something nice. What language would you like it? Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, or Shitanese? Okay. (Gururaj sings) ..... I tried so hard all my life to love but I never found anyone to love me in return. And when love has no response, my heart turns to ice. But there will come a time when even the ice will be nice in this hot weather. (Clapping and general laughter). Oh, oh sorry. Now tonight we are going to have the Communion Practice, right, and I will explain you the details of it tonight, especially to the new people that are here. Good, what a Communion Practice means and just to say it in one sentence that I go into Communion with God, with Divinity, and you just sit back and relax. And you will get various experiences because there's a great amount of energy that is generated. It is a very sacred occasion. Most of you know that. Look, I'm speaking more to the new people who are here, so please have a nice bath and clean your ears as well and your toes

11. UK 86-6 too. Right. So have a nice bath and you know put on clean clothes. It does not need to be your Sunday best. You know I had one experience, I don't know in which country it was, where I was doing the Communion Practice and a girl was sitting right opposite me with half bare. No. It’s a sacred night so of course you'll have a bath and clean clothes and things and don't forget your undies. (Gururaj laughs) Good. I like to make fun even I'm serious. That is the secret of life. Be serious and yet have fun. Understand that and your lives will become much, much more happier. Then tonight we are also going to do the Midnight Special. How many women would like to sleep in my bed? (General laughter) My bed only holds one person and that's me. Good. So I'll explain you tonight. Please remind me dear what the Midnight Special is all about. Putting it in one sentence, that I will be meditating in my room and you will b e meditating in your rooms and I'll be present with each and everyone of you. I'll go into more details this evening. Anyone needs their spirits scrubbing come with me to my bathroom. (Gururaj laughs). Thank you. Haven't people got cameras around here or are they so damned scarce in England? God bless you my love. Have you got my eyes with you? Yes, I have. Then why did you forget them? Right. Namaste and please enjoy your lunch. What do you have, dinner or lunch? Do you know the difference between lunch, supper and dinner? Right. Now lunch me ans a small meal, supper means a small meal, but dinner you can have during lunchtime or suppertime because dinner means a large meal. Now I only like to have dinners. See you later. E ND


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