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2. UK 86-8 Voice.(Cont'd). Oh how lovely! Ah, but it was a God Communion love, it wasn't a physical one. (General laughter) Gururaj. Beautiful, beautiful. Voice.(Cont'd). Let’s have it. We've got to have it first of all. I haven't said it yet. I went into meditation and as before it wasn't a two million mile express that passed through my body, it was very, very gentle. I heard your voice saying the Aum, but you seemed to be chanting as though it was very gentle, and very peaceful and very beautiful. Then I started to feel a sensation round my nose, my mouth, my throat and the top of my head. Gururaj. Only there? Voice.(Cont’d). Oh, wait, but wait for it. Since January I've had a hive of bees down here, buzzing away on little wings, like a baby kicking. (Gururaj laughs through all this) Gururaj. Lovely! Good. Next. (General laughter) Voice.(Cont’d). My back was arched up as if something had shot up the back of my back, but it was all rather gentle and rather beautiful. As before I've had rather violent experiences, but that was beautiful. Thank you beloved. Gururaj. There is one thing I want to suggest to you that after we had three orgasms together, I don't want you to fall pregnant. Voice.(Cont’d). The chance would be a fine thing at fifty six! (Laughter and applause.) Gururaj. Lovely. Namaste beloved. Next. Please come up. (Gururaj coughs) - change of weather coming from a very hot country and coming to a cold country. But I did pray that let the weather be nice and I think it is nice. Voice. Following that is going to be impossible. I went into a very deep meditation last night and it seemed as if it was all the right side of my head was full of light and energy. And I got to a stage of feeling that my head couldn't take this energy that was there and then suddenly your hands came and you placed your hands on my head. And as that happened there opened up in the front of my forehead - all I could see was a thousand bands of

3. UK 86-8 pulsation of silver lights. And that was an experience I've never had before because it was so beautiful and deep. That was held in the heart chakra as well, and as I was moved from that, I was taken along what I can only describe as a dark river. And it wasn't a river, it was thousands and thousands of people who had turned their backs. And I was hovering over them, but they turned their backs and they put on cloaks of darkness and their heads were bowed. And I felt a terrible sadness for these people. And then I was shown lots of buildings destroyed and desolation. And I was moved again from that into somewhere where they unrolled a scroll in front of me that was like the plans of an architect. And it was a city rebuilt and each drawing was in gold, all the edges of the city were in gold. So I - that's all there is. Gururaj. What - please sit down - what this really means is you are destroying that old city with rotten buildings, and building in your heart a new golden city. That is what it means. Next. Please, mother, can I help you? Vo ice. May I give my experience in Communion? I saw a mass of very tiny lights, all in a mass and on the right was a large blob of green, green, bright green colour. Gururaj. That's healing. Yeah. Voice. (Cont’d). That was all. Very simple. Gururaj. Very good. Green. You see as I've told you - I don't know if I told it here or somewhere else, because I lecture round the world - but green is a colour of healing. And I would advise you to have your room done up in green. And it will bring you great comfort and healing. Yes, it will because when we reach our age (General laughter) we do need a bit of healing. Hey you, girl, come here, come here, you, you, you, you with the yellow something. No, no that lady there, my daughter. Come, come, come, come and try and place yourself somewhere here. That's it. She is very jealous. So don't touch me. (Gururaj sings) 'I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.' Good. Next. Anyone? Come on, please. Never be shy of your father. Voice. Gururaj. Namaste. I haven't been before you before to speak out loud but I've had a lot of silent communication from you, and it’s been of a very simple nature. Life has taught me many, many lessons and you've given me some hard kicks up the bottom. But last night.. Gururaj. Up the bottom?

4. UK 86-8 Voice. Yes, definitely up the bottom! Gururaj. Which side? From the front or the back? Voice. (Cont’d). Well, to use a very good American expression, a very good American expression, I think you know where. Gururaj. I'm joking, you know me. Voice. (Cont’d). Yes, but what you don't know is that the joke’s on me because what did I have after my children was haemorrhoids and I had a Lourdes stretch, so you really got your foot in there! Gururaj. (General laughing) My whole foot? Or did I just use my big toe? Voice. (Cont’d). Sometimes. Gururaj. Come rub my feet, girls. Voice.(Cont’d). Anyway it was lessons I needed to learn. Well last night, I've had very simple lessons before but last night it was so beautiful because I didn't even realise once again what was happening. But the energy came straight to my right hand and I thought, after about ten minutes - about ten past twelve - I thought well what does that mean? I thought well he's given up the other end, so he's now taken me by the hand. And I've lost, through your techniques, a lot of my dependencies. My first dependency was my husband, and then gradually I have given up my home and my dogs and my children. But of course one never gives up anything and your teachings are so simple and so profound. And that what I thought was my weaknesses are in fact not at all my weakness. In fact it is my strength because I have tremendous love within myself and I could never, never, let it go. And only with these techniques was I able to do that. I didn't wish to come and speak here, and John said to me 'Ah but it’s a private experience. You have no need to share it.' But I'm afraid that if Gururaj can come to me then I have to at least stand before you, which I consider all of you my family, and I'm shaking, but it’s so beautiful to be able finally to say what I feel to all of you. Namaste.

5. UK 86-8 Gururaj. Now that right hand of yours that found the tingling use that right hand in the right places - when you feel frustrated. ........How many caught that? (General laughter) A very good experience. Yes it was! And it was not your hand that was tingling, but my hand tingling through your hand, remember that. This blooming thing is shaking again. Next. Okay. Come on, don't be shy. You do not need to be shy in front of your father. Voice. Namaste, Guruji. Gururaj. Namaste, my beloved Eric. Voice.(Cont’d). In Communion last night I saw your face. Half of it was very grotesque and ugly and the other side was so beautiful and light shining out of it. And then you sort of, you just disappeared. And last night I was meditating Gururaj. In your Midnight Special Voice.(Cont'd). That's the one. That's the one. And Gururaj. I also, by the way - excuse me - I also had a midnight special, last night. It was very exciting. (General laughter) chop, chop chop! Carry on Eric - sorry. Voice.(Cont’d). It’s all right. From my feet, from my toes a great deal of energy, heat, was coming through my body. I just drifted off to sleep then. Gururaj. What happened there is that your body is filled with energy, and what people really lack in life is how to move the energies that is within oneself. You can start from the head down to the toes or from the toes to the head, it does not matter, but the energy was flowing. And don't you feel very relaxed this morning? You do? Good. I could see it on your face. Let's see now. Okay, let's have one more, huh, then we start our Satsang. Yes sir? You call small people sir and you call big people boys! But I am the Sire mixed amid the mire of life. M-I-R-E. Of course that means dirt, you know that. Voice. Anyway we'll talk about the sophisticated stuff, but I'd rather talk about the nonsense stuff. I saw you coming but you just then became light and then there was the trinity triangle. And it started shining and then it was hell broke out its

6. UK 86-8 just all stars, planets moving about, lights, circles, everything but that's not what's important, I think. What's important is I started remembering. I always remember certain incidents which at the time they are very funny, and I'd just like to share this incident with you. It’s when I was twelve, and I've always been interested in reading anything which is beyond or strange or funny. So I got into the magic and everything, and I was interested in hypnotism. So I got this book on hypnotism and I read it. And the techniques in it were that you have to fill a bucket of water and put salt in it, and then put your head in it for half an hour. (General laughter) I was only twelve, but I thought that maybe that's the way they do it - they make you, they do something with their eyes. But anyway you were stood there and saying "tch! tch! tch!" and that was it. Gururaj. Namaste. Putting your head in a bucket of salt water means one thing that if you drop one bit, one drop of water into the ocean it also becomes salty. Isn't that true? You can take a drop of fresh water and drop it into the ocean and that drop of river water or fresh water or whatever, into the ocean it also becomes salty. Right. Now salt is one of the greatest spices of life. You can't enjoy your food without having some salt, can you? Otherwise it would be too bland. So this means that if you dip your drop into the ocean of Divinity you become salty with the salt of the vastness of the ocean which is Divinity itself. Very good, very good. Now before we start our Satsang - quarter past twelve now, how many of you felt - you can put up your hands of course, or even your finger - how many of you felt my presence in your rooms? Oh, mostly everyone. How many of you saw me in your room? Good. This is to illustrate to you that although I am thousands of miles away I can be with you, you only need to call. That's all. (Gururaj sings) "Hold the hand of the" - how does it go? Come on guys, girls, ' Hold the hand of the man of Galilee and he will lead you on and on to see the sea of life.' That's my own version of course. You know that. Right. Now what did you have as the next? Oh, Satsang. Okay. Yes. My secretary is very efficient. Question. To rub the feet of a Spiritual Master is a blessing in itself, yes, because you are absorbing his vibrations, spiritual vibrations. Remember that. Questioner. Namaste. Gururaj. Namaste, Beloved.

7. UK 86-8 Questioner.(Cont'd). Beloved Guruji, please explain the part that self-forgiveness of past action plays in karmic debt. Can it alter the way our future lives or simultaneous lives are lived? Part two: are there such things as angels and how do they relate to good thoughts? Gururaj. There are no angels that exist beyond this little planet of ours. You are the angels. So live angelically. And b y living that way of life, you will find great, great joy and light of the angels that you really are. And when this is found in your life, you will also find your Self, which is an angel in its own self. So this would mean that you get rid of any sense of guilt, for your past actions have been in the past. Okay. And when you rid yourself of the sense of guilt, the results - cause and effect - the results of your past actions will automatically be resolved. And when they are resolved, you will feel very free within yourself. For if you live in the past, then the past lives in you now. So why not discard the past and live now, realising that the past is the past. And it is not now. Where are you now, at this moment? You are with your Spiritual Master. That is the present. Last week you went to some stupid church or a synagogue or a mosque or whatever, it doesn't matter to me at all and you listened to a whole lot of bull, repeated parrot-like by a parrot priest or pastor. And these damn pastors, I would like them to become farmers. Pastoral. Pastor - pastoral. Okay. Because they do not know what they are talking about, they are nothing else but parrots. And parrots are better off in a cage. Because to repeat things in a parrot fashion is not becoming, because they teach nothing. They repeat the words - stop yawning! You went to bed four o'clock last night, I know. So let all the pastors, who are just parrots repeating verses from the Scriptures which mean nothing. But it is only the self-realised man that can tell you something, that can touch your heart, that can enliven your spirit and make it glow. But these pastors just make your mind blow. So do not ever live in the past because the past, the memories of the past rather, will always bring you problems. Because you're living in the thing that had been done. I have slept with about, I think, more or less seven hundred women. (General laughter) Look you know, having been a film star and you know, director, producer, blah blah, blah, but I don't think of that any more. It’s the past, gone. Today I am your guru and I live in this moment as your guru. So when people develop, pardon, when people develop this attitude to forget the past, then they can live in the present because the past will always project itself into the future. And so the past will be troublesome now and the projection into the future will be troublesome more. So live now and say to yourself that I am a Divine spirit because the kingdom of heaven is within me and I live in that kingdom. Now if you live in that kingdom and become a king, why must you struggle as a slave? Is that not stupidity? So you are a king. And live in your heart as a king or a queen, of course. Live in your heart as a king or a queen and think of yourself not as a slave, but think of yourself as a king or a queen, powerful and that yo u

1. UK 86-8 Group sings 'Oh what a beautiful morning (Gururaj joins in) Oh what a beautiful day I've got a wonderful feeling Everything is going my way.' (Applause) Gururaj. Darling please. Let's meditate for a moment. A bit tight. The other day I broke my zip, today my belt is a bit tight. I had to loosen it slightly. Inoo come here. Sit here. God bless you. Where's the other girl I'm looking for? A h there she is. Come, come, come, come. You. What's the name? I can't remember. God bless you. Now let us first spend a few minutes in your Midnight Experiences. Anyone? There's the mike, over there. Mike. Voice. Beloved Guruji, first may I just spend a minute on the experience that I had last evening, when we did the God Communion. It was the most profoundest and deepest experience I've ever had. First of all I wanted to meditate, that’s all, so I started to go into meditation. Then I started to slowly open my eyes. Well, as before I used to look at your beautiful face, but my eyes Gururaj. Beautiful face Voice.(Cont'd). Right. But my eyes seemed to go immediately to your chest and it was as if your heart was pouring with blood and it was all running down the white shirt, and I thought 'Oh my God his heart is bleeding for humanity.' And as I said that, my own heart seemed to be pierced to the very core and tears seemed to pour out of it. And at that moment we seemed to be just one. And the terrible sufferings that are in the world, I really felt as though you are suffering here on earth for humanity, to get them to move on. And that's my experience with that, Guruji. Gururaj. Very good, and I love your Liverpudlian accent. Voice.(Cont'd) Thank you, because I think it’s awful. I can sing better than I can speak with a speaking voice. Do you want to hear about the Midnight Special? Gururaj. Look, in the Midnight Special I made love to you three times!

8. UK 86-8 are capable of doing anything which you want to do. You see? It’s so simple, you know. Very simple. And when you develop this attitude in life, your life will become more and more prosperous. Sadness will go. And when sadness goes, your mind cannot become a vacuum, it will be replaced with joyousness. So when you have the proper attitude towards life, sadness disappears and joy appears. I used to know a girl by the name of Joy. But that Joy, her, let me not talk about her any more, because that is the past. Do you get the point? END


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