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3. UK 86-9 along, for the bigger the family becomes, the better it becomes. There are many reasons for it and I can count them out on a long list. Some man or woman might be lonely and they come to the Courses and meet in this family spirit. And perhaps, they could find happiness, togetherness and become devoid of loneliness. That's why I'm here! I've only got about twenty wives in this room but this woman is so damned jealous that I do not dare to see anyone in private. Sure! Thank you. Do you want another pose? Look at that one. Right. Now, let's have an interesting question. Quarter past nine, it is now. Is it, quarter past nine? Hah. Is my watch right? Tom. (Child). Guruji, did you used to be Jesus? Did you used to be Jesus? Gururaj. Who do I, what? Sorry, I couldn't get you, my darling. Tom. (Child). Did you used to be Jesus? Did you used to be Jesus? Gururaj. Why did you sit on my lap this morning and put your arms around me if I was not in the spirit - I don't know if you will understand this - if I was not in the spirit of the body of Jesus. But instinctively, intuitively, you found the deep love for me. Hah. Still love me, since yesterday, still? Good. The explanation of the existence of Jesus - June, smile, that's better - the explanation of Jesus is this, it is not the body, it is the consciousness and that consciousness is universal. And that universality of that consciousness will always be going on and on, throughout the world. But when, there are times when it is required, it assumes its greater force to change so many things that has to be changed. As the Gita says that 'When evil rises, I take birth from age to age, to lessen the evil and create a greater balance'. So when these great Masters descend into this world, they come not for their own sakes - they can rest up there somewhere - I was resting there somewhere and I will only come back after six thousand years - but when the demand arises they come down to bring a greater balance between the imbalances of good and evil. So they come down to help humanity. Did you know that there were only seven women that supported Jesus, only seven women, that's all. He had no funds, he had no money like me. This pants was given to me by Charlie, Charles Shaw, - these socks were given to me by whom - Chetan, this shirt was made by the Ambassadoress of Bolivia to America, things like that. I can't remember where the underwear came from. (General laughter) It came from Marks and Spencers - Marks and Spencers, Marks and Spencers, Marks and Sparks - so that Mark really has a Spark. So you see, these Avatars, meaning Incarnations, rather

4. UK 86-9 these Incarnations of Divinity do descend upon this little planet, to help humanity. Do you know how many places I am at this present moment? Then what do you know? What do you recognise in your guru? At this very moment, I am working in a thousand different planets. Because once you become universal, you can be everywhere at the same time. And as a demonstration of this principle, while you were having your midnight special, I was with you and it all depended upon your cognition. If you are blind, you can't see. If you are deaf, you can't hear. And if your nose is blocked, you can't smell. So a lot depends, my darling on one's ability to conceive. Now conception does not only mean pregnancy. That's a common term used, you know, 'I've conceived', meaning 'I have become pregnant'. Become pregnant in the mind, first. You understand that. Good. Be pregnant in the mind first, with the conception of good thoughts, Divine thoughts, loving thoughts, kindness, compassion and all that goes with it. Then you take that pregnancy of the mind to the heart. And when you bring it down to the heart with the force of those labour pains of the mind, your heart opens quicker and quicker and quicker. But just let it stay there in the heart and not let it go lower down. The joke is lost! Do you see? So become pregnant with love. Become pregnant with greater awareness of the mind. The best place to conceive, if you want a child of course, the best place to conceive the child is not in your lower anatomy. But the greatest conception is in the heart, for that will control the lower anatomy. Do you understand? So while we are on the subject, you must think it is not only listening to me that’s important, but also when you leave the hall and have your tea or coffee or whatever, think, think a bit - contemplation. Contemplation leads to concentration and concentration leads to meditation. There is a process, I'm sorry to say this, I haven't got a magic wand to wave and blah, blah, blah but contemplate on the wisdom which I give you. Let it sink deep into yourselves and you will find, I promise you, a great transformation of the mind. And that is what you will definitely find. You might have noticed one thing, that in my talks, every talk becomes a poem, where words very unconsciously are rhymed, put into the different metres, that makes it a poem. Now some of you I know are very highly educated and you could recognise the wisdom, the beauty, the poetry, the wit and the shit and the humour - Alan loves these jokes - for it is always of great benefit. And I would say this, if you please, that, I've heard this from hundreds and thousands of people that they listen to a talk of me today and they listen to the same tape three years later and find a different meaning because their understanding has grown. Is that right? Yeah. Is that right? Yes. So to me life is an art and when an artist paints a painting you look at it again and again and again. Otherwise art is no art. And what do I give you? I give you art, the art of the happiness of life. That's all, nothing more, what else. Half past nine, is it? I think we can have a little quick song. Any subject, come on.

5. UK 86-9 Voice. Children. Children. Gururaj. ‘Children’. Children. Not Child'ronn'. Child'renn'. Now when you think of a child you, you think of a child very gently! (General laughter) You say it very gently, 'Children'. Do you see the difference? When once I was a child I thought that I was grown up But as I grew up more and more I found myself to be more and more a child As a child, I thought I was wise And knew everything But as I grew up I found I knew nothing. That is the secret of life that has to be found To say to yourself, 'I know nothing' And when you can say to yourself, 'I know nothing' You will start learning everything. Because to learn the real essence of life Is to become innocent And say 'I am nothing' Then everything dawns upon you. Gururaj starts singing in Sanskrit. ............................. That's enough for tonight, I think. (Applause) Thank you, darling. I forgot. I beg your pardon, please, for one second. I don't know who, their name was not mentioned, that brought me these beautiful flowers. I wonder if they're

1. UK 86-9 Questioner. At the feet, - oh, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, - is that alright? Gururaj. La, la, la, la, la, la la. Questioner.(Cont’d). At the feet of my Master, once I asked how to recognise you in future lives. The question is answered, beloved one - through holding your (General laughter) Gururaj. Holding my what? (General laughter) Questioner. (Cont’d). Sorry. Gururaj. Don't hold it, your hands are not big enough (Gururaj laughs). Questioner. (Cont’d). Through holding your foot in my hand. (General laughter) Well, that's what really happened. Gururaj. You're funny. Questioner. (Cont’d). Your vibration and my vibration flowed as one. It was in this one vibration. Thank you for this ecstasy. I will always be there, in love and devotion. Inoo. Gururaj. Tell that telephone to go to hell. Because to be with your guru for the last night, is more important than the telephone. Yes. Sit here. Pegasus! I will explain you the meaning of this. You, you, you, you, you, sit here. Take a message and she will phone later. Voice. It's a bit more serious than that, Guruji. Gururaj. Oh, oh, sorry. Okay, Margery. But you do not need the message call. You sit here. Ricky, here. (Gururaj starts singing in Sanskrit) ......................

2. UK 86-9 Where have I come from and where I go? But there is one thing I know, that my heart is reserved for you all the time. And help me, please, to lead you to that Divinity for which you aspire. (Gururaj sings again in Sanskrit) How do you work this damn thing? ........... Voice. It won't come out, Guruji. Gururaj. It won't come out, Guruji, out. Oh, it's all fixed. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit) ...... I will stay in your heart forever. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ........................That is the place where I belong, in your hearts. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ..................... If you accept me, or do not accept me, I do not know. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ..................... Do they expect me or do they expect me not. But where can my heart go but only in your hearts. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) ...................... This is the longing of my heart, so don't run away. Don't run away, for you and I are partners in life. And together we will go through life, through eternity. Come here, you. Rub my feet, my darling, they're swollen. Sit down. Good. Now our English Course is so poor that I had to, my secretary, had to make notes on toilet paper. Number one, Meditation. Oh, I can't see without my glasses. Right. Number one, meditation, right. Let’s - you can read it for me, dammit, it’s your toilet paper. Voice. Yes, we are going to keep it. Gururaj. Okay. Right. Shall we meditate for a moment? Gururaj. It's a good knife. Voice. Where did you get it? Gururaj. It's not mine. It's Alan Poppenwell's, Popwell's knife. He pops quite well. (General laughter) How do you do this? You press - you press this. Alan, that's yours with my blessing, of course. I kept it back for a joke, the opener, remember. And as I - thank you darling - and as I've told you before, that on the next Course, try and bring one friend

6. UK 86-9 good for eating, with some pepper and salt. Yeah! So, woman, put that in a vase if we have one, or else, if we haven't got a vase, put them up your arse! Aide. I can't and you know it. I have with due respects, a banana and an orange there already! (General laughter) Gururaj. I will always come and give you knowledge and wisdom and wit and humour and make your stay here very enjoyable, always, always, always. Thank you my darling. Good. Come on, cuckoo. That's it. Yeah. Yeah. You know I should be doing Shows in the West End and make a fortune instead of struggling to pay my bloody rent. Namaste. Thank you. END


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