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1. UK 87-9 Gururaj. Oh thank you, oh this is beautiful. Ha, look at this, isn't it so lovely. Nice. Thank you very much. Child. (Inaudible) Gururaj. Alright, pour me some water. (Gururaj sings) I am nothing, but a bundle of fun, and may I bring that fun and happiness to you, which I always want to do, for I want to make you happy, give you wisdom, and make you laugh, for that is my life. Right children, sit down, take your places. Okay, because people have to see me. Take your places. Sit down. Now, people have an idea, that they're going to die. There is no death. Your soul being immortal, you'll always live on, and on, and on. Why do you fear death, because death itself is a fear, and one of my beloveds says ‘I'm going to die’ - got a little note here, and this note is bull-shit. You cannot die ever. Shut up! and listen to your Grandfather. You can never die, for there's no such thing as death, leaving this body is not dying, leaving this body is real living. For life is found in death, and death is found in life. Now, if you can learn to discriminate between the two, you'll find one thing for sure, that life is death, and death is life. I should have been dead when I was fifteen, but I've still kept myself alive, even to this age of mine, for I realised that there is no death, there is only life. Now, if you have the determination to live, you will live and live, and live, for living is life. Living is not death. My beautiful hair, I've got to brush it a bit. (General laughter) As ugly as I am, you look lovely, St. Patrick’s day? Living is not death, living is life, for ever. And if the note I got, from one of our meditators, fearing death. He's damn stupid. How far does stupidity get you? Children you must sit round, on that side, and that side, because people want to see me. Come on, sit on that side and sit on that side, yes, that's better. But you can hold my hands. That's it my future gurus, lovely. So, the problem is not death, the problem is the fear of death, and why should you fear death? There's no meaning to it really. What do you know about death? And if you do not know anything about death, what is there to fear about? You sit there, immediately, now! - I love my children so much. So, it is not death that you fear, what you fear is fear. And where does fear come from? Fear is bred from you mental anxieties. That is where fear comes from. And if you take away the 'F', you only listen to your ear. Fear, ear. Why listen to your ear? Listen to your heart, and that fear will be gone. Because of these anxieties, you produce within yourself the fears of death. What guarantees have you of death?

2. UK 87-9 You've no guarantee at all. Now, if you should take away the 'D' from death, what will you find? Earth. E-a-r-t-h, minus the 'D'. So be on this bloomin’ earth, and enjoy it, for death and earth is just the difference between the 'D. Throw away, Why are you so late? Sit down. Throw away the 'D' and your still on earth. I don't know the English language, is so stupid, you must add my words to your dictionary. Death, why not call it death. Taking away the D and it becomes earth. Oh I'm a Professor of Philology, and you must excuse me for that, please. Words are so misunderstood. For what? Words are so misunderstood, the entire meaning is gone. Don't lose the meaning, because words is an interpretation of your own minds. Now, what does the mind need, with its patternings? The mind needs to unwind. When the mind is unwinded, the tension is gone. Because the mind is tense, the mind is tense, and requires unscrewing, because you’re all screwed up. Unwind it. Won't you - this is strong for you, my son, wouldn't you like to go and sit over there, somewhere. Good, good, because this incense is a bit - oh, careful darling. So if you’re screwed up, unscrew yourself. No, that's for you my darling, that's for you. So being screwed up, unscrew yourself. Get rid of that tension, and unwind it, and I can promise you one thing, your mind, won't mind it, because that is what your mind requires. You see a screw, you turn this way with the screwdriver. Use the screwdriver in the other way, and unscrew your self, and you will feel that release of tension. That's what you need. People in the world are so damned screwed up, and they enjoy screwing. (Gururaj laughs) But try unscrewing yourself for a change, and that screwing will not become necessary, because there's a difference here now between screwing yourself, and unscrewing yourself. This has double meanings of course, you know that. You get screwed, because of your tensions, stresses and strains, but try a bit of unscrewing, and you will release the tensions, the stresses and the strains. Try it, and if you really want to be screwed, come to me. Right guys, relax a bit, light up a cigarette, and unscrew yourself. Light one for me. Voice. ................ remind you of the wedding blessing, Anton and Maddy, their wedding blessing. Gururaj. Thank you. Come here, yes, come here, sit down there. .... (Inaudible) Charlie. Now I will show you something very practical. Let me have another puff or two. You’re going to have a hair cut tomorrow my son. (General laughter) Okay. Now, I will show you something. You and your bloomin' cigars. Inoo brought me three there, I had one. You can have the other two, because I'm not really a cigar smoker, but it comes with

3. UK 87-9 so much love, that I enjoy it. Thank you, you know. Thank you, and thanks to Don. Relax a bit. Enjoying my couple of puffs. The art of smoking is to handle the cigarette so lightly, so gently, and at the same time, enjoy the puffing. Marianne, is that your name dear? Voice. Marlene, Marlene. Gururaj. Marlene, ha, ha. Now look at her face. Look at her face. She's got a very pretty face, that's for sure, but so tense. And within a few minutes, we'll remove all the tension away. Look at her face. She's not shy I know, my daughter. Enjoy your cigarettes, carry on, carry on. We have a few minutes more. I've been invited by the Irish people to dinner tonight. Okay. We can go at nine, something like that. Is that okay? Ah, is that all right? Okay. Oh yes, I've got to do that, but let me look after my daughter first. She's more important to me. Watch. Wooh, sorry dearest. In all purity, and simplicity, my daughter, yes. You will see within two minutes, the tension on her face will disappear. Yes, it is very easy. And you that are my teachers, I want to teach you teach you these arts, because I don't have very long to live anymore, and you must carry on my work. When I look at your faces, I know your whole minds and souls, and how they function. It's easy, and I will teach you these arts. But it has to come from deep spirituality. Intuitive knowledge. It would, it would, it surely would. No problem. It's finished now. Got to blow my nose damn it - Usha darling wife, are you making notes, there now? Good. You see - can you sit up here now? It may be easier for me, because I can't bend down too much, right, just relax, just relax. You haven't got contact lenses on, my darling? Voice. No Gururaj. Good. Now, I'll put you through various experiences. Now just give us a running commentary of what you see. Voice. It's dark with little blue dots. Gururaj. With? Voice. Violet dots.

4. UK 87-9 Gururaj. Violet dots, okay, and? Carry on, carry on, you just keep on talking darling. Don't be shy. It's our family here. Now you’re seeing white dots. Voice. No, its violet still. Gururaj. Still violet? Voice. (Cont’d) But it’s violet waves now, dots... Gururaj. Violet waves. Do you see any geometrical designs? Voice. (Cont’d). It's like snowflakes - violet snowflakes. Gururaj. Ha, ha, ha. Good, very good, carry on talking. Voice. (Cont’d). There's a black dot in the middle, but there's still these violet feather like shapes. Gururaj. Right, black dot, look through that black dot, what do you see then? Voice. (Cont’d). It's like looking at my eye, the centre of my eye really. Gururaj. Centre what? Voice. (Cont’d). Looks like the centre of my eye. Gururaj. Ha, ha, good. So you’re becoming self centred. Come on, carry on. Carry on, carry on. Voice. (Cont’d) Well, it’s still just all these purpley, violety.... Gururaj. Ha, ha, lilac.

5. UK 87-9 Voice. (Cont’d). Lilac. Gururaj. That's right. Come on, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Don't be shy, it's our family here. You do not need to be shy. And now? Voice. (Cont’d) It's difficult to describe, what you see, but the left hand side is lights coming down, rain..... green lights. Gururaj. Green lights, okay, tinged with gold, or yellow, rather? Voice. (Cont’d). They've gone now. They've gone now. Gururaj. They've gone now, but they were there? Good, and now - keep your eyes closed. Voice. (Cont’d). There's gold and white. Gururaj. There, I told you, that gold will come. And now, you see a vast blackness. Voice. (Cont’d). No. It's all light still. Gururaj. It's all light. What colour? Voice. (Cont’d). It’s light golden, reddy. Gururaj. Light golden, that's it, that's what we want. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) Om bhur bhuvah swah. Tatsavitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo na prachodayat. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Now my daughter, do you feel more calmer. Fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety percent? Voice. (Cont’d). I feel a lot calmer, yes. A lot.

6. UK 87-9 Gururaj. Percentage wise? (General laughter). Voice. (Cont’d) Relative, relative percentage. Gururaj. What do you know about relative percentage? I think it's about eighty five percent Voice. (Cont’d). Yes. Gururaj. Eighty five. Voice. (Cont’d). That's right. Thank you. Gururaj. Can you see her face now, how much calmer it looks? Yes. That's the power of my Father, not me. I'm just an instrument. Be happy my darling. We've taken a lot of your troubles away. Voice. (Cont’d). Do you want some help? Do you want some help? Gururaj. No, now we've got to do the Wedding Blessing. I want a pillow, oh, you've got pillows here. Place them there. Two pillows, yeah. (Group claps) Is that your right hand? Yeah, always the woman, must be on the left hand. Right. Ye ah, yeah. Kneel down, kneel down. (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) Om bhur bhuvah swah. Tatsavitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodaya, Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. What do you want in life my beloveds? Ask me, and I'll give it to you. Voice. To remember Divinity every minute of the day. Gururaj. I'll give you the greatest happiness in life, in the name of our Lord. Stand up. Gururaj. Okay. Okay. Okay. And you present him with this. Flowers. Now you can kiss each other, I won't watch. (Clapping) God bless you.

7. UK 87-9 (Group sings) 'For they are jolly good fellow, and so say all of us'. (Clapping) Gururaj. My blessings and happiness to you always, and forever. What's next on the menu? Oh, we're going out to supper with the Irish friends aren’t we? Okay, right, right, right, right. Thank you. Look at the lovely smile on her face now! This one here. Mary Anne. Mary Anne? Marlene, Marlene, Marlene. Voice. Jo wants to talk to you. Can she walk across? Gururaj. Yes, yes. Come Jo. I want to have a little chat with you. Where's Jo? Oh right. Okay. END


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