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2. UK 88-7 Gururaj. Thank you, fine. The idea of channelling is a farce. It is totally, totally stupid and unreal. What these people are doing is just expressing their sub-conscious thoughts and what-have-you to others, and it is not helping anyone at all. Right, it is something, I mean which has been commercialised, we know that, there's no question about that, but there is no channelling. Now would you like me to give you a practical demonstration? Anyone want to volunteer, and I will show you, like that, any volunteer, anyone? Oh darling, you will have to shift a little, okay. I will show you the stupidity of the thing that’s called channelling. Okay, dear, make yourself comfortable, fine. First you heard very hard breathing, and it’s slowly gone down. Look I mean anyone can feel a pulse or whatever. Okay, to bring down a person from that intense hard breathing to the subtleness, and the subtlety of becoming totally breathless. Do you see? That is channelling of a true spiritual force! Not all this damn bullshit. That is channelling, where you provide that inner spiritual quality, to produce that energy. And that energy if you know, or a true guru would know, would be providing that peace within another person, that is channelling. You see how simple it is really. Che, che, che, che, che, che! Come on. Give us a little ditty, or whatever. Okay. I don’t know..... Voice. I love you. Okay, that's not enough. Gururaj. Whatever love............ give us a ...............at least it will give me a few moments to relax too you know. Voice. (singing) I close my eyes and picture, the emerald of the sea, from the fishing boats at Dingle, to the shores of Donaghdee, I miss the river Shannon, and folks of Skibbereen, the moor-lands and the meadows, and the forty shades of green. But most of all I miss a boy, from faraway Capetown, and most of all I miss his lips, as soft as eider-down. Again I want and see and do, the things we've done and seen, where the breeze is sweet as Shalimar, and there's forty shades of green. Gururaj. Oh bravo!! (Group clapping) Thank you sweetheart, thank you. And as she said, I come from so far away, from Cape Town in this beautiful land of yours. So you and all of us together, know the meaning of love, because there never is any testing. We can always find ourselves together. You see. Charlie! Hand it to Charlie, he knows what to do. Okay. Fine.

3. UK 88-7 Voice. We have a girl here, who's a concert musician, must go and get her clarinet now - where is she? She says she's got a bad stomach. It will cure her bad stomach if she plays for her guru. Come on my flower - there she is, come on , come on, go and get it. You play for your guru, go and get it. Now this moment, while you’re away we'll ......... Gururaj. Oh loves, darling - oh she's beautiful isn't she! Hurry up. Meanwhile, why we are waiting for her? You give us something. Charles. Okay. (Charles sings) - Daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do (etc) Gururaj. Sorry, one second. Why don't you guys light up a cigarette and relax? And okay, do that why not, I mean....... Thank you darling. Well, how about you guys. Come on, bloody hell, relax! I'm not here to make you tense. I'm here to make you relax! (General laughter) Why not? I mean, Jesus, where the devil are you going to find a guru like me uh, uh? It’s impossible. I love you, I love you all so, so much. I love you all so much. Hey, how are you doing pal? Right, and where's our beautiful lady? Oh, oh the second one, okay, right, fine. Bastardo. Come on Charlie, carry on with something while we're waiting for that girl. Charles. Once again. ‘Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy, all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage, but you’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle made for two. She was a cute little dickie-bird, tweet, tweet, tweet, she went. Ah dee, dee, dee, dee, dee..................all my money was spent, and dee....................la, la, la. Gururaj. Come on you, help Charlie, please. (Group sing) Voice. You'll have to wait for a song I know. Shall we sing a song for the Irish? ............. Voice. Okay. (Singing) In Dublin's fair City, where the girls are so pretty, I once set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone.....come on.......... (Group singing) Alive, Alive Oh...............crying cockles and mussels alive, alive oh.............etc., (Clapping) (Leslie plays the Clarinet ......... playing continues).

4. UK 88-7 Group. More! More! ............. Gururaj. Whatever you like, dear. Voice. (More Clarinet playing of ‘Green Sleeves’) (Clapping) Gururaj. Beautiful, beautiful. Voice. Play Acker Bilk – (Plays ‘Stranger on the Shore’). Group join in with la, la, la, Gururaj. (Sings) O, que sera, sera, sera, whatever will be will be....... (Group singing) Que sera, sera, what will be wil l be, what will be, will be......... Guruji, Guruji............. Guruji. Stupid idiot......... right....Que sera, sera.......... (Applause) Gururaj. Hey, hey, hey, hey, I come on give us something else, anything, okay,......... Jesus...... Come on sweetheart, anything...........do what ever you want... .. Voice. Hey Jude, don't bring me down, take a sad song, and make it better, remember to let it into your heart, then you can start to make it better. Hey Jude, do, do.......la, la, la etc., (Group singing)...........better, better, better. Gururaj. Lovely, come on, come on, we've still got some more time and.........see what you can do. Come here my beloved, Vidyaji get this guy here, we’ll all join together Voice. ‘I love you because’ - didn't know you cared, thank you anyway. ..........Give them a drinking song, okay. (Group singing)............ Voice. What shall we do with the drunken Sailor..............Oh ray, and up she rises, early in the morning. ......Oh ray, o h ray up she rises early in the morning. etc., clapping.

5. UK 88-7 Gururaj. Now, I'll give you different interpretation. (Gururaj sings) What shall we do with a drunken Sailor, so early in t he morning, and when the wife wants to be close, but he's to damn drunk in the morning........... Group singing What shall we do with the drunken sailor .............. (etc) - (clapping). Gururaj. (Gururaj laughs) Come on Charlie, you carry on........... Voice. What shall we do with the drunken guru, what shall we do with the drunken guru, what shall we do with the drunken guru early in the morning. Hooray and up she rises, hooray and up she rises, hooray and up she rises early in the morning. What shall we do with the drunken guru, what shall we do with the drunken guru, what shall we do with the drunken guru, early in the morning. Put him in the Ashram ‘til he's sober, put him in the Ashram ’til he's sober, put him in the Ashram ’til he's sober, early in the morning. Gururaj. Applause. (General laughter) This guru would always love to live in total intoxication, of love to my beloveds. That is true intoxication. So you have your sip of wine or Scotch - look that is not important, but live our lives in total intoxication of love, for each other, and for everyone and all. Ha, ha, then you will know the meaning of drunkeness. Kahlil Gibran, Gibran, sure. Come on you guys, carry on, .... oops, see what you guys can do. Voice. Any ideas? ......Yellow submarine, yellow submarine? Gururaj. Come on pal! Voice. Do you know that? Gururaj. Get the guys going, would you please! Voice. There is a very simple African song called Kumbiya. There's many versions, but my version goes like....Kum....someone's praying,.........Kumbiya, someone's crying, and the second verse is someone's praying, and the third verse is eh, someone's singing, and then the fourth one, someone's laughing...............okay, then....... Gururaj. Thank you for the introduction, now carry on! (General laughter).

6. UK 88-7 Voice (Sings) Someone's crying Lord, Kumbiya, someone's crying Lord, Kumbiya, someone's crying Lord, Kumbiya, oh Lord, Kumbiya. Someone's praying Lord, Kumbiya.......etc., Someone's singing Lord, Kumbiya.......etc., Someone's laughing Lord, Kumbiya......etc., (Group clapping) Someone's laughing Lord, Kum......... Gururaj. Usha’s daughter, come here darling, come my daughter, come. Okay. My daughter, my children, God bless you all. You start off something else. Voice. Just one more verse of that last one. Gururaj. Whatever. Voice. Someone's loving Lord, Kumbiya......etc., Gururaj. That's damn short!............. Voice Any suggestions? Gururaj. Okay, okay, let me give you something in-between. Then you can do more. Gururaj (sings). There was a time, when I never knew myself, but the time has come now that through you I have started knowing myself, so when we are together, and we dance together, and we jive together, and disco together, ah well. Oh please know, I love you. There was a time when I never knew myself, but today thanks to you, I am starting to know something of myself. Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, (Gururaj starts clapping, Group joins in) Now I will show you the art of clapping, and how to produce different sounds with the hands. Good all right. We'll start, okay, with a simple process and we'll proceed (Gururaj starts clapping - right, step one - Jes’ what are we going to do with a mad - Jes'. Now look, look (Gururaj starts clapping with a rhythm again - Group joins in).....you see I?

7. UK 88-7 And I haven't got my Sitar, or Guitar or anything, eh but yet we can know how to produce sounds. Okay, you be quiet. Now let me, okay, give you a little demonstration, eh shall I? All right? (Gururaj starts clapping - getting faster and faster) Jesus, I'm having an orgasm. Group laughs - (Gururaj continues) clapping Jes', ............it goes a bit faster now, ........ oh cor blimey, Jes'..............and after that you relax (slow clapping) Darling come close...... (General laughter) and let’s go bloody .............why not eh? Okay, now over to you pal, whatever, do you want this? Voice. We'll do Yellow Submarine. Gururaj. Oh whatever you like - let them do whatever they like. Group. (Singing) Yellow Submarine. We.......We all live in a Yellow Submarine, a Yellow Submarine, a Yellow Submarine, We all live in a Yellow Submarine............etc., Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, etc. We all live in a yellow Submarine,......etc., Gururaj. Nevertheless, there's something I want to tell you guys, this son of mine..... Voice. Peter? Gururaj. Peter, are you going to star in my next film, eh? Eddie. Sings ‘Scarborough Fair’ ..................... remember me, to all ..........she was once a true love of mine (Group join in singing) parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, remember me to the one who lives there, she was once a true love of mine. Are you going to Scarborough Fair, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme ............... etc., (Group Clapping) Gururaj. (Singing) .......true love of mine. Never-the-less, Anton - remember I dictated on my last trip a play......have you guys done anything about it? Good shot. (Singing in the background) Come up, my pal, come on, Jes' here we are, we've got all this stuff around. Come over, why not? He's got a lovely voice really..........stay there. Eddie (sings) ‘Some say love, it is a river, that hides a tender reed, some say love it is a hunger, that leaves your soul to bleed. Some say love it is a razor, an endless aching need. I say love it is a flower, and you its only seed. It’s a heart

8. UK 88-7 afraid of breaking, that never takes a chance, it’s a dream afraid of waking, that never takes a chance. It's the one that won't be taken, who never seems to give, it’s a dream that's afraid of dying, that never learns to live. Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm. (Group clapping) Gururaj. You see with your guru, there's never, never a dull moment................ Eddie. (sings) When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high, (Group joins in) and don't be afraid of the dark. At the end of the storm, there's a golden sky, and the sweet summer song of the dawn, walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain, though your dreams be tossed and blown, walk on, walk on with hope in your hearts, and you'll never walk alone, you'll never walk alone. (Group clapping) Thank you. Gururaj. And now, just to give my son a little break. Now my wife has a beautiful voice, (General laughter) come on, come on love, I'll help you. Come on, anything. Karen. Edelweiss, edelweiss, every morning you greet me, small and white, .....blossom of snow may you bloom a nd grow, bloom and grow forever, edelweiss, edelweiss, bless my homeland forever. Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow, bloom and grow forever. Edelweiss, edelweiss, bless my home land forever. (Group clapping) Gururaj. Do you guys see what a wonderful wife I have, eh? She's great. Greatest of the greatest, the most of the mostest. Karen. (sings) Tonight, tonight, Gururaj. Charles, I think you will have to join him on that, because he has a tenor and you are a bass La, la, la, la, de, de, de, de, de, tonight, tonight,............. the hours go so slowly, I wish that I could die, oh moon on high up high, de, de, de, .......tonight. (Group clapping) Gururaj. Thank you very much. Voice. Give somebody else a chance.

9. UK 88-7 Gururaj. Yea, okay, Charles. (Group clapping) Giving us something? Voice. Alright. What shall we Gururaj. Anything, so what. I know you've got a voice like a bloody frog, but we still enjoy it. Charles. (Sings) Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me........................I once was lost, and now I'm found ..........la, la, de, de, de, etc., ........... Amazing Grace................... I'm found....................Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound....................what else do we know? Edelweiss I'd like to sing..........come on, come on, come, on. Karen. ‘Edelweiss’ I’d like to sing. (Karen starts to sing ‘Edelweiss’) .......(Group clapping) Gururaj. Great. Great. (Gururaj starts to sing) .......to give you a little variety, ........la, la, ............ (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit?) Rajesh, did we bring the Sitar along with us? Okay, tomorrow night I will give you Sitar recital. Okay. Voice. Do you remember the Communion Practice tonight? The Communion? Gururaj. Yes, of course. Right, I think time is getting, on, and of course it’s time for our Communion Practice, eh? Fine, can we make the lights a bit dimmer love? Sure, okay. Thank you very much. Make yourself comfortable dear. Charles. You must remember that nobody must leave the room while Guruji is doing his practice. Try to keep as quiet and still as you can. Gururaj. (Sings in Sanskrit) ....... help me Vidya....even I with this beauty of this world round us (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit)........... Love, always love you my darlings. When you can truly love, from your heart, please remember you could never lose anything at all, because in loving there is gaining, no losing. What the hell, come on darling bums, where are my - I suppose my wife and I must have a little rest now. See you in the morning. You make this announcement. Aide. Just reminding you Gururaj. See you later alligator.

1. UK 88-7 Gururaj. Is there any questions which anyone wants to ask me? Look let it be Rapid Fire. How do you explain this in England? Rapid Fire, anything. Questioner. ................. (Inaudible) Gururaj. Come on! Jes', bloody wife of mine! She's getting in. Right you guys rapid fire, anything! Oh it works! Gee, ha, ha. Aide. Is there are role to planning, and should we? Gururaj. When you plan, are you okay, guys, sure, when you plan, you are creating a role, and every role that you would play in life would be an act, and not genuine. It would be like being on the stage, and you create a role and you plan. Look I've been through the film business and ah stage productions and all that, so you create the design of the stage of the play, and ah director to produce, whatever, so it is an act. But the true message would be, to be genuine, and not live in the act of life, but in one’s own sincerity, and truthfulness within oneself. Okay, next question. Anything, whatever. Oh he's got a whole Encyclopaedia there, I’m sure. Oh, Luvvy-ducks. Questioner. Guruji, would you tell us the difference between a Bodhisattva, and a Bodhavista. Gururaj. Sorry, I missed that now. What is the difference between? Questioner. (Cont’d). Would you tell us what they are, and then the difference between a Bodhisattva, and a Bodhavista. I've run across both these terms in various readings. Gururaj. Buddha in his teachings said ‘Do not ask me of Bodhisattva, or of the inner being of your self’. So I'm not going to answer that. Next question. (General laughing) Come on you guys, come on. What the hell’s happening to you! Peterji, (Gururaj laughs) he's so lovely isn't he? Questioner. Guruji, could you talk a few moments about channelling, people who claim to have voices speaking through them?

10. UK 88-7 Aide. Tonight is the Midnight Special. Gururaj. Is that son of mine all right? Voice. Yes. Good night, love. Voice. See you at midnight, Bapuji. Gururaj. Yes, sure. END


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