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1. U S 78 - 14 MEDITATION AND SEXUALITY GURURAJ: I had such a beautiful res t this afternoon and the beds are so massive. You can sleep this way or that way. They sure do things in a big way. [Laughter] Talking of beds it reminds me of a little story I read in a parish magazine. It said, "For sale: 200 year old four postered , bed, ideal for antique lovers." Good. Fine. I'm ready. [Question presented by Herman Miller] HERMAN: It has been said that meditation is ultimately and perhaps essentially anti erotic. Question is, is this so? GURURAJ: What is anti erotic? WALTE R: Against eroticism. GURURAJ: Oh, oh, oh, anti eroticism. I wonder what that means? [Laughter] You know, he is a film maker and he knows all about it. HERMAN: At any rate, my question, sir, is: Is this so? If it is, is it well that it is so? Would you comment on this subj ect? GURURAJ: Sure I will. [Laughter] Now, I have to ask you a question. Shall I speak from experience or from the mind? [Muc h laughter] Meditation is not anti eroticism. Good. Meditation is a balancing factor, and meditation would never interfere with the laws of nature. Now, we all know, and scientists do tell us, that the sex urge in man... and in women... is the strongest urge he has. Good. Now if it is the strongest urge he has, and if that is built into him by nature, then there must be a purpose for it. Why should it be the strongest urge? Hate and love and all the other emotions follow thereafter, but the sex urge takes priority. Top place. Now, if it is so strong in us, then it means it has to be used. And meditation being a balancing factor will take away from you if it is in excess, and bring to you if it is below par. I would strongly suggest that you throw away your vitamin E, A. Good, good. You know, there are so many erroneous beliefs about what is known in Sanskrit as

2. U S 78 - 14 brahmacharya. Many people interpret it to be celibacy; but that is not the translation of the word. "Brahma," as you would know, means Di vinity, and "acharya" means to walk in the path of Divinity. Now if Divinity has put that urge in you, and you deny yourself within your capacity, that urge, then you are not walking in the path of Brahma, so that is anti brahmacharya. [Laughter] Now the re are teachers that teach you that by complete restraint and constraint you would take those energies and you sublimate them; you sublimate them to such a level that by the time you wake up tomorrow morning you will be enlightened. Hm? Now how erroneous this can be. How erroneous it is! Why interfere with the workings of nature? Husband and wife, as I said the other day about the sagging bed. Did I say it here? Hm? [Someone in the audience: Tell us more.] [Laughter] Good. It is also one of the pur pose to propagate our species. But the thing that could be wrong about it is misuse, as in everything else. There is use, there is abuse, there is misuse. And when things are misused, then naturally, it could be damaging to one's health. Hm? And it no t only effects the bodily physical health, it also effects the mental health. We can see people, we know people whose minds are filled morning, noon and night with these erotic thoughts. Hm? And because that is so in the majority, film makers like you a re climbing on the band wagon. Hm? Yes. In London if you go around Piccadilly Circus well, I don't know so much about England you have these little spooky places [Laughter] that hold a hundred or a hundred and fifty people, and the titles that are flashed on! Many times I sit in the car, going from one place to another, and I have to lower my eyes. Even the titles to me are frightening. So the film makers, they know the weakness of man, and therefore, being businessmen, they trade, and something which apparently is supposed to be love, but all the time it's lust. Well, that is their business, not ours. So we don't worry about that. Fine. But as we said, a ll excess in anything is bad, and there is nothing wrong in giving vent to one's urges, le gitimate urges. And legitimate urges means the closeness between husband and wife. Now where this whole idea stemmed from was in ancient India where a child is sent to an ashram from the age seven, eight, and he was supposed to stay in the ashram 'til about twenty one, twenty two, where he would learn all the arts according to his latent talents and abilities, and in practicing those arts, he was asked to abstain from any kind of sexual practices. The reason being this, that he could use all those ener gies and use them in such a concentrated manner so that his mind could find full focus on the subject he is studying. And we do know, we do know that the semen of man contains an abundance of energy. Can you imagine that in a single ejaculation there are 300 500 million sperms? Can you imagine how much energy there is in that single ejaculation? And these children are taught to restrain themselves from malpractices of adolescence so that these energies could be used.

3. U S 78 - 14 Now that was not the only thing. The y were put through strenuous Hatha Yoga exercises. They were required to get up at four in the morning. They were required to take cold baths in the river. An Ashram is always near a river, hm? They were required to study intensely. I know when I was a boy of about eight, I met a guru, and he gave me a practice to do. And that practice, as silly as it sounds, as it seemed to me then, was so sensible. He says, "Your practice is to spend as many hours as possible drawing circles." I used to think, "N ow, what is this? Drawing circles! Pages and pages and pages of circles." It seemed senseless to me; but afterwards when I found out, when I grew a bit older that's about eight and a half years I found out how valuable that practice was. Because if a man can draw a perfect circle freehand, he would have so much control over his nerves; he would have so much control over his energies which will allow him to draw a circle perfectly freehand. So this practice was intended for me, prescribed to me so tha t I could develop a highly concentrated mind, a stronger nervous system, hm? I was born with a congenital heart disease. And it helped, because creating that rhythm within myself it helped the blood flow. So look how simple and far reaching its effects were. So now this child that goes to the ashram is put through all various practices, like Hatha Yoga, real strenuous practices, and using up all his energies it was quite natural for him to remain a brahmacharya. But then, after he had passed that stage, he was to enter the householder stage, where he got married and to have children. Then that stage of complete restraint, constraint, had to be discarded. There was time when he needed it. He needed those energies. And now he can expend those energies, being a grown person and having his body modulated in such a fashion where there could be an excess production of that energies, and used in a proper way, in a moderate manner, nothing is lost. Hm? So meditation produces the understanding in man whereby one enjoys making love. Oh yes, the enjoyment of making love is even more heightened. The reason is this, that man does not function in totality. Man makes love when I say man, I mean woman as well, okay man makes love only partially, using himself partially only. He uses his body, and then, of course, the body requires a bit of the mind, not the entire mind, a bit of the mind as a stimulation to the body, an d he thinks he's making love. He is not making love. He is making lust. He is just dissi pating those energies that are within him. He can afford it. So do it. O.K. Fine. But... but if in that lovemaking if he could infuse his spiritual self in it, where lovemaking becomes a totality, where the body, mind and the spirit merges into oneness (and this is what meditation teaches you) then you make love in its totality. And when you make love in totality, it becomes a meditation on its own, where the object is not there any more, where the subject does not exist anymore, and you are in a total ly different state. You are then in that state of love. And love plays, and you and your partner are swayed in this dance. You are swayed in this play, not conscious of your body, for the body is forgotten. In Sanskrit it is called pratyahara, where al l your senses are forgotten, your entire body is forgotten. The both partners feel that. And just one thing remains. The actual act is j ust

4. U S 78 - 14 physical movement, of which you even lose awareness. But you get heightened, you get uplifted in that bliss that envelopes you and you go into a state of near samadhi. Not nirvikalpa samadhi, but savikalpa samadhi, samadhi with form, meditation with form, not formless meditation. And there lies the mergence between man and woman. Mergence between man and woman, even in lovemaking, should start not at the physical level but at the spiritual level. Hm? Yes. Where you just don't look into each others' eyes and drown away and moon away, hm? That's an Americanism, is it? "Moon away, spoon away." It's funny how al l these song writers use all that moon, spoon, June, hm? Yes. You just float away in this bliss, in this beauty, hm? Then you know what lovemaking is. How many people can really make love? The act becomes mechanical. It is just like a machine, like a motor car engine, that requires its pistons to be running and its gears to be functioning. Whatever machinery is involved in a motor car engine, I don't know. It becomes mechanical. So lovemaking should start from the spiritual level, and not from the physical level. Do you know, an old couple, say they are both eighty years of age, can enjoy lovemaking just as much as a couple of eighteen. Now you would say a couple of 80 might not have the physical strength of those that are eighteen, but the lovemaki ng could be so powerful in its spiritual form that it could provide greater ecstasy and bliss than those kids of eighteen. Yes. Because for them it is just a physical act, but for this couple of eighty, they have lived life in that beau ty, that togethern ess. Youngsters think of falling in love; you don't fall in love. You get elevated by love. You don't fall. And if anyone tells me that I've met a girl yesterday and I've fallen in love with her, don't believe it. He's just attracted to he r. She has s omething about her, nice face, perhaps the thoughts correspond with each other. They have certain agreements and they think alike, hm? They look into each other's eyes and just moon away. But when, but when they really start loving, that is a process. Yo u learn to love. You grow in love and love grows. And then you don't look into each other's eyes, but the four eyes look in the same direction. Then you're in love. Where you learn to look into the same direction. Then you experience love. And when y ou experience real love, then you experience God, experience Divinity. So the very act of lovemaking could become divine. Meditation is not against Divinity. It brings Divinity to you, and the very act itself, it is something so beautiful. I I don't know why people...perhaps in the Victorian age used to make such a fuss about it. In many homes they could not talk of these things. But today the opposite is happening. They talk too much about it. I have heard in a home ... this was during business d ays... I visited a Scandinavian country. A daughter of fourteen was going out with a boyfriend and they said goodbye to the mother, "Bye, bye, mommy, we are going out for the evening." Do you know what the mother said? "Darling, have you remembered to t ake your pill?" Look at the other extreme. Where it has become degenerate. That is what I am trying to point out.

5. U S 78 - 14 In the Victorian age it had become taboo, which is the one extreme, while in the modern age, it has degenerated where it has just become a physical function, where it should be a Divine function. So extremes of anything is no good. The middle way is the best way. And all this of course in lovemaking leads to a middle way. Nobody caught that. [Laughter] Beauty lies in the eyes of the be holder. It's an old saying and how beautiful that saying is. So much beauty can be found in everything. There's nothing in this world that is ugly. I personally have ceased to see any ugliness. Hm? I personally have ceased to see any sinning. I see errors being made, and errors it's human to err. O.K. Fine. But once we know we have erred, we do something not to err again. Did Jesus not speak the same words when Mary came to him and he said, "I forgive you my daughter, but sin no more." Hm? Wha t is sin? It is abuse of God given powers within us. Hm? And that is the basis of all morality. That is the basis of all ethics. Because if lovemaking is taken too loosely, then what happens is this: how much you lose by it... by taking it loosely...y ou lose the one pointedness of mind, where your mind is straying like the bee from flower to flower to flower. To progress in life, to progress on the spiritual path, to find that integration of mind, body and spirit, to enjoy the beauty o f life, for life itself is forever growing, forever perpetuating itself. To enjoy the joy that is contained in everything existing, one needs one pointedness. Now, if I go about with Mary tonight, Jane tomorrow, uhum uhum, some more names, whatever. Fine. [Laughter] Th en how could I develop that one pointedness? A man has to have one pointedness to achieve anything. Even in the business field... like the old saying, "Having too many irons in the fire." But here it's the other way around, one iron in too many fires. [ Much laughter] I can speak your language [Laughter]. I can speak your language because I have been through it all and risen above it. I tell you that. And when I was much younger I was quite a nice boy, you know. [Laughter] You see. So what we need i s one pointedness, even in business. If you have one business and your full concentration is on that one particular business, you could develop it. If you take up art and you concentrate on portraiture rather than doing it generally, doing landscapes, th is, that, the other, you could improve that. The same applies in every department of life. Why should it not apply to our home life? To our own life, hm? I've said this over and over again that the abstract is inconceivable by the human mind. Why not approach the abstract through the concrete. And what better channel could there be than your own wife? Or your own husband, hm? To whom you feel total devotion. Total, total devotion and love that only he exists, nothing else exists for you. Only she exists and nothing else exists, eh? One pointedness. Then all promiscuity is gone. All these erotic ideas are gone. But it is replaced by something far superior, so exciting... excitingly ecstatic, hm?

6. U S 78 - 14 How many have ever experienced the fullness of an orgasm? Very few. I promise you that. Very few. Yes. Yes. You cannot experience the fullness of an orgasm if you cannot function totally. And this is what meditation teaches you. It integrates you, mind, body and spirit, so that every action become s a total action, a full action, hm? We are speaking on this particular angle because the question was from that angle. But this principle applies to every facet of our lives, wher e we can function in fullness and that fullness is the glorification of Di vinity. Now, you find man and women in my work as a guru.... What is a guru? Let us just define that quickly, very briefly. He is a father. When there are problems, you can lay your head on his shoulder, hm? A father represents a kind of strength, hm? A strength. A guru is a friend. A man could not tell his wife something. Neither could the wife tell the husband something, but they could tell it to the guru because he is a friend. He will always advise the right thing, for your happiness is his hap piness. Fine. Good. He is a confidante. You can pour your whole life to him. I am talking of a true guru, and not all those bogus chaps that come over here to America, thinking it is not only a land of milk and honey but a land of milk and money. [Lau ghter] Yes. Because they think people are so gullible. Perhaps they are. Nevertheless. So that is what the guru is a father, a friend, a confidante. And whatever he will advise would be only truth and that truth is God. When he says meditate and a ct in the fullness of life, and that fullness itself is Divinity. We are fragmenting Divinity. What greater sin could there be? What greater misuse could there be? Living a life of fragmentation where we are pulled in all different directions, hm? Except the one direction, the real direction. So lovemaking is an art and not mechanics. Lovemaking is an art and not a science. Everything that grows, that flowers in its own beauty, is an art. This flower here that grows so beautifully, it is not growing because of science; because inherent in it is the art of growing. Anything that you find that is beautiful is an art. Science is mechanical. It has its own uses. It has its own uses. What is required in lovemaking is the ability to flow; and when man and woman can really flow to each other, t hen that very flowing is the flowering of this art. Yes. What stops them from flowing to each other? That is to be examined if they don't. Good. Many of you have read Raja Yoga. If some of you have not, in England I have made a set of tapes on raja yo ga and I would advise you to borrow it or buy it, or whatever the system is here, I don't know. Keith would advise you more on that. And listen to those two tapes on raja yoga. And the first two principles are yama and niyama. Listen to that. Practice those two principles and nothing in the world could stop your flow. There is no power in the world that could stop the flow between a man and a woman. Firstly they got married... there must have been some attraction. So enhance that attraction. Give th at primal attraction a chance to flower and flow, and glorify womanhood and manhood, hm?

7. U S 78 - 14 Now if they are not practicing yama and niyama, if they are cheats, if they are dishonest with each other or with themselves, or with their God, or with their teacher, or whatever the case might be, they must get punished. It's karma. And the greatest punishment that a person could receive, the greatest retribution a person can receive, is the blockage of flow, the blockage of flow of love. So what does that mean? W hat are you actually blocking? You are blocking the God within you. For God is love and love is God. Hm? And when you block the flow of love, this blockage can take many forms. Many people say, "Oh, I have been so unlucky. This has happened, and that has happened, and that has happened." But he never asks why has it happened. What have I done for this to happen? He never asks that question. He only observes the symptoms. Hm? That this has gone wrong and that has gone wrong, and that has gone wr ong. Fine, fine, question your own mind, your own heart, and if you do find some little answer, try and put it right to the best of your abili ty, and, you see, it'll start flowing. The carburetor in the car, if it's dirty the petrol can't flow through sm oothly. Hm? Clean it, clean it, clean it by meditation and spiritual practices and effortful living. Every act is a Divine act; everything we do i s Divine. Every breath we breath is Divine. To take one step from here to there is Divine. Every bit of e nergy that flows through us is Divine. Every time you lift your hand, and if you are inwardly conscious that it is this energy that makes me lift my hand, then that very lifting of the hand becomes an act of Divinity. It is an acknowledgment to Divinity. For what is Divinity in essence? Energy. Divinity is this fine, fine energy; and man's goal in life is to be able to cogniz e and become one with the subtlest of the subtlest. That is the goal of life. In other words, we are moving away from the grossn ess, gradually we move away from the grossest to the more and more subtler and subtler and subtler aspects of ourselves. And the subtler we get, the subtler the areas that we reach, the more powerful we become, the more dynamic we become. For example, I wo uld never speak of any word that I personally have not experienced or practiced. First practice, then preach. Whenever you sit here and listen to me speaking, the words do not only go to your minds, I can assure you; but immediately penetrates your heart because that is where my words come from. That's the difference between listening to a real guru and listening to a university professor, hm? One operates from the mind level, the other operates from the soul level, from the core of his personality; tha t which he is in communion with every moment of the day. That is beyond the range of time and space, hm? And where the entire eternity is experienced in this moment. As I say these words to you, to me nothing else exists except this very moment. To expe rience the fullness of it all every second, every moment, is eternal. So what we are doing in spiritual practices, we are trying to gain cognition. Not cognition, wrong word re cognition. Because all that which is Divine is cognized already. It is t here. So when we open up our minds, the awareness expands, the heart expands, and all this is there. And then finally you ask yourself when

8. U S 78 - 14 you reach the end, "Where have I come from, where have I reached, and where am I going to?" And do you know what the answer is going to be? I have been standing still all the time. This is the message for the modern world. This is the message for the next 2,000 bloomin' years! Man is Divine and he must act that way. Not wishing to be Divine. People talk of hap piness: "I wish I was happy. I wish I was happy. I wish I was happy." They are dreaming a daydream, wishful thinking. It gets no one anywhere, hm? Rather say, "I am happy. I am happy. I am happy." And you become happy. Yes. Yes. We are function ing with the mind, the greatest enemy of man the mind. And we can make that very mind the greatest friend of man, because we have the ability within us to manipulate the grosser level of the mind with the finer level of the mind. See. We've got all t he tools, all the tools, hm? So carpenter, sharpen your tools and use them wisely, hm? You see, now the mind is so vast, so vast, so vast. And it is only the grosser level that we seem to work with. Now that is filled with all the erotic ideas, hm? And all the things which might be anti... that's a new word I've learned. I always say antee, antee nature hm? Good. But now as we dive to the deeper levels and gain the force and the power, then the carpenter automatically sharpens his tools. Yes. And th at force and that power is used to uplift that eroticism into something which is really Divine, because then you are functioning not only with that surface layer of the mind that is so turbulent, but with the fullness of the mind that has that deep quiet w ithin at its subtlest level. Yes. [END SIDE ONE] Then you are not only making love to your wife, you are making love with the entire universe, for in your wife you will perceive the entirety of the universe. Hm? And that is to know God. That love how else could God be experienced! How else can He be expressed except in love! Hm? So we learned with our practices how to experience that love. Yes. I can show you a short cut. I can make you sit here, all of you, each and every one of you, and you can gaze at me and within twenty minutes you will experience that within you. You'll feel a spark, a surge. Hm? We might do that on my next trip. Meditate regularly, because most of you here, I can see you are not doing it. You are not doing it. I'm not the loser, you are. And what I would like Amrit to do, and I am sure he might have started doing it, is to give deeper explanations of the various practices generalized practices that are given, so that people could understand it better. Perhap s Amrit's predecessors might not have had the time or have had so many other commitments to go deeply and explain, because we don't just want to do we want to understand what we are doing, hm? We do not believe in blind faith. We want a reasonable fai th, we want an understanding faith. If I say this ceiling is white, it is your right at any time to question me; to ask me why I say the ceiling is white and not blue. Hm? You have the liberty and the right to question every statement, any statement I make, because that is the relationship between guru and the chela. That brings that communion. That brings that union, and I talk from the level of that union, where the father and the son, and even the grandson all become one. Hm? You see.

9. U S 78 - 14 So meditatio n is not something that is anti anything. That is the point I'm trying to make. Meditation includes everything. Meditation makes you experience the entirety of the universe. So what can be left out? How can lovemaking be left out? Hm? How can loving be left out? How can your wife be left out? How can your husband be left out? How can your children be left out, or mothers or fathers, whatever? How can they be left out when the universe contains it all? Hm? You see. Everything is enhanced by medit ation because meditation gives one the power to integrate oneself and act as a total being; and when we act as a total being, our life becomes more joyful, happier, smoother. O.K. In the beginning there are some hurdles that were created by yourself. Bu t be brave enough to cross those hurdles. Be brave enough to face yourself in the mirror. This business about twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes at night and all your problems are over are nonsense. It's total nonsense. And such a man tha t says that, I am prepared to challenge him on any public platform anywhere in the world. Hm? Yes. There has to be some effortful living; there has to be a conscious attention on your daily way of life. Hm? Life style, life style. If you can have one life style then you have the capacity to have another kind of life style, too. It is not beyond any of us. Hm? Is that enough? Next question. (Thank you). [Water given] AMRIT: It's been about an hour. GURURAJ: Hm? Did I speak an hour? I thought I spoke for a moment [laughter]. He's talking about an hour! Vat a Buziness! You want to carry on? I'm O.K. [Audience answer: Yes.] Let's talk more about lovemaking. AMRIT: Barbara. BARBARA: It looks like I'm going to meet my first hurdle. GURURAJ: Aha, you did it well at your age. She jumped right over. BARBARA: When accidentally an experience of a past life interferes with the present life and there is not a specific lesson to learn, how is that resolved? And what role will karma play in such an instance?

10. U S 78 - 14 GURURAJ: Good. Lovely question. She's going to do it again. Firstly, nothing happens accidentally. There are no accidents. And there are no coincidences, either. Hm? Co incidence means two incidents happening at the same time. That's coincidence. "Accident" is normally defined as something happening that is beyond our knowledge and that which would happen suddenly. Good. There is no accident because what might seem an accident to us is due to ignorance. We are ignora nt of the subtle workings of the subtle laws of nature. And, because we do not understand the workings of the subtle laws of nature, we call it an accident. Hm? On the other hand, people talk of luck. To have an accident is unlucky, something reverse t o that. People say, "Oh, he's so lucky." Luck. There's no such thing as luck. Even tomorrow if you win the jackpot, whatever it's called in this country, a lottery, hm? You understand that? Yes, yes, sure, fine. An d you get half a million thrown in y our lap it is no accident and it is no luck. You only get what you deserve. Hm? You only get what you deserve. Now when you say that a previous life accidentally interferes in this life, who is saying that? Hm? The mind is saying that. The mind is saying that one of my previous lives is interfering in this life. Is your mind capable enough to know that it is a previous life? Or is your mind undergoing some form of hallucination? How can you be sure that it is a previous existence that is now com ing into this existence? It could be what psychiatrists term schizophrenia. Hm? It could be that. But if psychiatrists do not understand what schizophrenia is, that is the difficulty. It requires a master who can go into t he past lives of a person to b e able to tell you that it is something from a past life interfering in this life. And as a matter of fact, all the conditionings that you are going through is because of your past existence. But the kind of past life that is schizophrenic might be a che mical reaction produced in the human brain, vitalized, stimulated, substantiated by the samskaric mind. From the samskaric finer level of the mind, the memory of a past life comes forth. And it can co exist with your present frame of mind, but it is not b y accident. It is by design. Many of you might have read this book, Three Faces of Eve. Hm? I haven't read it, but I have just read a review, and I believe this woman experienced three totally different personalities where she was in each personality a d ifferent person. And then you have theories about being possessed. And the film makers are doing a roaring trade with this idea of being possessed. Exorcism and quite a few other titles I've heard of. There is no such thing as possession. Nothing can p ossess you. No other entity can possess you. Nothing can possess you. It is a fallacy. It is an answer given to pacify the human mind because the one that has to answer does not know the answer himself. And by performing the ceremonies, there is more m oney coming into the coffers. Yes. Yup. Like in some movements that I have heard of, you go to the teachers with a problem and they just tell you, "Oh, you know you are just unstressing. Go away. You are just unstressing." Without going into the deep details why this is happening. Because they themselves don't know. How can they explain? And so they give a by word. "Just say this. That's the answer."

11. U S 78 - 14 There is no possession, hm? Good. What happens in what is supposed to be possession is that the m ind contains within itself all the experiences of all the lives that one has lived. There might have been a lifetime in which a certain experien ce has not been fulfilled, and that experience of that lifetime comes through the conscious level of the mind; and the conscious level of the mind, coming through the conscious level of the mind, and gripping the conscious level of the mind, is drawn deep back within into the existence of that lifetime. Hm? Now all those lifetimes that you have lived are still exi sting. This is a new proposition I am putting to you. Understand it very carefully that all the lifetimes you have lived are still existing. They are not existing in the physical or tangible form, but they are existing in a subtle form. Every thought t hat any man has ever thought is still existing. I've always given the analogy of a poet composing a poem. He's not creating the poem. What he is doing is just tuning his mind to a subtler level whereby he is picking up thoughts that have been thought b efore. Hm? And that he translates through the conscious level of his mind and gives it the color of his own personality. But he has not created the thought. What he has done these transmissions are forever taking place. He has just tuned his rad io on the proper wave length. And that is why he is catching, capturing the broadcast. So here, when a previous life accidentally interferes with this life, firstly, it is no accident. Secondly, who can verify t o you that it is a previous life and not yo ur own hallucinated mind? Only a master can tell you that. No psychiatrist can. He certifies you immediately as a schizophrenic. [Laughter] And then if you go to some of the priests they will tell you you are possessed by the demon. Now, there are el ements in the human make up, in the human mind, that could be capable of drawing to the conscious level of thought a previous existence. Man has the ability through meditational and spiritual practices to go back throughout the entirety of the existence o f the universe to timeless time when he became individualized; to go back right to that stage and re experience within a moment the entirety of creation itself. So he can, if he is trained to do so, focus his mind to the level of a certain existence and e xperience that existence, for that existence is still existing in its subtlest form. It is never destroyed. Nothing ever is destructible. Even a thought is not destroyed. Even an atomic particle is not destroyed. It only changes form. If this table he re can be burned up, but the table is not destroyed, you are destroying the name "table" and you are destroying the form of the table. But even in burning it up, the atomic structures are merging back into the original elements. There is no destruction. So the previous lives are not destroyed either; and man's mind, being as vast as the universe, contains all his existences in a subtle form, call it a memory form, and that memory can be enlivened into actual manifestation where man behaves according to th at previous life. And this is not accident. This is design. Because that would be the experience necessary to cross a certain hurdle. Hm? Good. It is not an illness. There are no illnesses. It is an experience. Hm? How do you take the experience; how you use the experience; what do you understand about the

12. U S 78 - 14 experience? Those are the things to be analyzed; those are the things to be practiced; and then you will know that that experience is a real experience, which never came by accident. Now all this has to do with karma. For example, a person commits suicide. Good. That person might think, "I am releasing myself from all my problems by committing suicide." What a great error that person is making. What a great error. Because the emotions th at are experienced on the conscious level are nothing compared to the experience one has on the subtle plane. On the subtle plane that the intensity is magnified a million fold. So you are not ending your suffering by discarding the body, because the suf fering is not of the body. The suffering is of the mind. And even when you have a pain in the leg or the neck, or wherever, if the mind is trained enough and strong enough, it will not feel the pain. And this has been proven by a very simple form of hypn osis where a person is put under hypnosis and you stick pins and needles through his hands and feet and he doesn't feel the pain. So when a person commits suicide and brings an abrupt end to what he has to experience, the free will comes in, not Divine wil l. Divine will says, "Live." Hm? Free will says, "I do not want to live," and you act upon that. So what you are doing is instead of getting out of your problems, you are exaggerating your problems. You will experience the intensity of your problem, o f your emotional state, a millionfold more on the subtle plane of existence. And that is hell. That is what is known as hell. You, yourself, have created that hell, no one else. Hm? So now, when the person has left behind certain experiences.... Now on the subtle plane of existence there is no evolution. Therefore it is said that angels envy men. Because it is only in this stage that one can evolve. Because it is only in this stage of this kind of existence where you have the body and the mind and the spirit we have all the three aspects that you can evolve. Beyond this life there are only two aspects, the subtle mental body and the spiritual body. So you cannot evolve. Hm? There you only evaluate, and experience (as in the case of the suicide ) you experience the intensity, and you realize that you have done wrong. Now, that person might not complete the entire experience in the subtle state. The genetic combinations would be found at the right time. And that is one in a million million. We are not born by accident. We have chosen our parents. We have chosen the proper genetic combination for us to come through into this world and gain a bodily form for our evolution. Now, when this proper genetic combination occurs, right, that experienc e, that intensity which the mind is suffering in its subtle state, has no choice because of the force of evolution but to take birth, and that is the main reason for all the mental illnesses that is found in this world. And this is the area wh ere modern p sychiatry, which modern psychiatry still has to probe. Yes. So, that existence that occurred we are only using suicide as an example. There could be many other kinds of lives. This intensity of the experience that has to be lived out can be experienced in that other life. And then we feel that some

13. U S 78 - 14 accident has occurred and we are living a previous life. It is not an accident. It is by design. It is by the force of evo lution, which is controlled by our own free will. Hm? Do you see? So there is no accident. And possession is the same thing, where we go back because of an incompleted experience, we start experiencing a previous life, simultaneously with this life. At this moment we are such and such a person. Dr. Jekyll , hm? At another moment, M r. Hyde. You see. No accident. No accident at all. O.K. BARBARA: How is that resolved? What is the resolution? GURURAJ: Ah, come to the guru. He'll show you how. BARBARA: Well, I'm here. [Laughter] GURURAJ: Hm? Have you got problems? They are not severe. They're O.K. There's nothing that cannot be resolved. Everything is resolved. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. I'll see you during the week. Think that's about all now. Hm? **** END ****


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