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4. U S 78 - 17 bypass. Hm? Good. So these prophetic visions of these great seers mean nothing else but the tendency that is imminent. And man today, through meditation, through the development of the heart, could use the same knowledge more constructively, and it could become a better world. Now I do not believe in an age of enlightenment. That is a fallacy. Since we know of recorded history, since we know t he time of Christ, for example, is man any better today? Hm? He has the same faults and frailties and weaknesses, and perhaps through technological progress those faults and frailties have become even more exaggerated. So, man is no better. But what is possible is that individually man can develop to a stage where his heart could be opened. Now, a certain percentage of people whose hearts are really opened can create a certain vibrational effect in the atmosphere. Like I've said sometime, I don't know when, that if you walk into a room where people are all gloomy and just one person comes in and changes the whole vibration and makes the whole atmosphere cheerful. But then, let this not be a carrot that is dangled in front of people. Because what is t he dropout rate? Consider that. For example, in our movement we have found that out of a hundred people initiated there might be perhaps 15 to 20 people that have not been doing their practices properly or that have not been given the proper understandin g of the practices and have ceased perhaps to do the practices. But 80% is there. Now, there are certain claims made by various people that if you have a certain percentage that would do meditation, then the entire atmosphere could be changed. Now, the p remise is true. But are they really meditating and is that meditation proper for them? Is it a generalized thing or is it a particularized thing that is tailor made for the person, and what maximum benefit has the person gained? The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. And the pudding could be so, so beautiful. But if it does not taste nice, it is totally worthless. So, a person could go out on a wonderful sales campaign and present all kind of pseudoscientific charts and things which are not helping the world any, whatsoever. False promises, false promises, false promises. Commercially orientated, and therefore the promises become more and more false because of the commercial orientation. Our organization is totally different. There is no commerc ial orientation at all. I was told of a story by a person I know so well that there was a lady in the queue that wanted to get initiated or wanted to start some spiritual practice in some organization, and she was flatly refused. Said, "Sorry, we can't in itiate you unless you bring the $190, $200 odd dollars, or whatever the case might be. We can't initiate you." And the woman was turned away in tears. Now is that helping the world? They're only helping themselves, not spiritually, that's for sure. Do y ou see?

6. U S 78 - 17 So every country is left to their own. They have their president, they have their board of trustees, and I have great faith that what they would be doing would be good for the people at larg e, holding in mind the principle that this is not a commercial body, this is a body that teaches of love all the time and openness of heart, and they would act accordingly. And that is the trust and faith I have. I, for example, have nothing to do even i n the appointing of trustees. I leave it to the national leaders to do that, because I maintain that you people are on the spot, and you should know who's who. I know them spiritually, yes, O.K., fine. But you are here to know them very well physically a nd their physical, behavioral pattern. So that is how it is done. And within a period of just about two years, you could say, we have developed many, many countries now, and it's growing faster, and faster, and faster, day by day, through the grace of Div inity. What do I do? I am nothing. I am just a channel, and I pray every day that "let me be like that hollow piece of wood, the flute, and let Divinity blow its music through it so the world can enjoy and listen to that Divine symphony, divine symphony of love." That's all. It's so simple. Yeah. Now, when I do these tours, they give me a purse. Right. Now purse is a little percentage of what is charged on these courses give me a little percentage of that. Naturally, I do have to buy bread, hm? Yes. And if I could live on love and fresh air which I can, I can. I've gone through 30 and 40 days' fasts without a glass of water when I did my ascetic practices in the Himalayas. But then I wouldn't be here, I would be in the Himalayas. But to b e able to function in the world, lights and rents and things have to be paid. So the little percentage that's given to me from these courses helps me to live until I make another tour to earn a piece of bread again which is necessary. And my needs are so simple. I didn't even have clothes, for example, until Gita made a few shirts for me. Yeah. You see. That is my life: a total dedication, a total dedication to the service of mankind. And would you believe me many of you won't know this that I have been a millionaire three times over. Hm? A millionaire by birth, and I chucked up the inheritance because it was illegal. It came from a union which was not moral, so I would not accept. The second million came by marriage. It was not mine! Ye s. And I could still find half a dozen women, millionairesses to marry me if I was that kind, hm? [Much laughter] Yes, yes, yes. And the third time [laughter] you're still enjoying the joke! And this is true, it's no joke! That's the biggest jo ke. [Laughter] Yes. You know, the saying goes, "The world loves a lover." Hm? Yes. Yeah, but I go one step further. "That all love loves love." Yes. Good. That was the second time. The third time in business. I made a million. I came to South Africa wi th 10 shillings and a ticket in my pocket when I was just past in my middle twenties. Ten shillings and a ticket. I made the millions which my partners have grabbed, and there is a case pending. I don't know if I should pursue it. It'd look very stup id, really, to see headlines: "Guru sues for money." Nevertheless, I am negotiating so that things could work out without going into

7. U S 78 - 17 litigation rather mitigation. I'd say, "Look, you know, I don't need those few million. That's owed to me. Just giv e me half of it, I'm O.K." At least there is you know, I don't need to worry about tomorrow's plate of food. Good. Fine. So I came to South Africa with 10 shillings in my pocket, and I am left 10 shillings and 3 pennies. Now I am left minus the 10 shillings; I've got about 3 pennies. You see, you see. You see the whole purpose of life. I could go into business now. I have enough expertise in so many lines of businesses. I've been a director of so many companies and things that I could go into business now and within a few years I'll be back where I was. Any time. So, some might say, "Ah, sacrifice!" It's no sacrifice; it is my joy! You see, it's an expression of the joy. I have found the communion that I req uired and sought for since child hood when I ran away at the age of four to try and find God. Kept running away again and again and again to find him. Like the musk deer you know that story? that was running here and there and everywhere getting this fragrance. And it ran here, t here, everywhere trying to find the source of the fragrance until it got so tired that it lied down in exhaustion, total exhaustion, and found that the musk was in his own navel. Yes. That's the musk deer. The musk comes from the navel of this deer. Hm ? Good. And that's what I found. Yes, that's what I found. And, once having found that communion, I am the richest man on earth! And that richness is expressed in the amount of joy and bliss I enjoy every moment of the day. You see. So that is the pur pose of IFSU, and that is my role in IFSU: to try and avert the tendencies. I am against no movement in the world at all. May there be more and more movements. As long as something is moving, it's fine. But let it move in the right direction. Don't pl ay or prey upon the gullibility of man with all kinds of carrots dangling. You reach this state of consciousness, and then another carrot is put forward: another state of consciousness. Then another carrot and another state of consciousness. Hm? Carro ts, carrots, carrots, in front of poor donkeys. So it hurts me. I speak about these things because it hurts me. I would never disparage anyone or say a word against anyone, because they, too, even in their folly, have Divinity in them. And I see the Divi nity in everyone. But, let things be right; let things go right. Let there be the aim that is to be achieved in some form of upliftment. For, if the unit is cha nged, society could be changed to a great extent, because it is the unit that forms society. Many reformers have come and gone. They try to reform society at large. It's an impossible task. You can't do it. Do it with the individual. Like we've said sometime, that to produce a better world, if the mother becomes a better mother, then the chil dren would be better. If they are better, their children would be better. And that is how progress is made. That is how progress is made. And you will find that in a organization I don't seem to like the word "movement" too much, and neither "organi zation." It is so stifling. It lacks that freedom. But for the want of a better word, we use the word "organization." That in an organization oriented with love and faith and devotion, the membership will always be 70%

8. U S 78 - 17 women. Yes. Those are the statis tics so far. Perhaps they have greater feeling. Perhaps they are more devotional. Perhaps they have that in them. I don't know why they always classify Divinity as a man. It's always "our Father," or "He," or nothing wrong with that! Bu t it could b e "our Mother," too, you know. For that, that Divinity is actually neuter; it's neutral. It's neither male nor female. But we say, "our Father," because a father is a protective figure. Protects. And when we say, "our Mother," it is a figure of love. You go to a mother to be comforted. You go to a father to be protected. You see. Well, we haven't been really talking philosophy this morning, have we. Just practical issues, and, well, I always talk on the level of the question. If you ask a very de ep philosophical question, then I could dive into those deep waters. And if it's a practical thing, wanting to know things, I will talk on th at level. So that is my role, that's the purpose of IFSU, that is the tendency of the world, and this tendency can be averted by the expansion of the heart. Thank you. Good. We've plenty of time. Some more questions, please. GITA: Some of the questions here are rather long and involved ones. GURURAJ: Um hm. GITA: And then the person who asked this question is n't here now. They're at that meeting. GURURAJ: Oh, uh, could it be read out? GITA: Yes. GURURAJ: Mm mm. [i.e., go ahead] ? Could, um, would you like to read....? I don't think you can cover that in 15 minutes. But.... GITA: Uh, well....

9. U S 78 - 17 GURURAJ: 11:45. Hm. Times flies so quickly, doesn't it. I don't realize that I've spoken for 45 minutes now on such a simple thing. Can you see with your glasses on? CLAUDETTE: I cannot see without it, Guruji. I can't make out the writing... GURURA J: The Brazilian bombshell. [Laughter] She's lovely. CLAUDETTE: This question is from Kathy Lewis. And he says: "Is there.... GURURAJ: And she says. CLAUDETTE: Yes, that she says: "Is there such a thing as Divine will? And if there is, what it is the nature and how does it interact with human will? GURURAJ: Good. I have made many tapes on this subject. We have to define what the human will is, which is normally termed "free will." And we also have to define what Divine will is. Good. Now , Divine will is the tendency that you are born with. Divine will sets upon you your capacity within a certain period of time, which capacity can be gone beyond. You have the scope to transcend that capacity, but, because of the previous evolutionary proc ess, you have reached a stage where within a certain period of time, within certain working out of samskaras, and because of karmic values, you can progress so much in a certain period of time. That is Divine will. Good. Now, in this progress that is map ped out for you, it is mapped out for you not in detail. It is mapped out for you generally as a tendency. For example, you want to go to New York. You can go by airplane, you can go by motor car, and you can go by donkey cart, if you want. Fine. Now, Divine will would say that your tendency is to go to New York. But free will gives you the choice to decide what vehicle you want to use: airplane or the motor car. That is free will. Now, why has man been given this freedom? If Divine will is all powe rful, which it is, why is man given this free will? Because man is not a mechanical man. The process of evolution, of progression, is not a science, but an art. In evolution, a person grows, expands. The very growing of the flower is an art. It is the art contained within the flower to

10. U S 78 - 17 grow. And when you plant the seed, you could never say in advance how many petals the flower will have. That very seed, being subjected to all the natural forces, within the proper amounts, will grow in such a way to it s maximum value. So it could have 20 petals and it could have 25 petals, depending how much the seed attracts to itself from the environment. [END SIDE ONE] [Rewind slightly] Same thing with human life. Life is an art, and not a science. It could be both, because "science" means a system. We've got to put a system to life. But, within the system we put to life now, by "system," I mean "discipline." Within the discipline we put in life, there should be the art of living. Life should be like poetry which is set within a metrical system, but totally free for expression. There lies the art. The meter of the poem is just the framework, while the expression in t he poem is tot ally free. So what do we do in life is find freedom within this bondage, this bondage of this little body, the bondage of this little mind. And how do we find the freedom within this bondage is by expressing that inner spirit within us which is forever f ree. So, by expressing that inner spirit, by infusing the inner spirit into that which is disciplined, or that which has a system, we find a greater and greater freedom. And yet the bondage, the limitation, is there according to Divine will, which is gove rning the law of evolution. So, man benefits maximally when he combines his free will with Divine will. Now the question would remain: how do you combine free will with Divine will? How do you know that your free will is not against Divine will, and how do you know that your free will is working according to Divine will? Now the way to do that is to find an integration. When the mind, body and spirit functions in harmony, then spontaneously every action we do becomes or is performed in harmony with Div ine will. In other words, it is not anti evolution, but it is within the flow of evolution. We are not blocking the flow of the water in the river; we are allowing the water to flow to reach its destinatio n into the ocean, which means Divinity. The purp ose of all evolution is to reach Divinity, as we know. So, when we try and live our lives with our free will, and if we do not understand it by our own minds, then there are teachers that would explain it. If we cannot find teachers, there are scriptures in the world. There are certain ethical, moral standards that are set out, and all these standards that are set out in various theologies were set out for a purpose. They were not purposeless. So, if we cannot choose or make up our own minds, we go to a teacher or we go to our scriptures which shows us that by acting in a certain manner you are in tune with Divine will. When you are in tune with Divine will, then the evolutionary process becomes faster, and not only faster, but much more smoother. Beca use that force is so powerful, the evolutionary force is so powerful, it has such a strong magnetic pull, that all the little rough edges of the free will just melt away, scraped away, and the smoothness comes. The rough stone, or the rough edges are c ut away because of this force.

11. U S 78 - 17 Now and then when we do not understand things in its proper perspective, we might find the rough edges very jarring, and that we call "unhappiness," because we don't understand it and we are viewing it from a very small persp ective in this vast continuum that is beginless and endless. And with our own small little minds we are viewing life, or existence, in a very narrow sphere, and it is in that very narrowness that we find this great turbulence. But, standing apart from it and seeing the vastness, turbulence disappears, for that turbulence that might be there does not apply to you anymore. You are apart from it. But only when we view things in its narrow perspective, then you are forming a direct connection with that turb ulence and the narrowness of your mind. So, you are forgetting the continuum, the continuity of all existence. You are forgetting the universality, you are forgetting all existence, and just now centering upon that little narrow perspective , that little narrow view. And the mind has a habit of exaggerating that little turbulence. Hm? Good. We, when it comes to our personal selves, we always look at things through a microscope. We do that, we do that. A little insect looked at ordinarily might seem so quietly moving along. But through microscope, ooh, the movement it is making is shattering. So that is what we do when it comes to us as we are traveling on this path, pushed along, pulled along in the framework of evolution to reach the ocean divine. W hen we throw the microscope away and just view things as we find them naturally, without the aid of the mind which acts as the microscope and that wants to exaggerate things because our troubles are always big troubles, always big troubles, but other pe ople's troubles are nothing. [Laughter] Yes, we do that, we do that. Right. So, when we develop greater and greater integration within ourselves, a greater harmony within ourselves, through our spiritual practices; when we gain a different perspective to life, throwing away all those gadgets, those microscopes, and take life and accept life; to admit one's faults; to try and do something about it; to accept life as it is for where we a re, we are for a purpose. Even you coming here to this course, o r me coming here, it's no accident. It is meant. It is meant to be so. There's a purpose to it. For anyone that just leaves here after the course with just one or two words that could be remembered perhaps could change the entire lifestyle. Oh, yes. C ould then change the entire lifestyle. Now, as we do our spiritual practices, as we gain a deeper and better perspective to what life is, as we understand what this turbulence is all about, as we start knowing that the storm is only in a teacup, then we wo uld take life and accept life in its truest value, in its truest perspective. We realize that we are just viewing things through a very tiny peephole, and through that little tiny peephole, you cannot get the entire perspective. So let us accept it accor ding to our vision. Right. Now, when we have these factors in mind: proper living and the conscious effort of altering our lifestyle, doing our spiritual practices which gives us the strength to alter our lifestyles and it does not need to be drastica lly altered, just a slight change here and there, and even your own best friend won't notice that you've changed something within yourself; that you've broadened your viewpoint; that your mind has become more receptive and more open, rather than closed and

12. U S 78 - 17 pinched; that your heart has now greater feeling of love and it is pouring out: "My cup runneth over." And when all these things start happening, then free will becomes Divine will, for free will is also part of Divine will. Free will is actually the p lay of Divine will. Free will is actually the expression of Divine will. And that is why we have to go through all this. L ike that poor seed that grows this lovely flower, it has to have that explosion in the ground before it can become a flower. But i f we realize it to be an explosion that is necessary for the flower to bloom... Hm? As we go in this airplane on this trip later and view those treacherous Alps to be just little molehills, where are the problems? No problem, no problem at all. So, hap piness is what we make it. That is the message. Happiness is what we make it. Two men were digging holes. When one was asked, "What are you doing?" he said, "I am digging a hole." When the other was asked, "What are you doing?" he said, "I am digging to build a foundation for a cathedral." And yet both were digging holes. Look at the concept. Let our perspective be vast, that we are digging here to build the foundation for the cathedral. And of course the other one which all of you know, "Two men behind prison bars, one saw mud, the other saw stars." Huh? Both in the same circumstances, one could see gloom, the other sees glory. Perspective, perspective, perspective. And that is why I come on these trips to give these talks to you, these discour ses. The main idea behind it is that so that we could change our perspective, our viewpoint in life. And when we change our viewpoint, when we expand that awareness, gaining a little understanding, life changes. It changes so, so beautifully. You'd jus t be surprised. I know, I know, I've been through it all. I've been through it all. I know. Until I found that deep steadiness, that realization wit hin me, then I could stand amidst the storm and still be absolutely still. I like that poem of Rudyard Kipling, "If." All of you have read that. If you haven't, get a copy. It's a lovely poem. Yes. And that produces the steadiness, that produces the one pointedness. When we have the one pointedness, we concentrate all the energies. When we concentrate our energies, we can direct those energies. When we have the ability to direct those energies, we will, always, because of natural law, direct it towards happiness and greater joy. And to direct it towards joy and bliss, we are directing it toward s God. We take one step forward, and the poor old man runs ten steps towards you. That's gurushakti. That's how it works. Simple. So, free will merges with Divine will. Until the mind is of narrow perspective, then you will only see free will, you've onl y he ard of Divine will. But when free will merges into Divine will, then free will ceases and only Divine will exists, and then you can truly say, "Thy will be done." Huh? "Thy will be done." Because now your little will that you think is so almighty has m erged away into that which is really Almighty: "Thy will be done," not my will. This is a subject we can go on for a long time. Ten past 12. O.K. Fine.

1. U S 78 - 17 STATE OF EARTH / DIVINE WILL GURURAJ: That question is exactly 18 sentences long. Count them. Namaste. QUESTION: Deares t Guruji, as you said, man, realizing that external search has reached its limits, must look within to see the God within his being. This phenomenon, the spiritual path, seems to be spreading all over the world and coincides with prophecy. Such prophetic oracles as the Bible, the Pyramid Prophecies, Edgar Cayce, et cetera, these same prophetic oracles talk about the holocaust and changes such as the shift of the Earth's axis, polar caps melting, et cetera. My question is: Was it not just an arbitrary mom ent when you began the BMS and AMS? How do you see the role of IFSU and meditation in the scheme of the situation outlined by prophecy? And any insights that you may see as to the purpose of these changes in mankind's evolution. Namaste. GURURAJ: Beautiful question. What is your definition of "holocaust?" QUESTION: Um, cataclysmic changes in the role of mankind. GURURAJ: Ah ha. Good. Fine. Now this is very true. I have said in some lecture somewhere at some time that towards the t urn of the century the world is being led to a gigantic catastrophe. Because man's mind is developing at such a fast rate, the growth of the intellect has been so much more faster in the past 200 years than it had been in the previous 1,800 years. But, w ith the development of the intellect, the development of the heart has not taken place. In other words, all the scriptures that had taught of the opening of the heart and of love has just remained mere words in people's minds and never ever put into pract ice. Now, I've been saying this for many, many years now, even before IFSU started, that the world is heading for this major catastrophe. This catastrophe will be on such a level that it will affect the entire solar system. Affecting the entire sol ar s ystem, it will affect the entire galaxy, affecting this galaxy, the vibrational effect which it would create will affect othe r galaxies, and there would be a great disturbance of universal proportions. And that will start from this little speck of dus t ca lled Earth.

2. U S 78 - 17 Now just very recently, about two years ago, it was pointed out to me a cutting from a newspaper where a twice Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, through his studies in science, seems to think the same thing: that we are heading at the turn of the century towards a major catastrophe. Now, that is the tendency to which the world is heading; but, this tendency, as all tendencies, can be averted. Man cannot stop the technological progress that is being made. Man cannot stop the intellectual deve lopment that is taking place. But man can add the quality of the heart to that intellectual and technological development whereby all new inventions could be used in a constructive manner and not a destructive manner. That is why, that is the reason why IFSU has taken birth: to bring this message of love and not only message in words. Many teachers have done that in the past. But the message with the understanding of the message, also the techniques how to develop that heart. So here is theory and practice whereby this could be achieved. Now there are many inventions that people have not heard of yet and which I, as a fact, know to exist, which could blow up this entire planet within a matter of seconds. The latest you might have heard of is a neur on bomb, where people could be killed but buildings will be preserved. But there are other very, very dangerous inventions that are existing at th is present moment. What you know to be the cold war is a cold war for a purpose, and many heads of states are aware of this catastrophe; so, instead of being aggressive, they are just playing around and delaying time. Now all this can be averted if man's heart is opened up in love, so that these instruments could be used in a constructive manner and not a destruc tive manner. Now, the world's governments, there is an organization that is suppressing information about UFO's, for example. They tell you it's a myth, it's a fallacy. It is the truth that there are other beings and other planetary existences which are trying to contact us, which are trying their best to negotiate that this catastrophe should not happen, because it will affect them as well. Now, although there are existences of a higher nature, there are also existences of lower nature. The existence s of the lower nature elsewhere in this galaxy would want to promote this destruction. Existences of a higher nature is trying their best to communicate the futility, but their communication is not received. And when anyone reports seeing some object, th ey are either regarded as a madman or someone just extending their imagination. But this is not so. There are contacts being made, but the world has got together, especially some organizations which include the leaders of states, to suppress the informat ion for one reason, and the reason is this, that they do not want to create a panic in the world. If tomorrow the world's headlines blare out that we are to be invaded, there would be chaos; there would be panic. And to avoid this panic, all this informa tion has been suppressed.

3. U S 78 - 17 It's like you go into a cinema. Now a fire might be raging behind the screen or inside of the cinema, but the manager will get up on stage and make announcements that everything is O.K., under control, do not rush, go to the exit s, there's no harm, and everything is fine. Meanwhile, there is chaos there, and a lot of people could be harmed. But more people could be harmed if they tried to rush the exits. So it is the same simple psychology that is used. Now, when you talk of pr ophetic visions or the prophecies that we have read of in the scriptures, they are true, because past, present and future is here and now. These stories of time machines where you could go forward in time or backward in time, they are true, too, but not i n the form of a machine. You can go forwards and backwards in time through your own mind, because, as I have said on this course many times, that the mind contains the entire universe, and it is a very simple matter to be able to extend one's mind to a fu ture time where these things can be seen. And it is a very easy matter to extend one's mind backwards into previous lifetimes. It's the same process; it's the same motor car. You could put it in forward gear or you could put it in reverse gear. Now yogis , true yogis, true gurus, have the ability to do this and they see this so, so clearly. And that is why they work night and day to prevent this. For example, take myself. I sleep two hours a day, and twenty two hours I spend in activity. Here on this v ery tiring tour of four months, including India, America, England, Spain, and all over, I seem to need more rest at the moment, because the body does get flagged down a bit. But normally my routine is sleeping two hours a day and being active for twenty t wo hours. So, the best method found and not only by me. I have had it verified by the greatest gurus that are existing today, not only in the physical form, but also in a subtler physical form that have verified this. Many people that have started m ovements have started, have got the idea, who have heard of the idea, and, misusing the knowledge or the power they wish to gain and thereby misuse this knowledge, or perhaps not know how to use this knowledge. So that is why, myself, traveling night and day, from here to there, sleeping in one bed tonight and another bed tomorrow night, living out of a suitcase, eating foods that I'm not used to eating. There are certain special preparations to the kinds of food I eat, for example. The person that cooks for me in South Africa spends eight hours a day in prayers. Yes. And she even has her little lamp lit on the stove and, as she is cooking, there is nothing but prayers in her heart all the time. Because the system has become so sensitive to certain kin ds of vibrations. But the job has to be done, it has to be done. And all I ask of the meditators is to promote the word of love and peace. Now, as far as prophecies are concerned, a prophecy is something that tells you of the tendency that could happen in the future, but it does not mean that one must take it literally. You know the tendency and you can alter the tendency. If you find while you're driving your car that going in a certain direction there's a pileup, or an accident is imminent, you can mak e a detour. Although the first tendency was to proceed on Highway 101, you can make a detour, you can have a

5. U S 78 - 17 So, as far as the prophecies are concerned, they are very true. But prophecies show a tendency, and that tendency can be altered. And what we ask of all meditators is this, do your practices and try and speak about it to your friends of the benefits you have gained. Introduce them to the concept of love and brotherhood, "Love thy neighbor as thyself;" "Know thyself." These simple scriptural injunctions. Thy are so simple so simple to understand, perhaps, or so simple to conceive of. What we want to do is not only the conceptual side of it, but we want it to be put into daily practice. It could be done so simply. Therefore these ways and means have been devised where the entire personality of a being or a person is taken into consideration, and if h e is in Standard 4, he is led on to Standard 5 and 6 and 7 and 8. A person of Standard 4, it would be no good to give him the lessons of Standard 10. He would not grasp it, he would not conceive of it. So therefore everything should have a system, a met hod, and all things should be based upon love and truth. For that is all actually that really exists. And love and truth is God. So, as we said in some talk, I think, that we want a living God, not an abstract God. So that is the purpose. And the best way we've found to operate the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment is this, that every country opens up its own chapter like the American Meditation Society. The head office wants nothing from the American Meditation Society, wants nothin g at all from them. Nothing at all. For example, the $6 $5 or $6 that is sent with the form, that just about barely and we've got the certificates from CPA's, we call them Chartered Accountants in South Africa this is the cost for the processing, stationery, filing, reference books, cross references, secretarial work it just about covers that. And most of the time it has to go out of the poor guru's pocket from his own little savings. There's nothing left now anymore, actually. Okay. But th e job has to be done and it has to be done. Fine. So, for example, all the contributions that are made to the American Meditation Society is not for me as the guru or IFSU. No. We don't see a penny of it. No, we don't. It is to be used here, to be u sed here for the purpose of building up a center, an ashram, a retreat place where any meditator could just go off for the weekend. And there would be qualified teachers there to guide them, discuss their problems with them, qualified counselors, someone that's qualified to advise. Or else, just a resting place away from all the problems and into an atmosphere of spirituality. So that is why whatever could be contributed to the American Meditation Society should be done if possible. No one is coerced a nd no one is compelled to do that. It is totally voluntary. Ours is not a commercial organization where certain set fees must be put. A suggested donation is made, a suggestion is made; but if that suggestion cannot be taken up, it does not matter at all . And then, our principle is this, that every country must handle their affairs according to what is best for their country. In some country no donations are asked at all. Nothing is asked. They just say, "Ask yourself when you find any benefit, see what you can do for the movement if you can, and if you want to."

13. U S 78 - 17 **** END ****


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