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1. U S 79 - 12 US 79012 SHORT TALK TO NEW PREP TEACHERS GURURAJ: The most important person in this entire organization is the preparatory teacher. The preparatory teacher is the link between the forces of Divinity and those intending to be on the spiritual path. You have been formally initiated as a preparat ory teacher. Now this constitutes a great responsibility. The responsibility is this, that of your own free will and choice, you have chosen to serve mankind: to show people the truth through talks and through practices and experiences that they would ha ve. As the integration takes place within the people you initiate, you shall not seek for a reward, but the reward will come of its own. You have chosen the path of true karma yogis, where there will be service for the sake of service, with total selfles sness, where you want to see all around you become joyous and happy and more and more closer to God. That is the path you have chosen and that is your responsibility. You are a link between the man in the street and God. See how important a role it is t o introduce this Divine force to man which he has been denying himself? Our teachings are not new. They have been taught by the masters over the ages to bring men nearer to the God that is within him all the time. But the ways of the world has been such that these teachings have eroded, have become watered down, so we regenerate these eternal truths again to man. We bring this to the attention of man. So, the preparatory teacher is the most important person in this organization. I have this calling i t is not the right word to use this mission to bring this word to all mankind. What I could ask of you is to help me fulfill this mission. I do not do it for myself. I do it for the joy that could be given to mankind, so t hey, too, could experienc e what their true nature is, and thus make themselves and this world we live in a happier place, a better place. For Hell and Heaven is right here. Why suffer the tortures of misery when happiness is for the asking? So you as preparatory teachers are t he pointers of the way to that which man needs most in this time and age: the realization that there is that Divinity upon whom I can rely and draw on at any time I choose to do. This is the message, this is your responsibility, this is your job. And m y job is well. I am ordinary, just as you are. Just as you are, nothing different. The only difference might lie in the fact that I have found that communion with God; otherwise, there is no difference between you and I. And you all reach that stage by helping humanity. For as I've said over and over again, that the water cleans the hose even before it reaches the garden. You are the hose pipe, the water carriers of this age, to bring the water of love and Divinity to those around you, to mankind.

3. U S 79 - 12 that requires developing and evolving to the stage where we are today and still further than that to the stage of the god man. Good. Now he carries within himself all those impressions, but by not disciplining himself and by not aligning his free will with Divine will, he is going against the laws of nature, and when he does that, those instincts of the animal form of life, or th e instincts of certain other lifetimes where certain deeds have been committed, he because of the samskaras starts functioning in that pattern which is not conducive to the human kingdom. And that we call our lower self. Good. Through meditation and spiritual practices we do not annihilate our lower nature, but we find release from ou r lower nature; for nothing in this universe is destructible. So what happens, the mechanics are these, that that which we call our lower nature is dissolved is the wrong word but we let off those Instincts of the lower nature so that they reach back to the very sources with which they are compatible. So it is not a question of annihilating the lower nature. Fire goes to fir e, earth goes to earth, ether to ether, water goes to water, the killing instinct in us through spiritual practices is released fr om us and goes to that who's nature is to kill in compliance with nature and natural laws. So, that is why we call it refinement. We are refining ourselves by chucking off the things that are not necessary and not conducive in the kingdom of man. So th at is how we get rid of our lower natures. And when we get rid of the lower natures we use terms like dissolving it, but nothing is ever destroyed. We just send it back to where it belongs. Certai n animal instincts we have we send back to the animal kingdom. So we are actually helping the animal kingdom with a certain kind of strength, and actually we are helping the animal to evolve, because sending back that lower nature, we still imbue, we still attach a color, a tinge of the higher nature within us and that helps the animal to evolve further. So everything is helping everything, all the time, all the time. It's only man when he uses his free will and calls himself ME, Mr. Big, I that ego self, where he forgets all this and he only tries to he lp himself. Not help himself in the sense of refinement but help himself in boosting up his ego. And the ego is nothing but a balloon it's all gas, full of air. So the ego's gas (I'm learning Americanese). So when we get rid of the dirt, we are left wi th the primal purity that is within us. It doesn't come from outside it's there all the time. So the subtle, refined nature is there, but covered over by the grosser nature of ourselves which we carry with us in memory form or in patterned form from p ast existences and even of experiences in this existence. So with spiritual practices, we get rid of them. Now, when spiritual practices are specifically designed to meet up with the requirements, it does not become painful. There is no such thing as "u nstressing." I hear this word a lot. Really speaking, those that have heard the word I've asked many and they don't really even know what it means. Good. So there's no such thing as unstressing. Unstressing could mean that in the shawl there are wri nkles and you are ironing out the wrinkles. By ironing out the wrinkles, you are not hurting the fabric, you are making the fabric more beautiful. So

4. U S 79 - 12 where is the unstressing? So by applying the heat of spiritual practices, we iron out the wrinkles that does not have to be there. Like that, we reach that refinement, and having developed the proper attitude by knowing the basic truths that underlie all religions, we can view all that which happens from a different perspective. We become accepting, like the man that had to live in the two rooms. Like that he started accepting the two rooms, but he had to learn all the other discomforts first to learn the comfort that was already there. You see? So in the process of the spiritual practices, we let go, we become accepting. When we become accepting, we become responsible, we come to realize that all this has been created by me and no one else, for the Manifestor is forever there, and the Manifestor has not created my problems at all. He is a neutral for ce, a neutral energy, and the only mistake he made (this could be added onto that film) is giving man a free will. It was such a delightful picture we went to see the other night. Yes. I made a mistake, I made the pip in the avocado too large. It was so lovely, you see. Nevertheless, there is no mistake, there is no such thing as a mistake in the world or in creation or in manifestation, there is no such thing. We are just joking about it to have a laugh. So it is this free will that is necessary to e radicate the samskaras or the memory impressions that are contained within us. And free will is the tool to make Divine will descend upon us. Or, if you use it in another way, to bring up from within to the exterior level of life, Divine will. That is th e process and that is how it works. So the terminology of our lower self and the higher self is true. One could use those terms, but we have to understand the mechanics, or what those terms really mean. Yes. And the frictions that take place in our liv es is not the friction between our higher selves and our lower self. Never will that be. The higher self or the pure self is friction free. The frictions only occur in that so called lower self, and the frictions occur in the lower self because by natur e it wants to be freed and go back to it's original source where it belongs. It feels uncomfortable within ourselves, therefore they want to go away. That's what it is all about. Therefore, nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong in this world at all. If thi ngs are just put in there proper places, then nothing is wrong. Killing is good for the tiger. Ya. Eating up your cheese is good for the mice. An d ice and soda is good for the whiskey [laughter]. Everything in its proper place is good, nothing is wr ong. But when we misplace things, then it is wrong, then it hurts. Like right now just now when you go out, put your right shoe on your left foot and your left shoe on your right foot. It pinches, it hurts because they are placed wrongly, you see? So t hat is why everything in this universe is good and godly. For God is omnipresent and there can be nothing else but that. And because of man's free will, he misplaces things. He tries to put the square block in a round hole. It doesn't work. That's wha t it means, what higher self is and what lower self is. Shall we call it a day? Right.

2. U S 79 - 12 God b e with you. He is always with you. Draw Him still closer to you by conscious recognition, and that can come by the service of mankind. For to serve man is to serve God. Thank you for joining me in this task we have ahead of us. My namastes to you, and blessings. Okay. QUESTION: Beloved Gururaj, this question arose out of the teacher training, some of the concepts that we dealt with that have me confused. If all that I experience in my life is of my own creation, are my experiences created by my hig her self for the purpose of aiding me to grow into fully realizing who I am, or are these experiences created by my lower self, or my gross mind, which is in effect trying to keep me from experiencing my Divinity for fear of it's own annihilation? And how can one discern when a life situation or an experience interrelating with another person is of one's own creation or if one i s involved from the standpoint of this other person's creation for that person's growth? GURURAJ: It's a lovely book [laughter]. Beautiful, beautiful. Now, there is no higher self and there is no lower self. There is no higher self and there is no lower self. These terms are only used for explanatory purposes, for man progresses from a lower truth to a higher truth. And yet un derlying it all, truth remains the same. Now, what do we mean by the lower self? By the lower self, we mean by the grosser self within us that has been cluttered up by our karma and bad karma. For karma is also good and it's also bad. So what we mean by our lower self is the cluttering up of samskaras or a bundle of samskaras that are not needed in the kingdom of man. In other words, our lower selves are a carry over from the animal stage that we have passed. Now, the animal stage is not a bad stage. The animal functions according to the laws of nature and he is pushed with the forces of evolution to function as it does. In other words, we say it functions instinctively according to the laws of natur e and with the laws of nature, not against it. So man's mind is so vast that it contains within itself a memory box of everything that has happened since the primal atom. Good. Now it is not wrong for a tiger to kill. It is the nature of a t iger to kill. But it is wrong for a man to kill. So killing, itself, is not wrong, but who does it there comes the rightness and the wrongness about it. When the animal progressed to the human kingdom, now here is one thing sorry to digress, but there is something worth knowing that all the scientists of t he world put together will never find the missing link. They're forever searching for the missing link in the course of evolution from the animal kingdom to the human kingdom because that species called the missing link does not belong to this planet. So when man evolves to a stage, when animal evolves to the stage where he has to become man, his jiva, his life force, is the soul migrates to another plane of existence. Ca ll it another planet. And there the formulation takes place whereby he is born o n Earth as man as primitive man, perhaps,

5. U S 79 - 12 **** END ****


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