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1. US 80- 19 GURURAJ: The idea of the rapid fire session is this, I'm sure Doug must have explained to you, is that when one question is asked and I speak for an hour, hour and a half on it, there might be a lot of other people that would like to ask a question and they don't have a chance. So, quick questions, quick answers, and I could put things in a nutshell. Hm? Okay. So, let's start. I don't think you need to come to the mike, just ask from where you are. Would that be right? VOICE: We're close enough. I think we can hear each other. Those questions you were going to have formulated. VOICE: Is time linear like we tend to see it? GURURAJ: Mm hm, good, fine. VOICE: I have further questions, if that would... depending on your answers. But... [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: You are not going to monopolize. VOICE: No, just one or two. GURURAJ: Everyone will have a chance. Time is linear, very true, on the relative scale, because man with his mind can only conceive of time in a linear scale: it's six o'clock, seven o'clock, eight o'clock, nine o'clock. So time would necessarily involve space as well. And when time and space is involved there is causation involved, because without causation there would be no conception of time. So on the linear level, on our level of existence, on the relative level of existence, time is necessary. And time also has a stabilizing factor in the workings of this world, because if people don't take time into consideration... if I don't take time into consideration, I'll be turning up here at two o'clock in the morning and you'd be waiting. [LAUGHTER] Hm? You see? So, it has it's uses. But, the whole idea is not to be bound by time. You keep your appointments on time, but those appointments should not be in the form of bondage, it should be in the form of freedom. And that freedom means proper planning so that you are not bound by time, yet you are free in time. So, that is how we have to function. When we go to other dimensions, then time ceases. Time and space and causation ceases when we reach the causeless cause, and then there is no time. The entire universe is just the flicker of an eyelid and even less. But for practical purposes time is necessary, and time progresses in a linear fashion. Next.

2. US 80- 19 VOICE: Guruji, many things are happening in this country, perhaps around the world, as far as spirit guides being contacted and dictating books, dictating novels, etc. Could you speak briefly about what is inherent in... GURURAJ: Uh huh, understood. VOICE: ...this [INAUDIBLE] and also possibly whether these are serving the Divine plan by allowing us to see some glimmer of truth through these guides. GURURAJ: Uh huh, right. Now, how this works is this, there are no spirit guides. There are no spirit guides. Remember that. Now, a person writes a book, say Seth, which is quite well known. And of course they maintain that some entity called Seth is dictating the books through this particular person. Now, Seth has not reached total enlightenment, or else he would not be on another plane which is within the framework of the subtler relative plane. He's existing in a different dimension, and he has no time whatsoever to send you messages. He is too busy in that subtle body of his to evaluate all the lifetimes he has lived. And he is in preparation to take another birth again, to reincarnate again. Because when a person reaches the state of enlightenment, when the body is shed and you merge away in God, then there is no thought left whatsoever. You are beyond all thought. While these entities that send thoughts to you proves that they are not enlightened. Our method is to approach the boss directly, instead of via these entities. Now, the process, the mechanism is this, that you can go into a trance state. And you can go back into previous lifetimes of your own, where you were at a much higher stage of evolution than you are now. Now this is how it works. That once you progress from the animal kingdom to the kingdom of man, there is a range there. Whatever you do, you'll never become an animal again, that's a fallacy expounded by Hinduism; that if you live a bad life you'll be born as a monkey or a donkey or a dog or whatever. That's a fallacy. Once you've entered the kingdom of man, there is no retrogression. The only retrogression that could take place by a wrong action is within this framework of man. There's so much for animal and there's so much for man. So you can fluctuate up and down within this framework of man. Now, at one level of your existence on Earth you might have been a highly educated person or a highly spiritual person or a person that had developed a very deep understanding of life, but then in the next lifetime you might have messed it all up by living in a way or thinking in a way that covered up your previous wisdom and evolutionary development. So, here, when a person goes into trance state he has the ability to go back to that level when he had a deeper understanding. I've read some of these books, and I tear some of those things said into pieces because they are not true. Hm? Right. So at

3. US 80- 19 that level when you had that understanding, you can go into a trance and regress back to that level. And through your conscious mind you can bring back those thoughts and that knowledge that you yourself had. So mediums, or these people that go into trances, it is a total lie, capital L, capital I, capital E, that claim that they are in touch with guides. There is no truth in it. But to that person perhaps it could be a sincere person and that person with his own mental projection projects to himself a conception of a guide. But it is not real in the sense of reality. It might be very real for that particular person. Like a person that's in the mental home, in an asylum, you know that believes he is Nero and is sitting there fiddling. Hm? And that person who is imbalanced definitely believes that he is Nero. He believes that. Some might believe he's a king, some might believe that she was Cleopatra, and for them that is their form of reality a reality created by themselves. But, reality for that particular person, an unreal reality, but not reality itself. Now, when we come to mediums, you go to a medium and people are always concerned, I don't know why, about their mothers or fathers or uncles or aunties that have passed over, and... I got the same fly back again. [LAUGHTER] Remember, I had her here last time? VOICE: Mary. GURURAJ: Mary. That's it. They get attached to you, you know. [LAUGHTER] They start loving you so much with attachment that afterwards, you know, when you say get away from attachment they feel hurt. Then Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, that's why she comes back all the time. Bloody fool. Idiot. Nevertheless. [LAUGHTER] Now, when it comes to mediums again, some kinds of mediums, and people are worried about, you know, people that have passed on and they go to a medium and want to find out, you know, what Auntie Matilda's doing and how she is on the other side. Now, some of these mediums have developed a psychic ability which is also on mind level it has nothing to do with the pure spirit has developed a psychic ability to go into a certain state of trance and could read your thoughts, which is a very easy thing to do. Within six months you can do it. There are practices. If you really practice you can do it yourself, but it is not going to help you. It will take you further away from God, instead of closer to God. Right. Because you get wrapped in that, and these are your thoughts. And, of course, you'll come out and say, "Yes, Auntie Matilda is very fine and, you know, she is waltzing away, waltzing Matilda." [LAUGHTER] Yes, she's having a good old time, and she sends her best regards to you. Things like that. So that is thought reading, that is telepathy. Hm? And they get away from it. Now, you will find always that in a medium, if you study that medium carefully, and I have a lot of mediums coming to me,

4. US 80- 19 if you study them carefully, you'd find a certain kind of imbalance in their minds. They haven't got that equilibrium. They haven't got that equilibrium. So, therefore, I personally do not believe in mediums or all those guides somewhere up top there, you know, guiding me. You know. I want a tangible guide that I can see and touch and smell and feel. And see how I can combine my spirit to his and benefit by the power that flows through him. That is my medium. That is why I searched and searched and searched until I found my guru. So that is the way. So don't put so much reliance on these mediums and all these things that filter through. Hm? And how do you know a lot of those gaps, you know, that are there, that could be quite genuine, where they go back into a past life where they had some knowledge thatcomes through. And how do you know that the gaps are not filled by their own particular intellect, or the reading and things they have done in this lifetime? There's no surety. So, rather direct to Divinity. That is the best. And the proper medium would be the one that leads you to Divinity. That is the proper guide. Okay? Like Jesus and Christ and Krishna. They taught eternal truths. Those are the proper guides. Right. Oh, would you guide? Because sometimes half a dozen hands go up and I... VOICE: Alright, we'll let Charles talk. [LAUGHTER] CHARLES: You may not feel like that when I [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] Guruji, are there such things as fairies, pixies and gnomes? GURURAJ: Fairies, pixies and gnomes. Um hm. Right. There are such things as fairies, pixies and gnomes. There are. [APPLAUSE] Yes, yes. They are very visible beings. Hm? Try one experiment. You sit at a tree, and preferably a fir tree or a pine tree, preferably that. You sit a little distance away from the tree so that you could see the whole tree. Now you just have your eyes slightly out of focus and look at that tree. And you will find the radiation that comes from that tree. You will see it. You'll see it by unfocusing the eyes, you will observe from a different level the radiation. And that very radiation people call the Tree God. You see. Right. And fairies and all these things fall under the same category. For example, in Finhorn, I've seen some pictures, I haven't been there, and these things can be observed. What you are really observing is the radiation mixed with your idea of what a fairy looks like. Right. And of course you get different kinds of fairies, especially around San Francisco area. [MUCH LAUGHTER] VOICE: New York City, too.

5. US 80- 19 GURURAJ: Huh? VOICE: New York City, too. GURURAJ: New York City, too. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Yes. Those... there are. They are emanations. They're emanations. And they are existent as ghosts are existent, too. Yes. What is a ghost? A ghost is the subtle body of a person. Because of the deep attachment to a particular thing Auntie Jane might be so attached to her Louis XIV chair, or her home or things like that then that very attachment acts as the pulling force of tying down that subtle body to that area of attachment. And people, with a bit of psychic sight, which is not necessary at all, it has nothing to do with God, only to do with the mind, can see those apparitions. Oh yes, until slowly, slowly, slowly the attachment fades away in the subtle body and it finds release. Now, this release can be attained by that subtle body itself, and it can also be attained by creating certain sound waves. I have been called places where they say, "We've got ghosts in the house," and I did a [yugya?], which is a kind of a puja, a prayer ceremony reciting, chanting, certain sound syllables and creating that sound, the subtle body finds release, and sound is the most powerful thing in the world. For example, you might have heard that if a violin is played at such a high pitch you can crack all the windows in the building. Hm? Yeah, and that sound works turning so many things into so many different things. It is like your T.V. that you have at home. Hm? Here the T.V. is over there, and you're sitting here with the little thing that you press buttons. What do you call it? VOICES: Remote control. GURURAJ: The remote control. Right. Now, by pressing a button you are sending certain impulses to the switch, to the station or the channel, as you would call it here. Normally, you'd have to get up and turn the switch to bring it onto another channel, but here you are doing the same job without involving the physical self. Hm? And you're doing it here just by creating an impulse which effects the impulses that are existing in the T.V., and the channel changes. You see? See how it works? Hm? So, in the same way, sound are also impulses, in a certain sense. And through sound you can

6. US 80- 19 create a lot of things. You can get rid of a lot of things. That is why mantra meditation is so important for it's vibrational value. Okay. VOICE: Guruji, when you talk about the little fairies and things and you talk that there are no spirit guides, that there are ghosts and things, is possession a possibility, and can we be harmed by other people somehow, who possess certain kinds of abilities? GURURAJ: Um hm. Very good. No. No one can harm you. No one can harm you and no one can possess you. The exorcisms that take place, like the films that we have seen on the screen where a different entity possesses a body, that is not true either. No entity can possess you. It is totally impossible, because you are a unique you. Now, what could happen is this: it's the same principle as the mediumistic principle we spoke about, where certain chemical changes take place in the brain, and thus effecting the mind, and you draw forth one of your previous existences unto your mind, and you start acting as a different person. You are reliving a previous life. Therefore, you are acting totally differently. So, no one else can possess you. The most that could happen would be this, that if you open your mind to certain kinds of thoughts, then you will attract other thoughts of a similar kind birds of a feather flock together. You will attract a similar kind, or similar kind of thoughts that are floating around all the time, for this universe is nothing but a thought. So, you can attract that. By attracting that, you are strengthening the thought, be it positive or negative, but that is not possession. People believe in a possession where an outside entity possesses you and takes control of you. It is not so. It is not so. At a lower level we call it a split personality. And what is a split personality? You allow a previous existence to flow through you and at times the one dominates and at times the other dominates, and this is very well illustrated in the book Three Faces of Eve if you have read that. Okay, so no one can possess you and no outer thoughts could harm you if you do not allow your mind, if you do not allow your mind to let those thoughts into you. So therefore, in this day and age when things have become so powerful, so technologically advanced, where the mind has become more and more sophisticated, meditation is a must for people. Where they strengthen themselves, and all the other thought waves around cannot just enter you to strengthen either the negative or the positive. Oh, we would welcome the positive, of course, by positive thinking. That strengthens us. So therefore, all these thousands of books on the power of positive thinking and things like that has some value, has some value. So, it is nothing else but mind, mind, mind. Right. And through spiritual practices we strengthen the mind. We cannot control the mind, but we can strengthen the mind in a positive way. And the very positivity of the mind is automatically the

7. US 80- 19 control of the mind. And that is controlled because there's one mind, and what other mind is can control which mind? One mind. It's just to make it stronger. By positive thoughts and drawing from deep within those spiritual energies that could make you stronger. And to repeat again, in this day and age meditation and spiritual practices are very, very important. More important than five or ten thousand years ago. Because life today has become a rat race. All the time, big fish eating the small fish. All the time. Those times were different, you know, great grandfather's time. I remember this was told to me by my father that if he's ill, you know, half a dozen of his friends would close up their shops for the day, you know, and come and look after him, and vice versa. It was that love, that togetherness. Today, your best friend might be lying in the gutter and you'll pass by, and so well I've got to rush for my appointment, got to meet my boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever. Hm? So we need that more. We need meditation more. I mean that this does not happen in every case, but that is the general tendency in the world today of that selfishness and not selflessness. Next. VOICE: What can I do for my students, my husband, my friends, who I can't convince to meditate? To give them, help them develop self confidence and make them become happier? GURURAJ: What can you do? [LAUGHTER] What can you do? You know as the saying goes, you can lead the horse to the water, but you can't make it drink. But perhaps if you could use some convincing and show the benefits that could be accrued by meditation and spiritual practices, at least you have planted a thought. The seed thought which might well germinate one day. But you could never force a person to do meditation or spiritual practices, because by forcing that person you are not doing the person any good. It must come with an inner desire of himself or herself to meditate. You can force the child to sit down, close your eyes and, you know, this that and the other. It's not going to benefit any. But by proper explanation and convincing and showing the benefits that could be accrued.... And we have found the way our movement has grown is not by advertising. We don't advertise. And it's very seldom that the introductory talks are held and, and you know, that "introductory talk" business was flogged to pieces by other movements. Yeah, so, people are quite skeptical today of going to introductory talks. Our movements has developed by word of mouth where one person benefits and tells a friend. And the friend could see the benefit gained and so, "You're looking real fine, great. What are you doing?" So then that prompts them to start. So, actually we become living examples, living advertisements, and that is one way. Plus, of course, explanation of the benefits it could bring. It's all one can do.

8. US 80- 19 RANDY: Guruji, I've had a lot of fun with my practices because I was taught that they should be done effortlessly. Can they be done too effortlessly? And specifically I'm thinking of counting out the four, sixteen, eight of the pranayama? GURURAJ: Right. Now, what happens is this. You are given a timing four, sixteen, eight. It means four seconds, sixteen seconds, eight seconds. You can put it that way. Now, for a beginner to establish the rhythm he has to have a mental count. But as he progresses in this he does not need to count anymore. Because it will be so timed within himself, you know, that he does not need to count and it'll just be more or less accurate. Now, this is not a matter of... spirituality is not mathematics, it's an art, the art of living. So, if you exceed a second or two here or a second or two less there, it causes no harm. So one doesn't one, two, [LAUGHTER], three, four [MUCH LAUGHTER]. Easy and simple like the river flows; easy and simply without pushing. It is its nature, and that's how life must flow, that's how meditational practices flow easy, simple. And when it's easy and simple it's effortless. JOHN: A couple of times in satsangs you've said that, that you need us very much, and in what way do you need us? And also, when we're doing our gurushakti practices and drawing on gurushakti, how does it effect you both personally and physically? GURURAJ: That's two questions. [LAUGHTER] He's taking advantage. [LAUGHTER] JOHN: [inaudible] GURURAJ: Fine, good, John. When I say I need you, what do I mean by needing you? Not personally. I need you to develop, to fulfill the mission that I'm here for. That is my need. So, it could be called a needless need. Hm? It is an expression of joy. It's a sharing, and the need to share is not really a need always the language is so inadequate. But, you love your beloved, you love your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband, wife. There must be no need. You only express it that way. You just love. You just share. So there's five people here or five hundred people here, to me it's th e same. I'm sharing. And that we, because of the inadequacy of language, we call it need, the need to share. That's all. The second question was "How does it affect me in..." say it again. JOHN: When we're doing our gurushakti, does it have an effect on you personally or physically?

9. US 80- 19 GURURAJ: Right. It does not have an effect on me at all. Not on the conscious level. But it does drain from me, take from me on a deeper level. But then at that deeper level there is an eternal spring; an eternal well that replenishes fresh water all the time. So I do not get depleted. So, don't worry about it, draw as much as you can. [LAUGHTER] JOHN: So it's not helping you nor hindering you? GURURAJ: No, no, no, no it's not helping me or neither hindering me. For that stillness within needs no help, and no hindering can result. It is, it just is. It is there. The well is there forever filled with fresh water, and draw bucketfuls and gallonfuls and.... JOHN: So, it's there for us to drink and it gets refilled as fast as we drink it? GURURAJ: Yes! That's it. Yeah, just drink. Yes drink, drink, drink, drink. Love is made to give. But do one thing after you drink. Give it to someone else also. Hm? That's why it says teachers teach, meditators help others. Talk about it. Talk of experiences. Talk of the joys that it might bring to you. That's how you help the others to drink of this nectar of love. Hm? And those bees that produce the nectar, they don't sting. They're wonderful bees. They just produce. VOICE: In preparing for reincarnation, how does the soul choose it's sex? GURURAJ: In preparing for reincarnation, how does the soul choose it's sex? It chooses its sex by its particular need to evolve. You have developed as a man, and in that development the man has certain characteristics which the woman hasn't, and the woman has characteristics which the man hasn't. The man is more aggressive. He's the breadwinner. He's the hunter. While the woman has in her qualities that are totally different. Therefore, the man is complementary to a woman and the other way around. A woman has all the patience, the tolerance, more so than what a man has. She has far greater kindness. She has a greater ability to sacrifice and to suffer. The women have that, and yet we've called them the weaker sex. They're not. Make no mistake, they're stronger. Weaker physically perhaps, but that doesn't matter. Yeah, but they are stronger inside, and they are equipped with three qualities so that they could be fruit bearing. They are the ones that produce the children. Hm? For what do you do? You plant a seed and you... while the woman sits for all those months and months until she gives birth, and then caring for the child, bringing up the child. Father plays a part,

10. US 80- 19 okay, but not what the mother can do. There's a deep link from the time of the umbilical cord. That link is totally there with the mother. Fathers you can find plenty, mothers you can't. There's only one mother. Right. So, the woman is equipped with certain qualities, certain attitudes built into her basic nature. So, so, when a person takes rebirth, and in that evaluation he needs to learn or become more kind or more tolerant, more sympathetic, more patient, then he takes the birth as a woman. If he needs more aggression and more outgoingness, that very soul, which is sexless, takes on the form that is most needed by him for his evolution, his or her, evolution. That's the way it's done. [END SIDE ONE] JERRI: Guruji, sometimes you find a person who has an extremely strong, overwhelming fear or phobia that has no rational explanation in their present life, but is obviously a carry over from a previous life... GURURAJ: How do you know? JERRI: Oh, well... GURURAJ: Oooh, she's a lawyer, you know, [laughter]. If I must be against you in court, ooooh.... VOICES: [INAUDIBLE] JERRI: I never argued against a guru before. My question is, assuming this phobia, if there is a carry over from previous existence, and there’ supposed to be a veil of forgetfulness between lives, why would something that specific carry over from one life to the next? And why would it be so strong? GURURAJ: It is so strong because it was strong in the first place. And that very phobia that is a carry over from a previous life because it was so strong then, it is brought over so strongly now for the purpose of getting rid of it. Or else it will stick there all the time. So that proves to be a challenge. I know one lady... now our offices in Cape Town are on the sixth floor, and this lady had a phobia of not wanting to get into the lift. Hm? Middle aged woman, and she used to climb up the stairs every time she came to visit me. I had about seven, eight consultations with her. Sometimes some things take long. She used to climb up all six stairs, up to the sixth floor, and climb down, but she would not get into the lifts.

11. US 80- 19 So after the sixth consultation, when we went deeply into her fears and things like that and she got established, you know, in her meditational practices, and I says, "Come." I pressed the button of the lift and she was a bit bewildered. I said, "You come with me. I am with you. Nothings going to happen to you." And we had quite a lovely hour going up and down. [LAUGHTER] So, I rode for a whole hour, up and down in the lift. People getting in and out and they thought, these people must be mad. [LAUGHTER] And she got rid of that fear. You see, phobia is nothing but a fear. And that fear could have many, many reasons. Psychologists do help a bit in that sphere if the phobia or the fear is very much on the surface level, and some explanation can be given. But some fears are so deeply planted that only by spiritual practices drawing the deep energy from within could the fear be eradicated or washed away. Then some understanding has to be given about it so the mind also feels pleased. And when the mind feels pleased and convinced of a certain thing, it also helps the spiritual force to activate itself more in getting rid of the fear. So there are carry overs. Oh yes. Next. VOICE: Guruji, I've longed to offer my actions during a day or I take one day and I offer it for a friend. If that is invalid, as far as prayer is concerned, what is, and how do I pray for someone that I love? GURURAJ: It is valid. Who says it's not valid if you're trying to serve someone, serve humanity? It is definitely valid. If you are selflessly, without personal ego boosting.... By the way, many charity workers you'd find, they do charity work not because they want to help someone, but to put themselves into a position, you know, make them feel great. It is a kind of a drug. Not many people do that. But, if one selflessly tries to do something for ones fellow man to help the person, that is totally valid. And of course prayer is a great force. We've spoken about prayer this week, how one has to pray, and I'm sure Bill has some tapes that I've made on how to pray. And prayer is always valid. Try and get a tape from Bill. I'm sure he'll lend you one. VOICE: I'll sell her one. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: That's even better. [LAUGHTER] They can keep it and listen to it over and over again. VOICE: Guruji, does an individual choose homosexuality before they are born, or is that a psychological problem that occurs after their birth?

12. US 80- 19 GURURAJ: I don't know. VOICE: You don't know? GURURAJ: The are a couple of subjects I would never like to touch: homosexuality, politics and things like that. Because, the reasons are, you cannot generalize. The reasons are very, very individual. And I have women, treated so to say, you know, a lot of homosexuals. And with every one I found different reasons, a different little quirk in the make up which takes a long time to overcome. So, it is not a question that can be generally answered. But one thing is sure, that in every woman there is a bit of man in her, and in every man there is a bit of woman in him. And it depends in the man, if the woman's side would dominate, he would develop a character of homosexuality. That is the generalist answer I could give to you. Something very particular, there's lesbianism and things like this something very, very particular and peculiar to the person involved. VOICE: Guruji, what validity does astrology have in helping people know themselves? GURURAJ: They are bloody fools. [LAUGHTER] Yes. Why do you want to know what's going to happen to you tomorrow, or the next day, or the year thereafter? Why? You know why? Because you feel insecure within yourself. Because you feel inadequate within yourself, and you want some kind of reassurance. And that can do a lot of damage, because you are not living for now, you are living for tomorrow, or what is going to happen next week, and what's going to happen next year. Astrologers in this country seem to make quite a bit of fortune. And I know, and I know many newspapers are sold just because of that thing in there. And the first page many people turn to is the horoscope page. Now, you tell me, out of four thousand million people in this world, and there are twelve categories....[LAUGHTER] It says in there that today you are going to receive a letter if you are born to Aries, or Sagittarius, or whatever. Now, one twelft h of the four thousand million people are going to receive a letter with good news. Are they? Astrology was a science, but it is not that science any more. It was an art. Astrology is as good as the astrologer, and there are very few good astrologers in this world. Perhaps you cannot even... the fingers of your hand might be too many. Because there are certain laws laid down. Like in all esoteric sciences, where you find some of these beliefs, you know. They define things, you know, and create worlds upon worlds and all kinds of beings and existences, and a hierarchy and... you must have read all these kinds of books. You must have read them. So, the astrologers started doing the

13. US 80- 19 same. They took a few basic factors, which ancient sages used to use, as a guideline which constituted only ten percent of laws; that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and water runs down the hill instead of up the hill. Certain basic laws, ten percent. Right. And ninety percent was intuition. And a person has to be highly evolved to have that kind of knowingness or intuition to be able to tell you what is going to happen. And then what they tell you is always based on the tendency to which you are heading. The tendency. That is astrology. So, these people took those few basic facts and added a whole lot of, you know, baloney to it and made it into a big, so called science. Do you see? So I, I personally would advise people not to indulge in astrology. Rather indulge in finding security within yourself, and that feeling of adequacy that I am Divine and I don't need all this. What is another man going to tell me through astrology about the Divinity that is within me? No, he can't. Do you see? I've known of cases, and one in particular which I have repeated before, where a person had a chart drawn up by some very well known astrologer. And in this chart it said if you get married, you're marriage will only last for two years, and you will be very unhappy. A well known person, he was about a thousand miles away from me in Johannesburg. And meanwhile, when he went to Johannesburg, he met a nice young lady and he fell in love with her and vice versa, and they wanted to get married. But, here the chart came in the way. It says if you get married, two years and your marriage will break up and you'll be so, so unhappy. So he phones me and says, "Can I fly down?" And I said, "Yes. By all means come down." We made an appointment and he came to see me. I read through the thing, and I tore it up into a thousand pieces and dumped it into the trash can. To the man I says, "You go, go and propose to that girl." Not to mention names, they're well known names. You go and propose to the girl and get married. And they got married and that's about eight years ago. They have a baby, too, and a child and they're very happy. Good chela. They're fine. They're doing well. So if he had followed what the astrologer said, he would have not been married, he would have not enjoyed the life he is enjoying today. He would have not had that love and that companionship, and everything that goes with marriage. So, I personally don't rely on these things. And I don't advocate them either. Would not advise anyone either. VOICE: Guruji, nuclear power to me is something I'm so afraid of regarding it's hostile effects. I wonder if you'd talk on th at briefly. GURURAJ: I know nothing of nuclear physics. And, I do agree with you, that it would have very negative effects if used negatively. And that is what we are trying to do: that the mind has been so technologically advanced at the expense of closing up the heart. So, our movement is primarily aimed at opening up the heart so that the heart can be infused in the mind, and the mind in the heart so that these inventions and there are so many more that are not known to man yet, but

14. US 80- 19 only hidden away by various governments. They would not make it public. It would produce a great scare. There would be havoc. And to prevent that... So, if man evolves, opening up his heart, then these very powers that they have discovered, the subtler laws of nature that they have discovered, could be used usefully, constructively and not destructively. But, it is quite a concern for many thinking people that all these different forms of energies, and how to direct them, have been discovered. Today, for example, in war it is all so unfair. For the wars where man with his sword against the man with his sword and they used to fight it out there. Today we are sitting here and the bomb drops, what chance have you got? Hm? You see? So, everything's so imbalanced. It requires that heart, heart, heart, heart, heart opening that spiritual force to flow, permeate the mind, so that these very inventions are not used destructively. VOICE: You talk all about the importance of loving ourselves. How can we love ourselves more, and how can we help other people to love themselves more? GURURAJ: You do start with loving yourself. The greatest trouble in this world is people hating themselves. Why do they hate themselves? Because they can't face themselves. They are so guilt ridden by all the actions that they have performed in this lifetime. Thank God that they don't remember the actions of their previous lifetimes. [LAUGHTER] Or else they'd rather go through burning hell. So, they are so guilt ridden of the actions of this little lifetime, that they start hating themselves. Now, instead of being guilt ridden, one has to get rid of guilt. And that is done through proper understanding and spiritual practices where you take away the darkness by switching on the light. And no man needs to feel guilty of his actions at all. He does not need to feel guilty about it. It is the past. And if he makes up his mind that, "I will not perform those actions again which are detrimental to myself and to others," and that in itself is repentance. It's a firm resolve that he takes, and that in itself is repentance, and then the guilt will go away. And as the guilt goes away he will start loving himself more and more. He will start looking at the positive side of his life. That will make himself love himself more and more. And when he does that it boomerangs, it gets extended to others, and that's how you love others more and more. It is simple procedure. "Did I do something wrong?" And I find that I have done something wrong, perhaps during an impulsive moment, something, and I discover that look this has been wrong, you know. So wake up. Right. I will improve upon it. I make the resolve then and there. "No, sorry, no more." Hm? That's repentance. And that would make you love yourself and get rid of guilt. And then you also accept the responsibility for the reaction of the action. Come what may, so what. But, if you have made up your mind, if you have resolved to yourself that I shall not perform this action again, then the reaction begins to become so much easier and acceptable. Because you are not tied down on the one side by guilt. You are free, free to

15. US 80- 19 accept the responsibility. Because the man that's in bondage cannot accept responsibility as well as the man who is free. That's how it works. VOICE: [inaudible] VOICE: Yeah. VOICE: You'd talked about somebody doing hypnosis, that their unconscious negative feelings could go to the person. Can this happen in any other way, like for instance, even lovingly massaging, or people doing pressure point touching, and that kind of thing? GURURAJ: No. VOICE: That can't. GURURAJ: No, no, no. Hypnosis is a kind of transference of thought that puts your conscious mind to sleep and implants thoughts in your subconscious mind so that they could react again through the conscious mind. VOICE: Is there anything to the people who say they work with energy? The touching technique? GURURAJ: Yes, but they must be qualified people to do that not magnetic healing or they'd be doing more harm, because they'd be implanting their own negativity through the energies that they impart to the person. So, therefore I have so many requests, "Oh, Guruji, make me a healer. Make me a healer." I say wait, wait. We'll see, we'll see, we'll see. Until the stage is reached when they can become healers. Yeah, so, hypnotism, for example if a person hypnotizes you, you become oblivious of your surroundings. You could hear nothing else around you except the hypnotist's voice. He, because of suggestion, not because of a superior power of his mind, that's what hypnotists tells you to believe that my mind is more powerful than yours and I can control it. And that's another suggestion. An untrue suggestion. He cannot hypnotize like that. But the continual repetition of.... Anybody can hypnotize, as a matter of fact. It's not because one's mind is powerful, more powerful than another's mind.

16. US 80- 19 But these tricks, these games that harm the mind, that puts it off balance, must never be indulged in, not even self hypnosis. Self hypnosis is self delusion. You, you, you, you hypnotize yourself into believing a certain thing. It is delusion which could lead to all kinds of psychosis and neurosis, and all these things. So, it's best to stay away from these things. There's nothing better in the world than simple meditation, simple prayer, simple practices and bringing Divinity to mind through the channel of your choice. Nothing better. Nothing greater. And, of course, right thinking, right action, which requires some effort until it becomes spontaneous. These teachings are simple. And the more simple we make our lives, the more happier we become. It is only complexities that rack our brains and our bodies and misery, that's the result. So, I would not advise anyone to go and get hypnotized. VOICE: No, I meant the other practices. You know, people who work with energies and they... GURURAJ: Uh huh. Yeah, I, I do, I do understand. I do understand. Yes. Yeah. Many of them say they manipulate energies. Perhaps they're manipulating your wallet. Yeah. Shame. VOICE: Guruji, if a person decides to take their own life prematurely, where their body dies an unnatural death, is there consequences to that action and lives that follow? GURURAJ: Oh yes. Oh yes. I've made a whole long tape on suicide. Have you got it on your catalog? Hm? Try a nd get that tape. When a person takes his own life, he is in a terrible state of turmoil. It brings him up to such an unbearable boiling pitch, and it causes such an imbalance. The very emotional turbulence causes such an imbalance that he would want to throw away which is most precious to him. What, what is everyone doing actually? They're preserving life. Even a woman of eighty four, eighty five wants to live. They don't want death. They all want to live. Right. So, this person in that imbalanced form of mind takes one's life. Now, remember that this imbalance is taking place more in the subtle body in the mind than in the body. He can be perfectly healthy bodily, yeah, but this imbalance and this torture and this torment and this agony is in the mind. But the body, being of such a grosser nature that the totality of that imbalance is not expressed through the body or brought to the conscious mind, to cognition. But when the body is destroyed, then that turmoil and torment get amplified ten times in the subtle body. So, taking one's life is not the solution. You are only making things worse. You'll suffer ten times more in the subtle body. You will delay the reincarnation process, because you've got to bring all those sufferings to a certain level of equilibrium, to a certain basic stability, before evaluation can begin. So, the person who commits suicide, be sure to know

17. US 80- 19 this, that they are suffering ten times a hundred fold more than their torment here in this life. Because you can escape from everything, but you cannot escape from yourself. Hm? Yourself as you know it. Not the big self, the small self. You can't even escape from that, the small self. And within the small self, the ego self, is contained all these tortures and al l these torments. So, if anybody is thinking of doing such a thing, come and see me immediately. JAMIE: Guruji, are we, is there such a thing as a disincarnate bureaucracy. In other words, you say that you have come to perform a certain mission. Are we just naturally drawn to [INAUDIBLE] condition or did, you know, in fact seven little disincarnate beings, or some number, sit down and say, "Well, who will volunteer for this assignment?" [MUCH LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Well the person if there was a bureaucracy, if there was this whole big meeting where one person gets elected to go down and perform a certain task he would be a fool to accept the assignment. [LAUGHTER] Because it's no joke. When I was in business, in those business days, involved in so many different things and all businesses all have their own problems and this that. And then, when I retired from business and I started devoting myself full time, twenty four hours a day to spiritual life, I thought, "Ah yes, there can be no problems. No problems." You'd just be surprised at the amount of problems that are created unnecessarily if not mine, other's. Then, my problems are only the problems of others, not problems of myself. There is no bureaucracy. No. There's a stage of evolution one reaches where you, you share. You just can't help it. You can't help helping. That's what happens. Some in a smaller way and some in a bigger way. What time did we start? Quarter past seven? It's half past eight. Hour and a quarter, hm? DOUG: I have a concert. GURURAJ: You have a concert? So, shall we carry on with the same session tomorrow morning, or do you want a full satsang? It's up to you. DOUG: What would you like? Do you want to have more rapid fire tomorrow morning? VOICES: Sure. Yeah. Sure. I'd like it.

18. US 80- 19 GURURAJ: Okay, fine, to me everything is the same. DOUG: One more question. Nirmala's... GURURAJ: Yeah, one more. NIRMALA: I wanted to ask, this morning you, you sort of implied that if you see crudities it's because you're sort of crude yourself or you're in that level. Well, in that case, how does the world ever get reformed if you don't see something? Let's say, at the moment, let's say child abuse. The thing that I'm particularly interested in is the [low idea?] of the animals. I think it's perfectly dreadful what's happening to animals. And I would like to go out and do something about it. But why I hesitate is that I hate to rush out, condemn everybody, and, you know, resist the evil and tell everybody what they ought to be doing, and how terrible they all are. [MUCH LAUGHTER] I [INAUDIBLE] the crude person [INAUDIBLE] Bridget Bardot was devoting her life to trying to save the seals and other animals and all... GURURAJ: Beautiful act, yes. NIRMALA: It was very beautiful work, you know? GURURAJ: Beautiful act, oh yes, oh yes. GURURAJ: Yes. NIRMALA: And what do we do to improve things that we see that we should... GURURAJ: Beautiful, beautiful, yes. So, that means that the recognition of crudities can only stem from the fact that you have experienced those crudities. And, after experiencing those crudities, you have gone beyond those crudities. And when you go beyond the crudities, you really know the value of crudities, because you are not involved in it any more. You can stand outside looking in. And those are the real workers of the world. Those that have gone through these

19. US 80- 19 things, not perhaps in this life, in other lifetimes, and seen all the injustices that are being done. And they themselves were subjected to these injustices, or were perpetrators of the injustices, and have come to the realization that this is wrong. And with that realization, if a person proceeds to prevent these injustices of killing of seals and whatever, then they are true workers. They're true workers. And then, of course, you find others again that try to do something which seems good to the intellect, to gain personal publicity and things. We're not talking about them, we have such people also. But the people that have really gone through things, experienced things, and know of the sufferings that they have gone through, and from that point of their own suffering, which they have now transcended or gone beyond, those are the true workers of the world. They are the real benefactors of the world. Yes. Yeah. Good. ***END***


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