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1. U S 82 - 34 BALTIMORE 1,2 VOICE: ...I was in the presence of a master and the message was, "Focus on my voice." My question to that was, "What will I hear?" And the response to that was, "The way that I have chosen for you." And my question to that was, "Will it hurt?" And the response was, "Only when you turn away from it." So, my question at this point is: I would like to know what kinds of things all of us can do, myself specifically right now, to stay focused on what we need to hear and not turn away from it? GURURAJ: Goo d. I could handle half a dozen questions at the same time. Any more. Come on. I know exactly what you mean. VOICE: I find on the spiritual path that as I meditate and read I have some sense of something that I can't seem to apply too well in what I c all real life, which is like two separate things. I can't seem to... [INAUDIBLE]. GURURAJ: Beautiful. Any more? VOICE: Tell me about what is a father? GURURAJ: Tell you...? SAME VOICE: I feel like I've been seeking a father all my life and I love Jesus as my father. And I feel as if he was a real person and I find a humanness, this embodiment of the Father. But what is a father? GURURAJ: Good. Any more? Beautiful. Any more? What you read and what you hear is totally apart from your reality . What you read and what you hear is delving and a total dwelving in the mind. Who is the perceptor? Who perceives what you read? Do you perceive with your mind only, or do you perceive through the Father? The voice tells you to listen to one voice. W hat is that voice? And how are you going to recognize that voice? So here you read a book. You have a thought going through your mind. And the thought is mingled with so many ideas because you are not thinking now. You are only remembering a thought. The thought is for the moment, here and now. And cognition of the thought comes a little while later in reflection. So it is not a thought, yo u

2. U S 82 - 34 are not thinking originally. For in that moment of here and now, the only thing you can perceive is Divinity, and that Divinity is you. But when you go back and you think and that thinking is not thought because you think that you think. It is not original. It is a remembrance of a thought. The voice you hear is not now, the voice you hear is what happened a few moments ago. Because, if you could hear that voice within yourself at that precise moment of that voice welling up in you, then you and your Father are one. This is what we are trying to find in life. And what is the purpose of trying to find this? Because consciously or unconsciously, I have been saying this a million times over, consciously or unconsciously you are seeking for one thing: y You're seeking for happiness. And if you are seeking for happiness, then you will ask yourself, why does thi s misery surround me? Do you know why the misery surrounds you? Because you are not living now, you are living in the past. Every memory is of the past. Every reflection reflects the past and not this moment here and now. So what do you do? You reliv e the past and you project it into the future. Reliving the past means that you are re experiencing the experience which had happened five minutes ago, ten minutes ago, two years ago. Auntie Mary said a bad word to you. So? It's working in your mind. A untie Mary might be dead. She is non existent now, but your memory keeps Auntie Mary alive. Where are you now? Are you here? Or are you reliving the past? And reliving the past you are projecting yourself to the future. Mental projection of the futur e where many thoughts well up totally unfounded. Is there a future? Was there a past? Who tells you this, that there was a past? Your mind. How do you find...how can you separate your mind from the past and stop projecting it to the future? How do yo u do that? If you say the Father and I am one, is the Father not here and now? Is Father of the past, or is Father futuristic? Do you see the tricks the mind plays with us? I call it the cunning animal. Right. Now. I had an acupuncture treatment today to do something with my voice. Who is me and who is my voice? What am I? Ask that question. Who am I? Hm? Who am I? Am I the voice, am I this piece of flesh and blood which is not worth tuppence? What voice are you talking about? There is only one voice that exists, the voice of the Father. Only that voice exists, the rest are but ramifications of your own little mind, your own little self. What is the voice? First was the word and the word was God, with God, and the word is God. That is the Father. What is this entire universe composed of? Nothing but vibration. And there is no difference between you, and you, and you, and you, and this chair and this footstool. No difference at all. You are composed o f the same atomic structure or subatomic structure of all of this, no difference. But where we find differences is because we add name and form. So there's Jean, there's Jane, there's John, there's James. We add the differences. And yet through the fin est level of the atomic structure there is no difference between this stool and this chair and you.

3. U S 82 - 34 Listen to that voice, that divine vibration that is forever existent in you. Your Father is not apart from you. He could ne ver be apart. If He is to be r egarded to be omnipresent, then He exists in every cell of your body. So what do we need? Not someone sitting up on a throne high upon the clouds with a long beard and a couple of dozen bookkeepers writing down Mary did this and Joan did this and James d id that. No. By listening to the inner voice, the real voice that you are composed of, you live the living God. There is nothing beyond, for everything is Divine. The trouble in this world is only man's mind. Things are so simple and yet we add so many complexities to it. I've a very favorite saying and it goes something like this: it's so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple. It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple. Where do these complexities come from? The mind. Now, let's talk a little about the mind. [TAPE FADES OUT TO END OF SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: ...when he said, I and my Father are one, he was not speaking about himself. He represented man the son of man he was speaking for all: that I and my Father are one . In Sanskrit we would say, Brahmasmi: I am Brahma. Same thing, same philosophy, same ideology, same thought. Only one difference is this, and listen to me very, very carefully: I don't tell you to believe; that concept was good two thousand, five thous and years ago. I say this to you now: do not believe, do not have faith, because your belief and faith is guided by your mind, by your own conceptions, by your perceptions. I say this to thee, my beloveds, experience. Experience God for He is the closes t thing to you. He is not far away. Learn to dive deep within yourself and you will experience Him. And after experiencing Him, then you can start believing and having faith. I had a press conference in London about two years ago. There were about for ty, fifty, sixty major newspapers that were at this press conference. And I told them that I've come to fill the churches and the temples and the synagogues, not to empty them. But what our church leaders need to know is to make the people experience Divi nity, not just talk about it. Empty words, words, words and nothing said. You see me about your problem, I can see through it. Forget the acupuncturist, a waste of time. So. The process is simple. We go very systematically through the conscious level of the mind, through the various levels of the subconscious and we get directly in touch with the superconscious level of ourselves. There's a hot line buzzing in you. You just don't want to dial the number, that's all. Things I speak about to you is n othing new. These thoughts are age old. I put them differently because we live in a different society now. It's a different world we are living in. And I d o not only appeal to your mind, I appeal there deep inside. You might have come here troubled or w orried with whatever

4. U S 82 - 34 problems. Ask this question to yourself now, now, now! Do I feel at more peace with myself or not? Ask this question. Gururaj does not speak in words only, but he gives you the spiritual impetus to uplift, to regenerate, to remove the blockages that prevents you from knowing that peace and joy. See what I mean? Feel more peaceful now? And I always carry a couple of jokes around. Let's see if I can find some here. Ah, yes. There was this church minister in Owen Mills a small li ttle church and he got offered a job as a pastor in Baltimore, the big city. So, of course, being a big city with a big parish, you know there is more pay. But this pastor was so, so close to his little flock, to his parishioner s, that he did not want t o leave them. He loved them all so much and they loved him. So he says, "Look, I can't make up my mind, let me pray on this." And he was praying and praying and praying. "Lord, please give me the answer. What should I do?" And he was praying. About t wo weeks passed and a friend of the family knocked on the door and they had a six or seven year old daughter. So this friend asked, "What has your dad decided about moving to Baltimore, instead of Owen Mills?" So the daughter replied, this child of seven said, "Dad is still praying, and mom has started packing." Yes, yes, yes. So what troubles us? What is the meaning of my talk to you tonight? Mind, mind, mind.... Mindless [?????]. [TAPE FADES OUT] GURURAJ: ...you are not attached to nothing, becaus e you possess nothing. You are not attached to your husband, because you do not possess your husband. And neither does your husband possess you, you are a total entity unto yourself. Be not possessed, and be not...do not be possessed by anyone else, be totally independent. [TAPE FADES OUT. ONLY BITS AND PIECES ARE AUDIBLE THROUGHOUT THE REST OF SIDE TWO] **** END ****


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