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1. U S 82 - 38 NETWORK OF LIGHTS .... as if you're pouring oil from one vessel to another without any break. The benefit contemplation has is this, that it aids your thinking ability. That's all. It gives you certain thoughts to think about. But true meditation is when you go beyond thought by becoming an observer of thought. Then you are meditating. Then you are in the realms of the superconscious level of yourself. So please remember this: concentration is when you focus your mind entirely on something. And contemplation is when you are systematic in your thought without a single break. Where your mind does not wander from one place to the other. That's contemplation. And meditation is when you go beyond that all and enter the most subtlest level of yoursel f, which I term the superconscious mind. So all these have their purposes. But I would not like you to confuse contemplation with meditation. Fine. Now shall we meditate for a few moments? Those of you that are meditators, do your meditation. Those of you that are not meditators, just sit back, relax, chuck off your shoes, loosen your collars, be relaxed. And if you're not meditators, just enjoy the vibrations because in the few minutes of meditation we'll be doing, there will be such an energy flow. When you are in contact with the highest level of yourself, that energy just flows. You emanate it. And that is what happens in the company of sincere, truthful, holy people. Now, please do not sit that way. Join your hands. I'll tell you why, the reaso n is very simple, you're creating a certain energy field within yourself, and you want to preserve and retain that energy within you. Sitting this way to meditate is good for a yogi who is sending out energies to others. But for the novice, they must pre serve that energy within themselves to find greater integration in themselves. Shall we meditate for a few moments. [Tape off and on] .... that with thought word and deed I salute the Divinity within you. For you are divine. Good. Now, I never prepa re a lecture. If I prepare a lecture it would mean that I would be speaking about the thing which I want to speak about. So I rather invite a question so that I could speak about the things that you would like to hear about. Good. Questions. VOICE: If you're feeling a lot of anger and frustration, do you suggest to go into meditation? Focus on the third eye and silently go into meditation instead of...

2. U S 82 - 38 GURURAJ: Third eye? What do you know about the third eye? Where is your third eye? SAME VOICE: The point right here which is called the third eye. GURURAJ: Oh, I see. I'm learning. The ajna chakra. You don't do that. I'll explain you about that. Some more questions? I'll weave all this in, OK. I can handle half a dozen questions at the sam e time. VOICE: [Inaudible] majority of people [Inaudible] GURURAJ: Ok, more questions? Deep questions. Deep, deep, deep. VOICE: [Inaudible] When two people [????] how do they cope [????] GURURAJ: While they're working through what? VOICE: Unfoldment. GURURAJ: Unfoldment, right. Next. VOICE: How do you cure cancer? GURURAJ: You haven't got cancer. VOICE: I know. GURURAJ: Why do you want to know how to cure it? VOICE: Well, I know someone who does. GURURAJ: So do I know someone who does also. He's sitting right here in front of you. Yes.

3. U S 82 - 38 VOICE: Since we've come into this life as infants, accumulating conditions and karma, right from the beginning, [??] alleviate it while being in the world [???]. GURURAJ: Another h and somewhere. VOICE: I have a burning desire to learn how to love [????] GURURAJ: Sure. We'll say about everything. Fine. When you are feeling angry or anxious should you focus your attention on the ajna chakra. That was the question. Now, you do not focus anything upon anything. When you are angry what happens is this, that the anger is within yourself but you have to find the object to which you express this anger. So anger has two aspects to it: subjective and objective. Now when you feel angry there are so many changes that take place in your entire system. You crea te a nervous imbalance, you create an imbalance of the glandular system, you create a certain imbalance in the harmonal system, and when you are angry how can you focus your attention on the ajna chakra, which is the wrong place, in any case. You do not b e angry with an object. But I want you to be angry. Be angry with anger. Huh? And when you're angry with your anger, you become an observer of the anger. And when you become an observer of anger, automatically you are separating yourself from anger. And when you become the observer, the sting of the anger subsides. Now, there are certain spiritual practices that one can do to get rid of anger. I was having a talk this morning at the what do you call that place? [Voice answers inaudibly] association for Humanistic Psychology. And I gave then an example on this very subject you are talking about. That to find the joy and happiness of life which everyone consciously or unconsciously desires is happiness. You want joy. What is preventing this joy, wh en you are made of joy. You are divine. If Divinity is omnipresent then that Divinity is permeating every cell of your body. And if Divinity is love, where does hatred come from? And hatred is a blood brother of anger. Now you cannot control anger. Be cause the more you try and control anger, the stronger the anger becomes because your attention is focused on anger. I also told this humanistic psychology people this morning that I would challenge Dr. Norman Vincent Peale on any public platform. Anger is regarded to be a negative quality. So he would say replace it with a positive thought. Replace the negative thought with a positive thought. Now this is impossible. You cannot just convert it. So what you need to do is to neutralize the negative tho ught and then introduce the positive thought. And there are spiritual practices whereby if you learn to meditate these practices are given to you. Not on how to control the anger. Not

4. U S 82 - 38 how to sublimate the anger or hatred. But by drawing deep within your self that force, that light, which automatically sheds off the anger in your mind. And after all, what basis has anger got? Anger comes about because of the conditionings of your mind. Of your subconscious mind which consists of what? The subconscious mind is only a collection of impressions and patterns. It is just patterning upon patterning upon patterning. Now in this lifetime, or in previous lifetimes, whatever you believe in, you might have had some experience. So you dive into your subconscious mind and you pull out the file from the cubbyhole and the conscious level of your mind starts analyzing that experience with what is happening now. And then you get heated up. You feel angry. So now, through meditation, through proper spiritual practice s which are individually prescribed to people, for no two people are alike, everyone is a unique being. There's no one bottle of medicine that can cure all diseases. And everyone being a unique being needs a unique and personalized system of meditation w here you do not control the mind, but you become an observer of the mind. So here, gradually you are lead from the conscious level of the mind the left hemisphere, the analytical section of the mind through to the right hemisphere of the brain which is the intuitional part of you which in turn is connected to that superconscious level. And from the superconscious level you draw the force of light. Then your subconscious mind becomes like this window pane: the light is so bright that you do not see the glass anymore, although it exists. And when you do not see the glass any more, you do not feel the glass anymore, you don't touch the glass any more then your five senses are automatically controlled, and that control comes about spontaneously. Becau se by trying to analyze the cause of your anger you become more angrier. So if it is dark, what do you do? Do you analyze darkness? Switch on the light and darkness disappears. It is so simple. Hm? I said the other day somewhere that it is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple. You see. You see the secret of life is this: where you have to be in touch with yourself, and not live the fragmented lives that we are living. One thought is pulling east and one thought is pulling west and one is going north and one is going south. Total fragmentation. What we need is integration, where the mind, body and spirit can function in total harmony. Where you become not a fragmented person but a whole person. And that is healing. Healing is wholene ss. Now, where do you start? Not with the ajna chakra. You don't start with the anahata chakra nor the manipura, nor the swadhishthana, nor the muladhara. You don't start there. For what are the chakras? Some of these monks from India come along her e with all their monkey business and tell you of your chakric system that goes down the spine at certain places. Your brain is not only here in the head. Your brain extends itself down your spinal column. That too is a part of your brain. And within th is whole system of things there are vortexes of energy. And when there is some imbalance in its

5. U S 82 - 38 vibratory rate you would have mental illness, physical illness, can be cancer, asthma, anything. So all the illnesses that you can think of does not stem from the physical body. They stem from the subtle body that is within you. You are composed of the physical body, the subtle body, and the spiritual eternal self. Hm? Good. Now, the area to tackle as the physical body has its own nervous system, so does the subtle body too have its own nervous system. And whatever imbalance there is in the subtle body has to express itself, has to translate itself into its physical equivalent. And that is how you feel all these various illnesses. But the greatest cure f or anything is the unfoldment of the heart. Not your mind. You are using a very small percentage of your brain. Twelve billion cells in this three pound organ, twelve billion cells and you are using one millionth part of the 12 billion cells. So aren't you fast asleep when all those cells are dormant? Hm? Now, because of the dormancy of those cells remember the brain is an organ like any other organ you have. So the greater opening up of those cells, the more would your mind flow through. And the gr eater the mind flows through this physical organ called the brain the more aware you become. Now, what does this awareness include? You can be unaware, partly aware, or totally aware. Good. Total awareness means the combination functioning in harmony o f the mind and heart. That is what the world needs today is the unfoldment of the heart. Where your true nature can be expressed, and your true nature is love. And love is God and God is love. So you are not only the image of God, you're not only the reflection that you see every morning in the mirror. But you are yourself as well as the reflection. That is how you come to the realization where you find unity in diversity. That is how you start realizing that Divinity is omnipresent. And to have t hat omnipresent awareness means you have found that oneness with God. When Jesus said, "I and my Father are one," he was not speaking of himself. He was speaking of the entire human race. That you and your Father are one. There is no separation. If the re was a separation then He would not be omnipresent. So what exists around us and in us? The same thing. So above so below; so below so above. But this realization has to dawn by the development of awareness, by the unfoldment of awareness, where you find all to be just one. You sitting there and I'm sitting here and you think we are apart. But bring now a powerful microscope and you'll find all those subatomic particles connecting you and me. There's no separation between any two atoms in the entire universe. It is a oneness. So when we gain this understanding through proper methods of meditation and spiritual practices and I don't mean those mantra supermarkets where you can pick up a mantra for $300 when through proper meditation you come t o the awareness and the realization and by realization I mean that it permeates every cell of your body. It's like eating food. That's not enough. The food has to be digested. That's only step two. But step three is where that food becomes totally assimilated in you. And when you find this total assimilation within you of that divine energy, then you

6. U S 82 - 38 have reached your life's purpose; the purpose of love, of joy, where you do not need to love any more. I do not love. I am love. You see. That is wh ere we have to reach, and it's not bloody far. It's right around the corner. But you don't want to knock. How can the door be opened? You don't want to seek. How can you find? Huh? So in the stillness of meditation and spiritual practices you will re alize the true meaning of the Biblical injunction, "Be still and know that I am God." "Love thy neighbor as thyself." We repeat this every day. Bullshit! You don't. Because if you can't love yourself how can you love your neighbor. And to be able to lo ve yourself you have to be an integrated person. So these practices are so so necessary. To find integration within ourselves for ourselves by ourselves. I do not shine the light upon you, no. I shine the light upon the path so that you don't stumble an d fall. You see. So simply achieved. Learn to meditate, my beloved, and you will also know how to get rid of anger. Anger is worse than cancer. With anger is associated fear. With anger is associated a feeling of inadequacy. With anger you have anxie ties. And those mental workings of anger also expresses itself with its physiological counterparts in the form of high blood pressure, etc. You see, this entire thing is one vast continuum. And that we have to become aware of. This continuum of body, mind, and spirit. So when we go deeper and deeper within ourselves we go beyond the analytical thinking mind. We find the hotline through the subconscious mind directly to the finest relative which is none else but your true self at your highest relative level. And that is how you love. You cannot learn to love. That's a fallacy. You cannot cultivate love. That's another big fallacy perpetrated by teachers on people. No. Love is something that wells up spontaneously. And by being integrated it is just there. Then you don't need, as I said before, to love. Because the very word "need" implies dependency. So you proceed from dependency you're dependent. From dependency you proceed when you meet someone that you love. Then from dependency you p roceed to inter dependency. But that is not the last stage. From inter dependency you become independent. Dependency, inter dependency, and independent when you can stand on your own feet without need or crutches. Then you have become love. Then you know the joy and the glory of Divinity and how it expresses itself through your every moment, every second of the day. Then you do not need to believe in God. You do not need to have faith in God. You become the living God. And that is what we want in this world today. And you can only be the living God when this heart, the core of your personality, is opened. Now who can you blame? If you close the windows how can you expect fresh air to come in? Open the window, the fresh air is automatically ther e. You don't need to go and call it. Make your garden beautiful with beautiful flowers and the beautiful butterflies automatically come there. Huh? You don't need to go and call them.

7. U S 82 - 38 So we unfold ourselves. We do not require any development what so e ver. We are fully developed as we are, but we need unfolding of ourselves to come to the realization that "I am Divine." Then only can you love your neighbor as yourself. Then only would you be able to do unto others as you expect to be done to yourself . Because then by reaching the area of the superconscious level of your mind, you shine in the glory of the Divine. Nothing more is needed then. Everything is there. And then you only see Divinity around you. Where is the place for hatred? Where is t he place for anger? Where is there place for any sense of inadequacy or insecurity when you have reached the realization that "I am divine." So these are the causes of man's misery created by himself because he fails to integrate his being. And when you fail to do that, when you fail, you wail. Tears of lead. And then you start blaming everything around you. You blame your wife, you blame your husband, your children, your girlfriend, you blame your guru. And even beyond that when you just can't find an yone else more to blame you blame God. That poor old chap wherever he is, inside you and outside you, has nothing to do with it. He's a neutral energy. That's all what is all about. It's up to you to use that neutral energy in whichever way you want to use it. You put it in a heater you produce heat. You put it in a refrigerator and you produce coolness and coldness. So the decision lies within us. Now who is the decider? Do you think you really decide? Or are decisions made for you? They are ma de for you not by Divinity. But they are made for you according to the patternings that have been created in your mind. So every cause has its effect. Whatever you sew, that shall ye reap. You can't plant potatoes and expect tomatoes to grow. So it is us, us, us, no one else. No one to blame, but everyone to love. That's how hatreds disappear and angers disappear. You asked something about curiosity. What was it? VOICE: [Inaudible] GURURAJ: Now in the history of the world you can go back millions of years and you can never find a culture where people were totally integrated. In this vast continuum of this universe we are but just a small little section. And as peop le become more e volved they pass out of this sphere and others less evolved reaches into our little section. So there have been great reformers in this world. Yet man has not changed one iota. [TAPE FADES OUT TO END SIDE 1] [REWIND TO BEGIN SIDE 2]

8. U S 82 - 38 Is it love for the sake of love? Or is it love for the sake of a particular need, an emotional need, a physical need? What is it? And if you are an integrated person, and you can become integrated through spiritual practices, you will be able to answer that question total ly and honestly. And then that burning desire so hurtful now becomes such a joy. It sets you ablaze. You are consumed in the fire of love, for all you perceive around you is none else but love. Do you see. This chap went to the restaurant for a cup of tea. And when he reached the bottom of the cup he found a fly in it. So he calls the waitress and he says, "Miss, what does this mean, the fly in my cup?" So the waitress answered, "Sir, I'm a waitress, I'm not a fortune teller." [Laughter] And this o ther fellow goes to his minister. He was a great baseball fan. He loved baseball. So he says to the minister, "You are always in contact with God, Will you ask him if there's baseball in Heaven." So the minister says, "Look, come back in a weeks time and I'll speak to God and ask Him." So the man goes back in a weeks time and says, "Have you got the answer for me?" So the minster says, "Yes, I've got the answer. They do have baseball in Heaven. But the second part is this, that you are booked in th e front row next week." [Laughter] [Laughter] Yes, yes, yes. That's about an hour. The... I might have mentioned this, that we operate under the umbrella title of the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment. And we are in most countries `ro und the world, and we normally add the countries name to it. Like in America we call it the American Meditation Society. In England we call it the British Meditation Society, in Spain we call i t the Spanish Meditation Society, in Denmark the Danish. Lik e that. German Meditation Society. Like that. Now, the principle... one of our slogans in the American Meditation Society is this, the 3 L's: life, love, and laughter. For everyth ing is a celebration. Everything is laughing all the time. Everything is you. How much of it do we perceive? Have we got the awareness to perceive that joy in totality? Look outside. Look at the grass swaying there in the breeze in an ecstatic dance. Listen to the wind in the trees. Can you find a better symphony? Liste n to the heart beat of your beloved, huh? Could there ever be a more rhythmic set of drums? Joy is in everything. And the message to the world is unfold the heart through spiritual practices and let it filter through your mind into action. The action of love. For love must not be just an idea. If it remains an idea it is i, the small little ego i. It must be in action. Every breath is a celebration. Every breath you take is a joy. And with a small i we say to ourselves, "I do this, and I do that, I do this." Nonsense. The most important things that's happening within your body you are not doing. Your heart beats regularly. Are you making your heart beat? You are breathing regularly. Are you making yourself breathe? Like that. In everything, in the most important things you say "I do" and "I this, and I that." No. The doer, the real doer is the higher self within yourself [VOLUME FADES] [????] lower levels of your mind. So through spiritual practices we take away [fades out]

9. U S 82 - 38 ****END****


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