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1. U S 82 - 39 FELTENSTEIN 1 [Tape begins with a news broadcast about impeaching Nixon. Probably the AMS tape was recorded over it.] GURURAJ: Are you asleep, and why do I say you are asleep? Have you awakened yourself to full consciousness? And if we talk about full consciousness , what is full consciousness? How much have you been aware in this very simple practice which is not meditation in this very simple practice of the awareness of this air conditioner? How much have you been aware of it? How much did you notice the rhy thm in it? How much did you notice the pulsation? How much did you notice the atomic structure of the air and molecular combination of the electricity that was flowing through it making it whir, for it was whirring. You heard the sound. But what more d id you hear? Did you hear that there was Divinity there? Did you hear that there was an essence there that you could not define. For can you define electricity? You can only see the light, but can you explain to me the electricity? So we are asleep. C oocoobums. We are asleep. We need awakening. How do we awaken ourselves? What is the process to awaken ourselves to the fullness of life? Not to the foolishness of life, but to the fullness of life? How can l ife be made full in the truest sense? And there is only one way. When the mind, the body and the Atman, the spirit that resides within, works in total combination, in total integration where there is no separation noticed, where the mind, the body, and the spirit functions in a totality. How ma ny of you felt during this little experiment that that vibration of the air conditioner was me? I am the vibration, and the vibration is me. We always separate ourselves from everything around us. This is June. This is Jean. This is Jane. That's Joh n. That's James. That's Jack. That's Amrit Ananda. Always separation, separation, separation, separation. And until man goes through all these separations, there will always be conflicts in our lives. Conflict is created when there is the two ness. But if there is just oneness, how can it be in conflict with itself? And the meaning of suffering is conflict. Conflict is the cause of suffering, and suffering means nothing else but conflict. How to rid the mind of these conflicts? And as I said a mo ment ago, the only way is to find the integration of mind, body, and spirit, and live in the totality of that integration where no separation exists. Thou art That. I am That. We are That. One entity existing only like one sun only shining but reflecti ng itself in different little bubbles in the pond. And yet those bubbles are not separated. Those bubbles are part and parcel of the pond. The same water exists, and nothing else can exist. So our conflicts in life arise from name and form. We put a nam e on certain things, and we put a form to certain things. And those forms and names are created by the very conflicts that I spoke about, the very conflicts in our minds which causes greater and greater separation. And then this vicious cycle starts wher e we, instead of trying to find that oneness

2. U S 82 - 39 I and my Father are one we separate ourselves and say, "You and me and you and me and me and mine." All the time. Do you see how foolish we are? You see how asleep we are? Now the awakening can only come wh en we live in that totality of life. And that totality can be produced only by one way. By spiritual practices that leads the conscious level of the mind through the folds of the various layers of the subconscious mind which is nothing else but a collect ion of thoughts and impressions of ages past, of this lifetime, and many ages perhaps. Depends what you want to believe. And through this collection, this maze, we travel on and cannot find the way out of our problems. Yet the way is so simple. The way is so simple that through your conscious mind, through developing a certain perspective, through developing a certain attitude towards life, we go through this maze without fumbling around and reach the area which I call the superconscious level of the min d. And there lies the stillness. There the Atman becomes the Brahman. We reach that area of the highest relative level of all existence where the motion is so subtle. Not the turbulence of the conscious mind but the motion of stillness like a top spinn ing at fast speed. It is spinning, spinning, spinning so fast and seems so still. And when that area is reached, we feel that stillness, that calmness, that joy, that happiness within ourselves. And is that not the aim of each and every one of us? To f ind that joy and happiness of life? Is that not the aim of each and every one? Consciously or unconsciously, each of us is seeking that stillness. "Be still, and know that I am God." That is the area spiritual practices and meditation takes you, through a very systematic, scientific process. It is so simple to do. Why has man lost the bloomin' art when this is your birthright? You are born with it. You are born with the stillness. You are born with eternal joy. You are born as immortal souls. You a re eternal. There is nothing beyond that. There is nothing greater than eternity and immortality, and you are that. For if you want to say God is omnipresent, then He must be present in every cell of your body. But as I was saying this afternoon in a T V interview, I said that we create these various patternings in our mind. These patternings created by thoughts, and one thought re patterns itself into another thought. The other thought into a third and the fourth and the fifth and the fifth and the fi fth and the sixth, seventh, eighth, tenth, twelfth, millionth. And then you are caught up in this morass. You are caught up in this whirlpool, and you struggle and you flutter your hands up and down trying to get out. And understanding this, the first r ealization is this, that I am caught up in this whirlpool. And the second yearning is this, "How do I get out?" And the simple method of getting out is to lead the mind from its gross conscious level through the various layers of the subconscious and to the level of the superconscious state where it is all existence, all bliss, all knowledge.

3. U S 82 - 39 And this is very easily achieved. Any sincere person can achieve this calm state in a matter of a few months. And every person being a unique person has to have hi s own personal practices to reach that. Everyone can't take the same kind of pill to cure any particular disease that anyone else has. So through this individualized practices of meditation which only means one thing: how to get in touch with your Self. That is the art and secret of life how to get in touch with your Self because you are not your Self. How can you be your Self if you are asleep? You can only have cognition of your Self if you become awake. But that wakefulness is not the wakefulnes s that we think of everyday: "Oh, I'm awake. I must brush my teeth now. And I must take my shave and do all the S's." No. That wakefulness is a constant awareness of that Divinity that is within us all the time. And it is an awareness which is not cul tivated. It is an awareness that comes spontaneously. An awareness that comes spontaneously and reflects, emanates out of us, in the form of love where you, being integrated now, can just love and love and love. You do not even try. I have said this man y times. I do not love. I never love. I do not love. I am love. Now this is what our society needs today to get away from all the calamities that they go through. And most of these calamities are imaginations. Most of these calamities are projections of our own minds. What we teach is to be here and now, to live in the present. You are not in the present. You're nothing but a bundle of memories. Your present is filled with the memories of the past, and you're thinking of what you're going to... wha t was, what happened last week and last month and last year and all those kinds of things. And when you get tired of those memories, you project them into the future and live in the future and entirely forgetting the present, this moment. So where are y ou? You must be asleep. If you can only live in the past and project it into the future and forget the present, then how can you be awake? Wakefulness is the quality of being totally at one ment with oneself. That oneness that recognizes no separation, that all is one. Divinity is one, and nothing else exists except Divinity. For each and every one of you are the incarnations of Divinity. Therefore, we do not need spiritual development. We are spiritually developed totally and fully. What we need is unfoldment to remove the veils of the patterns created in the whirlpool of your minds, for that is the obstacle to man's happiness. So the choice is yours. Do you want to be happy or unhappy? Do you want to be miserable or not miserable? The essence wit hin you is composed of nothing else but joy. So where does this misery come from? Is it not something superimposed upon the reality which is you? Is it not an illusion created by you which itself is an illusion in finding your self in separation between the Father and I? Do you see? Life is so simple. So simple. And yet we add so many complexities. And I have a favorite saying which many of you might have heard through hundreds and hundreds of tapes. That it is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple. Do you see?

4. U S 82 - 39 Now we are equipped with the tools. We have the mechanism within us to go beyond the suffering and the miseries. It is there within us. It is not something to be found outside. It is like this old favorite story of mine. A m an used to go to a cafe to have his Coca Cola. You get them in those cans. Everything comes in cans nowadays. It's a pity spirituality doesn't come in cans or else I'll dish them out free of charge t o everyone. So this man goes to the cafe and has his c an of Coca Cola. And he sits down at the table and takes out a can opener and opens the can to drink his Coca cola. So this went on for weeks, and the shopkeeper was becoming more curious because the can has this little thingama something that opens it up. You don't need a can opener. Opens it up. So the curiosity got a hold of this man, the shopkeeper. And he asked the customer, he said, "Sir, I'm so sorry, but may I please ask you a question? You know this can has this thing that opens itself. Wh y do you use a can opener?" And so the customer replies, "That little thing that opens itself is for people who haven't got can openers." Do you see? You've got the can opener built into yourself. You got the thingamajig there built into you, that thing amabob. What do you want a can opener for? But use it. Have the knowledge to use it. Open it, and enjoy your Coca Cola. I don't recommend it, but enjoy it. Do you see? Everything is within us. It is just because of our ignorance, it is just because of our nescience that we fail to recognize our own potential, for all the potentialities in you, you are the master of your destiny. And when I say you are the master of your destiny, I do not mean you as little individual beings, but I mean the real you that is residing within you. That is the master. And to know that master what do we do? We do our spiritual practices as prescribed by our guru whoever he is. If he is a true one. You get a lot of bogus ones running around. So do your spiritual prac tices. By that the integration will come. When integration will come, you will become more loving and out flowing. You will develop greater sympathy, greater empathy, greater tolerance, greater patience, greater compassion. And then I say don't believe in God. You don't need to. No. Belief is a mental concept. For every argument you can give me on the existence of God, I could give you a thousand more on the non existence of God. But there is that Divinity within us which has to be experienced not analyzed and thought about and believed in blind beliefs but to be experienced so you, each and every one of us, walk this earth as a living god. We want the living God, not the god of different kinds of conceptions that all different religions engende r. To be the living god by becoming one with that force, for the force is with you. Star Wars. Do you see? Good. Now I could go on the subject for hours, but I did promise Phyllis that, being a very informal gathering, let us have an exchange, a rapid f ire question answer session. Now you could ask me any question you like. How to bake bread or how to make chopatis. Perhaps she could tell us more. Ok. Or whatever you want to talk about. Ask the question, and we will talk about it. And why is my wat er not there?

5. U S 82 - 39 Don't be shy. Look, a guru is like a friend, a father, a lover, a... everything. He is at one with you. AUDIENCE MEMBER: I don't want to get off into too many tangents, but I studied like Transcendental Meditation. Now ... GURURAJ: You did? You studied it. Please tell me about it. AUDIENCE MEMBER: I just want to know what is the ... When you talk about like meditation, you know, I'm trying to think like as far as this, is it all meditation? I mean I really don't unders tand what makes not trying to say your meditation different. Like when you talk about your levels, like do you go on a level of like [unintelligible] excitation? Do you refer to like those type of levels? GURURAJ: What kind of excitation? Sexual? AU DIENCE MEMBER: Yes. GURURAJ: What? AUDIENCE MEMBER: I wish. [Laughter.] GURURAJ: Is that what Transcendental Meditation does to you? Sexual excitation? Do it. [Laughter.] AUDIENCE MEMBER: [Unintelligible.] I'm just wondering what not saying t he difference but if there is... You know, in other words, is meditation meditation? You know? GURURAJ: Meditation is not just meditation. Right. There are ... I do not condemn any system and neither would I condemn any system that you have studied . I do not condemn, and I do not condone. But there is one thing that I have noticed with all these big money making business meditational concerns is this: that they take millions and millions of dollars a year, and they pick out a mantra from a hat. Th ere are sixteen of them bija mantras they are called and give it to you on age basis. And with that you are supposed to transcend your mind. And I tell you

6. U S 82 - 39 one thing: that you can never transcend your mind. It is the greatest hoax. And I would challen ge Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who I know very well as a personal friend, I would challenge him on any public platform anywhere in the world. Now let me explain you how this works. Naturally you want to know. Good. Now you have sixteen bija mantras which is given out on age basis. Now everything in this universe is nothing but vibration. If you perceive this chair, remember this chair is vibration. You are vibration. I am vibration. The lights, these pictures on the wall, everything in this beautifu l roo m is all but vibration. And vibrations only become perceptible when they are congealed. And they become perceptible to the five senses, hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, blah, blah, blah. OK. Now if you introduce within your system and the repetitio n of a certain vibration which might not be in accordance with your unique self because there are no two people alike ... [END SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: ...and if it is not in accordance with the uniqueness of yourself as an individual being and introducing a vibration which is not compatible, then it could cause you a lot of harm. Therefore, you know, thousands of, hundreds of thousands throughout the world where we are, the teachers write to me, "Dear Gururaj, another casualty coming up." But if you have a person instead of taking one bottle of medicine for every cure, for every disease, but instead if you have a master physician that could evaluate you totally by going into deep meditation as our teachers could explain to you at any time where the spiritua l master goes into deep meditation on you using your picture as a focal point and touching the very core of your being, knowing the entire make up of your mental self, knowing and studying and seeing, perceiving ... Knowing, seeing, touching and perceivi ng your emotional make up, your mental make up, your, your evolutionary status. And after evaluating all that, giving you particular practices which are suitable for you, then won't the balance in you be more expedited? So when it comes to spiritual prac tices, it is a totally individual matter between guru and his student. Because the teacher knows in his class what child is capable of what. And he will not load on something onto a child to which the child is not capable or give the child lesser than tha t of which he is capable of so, so much more. So therefore all spiritual practices, as has been taught through thousands and thousands of years, are only to be given not by money makers that make a business by dishing out mantras, but by people that have realized God, by gurus that have known and have walked with God and have become so much at one with Him that through His grace he could penetrate the souls of all those around him and devise for them individual practices for their benefit. And all my teac hers throughout the world are taught how to teach, but the prescription is written by me through the grace of God. And they only ... I prescribe, and they dispense. They teach over what is told them and taught them how to teach.

7. U S 82 - 39 So the most important thing for yourself is not having a few million pounds, dollars in the bank or having a fifty room mansion or having whatever, half a dozen Rolls Royces and Mercedeses standing there. That is not going to bring you happiness. If you have half a dozen Merc edes, I say why not have a dozen. If you have a ten room mansion, why not have a twenty room mansion? Have it by all means. But you can only enjoy it if you are integrated, if you are together within yourself and not fragmented. And to bring that toget herness in yourself you require to be treated, as a doctor would, individually. So no two people being alike, everyone has his own particular method prescribed to him or her for their maximum benefit. And I always say this: the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Do you see? And that is how we, the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment, is different from all others. By giving you not only the theory, the explanation of what life is all about, but also personalized tools to understand the theory and experience the Divinity that is part and parcel of the theory. That is how we differ from others. So simple. So, so simple. Do you understand that well? AUDIENCE MEMBER: That well? I probably am a little skeptical just because that I know so much more about the other. GURURAJ: Umhmm. AUDIENCE MEMBER: So I think it would be very wrong to say, "Oh, okay, fine. I'll do this instead." Do you know what I mean? GURURAJ: That is very true. That is very true. You know so much than, about the other. For how many years are you practicing ... AUDIENCE MEMBER: Oh, well I ... GURURAJ: ... TM? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Several years ago. And I did it ... GURURAJ: But for how many years have you been involved in it?

8. U S 82 - 39 AUDIENCE MEMBER: Oh, now? That's why I don't do it any more. I don't ... GURURAJ: Yes, but I mean for how many years did you start this. AUDIENCE MEMBER: A couple years when I was ... GURURAJ: A couple years. You must be self realized by now. AUDIENCE MEMBER: No, no, I don't mean it like that. GURURAJ: Oh, I see. Then you've been wasting your time. AUDIENCE MEMBER: All I'm trying to say ... GURURAJ: You've been wasting your time. AUDIENCE MEMBER: I don't think it would be right for anybody after hearing someone talk for one hour to say, hey, that this is right; this is wrong. That type of thing. GURURAJ: True. The proof of the puddin g lies in the eating. AUDIENCE MEMBER: That's right. GURURAJ: You know you can be used to, say, Palmolive soap and use it for, you know, so many, many years. And you think, ahh, that's the greatest soap until you discover some... What? VIDYA: Ivory . GURURAJ: Huh?

9. U S 82 - 39 VIDYA: Ivory. GURURAJ: High grade? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Ivory. Ivory! GURURAJ: Ivory soap. And then you say, "Oh, you know, I thought, you know, Palmolive soap was the best, but now I, you know, I have found Ivory. Seems to be bett er." So, my child, always have an open mind. AUDIENCE MEMBER: That's why I'm here. GURURAJ: Have an open mind towards everything in life and do not believe any guru that tells you that I will show you God. Do not believe him. You run a mile away. H e can't. You've got to see it for yourself. And do not go near a guru that says, "Give me three hundred dollars, and I'll give you a mantra." Run five miles away. But go to the guru that could show you all the love and the sympathy and that will care fo r your well being. For you may be thousands of miles apart physically, but for the spiritual master, you are there with him all the time. See? Because when a mantra, for example, or another practice is imparted, it is not only the sound that is imparte d to you but his whole spiritual being goes, that force goes there to awaken you, to enlighten you, to create that spark where that great fire could burn and consume you into that joy of Divinity. Do you see, my beautiful? That's how it works. Next ques tion? AUDIENCE MEMBER: ...a few questions. GURURAJ: A few? Start with one first. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Do you give shakti, and what is shakti? Shaktipat? I've got my own [unintelligible.] GURURAJ: Another bloody fool which I smacked his backside two years ago. Muktananda. [Laughter.] So many beliefs have been perpetrated upon our people, and I'll tell you why. Because they are hungry. They are searching for truth. They have progressed so far technologically and in other means that they want to turn inward to find that peace inside.

10. U S 82 - 39 [Shaktipat?]? Come here. I'll show you now. Come here. Sit down facing that way. So simple and they charge you how many dollars for it? AUDIENCE MEMBER : [Unintelligible.] GURURAJ: I'll give it to you for nothing. [Silence for quite a while.] GURURAJ: Now it is the subtle body that's the important aspect of yourself. You will feel this calmness coming over you. As a matter of fact in a few weeks tim e I'm doing researches with a group of psychologists. Vidya knows the names of them. I can't remember these things. Do you feel a vibration going through you? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Umhmm. GURURAJ: Is the vibration pleasant? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Umhmm. GURU RAJ: Is it relaxing? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Umhmm. GURURAJ: Good. Just be aware of your breathing. Don't concentrate. Just be aware of your breathing. Do you see any colors? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Umhmm. GURURAJ: What color?

11. U S 82 - 39 AUDIENCE MEMBER: Blue. GURURAJ: Blue? Is it light or dark? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Light and now it's all light. All kinds... All kinds of colors. GURURAJ: All kinds of colors. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Umhmm. GURURAJ: Which is the most prominent color? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Lightness like... GURURAJ: You don't have to be accurate because I will understand. Like what? A white light? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Right. GURURAJ: Do you see any specks, golden specks, in that white light? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Yep. Umhmm. And little blue ones are floating around. GURURAJ: Blue ones. Good. Fine. [Silence.] GURURAJ: Do you still perceive any colors there now? No? AUDIENCE MEMBER: I can... slightly.

12. U S 82 - 39 GURURAJ: Slight. AUDIENCE MEMBER: It's almost gone. GURURAJ: Right. Good. [Prayer in Sanskrit.] GURURAJ: God bless you, my child. Feel calm? Relaxed? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Very much. GURURAJ: Do you? [Shaktipat?]? Huh? Huh? Shaktipat? Shaktipat. These flash experiences are n ot of paramount importance. Through touch I made you see subtler levels of existence, subtler levels of your mind which your mind can only now translate through color, but we have taken you to deeper levels of the mind where you perceive them as colors whi ch are not colors as you would see around here. Right. Shakti is something different. Shakti means grace. And a true guru who is nothing else but a channel of Divinity ... I always call myself a hollow flute, hollow piece of wood. He blows through it. I'm only the piece of wood. He blows through it so that the world could enjoy the music. Do you see? So the true guru, because of his total oneness with that grace, imparts that grace to the student. That is shakti. That is the power that transforms the lives of people. That is the power not this piece of flesh and blood. It's worth nothing. And I always say that you put it through chemical analysis, what is it made of? Flesh, bones, blood, shit. Huh? What else is it? It's not worth a dollar o r two. AUDIENCE MEMBER: How come [Unintelligible.] GURURAJ: The? Sorry. AUDIENCE MEMBER: How come all the people start acting so strange [Unintelligible.]

13. U S 82 - 39 GURURAJ: Yes. Now is that not an imbalance? I asked you just now that when I touched you don't you feel calm. That is grace. Grace must not bring up in you disturbance. Or what they call in your people's thing, "unstressing." Grace must bring to you calm and joy. That's the difference. Where you are put in touch. The hotline to Divinity. And the guru is only the wire, the electricity, the electric wire. That's all. Nothing else. Which is not worth anything in its own. That's wh at you have to e xperience. Peace. Calm. Joy. Tonight you will sleep as you have never slept before. You can phone Phyllis. AUDIENCE MEMBER: [Unintelligible.] GURURAJ: And you will find the peace and joy. You see, that is what we want. We want truth. We want the real manifestation of Divinity in our lives. We want to experience it and not go into this hocus pocus rubbish. No. I said this afternoon in this interview, I think, that if you are a Christian, I want you to become a better Christian. If you're a Buddhist, a better Buddhist. If you're a Hindu, a better Hindu. Become a better human being. And by becoming that, you become closer to God, for becoming better you would know the value of yourself as the manifestation merging back into the Manifestor. You reach back home. That is the purpose. You see? All so simple. But they add so many complexities to make it difficult. Otherwise how are they going to charge you three hundred and five hundred dollar fees? When the message of love, peace, the free dom within yourself to get away from the bondage of your own thoughts, your own patternings, your own creations. The message is so simple, the message of love and truth. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." "Do unto others as you expect to be done unto you." The message is so simple. But in order to do that you've got to have that integration. And all these spiritual practices are nothing else but preparation. I always tell my meditators that it takes time to prepare the candle and to prepare the matches. But to light it instantly. Quick. So you are paying all these monies for preparations. I was having an interview this morning on NBC. What's that program called? VIDYA: Today in Chicago. GURURAJ: Today in Chicago. Yes. This woman was interviewi ng me, and one question she asked me was this. She says, "There was a time when everybody flocked to this meditation thing, and today it has sort of died down. And could you give me the reason why?" I said, "Yes, the reason is very simple. Because the truth was not taught, and people are not fools. I don't expect them to be. And when real truth was not taught and people never got the experience which they expected to get, then naturally it must die down." So let us revive now the truth. It costs you nothing! Damn it! Ask for it,

14. U S 82 - 39 and you will get it. Seek and thou shallt find. Knock and the door shall be opened. It is just simple like that. See? Simplicity. Humility. Love. Charity. Compassion. All these are blood brothers. They all go toge ther. So beautiful. Right, Phyllis? PRASEELA: Right. GURURAJ: Thank you. [Laughter.] Yes. Yes, please. DANUSHA: Were you just upset just a moment ago? Is to be at peace never to be upset, or if you do get upset, how do you handle it? GURURAJ: Uhhuh. If you do get upset, how do you handle it? Now in the first place, why are you upset instead of "down set"? What is the difference between upset and down set? If you said I'm down set, I can understand it. But if you say I'm upset, it's an el evation. Huh? You should feel better. Like someone talked to me of love, says to me, "I've fallen in love." I said, "You're talking rubbish. You can't fall in love. You get elevated in love, uplifted in love!" So now if you get upset, how do you hand le it? Alright, let's use your terminology. My English is different. OK. I love words. If you get upset, how do you handle it? Now meditators are taught how to do it. I said on a public platform in the presence of many hundreds of people that I woul d challenge the American, your American doctor, Norman Vincent Peale, anywhere at any time. He says that if you have a negative thought, replace it with a positive thought. Now you just can't do it. It's impossible. Right. What has to be done is that negative thought has to be neutralized, and then there's a method of gradually introducing the positive thought. Do you see? And our meditators are given the practices. They know what to do when their minds become upset. Hmm? Upset. How to neutralize it and then introduce the positivity that will remove the upsetness. Now when I say remove the upsetness does not mean you can annihilate the upsetness. No, no, you cannot. What you do is this, you infuse that upsetness within yourself with the deeper s trength inside when you learn how to tap it. And when you infuse that in that upset business, then the upset does not remain. I was saying the other day if your tea is bitter, you cannot take the bitterness out of the tea. What you do is you add sugar. Huh? Do you see? So in our system of meditation ... That word has been so misinterpreted because it has been so misused and has become big money business and all that; so, I don't even like to use the word meditation anymore.

15. U S 82 - 39 ***END***


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