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1. U S 82 - 58 SOUTHEASTERN MASSACHUSETTS UNIVERSITY INTRO TALK [Poor volume. Loud background music. Transcript is not accurate] VOICE: .... What are the characteristic or the qualities that you need to design a meditation? GURURAJ: That I need or the meditator needs. VOICE: I was told that you would take an individual's needs into account as you design the meditation. And I was wondering what particular observations you make when you do this. GURURAJ: Yes. What happen s is this... let us have some more questioning I can handle a dozen at a time. You know, while you're thinking, I believe last year they turned out 30,000 Ph.D's. I wonder where they're going to find all the cabs for them to drive. VOICE: Guruji, [???] how meditation will help them. GURURAJ: Anyone else? Because I do not speak on meditation alone but also deep metaphysical, spiritual, and philosophical topics. These three questions are totally interrelated. VOICE: What is the spiritual benefit that I could derive by meditating? Fasting, actually, I was thinking of. GURURAJ: Good. Beautiful. VOICE: I understand that meditating will help you feel better within yourself. But... GURURAJ: What are the mechanics thereof?

2. U S 82 - 58 SAME VOICE: Yea, and do es this help you on a physical level? Say you're the type of person that gets all nervous and your stomach gets all upset [GR says something inaudible]. You don't have the time, you don't have the time to sit and meditate. How can you tap into that? GURURAJ: Well, I personally have the time to go to the toilet, and I could meditate there as well. SAME VOICE: Ok. And how will this help in your relationships with other people. Does it seem to help? [????] GURURAJ: Fine. Now, the nature of medit ation and why should a person meditate. Good. Now, there are three aspects to every human being. He has the physical body, the mental body, and the spiritual body. The purpose of meditation is to find integration between these three aspects. Ninety ni ne point nine percent of human beings live fragmentedly. And by living fragmentedly they suffer all these miseries and sufferings of life. So if a person can live integretedly that mean s if they live in totality with mind, body, and spirit functioning in a wholeness the quality of life is enhanced. Now when it comes to relationships with other people, meditation helps in one way. I have a very favorite analogy that the nature of the flower is to be beautiful, but that's not the only thing it does. It also enhances the beauty of the garden. So when a person starts meditating and functioning in totality, when a person is integrated within himself, he feels more calmer, more peaceful with himself. And the laws of nature have shown that everything ema nates a certain energy. There's a certain magnetic filed which the occultists might call an aura. Of course we are not occultists, and neither are we cultists. Good. So these emanations that a calm person, a person at peace within himself, those emanat ions which radiate around his surrounding will bring about a better relationship. You might have had the experience of going into a home, a happy home, and you feel like staying there for a long time. Then you might have had the experience of going into an unhappy home and the atmosphere is such that, that if the hostess offers a cup of tea you say, "Oh, I just had a cup of tea." You want to leave. So everything in this universe is composed of vibrations. First was the word and the word was with God an d the word is God. Now what do we mean by "word?" "Word" means sound, and sound is vibration. Now, this table, this chair, you, I, all of us, are nothing else but congealed vibrations. It's like water vapor, and water vapor if it's condensed would becom e water, and the very same water if frozen would become ice. But still it contains the same principle, H2O. So that H2O is the real essence I mean taking it from this analogy. The real essence of man is Divine, and through meditation we systematicall y, in a scientific manner, go through the layers of the conscious, thinking mind, through the various layers of

3. U S 82 - 58 the subconscious mind, and reach that pure power that resides within us. Theology, has said, "Reach ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within and a ll else shall be added unto thee. But what is happening with people is that their search has always remained outward. Always remained outward, and they have forgotten to dive deep within themselves. So meditation shows you in a very systematically manner , to repeat again, how to take your attention deeper and deeper within yourself until you reach that state which is totally changeless. Everything outside ourself, including the conscious mind and subconscious mind, is forever changing. It is like an oce an where the waves are turbulent on the surface, and yet diving deep down within you'd find that utter calmness. So what we do is dive deep within ourselves and draw from there that infinite energy from that vast reservoir of energy and this is not only f or yogis or gurus. By the way, guru means: "gu" means darkness and "ru" means light. He that leads one from darkness to light. So the purpose of my mission around the world is to lead people from the darkness which is the misery people suffer to the ligh t which is joy. So through a very scientific method, which has nothing to do with religion.... If you are a Christian I would say become a better Christian; if you are a Hindu, I would say become a better Hindu; if you're a Moslem I would say become a be tter Moslem. In short, become a better human being. Through meditation, after realizing and experiencing deep calm and peace within ourselves, it must reflect on the outer physical body. For doctors has proven today that all illnesses of the physical bod y is but an extension of the imbalance that is within the mind; the imbalance that is within ourselves, and that expresses itself organically. That expresses itsel f in all the various ailments the body suffers. So it helps you in the physical body as wel l. It takes away the strains and the tensions of daily living. It makes you more lovable because you have become loving. Man's mind today is so outward going, as I said before, and he has forgotten that inner peace that is within him. So where does that inner peace reside? It resides in the core of his personality. Now the core of his personality we could call the heart. So when the person becomes more heart oriented, he becomes a more loving person. So that does not deny the intellectual qualities o r the rational qualities of the mind. We accept what the mind does. But the mind is infused with the qualities of the heart. So what we need today to prevent all these calamities that are happening around us, all this violence, the world's nuclear threa t and what have you, what we need today is an expansion of the heart. Expansion of the heart means love: love thy neighbor as thyself. Now how can you love your neighbor as yourself when you do not even know yourself, when you do not even love yoursel f. Do you know it has been proven that most people hate themselves. And because they hate themselves they are not really themselves. They walk around with masks; they carry a mask over their face to show the outer world. In other words, life becomes a falsity and not a reality. Now, the integrated person behaves and acts as he is. And his action as an integrated person will always be right action because

4. U S 82 - 58 he's inspired by the deep quality that resides within him. Now we say "do unto others that you wish to be done unto you." So, these simple injunctions have such deep meanings. You'd wish people to love you, you'd wish people to be good to you; but how much do you love people, [loud cheering and clapping in background] how good are you to people. And i f you live fragmentedly, how can you really do good to others that you would wishfully think people must do to you. We think that we are the center of the world and the world owes us all the love and kindnesses, but forgetting ourselves. So when the mind functions in this haphazard, fragmented way, these injunctions cannot become practical. And by reaching through our system of meditation you automatically, finding the deep calm and peace within, you will know the power of Divinity. Everyone has that Di vinity within him. It is only to be unfolded. Therefore our cover name of our organization is the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment. Remember the word "unfoldment," not development. Because the spirit within is forever fully developed. But it depends upon us having a free will to tap the source form which we are created. In other words, we have to reach back home, and not lose our way in this jungle of what we call life. So meditation shows you how to tap the inner resources. How can y ou go through, take the conscious mind, lead it through all the various layers of the subconscious mind where all the trouble resides, which is expressed through the conscious, and reach what I call the superconscious mind. And the superconscious mind, wh ich is the finest form of relativity, is calm, unblemished. So when we draw from there, when we go into meditation deep down to the superconscious layer of the mind, we do not come back empty handed. We bring that power and force through the same way aga in, cleansing the subconscious, bringing it to the conscious level, and that includes the quality of life that will enable us very spontaneously to do right thinking and right acting. Something that we don't force upon ourselves. You don't say, "Oh, this is my duty and I must do this." You just automatically do it. So it brings about a great spontaneity in life. And that's what we need. People tell you to become like Buddha or become like Christ or become like Krishna. I say become yourself. For is the injunction not true when it says, "man, know thyself." How are you going to know yourself if you don't integrate yourself. How many people today know the real spiritual quality that is within themselves? Yes. People have a concept that there is so mething within. But that remains on the mind level. It is a thinking process, a rational process that there is something. That's a concept. But what I teach is to experience it, and how to experience it. Because all concepts are of very limited use. All concepts are of very limited use. Experience, that is the thing. I always give the analogy of sugar. You can send sugar to the laboratory and have it analyzed. They will give you the chemical components of it and all the scientific data on sugar. B ut how do you know the sweetness if you have not tasted it? You've got to experience the sugar to know the sweetness. Any amount of explanation will never make you experience sweetness until you taste it.

5. U S 82 - 58 So our system of meditation is very practical. O h yes. As we go on further you would be taught the deeper and deeper philosophies of life, a deep understanding is given. But the understanding would be brought down; deep philosophy, profoundest wisdom would be brought down to its very practical level. And when we believe, I say good, believe. Nothing wrong with belief. But we must not get stagnated in the belief of God. We must act in life in such a manner that we become living gods on earth. That's what we need. That will bring peace, not only to o urselves but to our entire environment. The integrated person's family life becomes happier. And I've got thousands of letters to show that. The integrated person's mental attitude becomes different. His perspectives change in life. All the things that 's happening down there you could look at it from a totally different viewpoint. I've a very favorite saying which I've said a million ti mes over and it is this: "two men behind person bars, one saw mud the other saw stars." One saw gloom and the other s aw glory. You see. Both men are in the same circumstances, in the same prison cell, behind the same prison bars. And yet one could only see gloom and the other glory. Why? Because the one is a more integrated person and he sees the glory of that which is Divine. So through meditations and other spiritual practices which are individually designed I will explain this to you in a while which are individually designed they change your entire mental outlook in life. You can't change the world. Many r eformers have come and gone. Great men like Krishna, Buddha, Christ, they could not reform this world. This world remains the same as it was 2000, 5000 years ago. But a person can improve himself. For it is the unit that makes up the whole. So we in o ur organization start with the unit. So when man becomes integrated he becomes more happier. He becomes more harmonious within himself. As I said before, you're in the company of happy people there is this emanation from him that makes you happy, takes your depression away. If you're in the company of sad, miserable people it also reflects upon you. So we would not only be doing a good service to ourselves but also to our environment, our immediate family. You become gentle, kind, compassionate. All these are things we want. Do we not want to be led away from lust and enter the realms of love? Do we not all want not just to take but to give? And the giver is the greater receiver. It is when you lose this life that you gain real life. That's what one of our prayers said. Something like that. So meditation is very important. Now you have so many societies that teach meditation. And I do criticize no one and neither will I mention anyone's name. But they teach a generalized form of meditation, o ne bottle of medicine for all kinds of diseases. [???] Meditation should be something very individualized, for there are no two people alike in this world. Even identical twins have their differences. Like there are no two people's fingerprints alike. S o if no two people are alike, how can there be only one form of meditation for all. So in our system we have individualized [????]. What happens is

6. U S 82 - 58 this that our teachers her locally Vinny Scully and his good wife sitting over there they would firs t teach you the preparatory technique which prepares you for the full techniques. Then a form is filled in small details like name and addresses, and other minor details and any problems you might personally have. And with that a photograph is sent. Then I go into meditation on the photograph. And going into meditation on the photograph I reach the superconscious level of the mind which is the universal mind. And being the universal mind, I make contact with you and evaluate your emotional state, phy sical state, state of evolution, the state of spiritual unfoldment. And taking all these things into account, practices are worked out. For example, if you are given the practice where you have to use sound, that sound would be picked up at the supercons cious level the sound is called a mantra. So the mantra is picked up with contact because the superconscious mind is a universal mind. There is no separation whatsoever. And picking up that sound at its subtle level it is brought to the grosser level where it becomes audible and speakable. And then that very form is sent back to the teacher concerned and the teacher is taught how to teach over to the prospective meditator. He is shown how to do the practices. And there are thousands of people all a round the world who have found such great benefits. For it is our duty, and especially my duty as a spiritual teacher, to try and bring joy into the lives of others. Joy, love, compassio n, kindness. In other words, to elevate them. Now if the mantra is given or a spiritual practice is given, it comes with a great spiritual force because it is conceived at the superconscious level of the mind. And this helps, this sparks off in you the readiness, and then it's up to you to do th e practices. In other wor ds, to fan the fire. I've said this over and over again, that the external guru is there for one purpose: to awaken the internal guru within you. And once the internal guru is awakened within you, then you can discard the external guru. You don't need m e anymore. So man is not born to suffer. That's a fallacy. Man is born to enjoy the joy which is inherent within him. But because of not understanding how to dive deep within himself, he brings himself into misery and suffering. And it is in his own ha nds to get rid of these miseries. By these very simple techniques that would uplift him, elevate him, give him a different perspective. Now to have the different perspective you need greater awareness. So through meditation you have greater awareness. I f you're standing down in the street here it'll just be the little street. But if you can elevate yourself or climb up a hil l, you'll see a panoramic view of the city. Now, when you see a panoramic view, when your perspectives have widened, or your aware ness has become far greater, then you would have an entirely different view. Like this the street might be dirty and standing down here you just see the dirt in the street. But if you're standing up there on the top of the hill, the city and its lights w ill look very beautiful. A meditator wrote to me of a dream she had. She said, "Guruji, you and I were traveling in the Alps and we saw these huge ice mountains and I was wondering how we were going to go across these in a little mini car. And then sudde nly the

7. U S 82 - 58 scene changed and we were in an airplane. And then, Guruji, you asked me, 'Where are the high mountains? Don't they look like little specks down there from the airplane.'" So that means a greater awareness. Then we make molehills into mountains, but by reaching a greater awareness, mountains become mole hills. We can't change the world, but we can change ourselves. When we can function in totality, with mind, body, and spirit as one entity, a total being. And that is how you could become enlig htened. You become an enlightened person, an integrated person. Now, if we examine further the mechanics... it's a pity this is just an introductory talk, a preliminary talk. Normally as y ou progress further you go much deeper and deeper into the subject. So the question we have to ask ourselves is this, that can we r id ourselves of our problems? Yes. Can we rid ourselves of the miseries we go through? Yes. [tape fades] A few weeks of meditation and you'll feel a different person. [Inaudible] Why swim against the current of nature? Why not rather flow [???]. Th is mother and daughter had different religions views. So a mosquito I believe there are quite a lot of them in this area since I see mosquito nets here so the mother says, "Thou shall not kill." The daughter replies, "Let us spray." [Laughing] The modern methods are all mind oriented. And they think they are so so progressive. Modern education. But those very people that go in for this modern education, the only thing they can do is this, that when they apply for welfare, they make their applica tion in Latin. So these are the methods we employ in going deep within. And [tape fades] [???]. Everyone can spare that time for their own welfare, for their own happiness. We spend so much time in going through unhappiness, why not 20 minutes a day mo rning and night to alleviate the unhappiness. So it is not a question of time at all. Once you start meditation, enjoying the bliss and the ecstasy and the joy, you can't stop meditation. You look forward to coming home from the office or the shop or whe rever to do [????]. It's an enjoyable experience. Good. I won't talk too long. What we can do seeing it's such a small group.... I've given a very simple talk tonight. Because new people want to know about it, I've given you a brief outline. [????] [Ina udible] [They go into rapid fire] VOICE: [Inaudible]

8. U S 82 - 58 GURURAJ: What do I think of rebirthing? If it is not properly supervised.... It is based on certain ancient Sanskrit principles or pranayama. It has to do with breath. Where with a certain kind of breathing [????] you go through certain experiences. [Tape goes on, but volume is so low only occasional words can be heard] [END SIDE ONE] If you can remember all the happenings of your past lives, if you had to carry that load in your mind and fo rever the memories are recurring, churning, churning, churning, what will happen? Life will become unbearable. That is why God's greatest gift to us is to forget. What people does they live in the past. All the thoughts going around in the mind are of t he past. Auntie Mary said this to me two weeks ago and I'm still turning this in my mind and being miserable about it. Or else if they don't live in the past they use the past and project themselves into the future. What's going to happen in the future, that, that, that, that. But no one wants to live in the present. For what is important? The present. The past is gone. The future might never be. The present is. So meditation makes you realize the value of the present. Because you are forever in t he presence of Divinity. [Inaudible, but something about the background music] You know, this fellow had an argument with someone and he assaulted this man. So he was hauled upon court. So the judge asked him, "Did you assault this man?" He says, "Yes, your Honor, I did." "Why did you do it?" "Because he's an idiot." So the judge says, "Fine $200. Try to remember in the future that he's a human being, although he's an idiot. He's a human being like you and me." VOICE: [????] preliminary meditation and you got away from it. When you go back to it do you have to go back to all the preliminary stuff? GURURAJ: The preliminary is only for about three or four weeks. It's very relaxing. It opens you up to the cosmic forces. VOICE: I've heard that ce rtain sounds that are chanted can open the heart and balance the mind. [????] GURURAJ: Chanting by itself could just be [????]. You could chant "rose, rose, rose," "capitals, capitals, capitals," it's not going to benefit. Certain kinds of chanting whi ch will not fix up your spine, that is for sure. But certain kinds of chanting can clarify the atmosphere, uplift the atmosphere, take you to higher relative form. Chanting can do that. But

9. U S 82 - 58 that is not the sum total. It's a very small part in the path of spiritual progress. It's importance is little compared to specialized methods that would be given to you. VOICE: [Inaudible] Where do they come from, a particular language, or just a sound? GURURAJ: Just a sound. A sound which is based entirely upon your vibrations. And what could be more harmonious to you than your own vibration? It's not something picked up in a book. SAME VOICE: And it doesn't become distractable? Distracting GUR URAJ: Therefore I said it's based on your vibrations, and how could it be disharmonious to you. Because it's only disharmony that's distracting. While your own vibration is most harmonious. VOICE: [???] GURURAJ: Oh, in England I think I made two or three hours on the kundalini. But briefly, they talk to you about the kundalini, they show you a system about the various chakras, what they're called. That goes according to the theory of the Hindus. I don't teach Hinduism, by the way. My teachings are universal. And they say these chakras are like lotuses and you have to draw certain energies through those chakras which goes down two passages, down one passage. They call it the ida and the pingala. Now drawing it down through those passages you got to pull it up and through the central passage which is called the sushumna until that serpent which is coiled three and a half times round the bottom muladhara chakra climbs up to the sushumna and reaches there. Good. It will send you to the lunatic asylum . That snake is dangerous. There are a lot of Eastern teachings which have been perpetuated upon us, misinterpreted. If they tell you that these things are symbolic the lotuses and the serpents and all that I would say fine, good. What is actuall y meant there that the brain now remember the brain is not only in the head, but extends right down to the bottom of the spine. The spinal cord is also part of the medulla and the brain as a whole. So the brain extends down right to the muladhara chakr a, which is at the base of the spine. From there nerve fibers are sent to various parts of the body. Now, the brain contains various vortexes of energy. And by certain various vortexes of energy. And by certain practices those vortexes of energy could b e made to function in harmony and at its proper rate of vibrations. And when it functions at its proper rate of vibrations there is harmony and it brings peace to yourself. That is a system, and for some it is required,

10. U S 82 - 58 but the explanations given to us a re false. Where these lotus and serpent... symbolically, ok. But the real story behind it, the real thing is the vortexes of energy that has to be [purified?] Now this brain that we have contains 12 billion cells, and we are only using one millionth part of 12 billion cells. So with personal practices we awaken the other cells of the brain so that the universal mind which is apart from the brain the brain is only a physical organ so the universal mind could flow more through the more and more awake ned cells. Even Einstein they say only used about 8 10 percent of his brain. But man has the capacity to use his fullest brain by during meditation and spiritual practices. So this is basically what kundalini is in a nutshell. This man, a lawyer, jus t like Mr. Balraj Aycock sitting there, this lawyer won a case in court. And when he asked his client for fees he didn't receive it. So he went to the judge and he told the judge, he complained, "He doesn't want to pay my fee." So the judge asked him, "W hat did you do?" So he says, "I sent him a letter from my account, my bill, and he replied back, "Go to the devil." "So then what did you do?" "I came straight to you." [Laughter] Do you have such experiences, Balraj? BALDEV: Oh, I don't know. [Differen t judge?] GURURAJ: You know, I see this carpet here. Now [people forget their priorities?] They make carpets in such a way that you don't see the dirt, you've got to go to the movies to see it [Ohhh's from audience] What's happening to the world. They make carpets in such a way you can't see the dirt, but the movies show the dirt. That is a reflection of the world's mentality today. Look at all the crime and all the violence and all the disharmony and a ll that which is happening. Every American child is subjected to 13,000 murders per year on the television screen. I've just attended I was invited to attend the World Peace Conference for international business leaders. These are the things we discussed. What can we do to stop this? To reduce the crime rate, to reduce violence, to try and bypass the nuclear threat. Meditation is the answer. Spiritual practices is the answer. You have people in this country who call themselves gurus, swamis, all that. And they have really spoiled the name of meditation. I don't like to mention names, but we all know, we read the local papers. Meditation is such a wonderful gift. And our organization is not a money making organization [tape starts to fade]. So with all these nuclear threats people are living in fear. And by self integration most of those fears will be allayed. That's for sure. It reminds me, the President by mistake tripped a switch in his office and 500 nuclear missiles went off to

11. U S 82 - 58 Russia. So the President got worried and he phoned the Kre mlin and when someone answered the phone he said, "Who can I speak to say I'm sorry." [He laughs] Questions? You know the government is spending so much money. Recently they allocated $175,000 for a study to know why people without any children have head aches [He laughs] [tape fades more] VOICE: [Inaudible]... solution to clean environment, better emission controls on automobiles [???]. [Only periodic words are audible then none]. ****END****


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