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1. U S 83 - 14 WHEN SUBJECT AND OBJECT MEET GURURAJ: ...backed into the bacon slicing machine while it was in action. So now all his customers get a little behind with their orders. [LAUGHTER] Goo d. You know, French is a lovely language. You know, when you talk of the rear, you know, they say derriere. [LAUGHTER] Anyone know French? Hey, then I could have a satsang in French and nobody will understand me. [LAUGHTER] Good. What... VOICE: [IN AUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Good. What shall we speak about tonight? ROOPA: Of what is consciousness constituted? What is it? When subject and object meet and become one in love, what then is left to experience the oneness? GURURAJ: Um hm. Beautiful. Beautiful. I think all the people that come to regular courses are getting more and more clearer, aren't they? Yeah. I must hear it again. Give it to me. It's beautiful. I could write a whole book on this. Co uld I keep this? Mm. When subject and object meet and become one in love, what then is left to experience the oneness? When two people get together and experience love, what is the meaning of experiencing love? For as soon as you start experiencing love, you are l imiting love. For all experiences are necessarily limiting. All experiences are limited. So when you experience love, then only a fraction of your consciousness is put into action. And because only a fraction is put into action, it is n ot the totality of love. So the senses would appreciate the beauty of the person, or whatever: hearing, tasting, smelling, touching. The mind would appreciate the qualities of the other. And the qualities then gets qualified to say, oh she has these beautiful qualities : she'll make a good wife; she is a good cook; she's pretty; she's kind; she's sympathetic; she has compassion. So here you are dividing the love into qualities, where love itself has no qualities. Can we call it love? Yes , but to a limited degree. But when the oneness is achieved between the subject and the object, the man and the woman, then it goes beyond consciousness. It transcends all consciousness, for what is consciousness? Hm? And what part of your mental anatomy is conscious, or could experien ce consciousness?

2. U S 83 - 14 You could never live in the superconscious state of life for more than twenty one days at a time. Your whole body will disintegrate. If you lived in the subconscious you'd be the most troubled person in the world, because the subconsc ious is only a storehouse of past experiences. It is a filing cabinet, a reference point to which that which happens with the little conscious mind gets corroborated. So the experiences of the little conscious mind has to refer itself, refer the experien ce of so called love, to that which is hidden deep inside in the subconscious, and then only cognition of the experience occurs. So here, when it comes to love, does love need a reference point? No. In past lives you might have yearned for someone or tho ught that you loved someone. And you are placed in a similar circumstance in this life, and then in your mind you pull out that file of those pleasurable experiences and you say, "Ah, this is the same. Therefore, I love this woman." That is not love. Ni nety nine point nine percent of the world's population that say they love they are telling lies. It is not the total truth, but partial truth. And partial truth is a lie, hm? It's not complete. Ninety nine cents will ne ver make a dollar. Hm? Why are you laughing? I'll give you a cent. So that's why you've come to this course, to get that extra cent, hm, to make the dollar the one dollar oneness amongst all that bag of ninety nine cents which comprises your subconscious mind. And therefore carryi ng around the ninety nine cents is so heavy, while the dollar bill is so light. You can put a few thousand of them in your back pocket. The guru supplies that extra cent, he's the banker. Good. Now, we have come to the point where we can appreciate th e factor that the love we feel, or think we feel, is conditional and limited. For in the love for the man or the woman, there's so many conditions attached, perhaps consciously or subconsciously. If there were no conditions attached, then there won't be a ny squabbles or any fights in any home at all. Now, what we are doing when we say that I love you, what does that mean? Do I really love you if a man says that to a woman? No. What he is actually saying that I love the ideal I have in my mind of you. So he's not loving you, but he's loving the ideal that is in his mind. And all ideals are limited and conditioned and patterned because of past experiences. Now, when people have not experienced the superconscious level of themselves, then they can only function within the limitations of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Now, the two put together, the subconscious and the conscious mind put together, create in you feelings and emotions. You feel your love. You get emotionally excited within yourself. As soon as you see her your heart bursts. You get emotionally excited, while love is calm, cool, without excitement. So you can never be conscious of love, for the very fact or of being conscious of love implies the non totality of love. But that is a starting point and we need that. We need that or else the world would not be able to function. But there is something in us, the superconscious level which can be [COUGHS] (pardon) which can be activated. And every man has the capacity to live simultaneously in two dimensions. You can love the woman with the conscious and subconscious mind, and at the same time he can be at one with her in the superconscious level of the mind. And it is only there where oneness is found, and not in the lower sections of the mind.

4. U S 83 - 14 don't. But the goal is there. The goal of me and my beloved. Having merged in the superconscious, now wants to find mergence in the absolute. For in the superconscious level, although you have the cognition of the entirety of th e universe, yet your beloved still remains the pinpoint to which all your energies are directed. So when you direct your energies to that pinpoint, it would still mean some slight separation, because you have made her the pinpoint of your entirety. And t hrough that pinpoint you see the whole universe. If there is a screen here in front of me, and just a tiny hole, and if I should peep through that tiny hole I would see the whole crowd sitting here. My vision would not just be limited to the size of the hole. And that is how when I find that pinpoint, which is my beloved, at the superconscious level, I automatically see the entire universe. But as one progresses and evolves, the pinpoint or the object also sees in you the pinpoint as her object. So he re we come to the point where there is no subject nor object. For when the two becomes one, the subject and the object, who knows what has happened once the colors have merged? You take blue and yellow, for example, and mix them, it is green. You do not see the blue, you do not see the yellow, you do not see the subject and you do not see the object. You become totally different, you are transformed in that level. But anything that comes together also has the tendency of separation. It still, because b eing in the relative field, even of the highest superconscious level, that tendency would still be there. For the law of opposites also functions there, although in a much, much more subtler way. So here the real journey begins. First, the mergence of th e two different colors to create a third color, and then the color separates itself again. Like white light shown through a prism creates so many different colors, the entire spectrum. So there at that level they because they have merged by the force of the law of attraction there has to be separation. Because the law of attraction can never exist on its own, it must have its opposite. And when at that level the separation occurs, they head to the peak because that is the attraction then. Hm? Are yo u with me? For the absolute becomes the attraction then, and these that have first experienced that oneness, subject and object, they separate but to meet again in a third factor which is the absolute. And then where is cognition? Where is consciousness? For if God, or Divinity, had consciousness it would be limited, because consciousness has attributes. It could be defined, and it could be experienced if definition does not reach the point it can be experienced. But when the two separate entities hav e merged into the absolute no definition remains for nothing is conscious. Consciousness becomes a different quality, while here we are speaking of mergence, and oneness is not the totality of mergence. So when two people merge into the factor which we cal l the absolute, they become the absolute. There is no experience, for experience requires someone else to experience it. You put salt in water, the salt dissolves. So the father asks the son, "I told you to put the salt in the water yesterday. Bring me the basin." So the son brings the basin and the

5. U S 83 - 14 father, the guru, asks, "Now, show me the salt." It is dissolved in the water. The salt is not seen. So the guru says, "Taste it." Ah, yes, the water is salty now. But there had to be a taster to know that the water is salty. And that brings in a different factor altogether, which brings you back into duality. Do you see. So in the realm of the absolute that mergence takes place, then you do not know who you are. Then you will answer the question th at you have been asking all the time, "Who am I?" And you will say, "I am no one, no one, but everyone." Huh? I am no one but everyone, for everyone is in me and I in everyone. So here individuality ceases and loses it power in that totality. There's no Jean and John. It is JeJohn, hm, in the absolute. She does not experience him anymore, and he does not experience her anymore. But they have become the experience that knows not of itself, for it can never know of itself ever. I've put some revoluti onary ideas again tonight to you. I think we've been doing it the whole week through. Get these talks transcribed. Huh? It can never know itself, for to know itself it has to have a reference point. And Divinity, or the absolute, has no reference poin t whatsoever. It is just is. And in that isness there is no Jean or John or Jane or Jack. But this Jean and Jack that is now merged into God permeates everything that's existent, from the subtlest to the grossest. So when I tell you that I am in you, you might not understand at first. But when you start experiencing it, then you will understand a little of it, because experience necessarily must be limited. The tools are limited, but that's enough. Enough, enough to carry you on, carry you further. Bu t when you really know me without feeling, without emotion, without experience, then you have really known me. It is like food. The food is put on the table and you know this is vegetable, boiled vegetable, some vegetable curry and chapatis and bread and you know it. When you eat it, you taste it, hm? All the senses are being used you see it. A recognition occurs, a cognition, that, ah, this is rice. You taste it. So the othe r sense is activated. And then you start digesting it, so the other part o f yourself, the agni, Lord Agni takes over and burns the food, which is digestion. And after it is digested and assimilated in your system, where is the experience of that food then? There is no experience. So through experiences, from a grosser level w e proceed to greater and higher experiences, more and more refined experiences, still subject to definition until we reach the area from experience to non experience. And non experience is the greatest experience. It exists by itself. It is not like a lamp that needs oil to make it burn. It is self luminous. And all that is self luminous, existing by itself, needs no aid. So when avataras come to this world, those that have merged into that Godhead or the absolute, and they take bodily form, they li mit themselves. Having a bodily form, having a mind, they reach the personal god. They are the personal gods, but not the absolute, because of taking birth. And they take birth for a purpose: to help, to give understanding, to make people think and look at things from a different perspectives, for people's minds are very grooved and they keep on and on in the same old groove, like a gramophone record that has a scratch in it. So the real, true spiritual masters come to give knowledge of the capacity you have. And not only the capacity you have, but how to use yourself to your fullest

7. U S 83 - 14 meditation and spiritual practices, where you could experience that deep love, not only for your beloved, but for the entire world in a limited way, yes. And as it grows you start experiencing it in a more and more refined way, to the extent, and this is my personal experience, that I could go to my beloved even if she were thousands of miles away from me, many times, and I would be with her. Not in thought, in reality. At what you're working at what you're doing, whatever she's doing. It's easy. Because once you operate from the superconscious level of the mind, you can be at any given point in space and time instantly. And that is how I do initiations, for example. Where I go into that deep meditation you are totally in touch with that pe rson, more closer to the person than the person knows it themselves. And you start looking around. You use your spiritual stethoscope and you examine, you evaluate the evolutionary status, the emotional status, the everything, the entirety of that particu lar being the entirety of that entity. And that is how spiritual practices are given. And if faithfully practiced they produce the results. For whatever I can experience in this bodily form you too can experience. No one has the exclusive rights to al l the powers that are on this earth and beyond. Everyone has it inherent within themselves. So all these things can be experienced. You see. Now, I've put a totally different angle of love to you tonight, and yet not denying the conceptions that have al ready been formed about love; but extending it to its highest point. [That's pointless?] So enjoy life. Love. Love. If you can since rely love one person, even in that limited form of the superconscious level, then you can love everything, everyone. Bec ause that's the area of the oneness. You can love everyone. And then only the truth of the Biblical injunction, Love thy neighbor as thyself. It really becomes a truth which you would experience here. Hm? If I can find another one here. Oh, yes. Thi s chap went to buy a new hat, and every time he put on the hat he used to hear a tune. Music every time he put on this new hat. So it was so funny he went to the doctor. So the doctor couldn't understand it either. So the doctor referred him to a psych ologist. So the psychologist listened to the story of the hat. He said, "Every time I put on this hat I hear music. Am I going nuts, or what?" So the psychologist listened a bit, and then he says, "Well, just give me your hat here for a moment," and he went into the next room and came back after a few minutes. And he says, "Well, put on the hat now." There was no music. It was gone. So this man asked, "What did you do?" So he says, "Well, something very simple. I just removed the hat band." [LAUGH TER] You know, this judge, this judge, and we was quite a naughty boy at school, and nevertheless he became a judge. So one day a lady was pulled up in court, she was in the dock. So she asked the judge, "Would you please finish my case?" She was caught for a traffic offence, "would you please finish my case as soon as possible, because I've got to go back to my class at school?" So he says, "Ah, so you're a school teacher, uh. I've been waiting for a school teacher to be in my

8. U S 83 - 14 court for a long time." H m. So he says, "Now, you sit down at that table and write five hundred lines that I shall not jump a red light ever again." [LAUGHTER] Now, here's a case of simple subtracting. This chap was asking this boy, he says, "Look, if your father earned a hundre d and fifty dollars a month, good, and if he had to pay out of that six dollars for insurance, and then out of that he had to p ay twenty dollars for social security," these are things I believe you have in your country here, "and out of that twenty five do llars for taxes. And then from what was left over he gave half to your mother, then what would she have?" The boy replied, "If that happened I know what my mother would have. She'd have a heart attack." [LAUGHTER] You know, a young child comes home and the mother asks, "How was school today and," (Where is it. Oh, there it is. Oh...) "School was fine." [LAUGHTER] "School was fine." "Was the teacher nice to you?" So he says, "Yes." She says, "Yah." "But the teacher asked me, have you got any brot hers and sisters that will be coming to this school?" "So what did you say?" "So I told the teacher that I'm the only child." "So then what did the teacher say?" "Oh, the teacher said, Thank goodness." [LAUGHTER] Hm. One more. Right. Conscience. Con science. Conscience is something, according to this little boy, that when he breaks something in the kitchen he tells his mother before his sister gets a chance to tell her. Now here, another school joke. This child was asked to go to the... (Pardon?) This child was asked to go to the blackboard to do a sum. So the child says, "I ain't got no chalk." Chalk. VOICE: You said jock. GURURAJ: C,h. Did I say jock? VOICE: I don't... No. GURURAJ: Oh, what does it mean then? I don't know. I've he ard of a jock strap. [LAUGHTER] "I ain't got no chalk." [LAUGHTER] VOICES: [INAUDIBLE]

3. U S 83 - 14 And yet, reaching that superconscious level is still not the totality of love, it is still not total. Oneness can be found, yes. But is oneness totality? Sixty four thousand dollar question. (This is clean, isn't it. Thank you, v ery much.) Is oneness totality when the man swims in the level of the superconscious, because in there is no divisions in the superconscious level of the mind. It is only one. So when two people reach that level of the superconscious, then they find tha t oneness. But yet, the superconscious level is at the finest relative. So being at the finest relative, it too necessarily must have limitations. It too must give from itself. It is forced to express itself through the various layers of the subconscio us and the conscious mind. So the purity, or the oneness, from the superconscious level gets filtered. And what do you find when it is filtered through the sewage system of the subconscious mind? You will find division again. Hm? And as I said a momen t ago, that you cannot exist in the superconscious level for more than twenty one days. Hm. So if there is a mental and physical attraction, which people normally call compatibility, hm, then at times moments arise, like in meditation, where you just merg e away to the superconscious level and find that oneness. And yet, you got to come back and find duality. And when you find that duality you say, I love you, because the I and the you means duality, it does not mean oneness. So to experience the oneness would remain for most people just a glimpse, just a glimpse. Yet that glimpse could be so overpowering that it would make the lives of the two people more and more compatible. Greater and greater understanding dawns where faultfinding ceases, faultfindin g ceases. And when that ceases, friction is gone. And when friction is gone there are no problems between the two lovers. Do you see. But that is still not the total. That is still not the totality, there is still far to go. Hm? Can man ever be con scious of the totality of love? The answer is no. You are conscious of it to a certain degree, but not the totality. Because when the totality is reached it would mean that you have even now transcended the superconscious level of the mind. You have tr anscended relativity in all its forms, from the gross physical senses, to the less gross conscious mind, to the still less gross sub, and the finest level the superconscious. And yet, you go beyond that into the absolute. And when you are in the absolute, what reference point is there? There is only one absolute. At that level when man and woman merges, or the merging starts at the superconscious level already, where they find the oneness, because there is only one level of superconscious mind traversing and encompassing the entire universe. And yet, in the entire universe you find that one pinpoint in your beloved, and all your energies are concentrated in that one pinpoint. And in that pinpoint you discover the entirety of the universe, yes. But the u niverse is not everything. As I said in one of these talks, I don't know when, that the sum total is far greater than its parts. And that sum total is the absolute. So in love when one reaches the absolute level, where two people reach the absolute level , which means that the two people do not merge into each other, they merge into God, or the absolute. That is the totality of love. But the way is fun . Enjoy it from all the levels, from the sensual level, to the mental level, to the superconscious level . The devil may care, I

6. U S 83 - 14 ability, and know the meaning of your capacity until even the knowingness is gone and only the capacity remains. And the same applies [?????]. Hm. Making you think too ha rd. Let's see what we've got here. Now... [END SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: So this intending groom went to his friend. He says, "Look, I'm getting married very soon, but now there's one problem that I have." So the friend asks, "What is the problem?" He says, "Look, my mother in law, I don't like to call her mother, because it will remind me so much of my mother. And I wouldn't like to call her Mrs. Wilson, because that would sound too formal. Tell me, what did you do when you got married?" So he said, "Oh, t hat's very easy. I just said, "Hey." Huh? I just said, "Hey. But after nine months I called her grandma." [LAUGHTER] The easy way out for him. Want another one? This little girl went out collecting. This little, what do you call it, a Brownie? Hm? Brownie? Brownie? You have Brownies here, hm? I thought we only had brownies in Africa like me. [LAUGHTER] No, I'm not brown, really. I'm gold. Right. Good. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Ah, Goldilocks, huh? So this little girl went out collecting and she knocked on a door, so this gentleman, a venerable old man, asked her in. So he put down a dollar on one side, and a nickel, five cents, nickel, on the other side. So he says, "Well, take your pick. Which would you like?" So the girl picked the nickel, took the nickel. And while she was taking the nickel she said that, "My mother's always taught me to take the smallest. But I might lose it, so I'll take t his paper to wrap i t in. [LAUGHTER] Ah, yes. There we these two sisters, they were old maids. Spinsters, they never got married, you know, two sisters. And normally what they did is sit around the fire at night and read the paper and talk to each other, and things like th at. So here the one sister was reading the paper she said, "Now, look at this. This woman got married four times, and she cremated all her husbands." Yah, she cremated all her husbands. So the other sister says, "Oh, look at this. Here we are old maids , while other women have husbands to burn." [LAUGHTER] You took up algebra. This little girl was asking a friend, "Have you been reading any mysteries lately?" So she says, "Yes, I'm busy with one now." So she asks, "What's the title?" "Advanced algebr a." [LAUGHTER] Ah, yes. It's mysterious, isn't it? Everything in life seems to be so filled with mystery, yet there is no mystery at all. The entire existence contains no mystery, hm, nothing at all. It just has to be known to be recognized, and you can through

9. U S 83 - 14 GURURAJ: So the teacher corrected him. And the teacher said, "No, that is wrong. You must say, I don't have any chalk. You don't have any chalk. They don't ha ve any chalk. We don't have any chalk. Now, do you understand?" So the boy replies, "No, Miss. What happened to all the chalk?" [LAUGHTER] Oh, yes, well. No more. No more. Well, I'm getting hungry tonight. Lovely. I enjoyed... **** END ****


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