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1. U S 83 - 145 WORKSHOP ST. LOUIS GURURAJ: But while you're driving you don't have [MUMBLING SOUNDS] juggling in your mind all the time. You've taken the right road and you know you're going to reach there. Like that. JEFF: People who do terrible things, like commit mass murders or so mething like that, is there some particular psychic hell realm, something they're trapped in, or how does that happen to an individual that they do those kinds of things? GURURAJ: It's people's mental problems actually. It's a madness. Do you know there are two types of people that don't take birth very quickly, rebirth very quickly. It's the very good, and the very evil. Because the very good, the very good will find...will have to wait a long time to find suitable parents to be born through. And the very evil will also have to wait a long time to find very evil parents to be born through. JEFF: There's a book called, what's it, Life After Life. Is that a kind of book about that process? GURURAJ: Yes. I read that and I read another one, Life Aft er Death, but it is totally incomplete, those books. Those doctors have made researches...it's actually just reporting. And the researches are these, that they questioned many people that were near death, or have returned from death, and everyone said.. .. As a matter of fact, I am busy writing a book on the same subject, What Really Happens After Death, because I have died a thousand times, if not more. I could die at will, and come to life at will. Right. So I know what really happens. Right. Now, in this book the experiences given is this, that you go through a dark tunnel and then a light comes to meet you. That is what the person thinks he experiences, because he is doing this in retrospection. But what actually happens is that he does not go through any dark tunnel at all. His conscious mind is receding back into the subconscious, and that subconscious is receding back into the superconscious level. Right. And the light that is observed coming to you is not really coming to you. It's the m irror effect the reverse effect. It is your own light that is within you that you are seeing. So I'm busy on a book on that, and I hope to finish it. This year when I reach home I would have been nine months on the road. Not nine months in one stretc h of course, you know, away for two months, and then home for two or three weeks, and away for two and a half months, home for two or three weeks, away for three months, like that. Like this trip, this present trip, would be nearly two months seven and a half weeks. It's so difficult to get down to finishing what you have on hand.

2. U S 83 - 145 JEANNETTE: Gururaji... GURURAJ: Gururaji, no. Gururaj ji, if you wish. Or Guruji, Guruji. It's more closer and more affectionate. VOICE: Guruji. GURURAJ: Like for ex ample...but there's one thing Baldev, I'd never call him Baldy. [LAUGHTER] Guruji. Guruji, to everyone. Yes. Sorry I interrupted you, but I have to get in a joke, you know. VOICE: I'm concerned about my parents. Do you choose your parents because y ou want to learn similar lessons [???????]? And is it alright to leave them and go your own way? GURURAJ: Yes, it is alright. I tell you, what happens is this, that your parents don't choose you, you choose your parents. While you are in the subtle bod y in another dimension, you wait, you evaluate your own evolutionary growth. And after evaluation you try to choose the proper genetic Jeannette, huh? Yah. proper genetic, [LAUGHTER] the proper genetic combination for you to be born through. So that d oes not mean with all the sets of chromosomes and...how many sets of genes are there? Forty...? VOICES: [SUGGESTING DIFFERENT AMOUNTS] Forty eight. Forty three. Forty two? I thought it was forty eight. GURURAJ: Forty three? Forty eight. Forty eight, yah. That doesn't mean that you are going to inherit all those genes, or genetic qualities of the parents. Just a pair is needed from which you develop your own genetic structure according to your past s amskaras and past impressions. And so you don't need to worry about it. Hm? LAURA: I'm hard of hearing and I'd like to know how I should change [INAUDIBLE]. [?????????????]interesting with what you just said. I must have created [???????????????]. I was born with....

3. U S 83 - 145 GURURAJ: You were born with hard of hearing? Next time I come here I'll give you a cure, hm? I'll give you a healing next time. You'll be alright. As a matter of fact, your hearing will start improving right from now on. You'll s till find some improvement. God bless you. Yes? VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] As I understand now good and evil are, as you said, [all the same thing?]. [???????????????????????] I would like you to talk more about that side of [??????????????].[I didn't really u nderstand?]. GURURAJ: Everything is good. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Everything is good. But because we have certain evil tendencies in our own minds do we perceive evil in other things. Because of murderous tendencies you see the murder ousness in others. Because of the thieving tendencies you see the thievingness in others. So, in other words, what are you doing? You are superimposing your own mental being upon someone else, which is wrong. So therefore, the Bible too says, "Judge ye not that ye be judged." We have no right to judge. I can tell you of a person who, through some circumstance, which I believe is beyond...was beyond his control, went to jail for five years. And he came to my office and he says, "Guruji, I've been everyw here to find a job. And I can't get a job because they ask you, and I couldn't hide these things that he was a convict." He says, "I couldn't hide it, because sooner or later they will find out and they'll kick me out. So I had to tell them of my past re cord, and nobody would give me a job." And yet he was such...although some mistake had been done, or some frame up or whatever you call it. But he was a highly I could see it on his face a highly spiritual person. And the time he was in jail he used i t wisely in meditation and deep study to try and answer the question, "Who am I?" And that question you can only answer for yourself. No one can answer it for you, because to answer the question who am I is not a question for the intellect. It's a quest ion to experience. The answer is experienceable. We can talk about it, but never really know it. So this man, I saw him to be a very highly developed spiritual man, but he couldn't get a job. He'd a wife and a few kids. So those years I was in business and a lot of connections I had. I think it was after I got out of business, but I still had connections. And I made a few phone calls to top businessmen, and I said, "Look, I've got this man here, he's very, very capable, he has all these various qualif ications and he would be suitable, you know, in your firm, in your company, and he has had a mishap of being incarcerated. But in spite of that, you take him on. I vouch for him. You take him on." So Morris, Morris Miller, that was the name of the m an I phoned, I remember still. So Morris says, "Alright, if you say so. I do need a man." So he employed him. And he has risen now to a very high

4. U S 83 - 145 position in the company. You see. So how can we judge. The man was in jail for five years. He was in ja il for five years so he is bad. How can we judge? You know, there was a guru. Now this guru used to do little things when policemen were around. You know, like take a stone and throw it in someone's little window, or pinch a sweet off a sweet shop count er, and this like... you know, these little petty, petty things. And he used to get caught and jailed. So he went to jail about twenty times. You know, petty little things. So he goes and spends a few weeks in jail and out he comes. And then after a l ittle while he'll start doing something like that again and back he goes in. So one day a few of his chelas were sitting around with him just chatting. Like we are doing now. Chatting away with him and they say, "Guruji, you should not do these things. Look how bad it would seem to the world, you in and out of jail." So what the guru replied was this, he says, "You that are outside can always find another teacher. But what about those people that are inside jail? So if I go there, inside, I can teach them and make them better people." How wonderful. How can you judge such a man that is doing...giving his life for the benefit of the world and goes and stays in jail? I've never been in one, but I believe it's a very, very hard life. Goes and does th at to benefit those that are there make their lives better, happier. Do you see. VOICE: There's these couple of books out now on what she terms "walk ins." GURURAJ: Peter...? Walk ins? VOICE: Walk ins. VOICES: Oh, it's a... Elizabeth Montgomery. Strangers Among Us. GURURAJ: Oh, that Montgomery woman, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Ah, yes. VOICE: But she says that the soul gets to the point where they can't handle their life anymore. They vacate their body so that a higher soul can come into it. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: That is good. Who said that? VOICE: Must be Jamie.

5. U S 83 - 145 GURURAJ: Jamie. Say it again. You're right. VOICE: [??????????] for Jamieji. GURURAJ: Some more. [LAUGHS] Yeah, that's what it is. Exactly what it is. Yeah. Yeah. You see many of these authors, like the Seth books and things like that, you know, they say some guide, you know, in a different sphere, you know, dictates to them. And that is not true. What happens is this that they go into the deeper recesses of the subconscious mind, whereby they contact themselves when they lived in another lifetime, and they might have been wise in another lifetime. And those are the thoughts they capture, with a lot of embellishments, of course. And write it down and say, "Oh, this came from guide Big Chief Red Toes," or something like that. [LAUGHTER] That's what happens . Now, quarter to five. Let's have...let's sing. Yes. Now, I'll sing the first line and you, you know, sing it also. It's v ery, very simple. And, of course, it means this, Jai Ram, which means hail, you know, to Divinity. Ram is God. You know, hail to God. Ishwara, Allah, Christos, [????????], which means, some call you by the name Ishwara, which is the Hindu people. Some call you by Allah. Some call you by Christos, Christ. But in spite of the different names you are still the same consciousness , the same God. Okay. Shall we start now? You know, it's very, very simple. It's one of the things.... You know, I compose, as well. [ALL SING JAYRAM] GURURAJ: Namaste to you all. It's been beautiful being with you these past few days. It's a p ity it was not longer. Perhaps in the future we could organize a longer course four, five, six days, or whatever. Well, it depends upon you. And I must really thank all of you for your love and kindness. It has been so, so beautiful and lovely. And o f course, a special thanks to Tamaji and Merrillji. [LAUGHTER] Merrillji, yes. For being, you know, the helmsmen, you know, in organizing. And also all the helpers that have helped so much in so many different things. And I'm afraid to mention all the names. I might just forget someone's name, and the person would perhaps not feel too nice about it. So I'll avoid all names, but please believe you me, I'd like to thank all of you that helped make this weekend so beautiful and so lovely. So loving and so joyous. Thank you. Namaste. Namaste.

6. U S 83 - 145 **** END ****


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