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1. U S 83 - 18 COMMUNION [Tape is completely blank except for the following description of n irvikalpa samadhi given by Gururaj Ananda Yogi after communion practice.] GURURAJ: This was the most incredible journey anyone can take. To go beyond the various levels of your mind, the conscious, subconscious and the superconscious levels and beyond, b eyond, beyond that. As you go through these various levels of the mind, you experience the entirety of the universe. You see millions of stars and planets exploding and recreating themselves. Everything is so precise, so luminous. And you are filled wi th awe of what we regard to be manifestation. And journeying still further on, you become one after going through the entirety of the universe at the superconscious level of mind. You merge away in that. That indescribable, ineffable "that". Ahh. That which permeates every level of existence, that which is omnipresent even in the biggest stars, the greatest galaxies, and in the meanest worm that crawls on the floor. And you find yourself totally one with that in utter joy and bliss. They call it the absolute, but it is still beyond the absolute, for the absolute too has to have a point of reference. But in this area where there is no point of reference, what could you describe it as? There is no description. Who can experience the absolute? No one can. The highest point in relativity which is the superconscious level of the mind can only reflect as a mirror the absolute. It, being a clear mirror, could reflect the light of the absolute but can never experience the absolute. For the absolute can only experience itself in its own effulgence. Nameless. Formless. Attributeless. Qualityless. That is the area that in this travel where you go through all the lifetimes you have lived and reach the source. And you merge away in the source. And then y ou come back the same way. You come back to the superconscious level. Then only realization dawns. And you ask where was I. Where was I? Some glimmer of remembrance begins that I was somewhere, somewhere in timelessness and spacelessness. Somewhere be yond measure. Somewhere in the immeasurable. Then you experience that somewhere as nowhere or rather "now here." That is the ultimate goal of life: to merge into that which we call divinity. Then you come further back and back through the various layer s of the subconscious to the conscious and then to the five senses and the various other counterparts. Jnanendriyas they are called in sanskrit. You come back. You hear. You see. You smell. You taste. You look at people's faces and see the deep sadn ess in the faces. After experiencing the extreme joy, the extreme bliss, you see the sadness in people's faces, the conflicts in people's minds.

2. U S 83 - 18 And then you think why should I want to come back. There is so much work to do. We all would like to allevia te human suffering, hm? And it can be done. Not of the entire world but on an individual basis. The suffering of humanity when you see it around you with deep insight in their minds it is just because of fragmentation. Fragmentation. So what is needed is integration and not fragmentation. And that is what we do through our meditations and spiritual practices where the body, mind and the spirit functions in totality. And once you reach that totality within yourself, the kingdom of heaven within yourse lf, there is just a step further to go on this journey of nirvikalpa samadhi which means that state of meditation that is without form and you merge into the formlessness of divine ecstasy and bliss. And everyone has the ability to do that, for you are ch ildren of bliss. Nay, not only children, but you are bliss. You are divine. Just to be unfolded. Just to get rid of the fragmentation. Hmm? Just to get rid of the nescience, ignorance. For , you are truly ignoring your real self and putting emphasis on your small, little, worthless ego self. I wish I could take you with on this journey. You will. You will. Good. Would anybody like to... [TAPE ENDS]


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