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1. US 83-2 PURIFICATION / RAPID FIRE GURURAJ: AUM BAHUBYA YASHOBALAM AUM KARATALKAR PRUSTHE Now, you will find in the next column what these sounds mean. You might want to know why Sanskrit is used instead of something else. And the reason is simple, because Sanskrit was the original language in the world, the first language. And it was not just words made up. The sages used to go into deep meditation, say on a chair, and they would distinctly hear the vibrations of the chair that sounds chair, chair, chair, and so they called the chair a chair and not a table. Do you see. So these Sanskrit sounds are the original sounds of the vibrations of the various sections of yourself. Now when you do that the mind must be filled with the thought, for example, vaak vaak which means speech. Let the thought be very sincere about it. Let the thought flow in your mind that may I speak no evil, let my speech be pure; and then let my breath be pure; let my eyes only see good things; let my ears only hear good things. The navel, of course, that's the center of the solar plexus as we would call it. It's a big bundle of nerves there, which is a part of the manipura chakra, as many of you know. So let that be purified so that my nervous system becomes purified. Then, of course, the heart; let my heart feel good things, let it be open to love. The throat; let me taste good things, and may sweet sounds come from there, and like that, of course. The knees stands for strength. Your legs, you walk, you need strength for that. The top of the head; let my mind always be filled with good thoughts. And then aum karatalkar prusthe means, let this be for all. So you don't only prey for yourself, but you always prey for others as well: let their minds also to be pure, and let all these various sections of themselves become purified, so that...and there's a great reason for that. You try and purify yourself a t the same time you offer that to the world and it rebounds back on you. Do you see. So there's a double benefit to it. Now, the hand is the extension of the mind. In other words, the mind can think a thought, but if you use your hand with the mind the thought becomes more powerful and more centered. For example if you want to read faster use your finger instead of just reading that way, use any book use your finger across the lines and you will find your reading speed will increase by fifty percent immediately. You see. Right. Water. Why do we use water? We all know water is a cleanser. Water is a purifier. There are five elements that composes the entire universe: fire, water, air, earth and ether. Hm? So we can't use fire, so water. And it always has a cooling effect. For example, if you are tired and you go and lay in a bath or have a nice cold shower you'd feel refreshed. You see. That's the idea. And it's all very scientific and very precisely worked out. Good. Now, would you like to repeat with me?

2. US 83-2 AUM VAAK VAAK AUM PRANA PRANA AUM CHAKSHU CHAKSHU AUM SHOTRAM SHOTRAM AU M NABHI AUM REEDHAYAM AUM KUNTHAHA AUM SHIRAHA AUM BAHUBYA YASHOBALAM AUM KARATALKAR PRUSTHE Fine. Now, these two middle fingers it has been proven by science and also by Kirlean photography that these two middle fingers emit the greatest amount of energy. You can actually see it flowing. For example, when I do healing, and all my healers that are here they are strictly advised to use these two fingers, because that emits out the greatest amount of energy. Fine. So AUM VAAK VAAK Dip your fingers in the water. Just like this, hm. [???????] [REPEATS PURIFICATION WITH AUDIENCE] GURURAJ: [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] Now, I don't know if you've seen those little statues which Gandhi, by the way, was very fond of and you've seen his films, I'm mentioning him, the statue of the three monkeys with one monkey closing the eyes, let me see no evil, and the other monkey the ears closed, let me hear no evil, and the third monkey with his hands here, let me speak no evil. So when this exercise, call it whatever you want to, this practice, when it is done, feel that you shall see no evil, you shall hear no evil, you shall speak no evil. And let this descend upon me, and may it be for all. Like that. Now we go to the second section, which is practically.... Punatu, the word punatu means again. In Sanskrit punatu means again. So it's the same. You touch with the two fingers. Dip your... hm? Right.

3. US 83-2 [AUM BUHA PUNATU SHIRASHI, ETC.] Good. Now, to get into the right frame of mind you should do this at least three times, six times. Depends how you feel. I was just doing... I'm just giving you a demonstration of it, how it is to be done and the explanation for it. Right. Now, part three is for pranayama, the regulation of your breathing. Now, in pranayama what happens if your breath is regulated and flowing rhythmically, automatically your mind will also function rhythmically. Because of the rhythm created by the breath, the mind is affected by also becoming rhythmic. And when the mind becomes rhythmic is becomes more calmer. Now, number three, the pranayama. It has to be done in one breath. In other words, you exhale with the seven. Oh, before I go on to that, part two you will find that it is not only the head you are touching or the eyes you are touching, but all these centers are connected to your subtle body at its chakric level. Those vortexes of energy which I've spoken of before. So it is not only the physical body that is affected if you are sincere within. You know, just an idle repetition should not be so, then you also align your subtle body, as well as your physical body, and that is how the calmness comes about. Because any form of distress or agitation originates in the subtle body and expresses itself in the physical body. So it has varied affects. I could go on talking about this for hours really. But I want you to experience it first by practice. Now, the next section is pranayama, which is regulation, putting your breathing in a rhythmic pattern, so that the mind also goes into a rhythmic pattern and thereby becoming calmer. So you breathe out first. You don't do this: AUM BUHA [INHALES] AUM BUVAHA [EXHALES]. No. Out breath, and then you repeat it with the in breath. Hm? At first you might find it difficult how to breath out while repeating it, or breathing in while repeating it. You could do it in the mind. You don't nee d to repeat it aloud. But with practice, if you can, repeat it aloud. It is good. Good. AUM BUHA Watch me. You see the breath is going out at the seven syllables. And repeating again, the breath is forever going in in and out and in and out and in and out. That's the idea. Okay. And these two, as I explained before, these two have connections with the various chakras of the body. Aum buha, Lord you are the vital energy. Feel that, that He is the vital energy. Lord you are the taker of my burden. Feel it. Because who else takes your burden away from you? Hm? Right. Lord you are the giver of my happiness. Doesn't He? Lord you are that which we all worship. Lord you are the creator and preserver. Lord you are the destroyer of all my negativities. Lord you are the eternal truth. Now, those thoughts go through the mind. Even during the day if you feel a bit of agitation do this. It's nice. You'll see how you'll calm down so quickly and beautifully. Hm. Right. Breathe out.

4. US 83-2 [ALL WHILE EXHALING] AUM BUHA AUM BUVAHA AUM SVAHA AUM MAHA AUM JANAHA AUM TAPAHA AUM SATYAM [REPEATS WHILE INHALING] In the beginning it might be a bit difficult, but a little practice is required, right? Out! [REPEATS PRANAYAMA] Good. That you do about half a dozen times, in and out and you find a great affect. After that you go into your meditation. And you end your meditation with our four, sixteen, eight practice. Hm? Because in meditation the metabolic rate drops and you step up the metabolic rate again by doing the four, sixteen, eight pranayama. Hm. Okay. Fine. Any questions on this? I'll be glad to answer. VOICE: Excuse me, Guruji. Do you do these... you said do them about six times for parts one and two. Do them in sequence, or part one six times, part two six times? GURURAJ: Yeah. Six, six, six. VOICE: Okay. GURURAJ: If you have to get your patients, for example, in a quiet state of mind, give them that. VOICE: My patients are [INAUDIBLE].

5. US 83-2 GURURAJ: At the... Oh, sorry. You finish first. I'll tell you something [later on?]. VOICES: [INAUDIBLE DISCUSSION ABOUT PURIFICATION PRACTICE] GURURAJ: We have a very world famous hospital in Cape Town called the Groote Schuur Hospital where the first heart transplant was done. And of course I know the neurologists there and the cardiologists and surgeons and that there, and when they have difficult patients who are very afraid of undergoing surgery, and as you could bear me out, if a person is in an agitated state before going into surgery they have a lesser chance of survival or taking it in a good mood. So I go to the hospital there three mornings a week to be with those people. I talk to them. I put them through simple meditational practices, and they become so calm and cheerful. And they gladly accept being operated upon. And the doctors report back to me that it helps them very, very much. Fine. Any questions on this? Yes, please. VOICE: Since what you've been explaining will be on this tape, could you go through this so we could hear the pronunciation. You know, do it yourself? Thank you. GURURAJ: Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah. It is being recorded, isn't it? Good. [ONCE COMPLETELY THROUGH PURIFICATION PRACTICE] Good. By the way, this last section, three, that is one of the things used by Maharishi in teaching people levitation, but it's not meant for levitation. And they charge you four thousand dollars for it. Okay. [LAUGHS] VOICE: How many times did you say to do this third section? GURURAJ: Six, six, six. VOICE: Six, six, six. Oh, alright. GURURAJ: Um hm. It's not much. It takes five minutes [???????]. VOICE: On the last section is it six in breaths and six out breaths?

6. US 83-2 GURURAJ: Out, yeah. That's it. Yes, six in, six out. I'm feeling calm already. I don't feel like talking. [LAUGHS] Good. You know we had a late start this morning. You only sent for me at eleven, really, and it's half past eleven and they want to go on lunch at twelve. So why don't we have this morning a rapid fire instead of me doing an hour and a quarter talk? So any question you want to ask about anything, please do. NIRMALA: Guruji, before we go on, how often do you dip? Just dip your fingers once for all, or do you dip in each... GURURAJ: No. Every time. NIRMALA: Every time. GURURAJ: To make you more conscious of what you are doing. BALOO: Guruji, how many rounds of pranayama should we do at the end? GURURAJ: At the end, the four, sixteen, eight, about six times, too. Or more times, as long as you don't over strain yourself. Good. VOICE: When you're meditating when you do your prayers during your meditations, is it better to do it before the [??????] or after? GURURAJ: No. After you finish this, then you do your meditation. And you end off your meditation with the inhaling on the count of four and retaining until the count of sixteen and exhaling to the count of eight. That, as I said just now, is to bring up the metabolic rate again. VOICE: Yeah, but what is the best time in this process to do your prayers? GURURAJ: Oh, any time. Any time you like. Any time. There's no such thing as set time. After all, you want to go into timelessness, so we don't think of time [LAUGHS]. Oh, yes. Good. Any question?

7. US 83-2 You know, this Lord Bacon, oh, sorry. Come on. VOICE: Maybe you won't want to answer this, but I am curious. In the mandala technique when you decide on the chakra, is that a chakra that we need to work with right then? Does that ever change? Because my experience of it is different at different times. And even though I'm working on the chakra you... I feel movement in other chakras sometimes. And like I want to switch. GURURAJ: Uh huh. That's right. Well, every chakra is connected to every other one. Why you're given a certain one is because that's the area that's needed most and it radiates. It radiates to all the others. So carry on with the one, and you'll find the radiation going right through. As a matter of fact the mandala techniques that we're giving... VIDYA: Two o'clock today. GURURAJ: Two o'clock today. Roopa's going to do the teaching, right? And then when we have the checking meeting.... We normally do a check after the mandala practice is taught, and whoever wants to be present they are welcome to ask their questions. We'll just be too glad to... See we don't do things that we don't understand. And this has always been my habit that anything that is prescribed for anyone a proper explanation is given for it: why you do this and what the results could be, and how you could experience, whatever you could experience and things like that. So most probably tonight we'll have a checking session. Or I don't know what you've got lined up there. VIDYA: I think we'll have it in the afternoon on Monday. But I'll announce the [INAUDIBLE]. GURURAJ: Oh, okay. Fine. Fine. VOICE: Is there a way to send energy that, like after doing your meditation, to someone. Like, for example, my mother is very ill and I'd like to try... GURURAJ: Oh, yes, right. Good. Beautiful. Yes. What you do after meditation your mind becomes more quieter. And when the mind is quiet the thought becomes more powerful. The thought of an agitated mind is never powerful, it's

8. US 83-2 scattered. Because of the agitation the energies are scattered. But in a nice quiet frame of mind the thought is powerful. Now, say your mother is suffering with her leg, she's limping, for example. Right. Now, you don't... you visualize her, no t as limping, but as if she's running around jogging or being well. Walking well, you visualize that. And your thoughts go to her. You transmit those thoughts to her, that you are well, hm, with that quiet mind. And thought is a thing. It is matter wh ich normally people cannot see. But you can see them as matter, a very subtle matter. And all matter in the universe is connected. There's no such thing as empty space. Everything is connected. And because everything is connected your thoughts can reach where you send it. You see. So you visualize your mother, you know, being well. Fine. And then project that thought with the color blue. See her surrounded with a blue haze or something like that. And with a littl e practice you'll find you will be visualizing well, and she's in this blue haze walking around feeling well if she has got leg trouble. And it works. For example, this is, too, very scientific. For example, why do we pick up the radio, the radio station in Germany or Japan, we pick it up here? Because of waves. Now, if the waves were broken, then the connection would be broken. So you see everything is connected. So you are sending your thoughts on those waves, so to say, and it reaches. Like a Spanish broadcast reaches here in the same way. So it always hits the mark. It's always good to pray for others. VOICE: Is it effective if they're not particularly praying for themselves? I mean in the sense that she doesn't have a particular thing about getting well herself. GURURAJ: They don't need to. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. It's your thoughts and you that matters. You are sending them to her and she would feel them. She'll pick them up and find a great difference. We did that in a group in England not too long ago. Where Vincent [Scali?], who's living in America now, and I had just gotten the news that he had fallen down and his back was... that he could hardly stand up. He was bent, he couldn't even lift himself up. So I told the group, I said, "Look, you all know Vincent very well, so close your eyes, picture him in your mind, visualize and see him walking about and well. And then that his pain is gone he's not in pain. And you're to cover him with a blue haze." And would you believe it? Just two or three hours later he drove up to the course. And we all asked him, "Wasn't your back sore?" He said, "It was but it disappeared like that" [SNAPS FINGERS]. You see. Oh, this world contains so many, many beautiful things. Laws of nature are there and we think they are miracles, but they're not miracles really. Just because we can't understand them, therefore we call them miracles. They're all tangible laws of nature. Like I always use the example of airplanes or telephones. If you told this to someone a hundred years ago that a five thousand ton machine, a piece of metal, could fly through the air, or I could speak to

9. US 83-2 South Africa now, and within two minutes, over twelve thousand miles, if you had to tell that to people say a hundred years ago they'd think you're mad because they did not understand those laws. Likewise, in all these things they’re just subtler than what people know. Especially technology today will still advance and discover these subtler laws. I always thank God for his mercy in allowing me to understand some of the subtler laws and to use them. That's all there is to it. It's a pity some of these laws cannot be put down on paper because how...there's no point of references [to use?]. How you going to prove it? Vidya and I were discussing of people's various kinds of miraculous experiences they've had through the power of gurushakti and meditational techniques, and as a matter of fact, Chetanji here is busy on a book recording down those experiences. And we always ask people if you have any unusual experience or whatever, please write. You can send it all to Vidya, and Vidya can send a parcel to him. Or send it directly to him. So he's busy on that. Good. Hm? VOICE: You talk about visualizing somebody as being well... GURURAJ: Yeah. VOICE: Visualizing so.... What's the difference between visualizing and imagining? GURURAJ: Aha, that's a very vast subject. Nevertheless, I'll tell you briefly. Imagination always occurs and you feel it inside yourself. Visualization you feel it outside yourself. You see. You start off with imagination. You use the mind as a tool. I think we talked about it last night or whenever. You use the mind as a tool and then you'll find thinking of that yo u visualize, which is something outside you. Not in your mind. So whatever's in the mind is image making or imagining, while outside yourself is visualization. For example, the tratak practice, why I recommend always using a candle. The tratak once established in it you can put a black dot on a white wall and do tratak on that or anything. You can do tratak on a flower. For example, myself, the details I miss with my open eyes, I see with my eyes closed because I'm doing tratak on it. Fine. There... why we use a candle is this that any light would have a slight after image for a person which lasts a few seconds, and then that encourages you. And that after image turns to visualization where you see the flame outside you in all its brilliant colors or whatever. People go through various kinds of experiences doing the tratak. And that's a very, very important practice, for those of you that are doing it or not doing it. It's important because what happens here is without concentrating you are focusing all the energies of your mind, which leads to concentration. The difference between success and failure in life is due to lack of concentration or concentration. Good. Now, they have

10. US 83-2 found that the chakra here, which we call the ajna chakra, it has a physiological counterpart in the pineal gland. And by activating, doing that visualization, you are also activating the pineal gland. Right. And by activating the pineal gland, it secretes a substance which they call melatonin, and that re-tones your entire system your nervous system, your glandular system, and then your muscles and everything. So it is so beneficial for a person that it helps him psychologically, by having his mind more concentrated, it helps him physiologically. It helps him psychically, too. Because that's the first thing you start doing if you want to learn clairvoyance. Which I don't advise you to do, but nevertheless just to mention it, hm. As I said it's so important psychologically, physiologically. Then, of course, if it's physiologically it's also biologically, psychically. And of course all this add up to spirituality, which everything is connected to each other. Everything is a continuum of each other so it benefits spiritually. And of course the calmness that's produced by it is also very beneficial. While you're thinking of questions I'll see if I can find a joke here. Oh, this is not a very kosher joke because it's about Lord Bacon. You know the name Bacon, the great poet? He was also a judge. He was trying a criminal. So the criminal says, "Your worship, you should let me go free." So Lord Bacon asks, "Why must I let you go free?" So he says, "My name is Hogg. And Hogg is related to Bacon." So he says, "We are kin, so you should let me go free." So he says, "No, that relationship is okay as far as Hogg and Bacon is concerned, but it only becomes bacon after it is hung." [LAUGHTER] That's it, hang him. [LAUGHTER] You know this Las Vegas... You know people of Las Vegas called the city of gambling, but do you know who were the first gamblers? Hm? Adam and Eve. Hm? Didn't they shake paradise? [HE LAUGHS, THEY GROAN] VOICE: Pair a dice. VOICE: Oh, pair of dice. GURURAJ: And talking of gambling.... You get it now? Pair of dice, d.i.c.e., not d.i.s.e. [LAUGHTER] One moment. You know, we're talking... [END SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: Hm? I didn't want this man to gamble, so I said, "The best bet is alphabet." Get your alpha waves going in your brain, boy, and you won't gamble.

11. US 83-2 And alphabet language is such a wonderful thing. Do you why our language is called the mother tongue? Do you know why it's called the mother tongue? Because the father very seldom has a chance of using it. [LAUGHTER] VOICE: They want me to ask a question back here. GURURAJ: Okay. VOICE: I have a friend who has a very negative outlook on life, always judging others, pushing people away. Just always focusing on one thing...mistake the person makes and making that the whole person. GURURAJ: Make, yes. That is true. You know what Shakespeare said, "That mans good deeds we write on water, and his bad deeds we write on brass." So a man can do nine hundred and...nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine good things, but we don't think of that. But he does just one thing, just one little error perhaps, even inadvertently, and we would focus our attention to that. VOICE: Well, this person is like that. And my question is how do I, and this person's a non meditator, how do I deal with that? And how do I get them to look at the good? GURURAJ: Yeah, well this cannot be done with the wave of a wand. You would have to first start him off by explaining him what the difference is between negativity and positivity, and what damages negative thoughts could do. Like for example the common saying, it requires more energy to frown than to smile. Hm? You get the point. Right. Now, these things he has to be given a certain understanding of these things. And if he could be introduced to meditation, a lot of his negativity would disappear, and gradually all of it could disappear. So try and get him to start. It would be good for him. But then of course the understanding... I've made a lot of tapes on this subject. VOICE: Asilomar. GURURAJ: [INAUDIBLE] I remember, yes. And I've done so many in England and other places as well on that. So perhaps you could let him listen to a few of those tapes, which you can speak to Mary Beth about later. She is our tape librarian. Ken?

12. US 83-2 KEN: There's a visualization process using a blue haze that will work on situations like that, as well as visualizing something for a physical healing. You visualize a spiritual healing for a person. GURURAJ: Yes. Yeah. Blue is a very, very healing color. And it helps your visualization, too. Because you are associating it with the person. VOICE: But would it help that kind of a person, too? GURURAJ: Yeah, yeah. Oh, it does help. It does help. Oh, yes. Because, you know.... For example, every word spoken in this room, or any word spoken a million years ago, is still floating around. It never goes away. It is eternal. I was telling some people the other day, say a musician, how does he compose? Or a poet, how does he write outstanding poetry? The reason is simple. He's not creating it. He's only synthesizing thoughts that are already floating around in the atmosphere. So he tunes his mind, takes his mind to a deeper level and he picks up those thoughts, which of course he would interpret through his level of understanding, and through his conscious mind. And so great poetry always comes about when the conscious mind is clear, so that the clarity of those thoughts could come through. I mean, you've recorded my poetry, you should know. VOICE: Guruji, what is meant by, the chela doesn't choose the guru, the guru chooses the chela? GURURAJ: Um hm. The chela cannot choose a guru, because a chela has got no understanding of what a guru is all about. But the guru can see immediately the worth of the chela. A true guru can see at what stage of evolution the person is and how to help him and develop him. Therefore, it is said that when a man is ready the master appears. That's all. In ancient times children were sent to a guru, this was in the East, when they were seven, eight years old and they used to be brought up to, you know, marriageable age with the guru. And all the things were taught, and the teacher could judge, or the progress that the student or chela is making. And, of course, the entire aim is to awaken the guru within you. And there's one thing, many people go about with the idea that, "Oh, my guru's awake. I don't need my guru." That is totally wrong. Because when the guru is truly awakened in you, you become one with your guru. So there's no such thing as discarding, where the spirits merge. For example, Swami Pavitrananji, my guru, who died about two years

13. US 83-2 ago, to me he is alive as you are sitting there. Here in Los Angeles we went to Ruth Yogananda's ashram's in Los Angeles, isn't it? Sunset Boulevard, isn't it? RU TH: Yeah. GURURAJ: And there we met an old man, Swiss chap. And we were talking to him about this, that, and the other. Actually, he was very kind. They were just about closing the gates at five, and he says, "Oh, no, no, come in." You know, when he saw us. And he showed us around and we were chatting to him. And he was telling us a little story. He says he went to a guru and he says, "You know my guru is dead, so therefore I've come to you." So this guru, being a true guru, tells him, he says, "No, your guru is alive, but you are dead." You see. Like that. [IAN MAKING SOUNDS IN BACKGROUND] Yes, my son. What was your question? Ahga. I can explain that. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: You know this sick man went to a doctor. VOICE: Too late. GURURAJ: This sick man went to this doctor, and he tells this doctor, he says that, "I've been to other doctors, too, before coming to you, and all of you diagnose my troubles differently. There's a different diagnosis from all of you." He went to half a dozen of them. So this doctor very smilingly replied that, "The post mortem will tell you that I am right." [LAUGHTER] Yes? VOICE: What practices can we do just throughout the day? I mean, I feel that... GURURAJ: Especially related to the baby? VOICE: Yeah. GURURAJ: Yeah, I know. Do gurushakti, and direct it to the baby. Hm. Beautiful. Works like a charm. Even if the baby has got stomach troubles, or, you know, pains of this, that. Put your one hand on his forehead and the one hand on the

14. US 83-2 stomach, with stomach problems, and do gurushakti and direct it. You will see. You will actually feel the energy flow going through you to the baby because of your deep love for the baby. VOICE: So, just, with the baby... GURURAJ: Like I know you told me before that when Robin used to come home so tired from work, you used to do a healing and he used to get totally relaxed. Same principle. VOICE: And with the baby I can't do a full healing because he won't sit still. GURURAJ: No, no, no. No, no, no. One hand on the forehead and one hand on wherever. Yeah. Is Robin here? He overworks himself. I'm glad he could come this time to the course. ROBIN: Well, as of July 1st I've felt no further compunction to overwork myself. VOICE: It's not Robin who overworks himself. ROBIN: The University of California likes to get their money's worth. GURURAJ: Um hm. Um hm. NIRMALA: Guruji, it's occurred to me that never before in the world before has there ever been so much meditation and good works. You'd be amazed at how many different groups there are. Maybe you wouldn't be amazed, but I'm often amazed at how many, sending out all this good stuff and good vibes... GURURAJ: I am so amazed myself, Nirmala. And I don't know how many of those.... Once I was handed a kind of a tabloid newspaper in San Francisco, I think it was, where the whole thing was filled with ads of various kinds of groups and.... You know, everybody seems to go into the guru racket and they make a business out of it. What a pity. And because of them doing that, the genuine guys don't really get a chance to give forth their real message. Too many of

15. US 83-2 these things around. Here in Las Vegas I believe some man came around here, you know when everyone was invited to a free introductory talk, this is what I was told here, and after that he started charging them a thousand dollars for a mantra. Do you see. Racketeers. Pity. It's a pity. You know genuine gurus in this world you can count on your fingertips, but everyone gets onto the bandwagon. And there's a purpose for it, because we in the Western world have always been outwardly orientated, seeking joy and happiness outside us. And then we've reached the stage where we realize that we can't find it outside. So if we can't find it outside, we start turning inside. And the people that go to these various organizations and what have you, they go because it's a need for them. The unfortunate part is that they get so misguided and not the real thing. Look, if you are not spiritual, you cannot impart spirituality. You got to have it in you . For example, I was saying at a lecture at the university here in Las Vegas that I have no right to talk of Divinity or of God if I do not experience that Divinity myself. Otherwise it would be hypocrisy. So most of these movements are run by hypocrites, I would say. And I challenge them. When I go and see Muktananda, you know, and Maharishi and all these fellows, [?????????] and this, that, I don't pull my punches with them. And they say, "Oh, [??????] coming," you know. They have some little trepidation because I tell them the truth. I told Muktananda once... Muktananda, of course he's passed away now. About a year ago, now. I said, "Stop bopping people with feathers on their heads. What are you doing?" He said, "I am giving shakti [?????]." I said, "Nonsense. You don't need to bop them with a bunch of feathers to give shakti [?????]. You look at a person and transmit the energy, the spiritual force to the person." Even while I was there and he was sitting chatting people were prostrating themselves, and he was going on bopping, and the next one comes, and he's chatting away with someone here and someone there, banging on their heads. Nah. [LAUGHTER] And then I joke with him. I say, "You musn't use feathers, use a baseball bat. [LAUGHTER] Yah, and you'll make them see stars. [LAUGHTER] Brilliant stars." Maharishi, too. The way I went for him when he invited me to Spain. He had the idea in his mind that he's getting old, this was in '74. He had the idea in his mind that I should be with him for a few years, and then eventually take over the T M movement. So I says, "Sorry, Maharishi. You're a good friend, fine. I love you. I love the world. Fine. I love everyone. I have no enemies, and I don't hate anyone. Fine. But I don't agree with your principles," I told him. Firstly, I told him that, "Yours has become a totally commercial organization." In 1977 I believe they took in 40 million dollars in American alone. Hm. This was an article I read in the Time Magazine. Right. You have sixteen mantras and you dish it out on age and sex basis. And what has a person's vibrations to do with age or sex? Nothing, at all. And then those vibrations that you are giving, those seed mantras, you dish them out on age basis, they might not be suitable for those people. Introducing a foreign sound which might be totally contrary to your personal vibration. A mantra must be based upon your personal vibration the initiates personal vibration. That is when the mantra has power. And it is not only the vibration the mantra

16. US 83-2 that's given, but like in my case, I pick up the mantra at the superconscious level. And then give it out so that it contains that spiritual force with it. So it's not only the mantra alone, but the spiritual force that goes with it. That is why it's helpful. Do you see. And then the third thing I told Maharishi, I said, "You know, the teachers you make, the teachers you appoint, you appoint anyone as teachers. And that is wrong. If you haven't got the spirituality, what are you going to impart? You can't impart spirituality if you haven't got it." So I told him people that can afford the air fare to come to wherever you're holding a course, Spain or Italy or wherever and that got the course fees and then you make them teachers. I said, "That's wrong." And then I still chaffed him on top of it. I said, "Yes, I know what you are trying to do. You don't like retail business, you like wholesale business." [LAUGHTER] So these guys, I give it to them. I'm not scared of anyone. I've got nothing to hide, nothing to be scared about. [????] for the good. Mm. Questions. This is what a little boy was doing to himself. You know, the mother asks, you know, "Why do you scratch yourself?" He says, "Because I'm the only person that knows where the itch is." [LAUGHTER] Ah, you see the wisdom behind that? You are the only person that should know, or must decide to walk on the spiritual path. No one can drag you there. Of course some of these movements, as Nirmala asked, you know with their deep sell, what do you call it, the sales pitch? VOICES: The sales pitch. Hard sell. GURURAJ: Hard sell and things like that. Worthless. I again, in turn, says, "Look, meditation would be good for you. I know exactly...just looking at you, I know how it is going to help you. But I'm not going to force you. Come, my door is open. And even if you go away, the doors are still open for you to come back." VOICE: Do you ever see.... Do people ever come to you that you say it wouldn't be good for you? Or that they're not ready or... GURURAJ: No. Everyone is ready. But one might require an elementary, elementary practice, preliminary elementary. Some might require more advanced things. Like that. But no one is refused. A person comes to you wanting to learn meditation, why? Because they want to find peace of mind, and find greater joy. Then how can I refuse that, hm, when I find myself non separate from them. We're all just but one. And that's how we progress in life, recognizing the oneness in the dualness of life. Unity in diversity. And then we've reached somewhere. [?????] is looking at her watch. [INAUDIBLE]

17. US 83-2 BALOO: Guruji, I don't know how short the answer would be but you have said that we are the primal atom that shot forth in the Big Bang. And since.... You have also said that every atom in the universe is connected to each other. My question is, nuclear explosions. How far reaching are the effects of splitting these atoms? How far does that go? GURURAJ: Oh, throughout the universe, throughout the whole galaxy and the universe. Because what happens in the explosion it creates vibrations. The explosion creates vibrations. And vibrations have the rippling effect, like throwing a pebble in the water and ripples, ripples, ripples. And it goes on rippling. And that is what we are trying.... I think I told you people this before, I don't know where because I talk all over the place, that around the year 2050 there could be a great catastrophe, which we are trying to avoid and avert, rather. I was here in November, December, now past November, December I was invited to the World Peace Conference on how to bypass the nuclear threat. But I told them it's an impossible task. Never mind how many petitions and you sign up and whatever you do it's not going to help because the governments have billions and billions invested in it. And it's all based on fear. You see, that's all. But it does have a rippling effect. I said earlier that even every word you speak is not destroyed, it extends to the universe. Therefore, like in the practice, have good speech because everything rebounds back on you. You see. Speak with kindness, with felling. Because it goes out from you, it comes back to you tenfold, always. Therefore, purify my thoughts, let me see good things, because if I keep on seeing bad things, then naturally my thoughts will become bad that way. Hm? Like that. Good. It's twelve past twelve, now? Hm? Shall we break for lunch? Do they have a... **** END ****


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