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1. U S 83 - 40 COMMUNION When you reach the vast spaces of eternity, you are gliding through thousands and thousands of miles a second until you reach a stage of no time and no space. There is no time and neither space because you become one with the entire universe. What a beautiful sight! I wish I could take you with m e to explore the universe. Millions of worlds, galaxies, universes exploding in a second millions of them being recreated right in front of your very eyes. When you question yourself the reality of it you know it is real; but when you still go f urther, it all disappears. All the universes disappear, the suns, the moons, the stars, they're all gone and you enter the realm of total nothingness which is really the realm from which you have come. Hm? You come from the impersonal God that has no att ributes, that is attributeless, that is formless, that is nameless. And the universe you see when you go on a journey like this is but the manifestation of He or It that is formless. So you haven't got a board here, have you? Hm? Let's write on a she et. [Crash] You dropped the universe. The .... ah, there a pen is found, Roopa. The universe is (sorry) is unreal. Only God is real. And the universe is God. Think about this proposition. The universe is unreal. Only God is real. And the universe is God. So, from that which we perceive as reality, we go into unreality and that which we perceive as unreality becomes real. Look at the paradox that we have to deal with. It can be realized, the unreality and reality can be realized simultaneously and lived simultaneously. That is when one reaches the superconscious level of the mind. So, through spiritual practices you proceed from the conscious level throug h the various layers of the subconscious and then to the superconscious which is totally clear there is no opaqueness there and the light of the absolute shines through in the same way back through the various subconscious layers and through the cons cious layer of the mind, which in turn gets translated into action. Thought and then action, for thought, too, is action, but in a subtle form. Good. Now, if anybody would like to discuss any of the experiences, then I would be happy to explain you what they mean. You only need one person to start and then the rest follow. [laughter] Jamie: Ah, this was rather disappointing for me because usually I see changes in your face and this time it just got very dark. It got very, very dark and I could feel tremendous energy coming from you, but, I couldn't see any tremendous changes in your face, you know, like I normally do, and I couldn't hear the hum that often occurs when you do this practice.

2. U S 83 - 40 GR: Um hm, good. You saw a particular aspect tonight, hm. For example, the Hindus in their mythology they believe in Mother Kali, the dissolver. They have their trinity: Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the preserver; and Kali, which means black, the dissolver. So what it actually really means, that this proce ss is going on in the universe all the time. Creation, preservation and dissolution. so, you saw one aspect of it. It also signifies in your own subconscious mind that there is some dissolving that is necessary for man to evolve, hm? Like dissolving ou r ego selves which is the main cause of trouble the "Me and Mine," that small I. But that I, I was saying in a talk recently, must merge away into the It, hm? Would you write down I.T.? Now you'll see that the I runs vertically in the same way as the T, hm? That is the true crucifixion: See the T? The cross? When the small I, the ego I, merges into the T, you will have become one with Divinity. How beautiful it is and it does, hm? And, yet, we also know that the horizontal bar is not self supporti ng. It needs the vertical bar of Divinity for that horizontal bar to support requires it as support. Or else the entire universe, whic h is the horizontal bar, will disappear. Next? Yes, Jerri.... Jerri: Yes, I saw a golden light surround you and t hen, ah surround the entire room and it's like people were bathed in that and then it almost became too strong to sustain, so it would go away and come back and go away. Guru: Beautiful. The color gold, lilac and a few of those colors are very high spiritual colors. The perception that took place was not from your own conscious mind, it was from a deeper layer of your mind. I would say the superconscious layer, because that could perceive the aura around me, hm. Now, you had a very interesting exp eriment in Canada I just taught Canada for a month. They had a photographer there who used a fast film, so the lights were not necessary. And the background was blue and they couldn't understand how the background turned green, hm? And a reputable ph otographer, wonderful man, so he asked me, "Why do you think this happened?" So, I said, "That's very easy to explain. You're radiating a golden aura, and gold and blue makes green." You see? That is why the background changed to green. Because the test was in photography if you take a white object, you study the white I had a similar shirt on and remained white. But the whole face and hair it turned golden gold and blue background one superimposed upon the other naturally would show green. You were next, yes?

3. U S 83 - 40 Q: Guruji, up until now, through, for most of the meditations I have experienced nothing untoward, but, when you raised your hands towards the end, for some reason I saw a face in the palm of your hand. Guru: Did anyone see a shaft of l ight from my hand? Hm? Yes. Good. Good. Um, yes. Q: You seemed to change into like a cobra, a snake, green Guru: Ahha. The kundalini in it's nakedness. GR: Yes, Audrey. Audrey: I saw your face changing. I was trying to catch what you were becoming but it burned my eyes and yet, around behind you around the emblem it was all gold like being on the tip of the tongue it kept changing. Guru: You must stop getting into my past lives. Yes, that happens. Yah, that happens very often be cause when you travel the full range in meditation, you know, from that very primal atom: Sub sub sub sub sub atomic particle right through to the highest level of the absolute. So, you cover your full range of millions and millions of years that brings y ou that level in evolution. Yes? Q: Why did this spot burn? Guru: Yes, it burns because here is what we have what we call the ajna chakra, and you felt a sensation there, right? Burn. It is because of the spiritual energy released in this room, hm? And the ajna chakra is the chakra of perception, the third eye i t is commonly called. Now, the beauty of developing the third eye is that they have proven now that the ajna chakra that is located in the subtle body has its physiological counterpart in the pineal gland. Science knew nothing much about the pineal gland because as soon as the brain is operated, the pineal gland calcifies. Now, by having this stimulation of the ajna chakra, automatically the pineal gland is also stimulated, and with the stimulation it secretes a substance called melatonin, and that's th e name they gave it, melatonin. And melatonin regenerates your entire physiology, biology, thinking processes. It's a very powerful factor. So, through meditation especially tratak that you a re doing it stimulates the ajna chakra, which in turn sti mulates the pineal gland so that regenerative effect biologically, physiologically, and bring the mind into togetherness so, psychologically, and for those that are interested in occultism, it helps you develop psychically as well. And all this put togethe r brings about this spiritual unfoldment.

4. U S 83 - 40 Audrey: May I ask you one question? I kept wanting to shut my eyes and look at you without looking because my eyes kept burning. Guru: That's the energy. Audrey: So we shouldn't shut our eyes? I felt like I could see you better through my third eye than I could see you... Guru: Possibly, yes, yes, nothing wrong, very, very valid. Q: Can we go ahead and shut our eyes, then? Guru: Yes, yes, why not? Hm, yes. Q: And, when I saw you with my eyes open, i t was mostly your shirt was white and everything else was purple and gold. Guru: Purple, yes. Lilac, lilac. Q: Yes, very pale, very soft. Guru: That's right. Q: Then, when I close my eyes, it was a green gold orange. Guru: Those, too, very sim ilar to Jamie's experience. Someone mentioned colors. Jerri did, um? Sorry. It was a very similar experience to hers where you have perceived from a higher level of the mind, hm. If you had that burning sensation on the ajna chakra, you should pursue m editation regularly. It will show you wonders. Oh, yes, it will show you wonders. I know your work involves a lot of thinking, hm, and this will, the development of the ajna chakra, the opening of the ajna chakra will make you see things and problems mo re clearly. Oh, yes.

5. U S 83 - 40 Next. Yes. Q: Guruji, this time I also saw a kind of golden light that Jerri spoke of, but I had a feeling that you were moving at a tremendous speed, without moving. Guru: Right, right. Q: You were staying there, but you were moving at light speed. Guru: It was another paradox to be stationary and yet move. Yes? Q: I saw as if you were sat on a pond and rippling from you I saw, instead of light, like the air started dancing ar ound you, like water if you stir it all up with your hand and I saw it ripple back through and I was aware that it was passing through people. Guru: Yes, beautiful. Q: Through people and that that causes changes. Guru: Beautiful, beautiful. That i s the spiritual energy which you become aware of, because spiritual energy is so forceful and so powerful that it could pierce steel walls. It is so powerful, yes. How many of you feel a lovely warmth and peace in the heart? Hm? Practically everyone, y es, yes. Now, when I initiate people there are organizations that would say they give you a mantra. They do it arbitrarily. They have a list of mantras and they dish out on age basis. Now, we don't do that. No. When I do give a person spiritual pra ctices, I go into a similar form of meditation. Not the same, but a similar form of meditation, because I don't go to the absolute, I reach to the level of the superconscious mind, and there, using your picture as a focal point, I make contact with you be cause, in reality, there is only one mind, hm? And we individualize the mind. Like having bubbles on a pond. But, is the water and the bubble separate from the water in the pond? No. One. So there's one universal mind, and making contact with the univ ersal mind, I hear you in vibration form and I see you, hm. In various colors and vibration, they are closely associated, vibration and color. And then that is picked up at the superconscious level and brought down to a grosser level where it becomes spe akable and audible.

6. U S 83 - 40 Now, as you are regular as you practice regularly your meditation you will reach that level, your mantra will change by itself. It'll become finer and finer and finer and you will reach that level at the original level where your mantra was picked up. For what are you in reality? You are nothing else but a mantra. In other words, a vibration, hm? The entire universe is nothing but vibrations. This table here, this chair, all of us, things that are perceptible with the five se nses is nothing else but vibrations in a congealed form. Therefore, they become perceptible. But there are vibrations in other dimensions which are not perceptible to the naked eye. For example, you sitting there and me sitting here there are million s and billions of atoms connecting us, hm. And because we can't see them we feel a separation. But there's no separation, it's one connection. Someone asked me a question. Not directly, but through some one the question came to me that this person is ve ry interested in starting with our meditation. And can she he or she can this person still use a mantra given by some other organization? So, naturally, the reply would be that you are using your own vibration to create greater harmony within yourse lf mind, body and spirit. So, you use your own vibration. What is more harmonious to you than your own vibration? Hm? As I said just now, [there is] nothing else, [everything] is just but vibration. Everything is vibration. A nd theologies also conf irm this. First was the word and the word was with God and the word is God, hm? What is the word? Sound. What is sound? Vibration. So the entire composition of the universe is nothing but vibration, and you, as an individual being, would meditate upon your own vibration and thereby heighten it. Bring it to a finer and finer and finer level, that's what you're doing in meditation. And when you take things to a finer and finer level, it becomes more powerful. For example, if you drop a two thousand to n bomb here it will only make one big hole. But you split an atom, it will destroy this whole city. So, things at its subtlest level naturally become more powerful. So, the whole aim, everyone desires it, that they want to get rid of the miseries and th e unhappinesses which is only caused by fragmentation. So, we lead ourselves from fragmentation to integration and then we feel naturally happier. We're integrated. So now, to go back to this person that asked the question, I would say I don't know who that question came from, but our secretary repeated it to me I would say that, if the old mantra, because of habit, crops up in the mind, just regard i t to be another thought and slowly, gradually, you will find it fading away altogether. It will l ose its existence because your own vibration is definitely far, far more powerful than any mantra given arbitrarily. Any more experiences? Q: Guruji, I don't know if I should mention this because it was strange and it wasn't like anyone else's, but the p ower coming from you was so strong that I suddenly felt everyone in the room disappear and I disappeared, my body disappeared, I just felt that there was something like a cell within this powerful it was like a magnet, you were just, I

7. U S 83 - 40 couldn't find it, I couldn't do anything, I just felt I was being drawn constantly and nothing else was there but you and power. Guru: Yes, right. To be, or not to be... Rather be. That is being. Beautiful, beautiful. Like that, these are glimpses y ou have, but, with t he becoming more and more established in meditation, you will find the entire universe to be one, hm. The universe is unreal, only God is real, and the universe is God. So being one only you can't have two gods being one only, you develop the capac ity to realize the oneness of it all. It's a very good experiment. Any more? One thing I do believe in we don't do things without understanding. At least there must be some logical explanation to things. And by understanding things like understan ding meditation, understanding some of our philosophies it gives you greater insight in things we do. Do you see. And insight is important. Insight brings understanding until you reach the stage of peace that passeth all understanding. Yes. Like I ha ve stopped reading many years ago. I still read not to gain any knowledge from books I just read to see what other people in the world are thinking about, the present level of evolution. Otherwise, you don't need to read anymore. So you can throw a ll your books away if you gain that inner knowledge. Do you see. If you can reach the Kingdom of Heaven that is within, then all else is automatically added unto thee. Then you don't need anything. Yes? Q: I found the one thing that is holding me back is...it felt like I was trying to break through a paper bag. Guru: Umhm. You should just let yourself go. Q: It's very frustrating, like, I don't know.... Guru: Well, in the future you'll break the bag. The chicken will hatch. Yes, it must, it must hatch, hm? Mind you, the hardest part is when it is pecking at the shell, the last moments of emergence as a chicken, that is the hardest part. Otherwise, it's so nice and comfortable in the egg. Actu ally, this whole universe is an egg. The golden egg. The Sanskrit word is [hiranyagarbha?] You were going to say something, yes? Q: My jaw was forced open and I was immobilized. I was held there in a very powerful tension, my chest, my jaw and the bac k of my throat, for quite awhile. And, I felt that in meditation before too, so it wasn't new, but it was ...

8. U S 83 - 40 Guru: Yah, yah. I tell you the reason of it is this. We all know you are a singer by profession, right, and there is tensi on in the jaw, so t his actually was a release of tension. For example, in the yoga nidra exercises we did this afternoon was it? Yah. The basic principle was to tense and let go, hm? Contraction and expansion. Where, when you want to relax any muscle in your body, tens e it and flop, and you will find relaxation coming. But if you say to yourself, "relax, relax, relax, relax," you won't. Because the mind will be working overtime and make you more tense. So there are always ways around things. So that is the tension y ou have, because of your work. I also get that sometimes, a bit of soreness down there because from morning to night I am jabbering away. Good then. Thank you very much. See you in the morning. Oh, yes. **** END ****


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