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2. U S 83 - 44 Con men and women. That's what we are. We are conning life bec ause we are not living the real value of life. For if you were living the real value of life, life will be filled with joy. There will not be misery. And so the way out of the dilemm a is to develop an awareness; and as I would always say, that awareness can only come with integration. This afternoon, for example, I will be putting you through an exercise for greater awareness. We were supposed to do Yoga Nidra this afternoon, but this room is too small. You have to lie down flat on your back and I can' t see how 40 people can do that without touching each other. In England they do have a custom called "bundling" where half a dozen people get into the same bed. But we don't bundle here in America. Fine. So, so, this bundle of various emotions and confli cts and contradictions we carry around with us in our minds. People think they are intelligent but intelligence is lacking. Intelligence is not knowledge. Knowledge is something acquired, but intelligence is inborn. Now how to bring out that intelligen ce and combine it with what we know or what we do not know? Now remember that what we do not know is just as important as what we know, because no knowledge, too, is a kind of knowledge but just taken in negation. So, you know everything. Now with the ap plication of a bit of that intelligence that is within you and which is forever creative, you would start viewing the coin the both sides of the coin simultaneously. Now this might sound to be paradoxical, but it is not. You would say, how can I stand on this side of the coin and how can I stand on the other side of the coin at the same time? But in everything you do you are standing on both sides. Everything you do you are standing on both sides. Every little incident in your life you are standing on both sides of the coin because you are split. You are split. There's that split personality lurking within each and everyone. And just the slightest litt le happening which might not be conducive to one would set it off and being split, being two within yourself, all the conflicts begin. Conflicts originate from that which we call the thinking mind. Now not from the intelligent mind, because the intelligent mind does not think. It is just a force, a power, although it also empowers the thinking abili ties and we think we're intelligent. So you hear in this thought process which is none other than your entire ego this split forever is in con flict. It becomes abusive and abrasive to yourself. When it becomes abrasive, then you find life to be so hard that you say, "Oh, what is the use of this life? I wish I was dead." But you don't know that on the other side it might be ten times wors e. You see? Now the question of course is how to get rid of these conflicts. Conflicts are caused by thought. Various thought patternings which are according to your own personal experience or experiences find them self in opposite camps, in the very cubbyholes of the subconscious mind. One day I wish I would invent some kind of acid and inject it into the subco nscious mind and get rid of it. That causes all the problems and troubles. The conscious mind is only an interpreter of the subconscious level. It only interprets the messages sent to it. That's the conscious mind. The

3. U S 83 - 44 conscious mind is just a little t ool, a little hammer. But the wielder of the hammer is the subconscious with all its various preconceptions. Now, if the subconscious mind could be made innocent without preconceptions, then how will the conscious mind work? It will also work innocently. It will just flow with nature without becoming impulsive at all a natural spontaneous flow into everything that is beautiful. For everyone, consciously or unconsciously, loves beauty, but they cannot grasp beauty because of the conflicts and lack of innocence, and lack of innocence means you are not allowing the intelligence within you to seep into the subconscious level. And, of course, the method as you would know that are meditators to allow that to seep in would be through meditational practices. So, the conscious mind and subconscious mind is not using its potential of intelligence. Intelligence is a factor which is indefinable; but intelligence is always creative and anything that is creative is always joyful, for in creativity there is n o stag nation whatsoever. And creativity breeds greater creativity, and when greater and greater creativity is bred, you come to the cognition that I, too, am great, for I am the intelligence. I am the intelligence. Now do not confuse intelligence with intellec t. Intellect is only the rational ability one has in the conscious mind. The subconscious mind does not intellectualize. It is just a storage space the place that stores all the various kinds of impressions of the experiences you have had. So, the r eason why you cannot see both sides of the coin at the same time is because you have not reached that evolutionary stage to experience that. You have heard the saying that, oh that man can see around the corners. And that is a true statement. You can. Y ou can see around the corners. Right. Now, if you can see around the corner in front of you, you naturally would have the ability to see the corner, peer around the corner which is behind you and which is where you are standing as well. So life is viewe d holistically from a level which is above and below. And when that is achieved it is very simple to achieve really. In other words, to see a life holistically as the relative, the functional be ing and also the essence or the motivator or the force o r the power of the functional self. And this can only come about by coordination where you'd find the absolute in the relative and the relative in the absolute. And finding that, you would fin d that the heads and tails of the coin are not separate from e ach other. Where you'd look at it from one side, the one side of the coin becomes transparent and if your view of the other side at the same time when you are on the other side you have a view of this side. So what is created in the mind is transparency, and that is another name for innocence to be without guile, to be sincere, to be honest within oneself. Don't be honest to others, that's not important. Be honest to yourself and the honesty to others comes automatically. But being so involved in our emotions which has nothing to do with intelligence,

4. U S 83 - 44 being so involved in our emotions that we'd look at life with jaundiced eyes. When you have jaundice everything looks yellow to you. Or as I always say, if you put a blue flower behind a crystal the cr ystal seems blue. If you put a red flower, it would seem red; a pink flower, the crystal would seem pink. And so, what is the cause of this discoloration that we bring upon ourselves so we don't see the crystal as it is or life as it is? What is the reas on for the emotional upheavals that we go through? What is the reason of having feelings feelings of hatred or love or whatever? Because love really has no feeling. It's a different thing altogether. What is the reason behind this? Where does it com e from? And how have you gathered it? How have you gathered all of these various emotions? How did it enter that subconscious level of your mind? You have come to it from that primal purity through your own experiences. And because intelligence was la cking, you allowed those experiences to leave impressions in the mind, good or bad. You have allowed the impressions to remain in the mind. Now, the best way not to allow anything to impress itself, to cut grooves in the subconscious mind, is through sp iritual practices. A person that is regular in his or her spiritual practices will never find anything leaving impressions in the subconscious level of the mind. In other words, you form a covering, and by forming that covering, you become non attached t o that experience that you're undergoing through. And yet, at the same time, you're enjoying the experience. You're making love, you're enjoying the act of lovemaking nothing wrong with it. Good. But at the same time, you are enjoying enjoyment for i tself at that moment not to be taken over in your subconscious mind which will turn up later in memory form, oh, Jean, Joan, whoever. It was fun with her. I must make another date with her. You don't have that. You're there in the moment and you enjoyed yourself you're past where you've left the body and merged yourself in that vast orgasm, hm? That's the nearest you could get to bliss consciousness in the physical, of course, and you merged away. But after the mergence and when you come back down to earth, you know that you're on earth and I'm not going to carry Jean or Joan around in my pocket. So that would protect you from creating more and more impressions. Now, when this protection begins with spiritual practices when this protection begins, then the old impressions that are there can be dissolved with the other spiritual practices that are given to you. One is the act of living in the moment and the other is the spiritual practices to burn away those seeds of karma. You fry them. You toast them and they will never grow. You roast them and they won't grow. Do you see? And that is how a cleansing process takes in the subconscious mind, and when the subconscious mind has reached that clarity, then more and more intelligence (which is your in herent right) seeps through because nothing could remain a vacuum. So now all the thought forms that composes the subconscious mind is now filled with intelligence which is also nothing else but an energy. So you're pushing out all these thought forms an d thought patterns to bring in the energies of intelligence. And when that area becomes intelligent I wonder why they call it intelligent and not intellilady? Yes, and when the subconscious mind becomes intelligent, it goes

5. U S 83 - 44 down into the conscious min d and then you can see the two sides of the coin simultaneously at the same time because in practical living there is intelligence. Now, we are not living practically, and we are not living intelligently either, although we are supposed to be intelligent beings. Therefore I said, people drift along like a rudderless boat tossed about on the ocean, hm? Say anyone of you here is suffering from something, hm? Emotional suffering. So, you're not suffering of what is happening today, hm? Bill has been dam n naughty today he said a harsh word to me or whatever, he's been unkind to me. Fine. Okay. So I'm going to be angry today. And I'm going to be bloody angry. I say, Bill, get out of here. I could use a harsher word too, it doesn't matter. They'r e just expletives and they sometimes help getting rid of tensions. Get out! But ah, tomorrow, today's happening is not going to be there. That was yesterday. That was yesterday's Bill and not today's Bill. Today Bill could be so kind and wonderful a nd considerate. So why must I infuse yesterday's naughty Bill with today's good Bill? But that is happening all the time. Everyone is doing that all the time. That is the tragedy for which I, people like me, have to suffer. Do you see. So, when we all ow we cannot apply intelligence because that would be totally false. You cannot apply intelligence. You can apply intellectuality, yes, rationalization, yes, but you cannot apply intelligence. You've got to open yourself to intelligence so that it fl ows by itself, hm? Break down the barrier of mud in the river and the water will flow on its own. You do not need to push it. So, what we have to do to see life in its full value, meaning its relative and absolute value at the same time, is to allow inte lligence to flow. The psychologists have tests. They call it the I.Q., Intelligence Quotient. That's a misnomer, it's not true. They're not testing your intelligence at all. They're only testing your memory power and your power of rationalization and p owers of retention of what you have learned, you see. Or your ability to analyze and how quickly you can put the square peg into a round hole. So they say, ah, an intelligent child. Or they say, Gururaj, he's got an I.Q. of 280. Rubbish, I tell them, s o what! Those are your measurements, not mine, you can't measure my intelligence. You're not intelligent enough to measure my intelligence. If you haven't got intelligence, with what are you going to measure that divine force which I call intelligence? A nd that's how we go through life, judging. It's terrible, I'm judging Paul, but he might be a highly evolved good hearted soul that might have virtually descended from somewhere up there to take this human form. And if he came up from somewhere down the re, so what? I won't send him back to hell and I wouldn't tell him go to hell either. I say, welcome, never mind where you've come from, you've come into my life and we are going to make the best of it, so help me Bob. Do you see.

6. U S 83 - 44 So, I'm pointing out these various little things of practical living so that you could cognize that you're living the relative side and the absolute side at the same time. And when you live the absolute and the relative at the same time in the same moment, then it would not imply duality. It does not imply duality, but it implies moving away from duality into that oneness. The coin made of metal is a solid substance. But the mind of man has no solidity at all. And the two opposites, the relative and the absolute they are not actually opposites, they're just an extension of each other can be combined in the mind so much easily just as the coin if thrown in fire will melt. And then where is the head and where is the tail? It becomes the metal. So, when we combine the rel ative and the absolute and create a fusion there, a togetherness, a oneness there, then we know what intelligence is, then we know what life is, then we know what joy is because there is nothing else but joy in life. What is required is a recognition of t he valuable life that we have, the priceless life without value. You can't evaluate it. It's so important. In this vast continuum of existence man is in a critical phase but a most important one. Man in this vast continuum is a junction point from the lower forms of life and the higher forms of life. He becomes a junction point, and from there you can send out from the junction all your various strains in different directions of life. So man is actually the hub of the wheel in evolution. You are righ t in the center in the middle of it. And you can be very happy for it. Right in the middle, and all that which is on the periphery can be drawn down to the middle via all th e spokes, all the various facets that constitute life, you see? But now, t hough you are in the middle of the entirety of evolution, you do not recognize it. And non recognition that you are the center puts you off center and as in a cart or a motor car, if the wheel, the hub, is not in the center, the wheel wi ll go "guff, guff, guff", hm? It won't run smoothly. Isn't that what we want? For life to run smoothly? And yet, and yet, and yet, being the center in this vast complex universe, we fail to recognize it. We can't bring memories back of the past. You don't even need to bring memories back, because you are the sum totality of all the past existence. You are the sum totality as you are. Your personality is made up of all your past existences, and through spiritual practices we bring here and now all our future existence s. Those that do not want to reach what is inside them now in this lifetime will have to take many more lifetimes until they condition themselves to want to know themselves. But we have the great advantage which even angels do not have. Angels envy men, they do. And they envy women more. So all the future existences which ought to come in linear space and time can be brought into this life. The future evolutionary process that is going to take place in each and every one of you can be drawn here now r ight to the level when you meet the Father right to that level. You can even bring the Father here and now and He'll come running to you if you have that resolve, that determination. Because who else what is the Father in any case? He's your servant. Because the father is only an energy. So what do you do with the energy? You use it. Do you see.

7. U S 83 - 44 So at the center point where we are in the scheme of evolution, we have already what we have been all in the past and we have the ability to bring all t hat which is going to be in the future now here. So what are we doing? Instead of living linearly, we are living in the moment where there is no space and no time and that is intelligence. You combine the future and the past into the present and then th e result is you become a self realized being. And when you are a self realized being Man know thyself and you really know yourself... we think we know ourselves, but we don't. But when you really know yourself, you will know yourself to be divine and the characteristics of divinity is bliss absolute bliss ananda. That's why my guru gave me as my second name "Ananda." "Gururaj" is a title, "Ananda" is the name. So become anandas: bliss, joy. Overflow with that joy. And don't come near me if you don't want joy because I've got this very, very contagious disease of joy. So, what I'm trying to say is if you are joyful you will also carry that contagious germ with you to others around you. It's fun. Right, Garfield, humm? He says, yes. Ye s. Now, back to square one. The two sides of the coin can be lived at the same time as a coin lives with both its sides. You take a coin with one side effaced and the bank will not accept it. There are many countries where if a coin is effaced the banks don't take it on unless you put them in the pile, you know, in between, so the teller bank clerk does not see it. Because what they would have to do with that is send it back to the melting pot. That's what they do, they remelt it to make more coin s later. So even the coins you have in your pocket are secondhand coins. Recycled. Metal. And the various alloys that go with it. How about recycling our lives? Ahhh. How about burning in that heat of divinity because it 's damn hot. They say hell i s hot, but I don't believe it. You see, this one guy, he passed away and he saw no one around so he shouted, he says, "Hi there. Is there anyone here?" And so here an attendant comes along and says, "Yes sir, what can we do for you?" He says, "I am hung ry." "What would you like to eat?" So he orders a big feast. He did that. After a while with all the eating and then he wanted his wines 1962 something vintage, I don't know right, so, nevertheless that was brought for him and he was enjoying hims elf but still time wouldn't pass, hmmm? And so he shouts to the attendant again, "Look, I'll play games." He says, "What kind of games?" "I want chess, I want this, that, that, that." So he got every kind of game he required. He started playing that. A nd every woman fancy he had, you know he got. He just had to ask and he got it. And he started getting bored. So he calls the attendant and he says, "I wish I was in hell instead of here." So the attendant says, "Where do you think you are?" So as soon as you get bored you are in hell. Because Heaven is always exciting, always creative, always creating. The thought flows upon a thought creation, creation, creation. You capture the thoughts of the entire universe. You capture the doings and the joy of the entire universe and every moment becomes exciting and joyful and lovable, hm? But when

8. U S 83 - 44 you get bored, you're in hell. And many of the problems emotional problems stem from an inner boredom. You can be very busy in your work or whate ver you are doing and yet you can feel very bored. So get rid of that boredom and it will help you to get rid of the emotions that are troublesome. And the best way to get rid of boredom is to meditate where there's no place for boredom. There is only p lace for kingdom, not boredom. Lunch time. One o'clock. Q: [Inaudible] GR: Naturally they will tell you those things because they are at the one end of the grid, but if they were the entire grid they would not be telling you that. Now I tell you this . There is no right and neither wrong and there is no good and neither bad. These are man made laws, man made rules to suit the time, to suit the clime, to suit the situation. What is bad in one country might be good in another country. For example, mo nogamy is good in this country, while polygamy is bad in this country. But if you go to Tibet or Bali, polygamy is a rule and I think it is a good rule that! Ah, look at all the men smiling. Well, if you want polygamy, you're right, then you will have t o accept polyandry. I mean it's a two way street, right or wrong? Definitely, why not. Hey, this is not supposed to be recorded, it's a chit chat! Now, good and bad is created by man with a difference between morality and purity. I never teach of mora lity because you teach of morality and things change. Say in another 50 years time certain things will be in vogue which are absolute taboo today. But purity remains eternal. And what do we mean by purity is the total honesty and sincerity that is within a person and purity comes when you rise above morality. You know, like this Tibetan Yogi Milarepa. I might have not told the story here. In one of his poems he says that when I was a young man I did black deeds, and when I grew up and had some knowledg e I did white deeds, and now when I found some wisdom I do neither. When man reaches the stage.... Morality has its value to make the world go round, you know, as it is going round now. Fine. But when one reaches a stage going beyond morality and into purity, then you become a law into yourself. You are not guided by any law. You are the law because you have found the freedom. You are a liberated person, total liberation you have found within yourself. You have become one with that which we call God . You live in unity consciousness, so what can bind you, for all laws are binding. Morality is binding. It puts you into bondage, but purity is freedom. Like a flower grows in its own freedom, hmm? You could never say this flower must have ten petals. There might be twelve, fifteen, there might be eight, it grows in its own freedom. It blossoms. So in that unity consciousness you're forever blossoming, not unto any greatness, because you have reached there already. You are just blossoming within you rself and savoring the sweetness of the blossom which is none other than yourself.

1. U S 83 - 44 LIFE: A TWO SIDED COIN GR: You know, sardines are the most stupidest things in the world. They c rawl into a can, seal themselves up and leave the key outside. Shall we meditate for a moment and settle down? Good. You fell for that one, didn't you. You sit still. What shall we speak about this morning? Q: [Inaudible] GR: Life is like a coin. Wh y must it be two sided? Now who says life is like a coin, and what is that in you that would see the two sidedness if it were a coin? That means you are judging life from two angles, from two different visions. Now there is nothing wrong from doing that , but your coin is standing up straight and you are on either side of it and watching that coin at the same time the heads and the tails. But if you have the coin in this way and look up to the heads and look down to the tails, your entire vision and pers pective of life will change because looking upward implies that you see the relativeness of life, and looking down from above would imply that you're viewing the same coin from its absolute value. So we have to admit that life has both sides, the relative as well as the absolute. And as in the coin the relative and the absolute is combined, why are your lives also not functioning in the same way where the relative and the absolute can exist simulta neously. Now it does exist simultaneously. What is lacking is the cognition of that togetherness. And by lacking the cognition of that togetherness, we lose the importance of what life is all about. That is why most people (99.9 percent) do not live, t hey just exist. And yet they do not even exist because that too becomes an unconscious process; for if you really know that you exist you should know all about existence, and what do you know about existence? For if you knew about existence you would kno w about life, and then life and existence can too become synonymous. So what we are trying to point out here, that the opposites in life can be combined into a oneness so that opposites cease. You take a cane, a piece of stick, and you say this is the le ft side and that is the right side. But how many think of the center side? You stand in the center and become the observer of both the sides of the stick and realize that it is but one stick, hm? But emphasis again is directed to one side at one time an d to another side at another time, and that leads you to confusion. So you take yourself from a state of fusion which is your birthright and you con it by putting in con fusion. Do you see.

9. U S 83 - 44 Now... [tape glitch. Then the sardine joke. Side one seems to start over again.] **** END ****


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