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1. U S 83 - 46 PROPER MANTRA MEDITATION COMMUNION [Most of the tape is poorly recorded and inaudible.] GR: [In progress]... that you must blank out your mind of thoughts. Now that is totally impossible because a mind could never be blank. The only way you could blank out your mind with thoughts is to conk yourself out with a baseball bat. Then you are unconscious. So in the process of meditation what happens, how you start is this. You sit down... I'm just going down to basics which I'm sure all the teachers have taught the meditators. You sit down for a minute or so, feel relaxed, and do the purification practice if you want to which is always a good idea that which we did yesterday. And then after that you pick up your mantra very gently. You don't force yourself into the mantra. Very gen tly you pick up your mantra. Now, say if a mantra is "see ra yam, see ra yam, see ra yam." Now some people I have found say say see ra yam. That would be wrong. Let's take a very common word here in America known for hamburgers, McDonald's. Fine. No w you don't say Mc don alds, mc don alds. No. McDonalds. See ra yam. Now in every mantra the om sound you heard on the tape is incorporated. Mmmm. See ra yam. Ommm. Now always remember to put the emphasis on the "M". Most of you will feel a vibrat ion going through your body as though your nerves are loosening up. Hmm? So, now while you are busy repeating your mantra in your mind mentally, it will fade away. Fading away means that it's taking a dive deeper within yourself. Then a thought will come up. When the thought comes up, don't stop the thought. Let the thought play the way it wants to play. Let it play. Don't stop it. Don't influence it. As if you're in a cinema an d you are watching a movie. Now there is nothing you could do to expedit e things in the film, and nothing you could do to slow it down. You are in the audience. You are watching it. Now if you could treat your thoughts in a similar way, then those thoughts won't have any effect at all in your mind. They will not be plante d into your subconscious. They will not grow. That is what we call burning up the seeds of karma. Do you see? So by observing the thought, by observing everything (as a matter of fact), in daily life, by becoming the observer of it, you do not let it tak e any effect on you. Because once you get involved in a thought, what happens is this, there would be emotions involved. There would be feelings involved. And the thought, instead of objectifying it, you will subjectify it. So in meditation when the th ought comes up, you just allow the thought to play. And it doesn't matter what kind of thought it is. You don't guide it. Just let things come up which are coming up. It could be a thought of a good experience, a bad experience. It's not important at all. Fine.

2. U S 83 - 46 So the purpose a thought serves is this: that with a mantra you dive in. It's used as a vehicle for diving in. And the thought is a vehicle for coming to the surface, for you can't stay underwater all the time. So you come up with a thought , and then a thought is like a story. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. And when the thought ends, starts ending, you very gently pick up your mantra again. [repeats mantra] You pick up the mantra again. So, this means that thought and mantra, thought and mantra, thought and mantra alternate. One thing one must be careful about: not to make any effort. Let it glide one into the other smoothly. No jerky movement. No thought... you know, ta, ta, ta, tat, yellow dress tonight I'm going to put on, stop, see ra yam, see ra yam, stop, now I think I'll have a blue dress on tonight. No. No jerky movements. Smooth transition from thought to mantra to thought to mantra. Hmm? And people do not realize this, but each thought you have in your mind does no t last more than eight seconds. You think a thought is going on for a half an hour. But it is not so. At every eight seconds there is a break in your thought. Why i t seems continuous to you is because like a film. Most of you have seen a movie film. On the screen it seems continuous, but it is not continuous. It is made up of frames. And because of the mechanism of the projector you have a flywheel there that cuts it off and makes it seem as if it is a continuous movement of a man crossing the str eet from this sidewalk to that sidewalk. A continuous movement on the screen. But in that continuous movement on the screen the film itself is made up of frames; and because of the mechanism you think it is all done in one movement. It's not. So the min d functions in the same way. A thought lasts for eight seconds maximum, and then there's a break and then it continues again. But you that are not totally conscious of the mind think that it is one thought going on for half an hour. So you ta ke advantag e of those breaks that happen at every eight seconds. (I don't think that I will need this.) It's a beautiful journey as you journey through the vastness of the universe into that spacelessness, into timelessness. You see everything. So brilliant, so, so luminous. You feel the pulsations of all the galaxies that are there. And pulsating in such beautiful rhythm, so indescribable. Such beauty that you are in awe. And when you come back, how insignificant you feel. When you were in the vastness and y ou were the vastness. And you were everything that could ever exist. And even beyond existence there is just nothingness. Then you come back into this little body of flesh and blood. So why you ask yourself why you feel as if you were the frog of the o cean... the ocean. [Inaudible] have to encapsulate yourself in a little well. And there in the little well you see all the frogs. All croaking their own little miseries and sufferings . And you ask yourself why why why why why. Is the suffering and mi sery really necessary? Or is the suffering and misery of man that you see around you just an illusion? Not only to me, but illusion to man himself. It is an illusion. A small smal l infinitesimal fraction of earth that man lives in compared to that vast ness out there. And yet in this little [infant?] in this

3. U S 83 - 46 [??] speck you find all the turbulence, the little well, so muddy, stagnating and you feel what can you do about it all. Nothing much. As long as man does not want to [wake?]. Nothing, much. You have all the electricity and you have the switch in your hands. But if your bulb is not working, the filaments in your bulb are not properly attuned and in alignment, and joined, how can the bulb burn? [??] The filaments in your mind, running around hel ter - skelter, not knowing what it's doing. Just existing, just existing for this little piece of land, this bed to sleep on, this little morsel of food. Going through all this sufferings for that which is so impermanent and of no consequence. You come ba ck to all that, and you see it around you. Sometimes you wish that you did not have to come back. The stairway [???] you got to fulfill your dharma. Good. Fine. Now if anybody had any experience, we can talk about it and I could explain you where you w ere and what it means. Chela:... like I usually do just the gold that goes all around you. But at one point right here was this beautiful blue whit e light that just shot out in little speckles all around it, just a flash and it was really great. GR: Ye s, that is true. The gold light which you saw around me or that covered me is the inner light which I emanate, being away from the body, so to say. Being projected away from the body, the manation would naturally become stronger because I'm projecting ou t of myself. [??] And that bright blue light that came from the forehead came from a very deep level and you that observed it naturally would mean that it was directed to you [???] have that light, as you do have it, but become awakened to it. Here's a s ign I'm giving you. Bless you. Next. Chela:... finishing and you were looking around at everybody. My heart beat rapidly. GR: Very good. You see, we have five senses. Some are visual, some are more audial, some have the sense of touch, feeling, more developed, some people have the sense of smell more developed. So mostly the sense of feeling is normally well developed in all people. And what you felt... is the energy that is going through me to all around and to everyone... and you felt that. And feeling that heat naturally will make your heart palpitate. [???] How many of you have felt the calm, peace, warmth within yo urself? Practically everyone. Good. It is the energy that is radiated it is not my energy it is the energy of Divinity that is brought into this room by me merging away into Him. That is how a person lives doubly or in duality where you live the life of an ordinary human being, and yet encapture the entirety of the Divine. And you live that simultaneously. Ordinary human being that does everything everyone else does. And yet, you have incorporated the divine essence, even in your ordinariness. Tha t's what it is. Next. Yes, Ken.

4. U S 83 - 46 Ken: [Inaudible] like I was boxed or knocked about. Almost like a prize fighter. [Other chela also talking. Can't distinguish words] GR: Very good. Wake up, wake up. [Laughter] Very good. It is an awakening. Ch ela: There was a deep well, like a coffee pot, but I was also in a tunnel going down to it. Suddenly the wall broke [Inaudible] bowing down before you and you told me to rise and I rose. We didn't touch each other, we just stood there together. GR: B eautiful. Break that coffee pot. Break it! Break the walled in heart and let the love expand and flow to wherever it wants to flow. Same Chela: [Inaudible] Gururaj asks how she was dressed. You may have gone to past life. Chela: I was dark skinn ed, like an American Indian... a white shirt.... Twice... well, there were many things that happened but twice the same kind of thing happened. I could feel the energy pulsing from you, but it was almost like I saw gold coming from you and it would go in to different planes. It was like it solarized, and then it would turn into you. And it would pulse and faces would pass over you. I saw you with a Cubs outfit on and several different things. And the second different time the same thing happened. And then later they were talking about the shock, but I felt it was like a pulse going all the way through me, you know, like it was just pulsing inside of me for quite a long time. And there was definitel y a kind of gold. I'm almost still seeing that around you. GR: Now most people do have the experience. Remember it just does not... The emanation which people call aura in occult language, that emanation, it does not only extend to this room. It goes much, much, much further. So many things have changed in this whole area now. If we could but have the means to do a survey, there might be a husband and wife quarreling and they just stopped. Or some... accidents have been averted. Because this energy is always beneficial. And it is very powerful [Inaud ible] Thanks to Linda and David, of course, for unknowingly helping the entire area here.

5. U S 83 - 46 Chela: I saw your face change too. And it seemed to look like George Washington at one point. GR: How many saw me with a long beard? How many saw me as a young boy? [Various chela responses] Chela: I noticed like a receding of age. You looked really youthful. GR: You see, in this process of going to that higher source, you go back through all the various lifetimes that you have lived. So people have seen m e with different faces, different ways... perhaps an approximation of some of the lifetimes I have lived... Chela: I saw your face mushed [laughter] Not a face, kind of... GR: I have been hit around in some lifetimes teaching the word of God. Hit around, boxed around, tortured. I've gone through all that. Chela: I saw it and then I started thinking, it went away, and I let myself see it... changes. GR: When you teac h truth over many, many lifetimes you go through so many hardships. You do, oh yes. But the truth that you have discovered in you must find its expression. So you share the truth that you have discovered, and that is why you take birth. Most people are forced into taking another birth. They have to take another birth in order to complete their karma. I'm different. I take birth at will. When things are going wrong, when evil is rising, then I take birth to d o some work. That's the only difference. Chela: Guruji. I had a certain amount of anxiety. I felt like I was being drawn in, and I got kind of afraid. I was tryin g to remind myself to just relax and flow with it. Like being caught in a current you just relax and go with it, not fight it. Bu t I was having trouble. GR: Yes, that would happen to most people if say God suddenly took form and appeared to you. You would be very afraid. One is always afraid of the unknown until you start knowing the unknown, until the seeds of the unknown are

6. U S 83 - 46 pl anted in you. That is going to be the title of the book these two girls are editing: The Seeds of the Unknown. I give you the seeds, plant them in your garden of life. [Other inaudible chela comments] Chela: I feel afraid. GR: That I won't come back ? Chela: Yes. GR: Of course, I would. Chela: But, isn't it dangerous for you? GR: No. Nothing is dangerous. Never heard of the word. If you are fearless, how could you know of danger? How about one of you girls making me cup of tea? Would you do that? [Various chela comments and chatting] GR: What have you seen? Chela: A number four. GR: A number four? Yes. Well, put it on the next race. And lose all your money. Chela: It disappeared. GR: Yes, you spread peace to the four corners of the world. That's how I would put it. But astrology and numerology, I don't believe in. There is some little science, but it is not an accurate science. Yes. So an astrologer.... Astrology is only

7. U S 83 - 46 as g ood as the astrologer, and numerology is only as good as the numerologist because it is more an intuitive thing... you don't even need to work out charts. You look at a person and see the whole life story, the whole pattern. It's been lovely being togethe r. **** END ****


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