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2. U S 83 - 5 children. The whites had plenty of homes for spastic children. I'm talking of the country where I come from. And then he left this world. Lata was very heart sore that this should happen. So I put her through meditation, and I went into meditation myself. I says, let's find the cause of this because the children after Rashmeed, that was his name, after Rashmeed the other children have a very, very high IQ. The IQ of a genius, the other three. Why this one? Why this particul ar child? And through our meditations, myself, Lata, and of course my guru, we found the answer. That he was just on the verge of becoming self realized and he just needed this one little hurdle, this one experience of being born in a semi mindless state , to reach and merge away into Divinity. So why should you analyze your brother's problem? It is there. Accept it. And the best you can do, to repeat again, is to send to him prayers of peace. And I explained to you on the course how one should pray fo r someone that is not well day before yesterday, or something like that. Do that, for it will bring peace to you as well. Hm? Next. Over there, okay. Sorry, Ken. VOICE: Gururaj, do you think that all disease can be cured? GURURAJ: No disease can b e cured. No doctor can cure any disease, that's what I'm trying to say. You cure it yourself. A doctor gives medicines that would expedite the cure. A guru works, for example, if you don't go to a medical man, a guru works on your subtle body that has all these vortexes of energy. And when these vortexes of energy which are called chakras are not functioning in harmony, or there are certain imbalances there, or the energy flow is not proper, then in the subtle body by instilling a spiritual force into the person not me, I'm only a channel but drawing on universal energies and instilling it into the person brings out this balance which would naturally reflect in the physical body. And when that is reflected, the body is healed. Now, this brings us to a question which has been asked to me many times before. Perhaps I might have not spoken about it to you. They say, Guruji, you heal people around the world. People with cancer get healed. People with terminal diseases, people that has been in armchai rs for thirteen years, it is all documented, and start walking and things like this. And yet, you, Guruji, you suffer with heart trouble and cancer and diabetes and why, why don't you heal yourself? Physician heal thyself you know the old saying. I say that is rubbish, because as soon as a spiritual teacher starts thinking of himself, immediately he develops his ego. And when that ego because of thinking of one's self, the spiritual flow is blocked. That is why you will find....

3. U S 83 - 5 Jesus was a very, very sick man. Very few of you know this. Ramakrishna, the great sage at the turn of the century; Raman Maharshi suffered of cancer, Vivekananda was sick, very, very, ill. For three years he suffered and suffered. [Ramtersa?]] suffered with severe asth ma, and all that. Because they can heal themselves, but they won't because to them the body is not important. If this body drops away, fine. We'll pick up another one if we need to at any given moment of time. So they are not concerned with their own p ersonal bodies. They're concerned of the spiritual flow that could flow through them to others for their benefit. Do you see. But one thing is sure, that any disease can be cured. And the body has such wonderful mechanisms that if they are stimulated in the right way the cure would begin by itself by the balance of energies. And all doctors today.... Some years ago they said that forty percent of your physical ailments are due to the mind. Then they said sixty percent, and now they say a hundred percen t of your physical ailments are due to your mind. But then when I go to seminars, like we had one in South Africa Johannesburg last year sometime. It was the International Conference of Psychiatrists and I had to address them. Of course I spoke from the spiritual angle. And I told them that, "Okay, you've reached the level of the mind, but it goes further back to the samskaric level." Then, of course, I went into a deep explanation of what samskaras are, and how they effect the conscious mind, which , in turn, reflects itself in the physical body. So all these cures can come about, yeah. Next. And talking of cures, people are always afraid of old age. You've heard of Alex Dumas, the great author. No? Alex Dumas? No? Alexander Dumas? VOICE: Th e three musketeers? [COMMENTS FROM AUDIENCE] GURURAJ: Yeah. A very famous name. And he lived to a very ripe old age, really. And someone asked him that, "How do you grow old so gracefully?" And Alexander Dumas replied, "Because I give my time to it. " Ah. Do you see. Next. VOICE: I've read in... I can't say exactly where, but when people talk about being enlightened, or whatever, they say there's a moment when enlightenment comes. Sometimes it's described, you know, as an instantaneous type of experience. Have you had tha t... I mean, was there a point in your life where you had, you were going along the path and then had an experience, or a time when you feel like you...

5. U S 83 - 5 You know, there was a little boy, and the father was reprimanding the little boy. And the father said, "Do you know what happens to liars when they die?" So the boy replied, "They lie still." [LAUGHTER] Next question. Yes. VOICE: Guruji, through your teachings you've given us a lot of tools for dealing with all the major upsets of life. GURURAJ: Um hm. VOICE: But at the moment I seem to be finding that what gives me the most, sort of, negative input, I just, little exasperating things, frustrating things. Then I get very frustrated, as my husband will testify. But what can we do like if we are ge tting ready to go out and we put down our keys for a second and then we turn around and can't feed them. Little things. GURURAJ: Very good. Get more exasperated. Good for you. VOICE: Are you sure? [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Yes. VOICE: It's good for h er. It's just not good for you. GURURAJ: Yes. Do you think all medicines that cure are sweet? Some of them are very bitter, like quinine for fever. They are bitter. And in the first place, you can't find the keys whose fault is it? VOICE: Mine. GURURAJ: Right. Fine. There you are. Why have you not been aware? Why have you been absent minded or non minded or whatever? And yet, it's not important. True. So you didn't go out. You might have averted something else that might have been more ex asperating. So how about... Okay, we're not going out, we can't find the keys. Hm? So sit

6. U S 83 - 5 together, hand in hand... [LAUGHTER] And enjoy. Enjoy the love. And then that exasperation will disappear, because I know the two of you are like love birds, coo ing away all the time. [LAUGHTER] Huh, right? VOICE: Yes, except when she gets exasperated. GURURAJ: So exasperation or disappointment, disillusionment we spoke about, hm, it is our mental thought. We become so predetermined that I want to go and se e this particular film or show, I don't know any of the names here. What are the shows running here: Gandhi, Deep Throat, what all... [MUCH LAUGHTER] I study America, don't you worry. I study the American mind, yes. Hm. Good. So you don't go. You si t at home, hold each other in each other's arms and just float away. Sometimes think of Guruji, what he says. That helps also. So you don't need to be exasperated. Exasperation can be turned to exhilaration. Right. Next. Mm. Alright. VOICE: Kind o f going along this same train of thought, today I was talking with some people about some self help organizations that are around experiential. And I know in my life, and I would imagine or I would guess it's true of a lot of lives, especially here in Am erica... GURURAJ: Yes, you are helping them their bank balance, yeah. Carry on. VOICE: Yeah. It requires things like expressing my feelings, expressing... well, just communicating in general to people. When I was brought up I was kind of taught to re spect people, but not really communicate with them and feel equal with them. GURURAJ: Yes, I do understand. You have such movements like, EST and gestalt and... VOICE: And Lifespring, things like that. GURURAJ: And things like that. VOICE: And I r eceived a lot of benefit by taking...

7. U S 83 - 5 GURURAJ: Yes. Good. Very good. God bless you, my son. You have received... VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] you look in the mirror and you see faults, try to deal with them. GURURAJ: Very good. If you find that you have received benefit, very good. But also examine to yourself that is this benefit permanent or is it temporary? I could now, with a touch on your forehead, put you into total exhilaration. But I won't. You'r e not ready for it. Right. And if I do that, that very thing within yourself, lack of communication, plus, plus, plus, will express itself in a different form. So I will not be doing you a favor. If a child is in form one and I promote him to form five , am I doing the child a favor? No. I want him to go through form one, form two, form three, form...until he reaches form five. That is self help, not bombasting the mind. And... I know about EST. I know about all these guys. They first start off by t elling you, you're a whole lot of... don't want to use that word. VOICE: The thing I took wasn't like that. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: I've read a book on it on EST. VOICE: Yes, but EST and Life... they're different. They're not... GURURAJ: Of course. So you're self realized now, so be happy. [LAUGHTER] Look, the spiritual path is a path for heroes. Not for instant seekers, where you go to a weekend seminar and they promise you that you are a transformed person. How do you know you're not a deforme d person, instead of a transformed person, and put into a temporary euphoria? And you feel a little up there now, and tomorrow you drop down lower. So in the spiritual path... If these littl e weekend seminars for which you pay two, three, four, five hun dred dollars if they had any validity, then the whole of America would be enlightened tomorrow. And why is there so much suffering in America? The greatest amount of juvenile delinquency is in America. You have magazines displayed on your book stands, bo okstalls pre teen porn. Can you imagine that? Hm? Right. In America out of every two and a half marriages one ends up in divorce. Why? And yet, you have all the movements here. As I said this morning or yesterday, I read about five hundred, a thous and ads in a tabloid, newspaper, on these movements. Why? What help has been given? What has been done? You are helping the man that starts the business. Yes. I know a lot of them.

8. U S 83 - 5 I know of two people that are very close to me that wanted to be th eir own bloody bosses and took me for a ride; of course, financially speaking, not otherwise. And started their own thing in another country, which I sent them Look, that's good for you, go there. Hm? So what they do? They have my picture plastered up all over the place, all my tapes that they gathered together are played to their people. Fine. All techniques which I had given mantras, for example, to people. One young... two young ladies came to England to Robert and Janet Ward that runs our Londo n center, central London center. We have other centers in England as well. And these ladies heard of British Meditation Society and went there. And the initiation forms came to me. And, of course, there's one question there: What mantra are you using at the moment? So I found it was a mantra that they, these people, had given which I had previously given to someone that is about sixty five years old and of a totally different status of evolution. Emotionally, totally different. And these young girls w ere using it, and were feeling absolutely terrible. So they sought out Robert and Janet Ward, and of course I changed the whole program around for them. And yet, these very people that are supposed to be very close to me they sent out a newsletter last y ear to people, "Last year we made $480,000." Half a million bucks. So, it is a business. That's what they're doing. They do not know what they're doing. They are adding so much karma to themselves, and they're harming people. And, as the American say ing goes, a sucker's born every minute. So they look for the suckers. And that hurts me. If you can't do good to anyone, please don't do the person harm. Stay away. There are millions of other ways of making a living. Be truthful, be sincere and know your job. Know your job. Like this doctor, he phones farmer Brown and he says, "Farmer Brown, I'm not coming to your place any more." So farmer Brown says, "But, doctor, why?" He says, "Every time I come to your place, farmer Brown, your ducks insult m e." [LAUGHTER] Quack, quack. You see. So you have these quacks in the world. You have them, and especially when they're smooth talking ones glib tongued. You know? They do these things. While with me, I don't pull any punches. If I have to kick y our backside, I will do it. Because I will do it for your benefit and not mine. You see. Yes. So you find all this. The crime rate in America. Huh? I've read reports that in California youngsters of eleven, twelve, group together and beat up their teac hers in school. Youngsters of twelve, thirteen, in pinched cars go on the road and just shoot up anyone that they see in the street. VOICE: Those are the good kids. GURURAJ: Those are the good kids. [LAUGHTER] So if all these movements (tell me, fo r the sake of goodness) if all these movements are doing some good, why is all this happening here? Are they doing any good? You see. There's

9. U S 83 - 5 your criteria. There's your barometer. Hm? Right. So don't fall for these.... We have a simple path on how to find Divinity; and find that. The tools are given, use them, practice them, and you yourself will know by yourself if they are beneficial to you or not. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating, not how pretty it looks. VOICE: Guruji, you were talk ing before about... GURURAJ: Oh, sorry. VOICE: You want me to ask a question? VOICE: Alright. Mine is a very deep, philosophical one. [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: [WHISPERING] Oh, dear me. VOICE: Might as well give your trivial [INAUDIBLE] [and save it for the end?] [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Sid! VOICE: There are only two married couples attending this seminar. What do you think accounts for it? GURURAJ: Two married couples attending this. .. VOICE: Seminar. Only two. What do you [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Well, perhaps the others are trying to find partners [LAUGHS]. Doesn't matter. There's no reason for that. No reason for that. It does not need to mean that two people, a husband and wife, would be interested in the same subject. It is not necessary. If they were you'd have a lesser percentage of divorces in this country. Right. Meanwhile, there are other considerations also. With some, I know many people that wrote to me and say s, "Guruji, I'd like to come to the course, unfortunately I can't leave my job. I can't get time off." Others write to me that, you know, financially I j ust can't make it. And many people have many reasons. Now, sometimes the husband sends the wife, or the wife sends the

10. U S 83 - 5 husband. It could be because the husband loves the wife so much and says, "Look, you want to do this, my love, go. I'll look after the kids." So there are many factors. You can't pinpoint it down, because everything is a... every per son is a different person and everyone has their own circumstances and what have you. So that's not important. I'm not important in husbands and wives. Everyone are individuals. Individuals are important. Because the wife could never evolve for you, a nd you could never evolve for her. But it's nice to walk hand and hand especially on a moonlit night [LAUGHS]. You know this vicar... you call it a vicar here, a church minister? Vicar? VIDYA: Usually minister or priest. GURURAJ: Oh. Well, in Engla nd, you know, that's an English... A vicar saw an old lady pushing up a pram up the hill. And the vicar, the minister, being a very kind hearted person, went up to this old lady and said, "Madam, can I help you push up the pram?" Perambulator? Baby carr iage. Baby carriage. Could help to push it up. So the minister helped to push up the baby carriage up the hill. So after that was done, the old woman said, "Thank you very much, sir." So the minister said, "As a reward, can I kiss the baby?" So the old woman says, "What baby? This is my old man's beer I went to fetch from the bottle store." [LAUGHTER] Always wear something long when you sit in front of me. Doesn't matter. [LAUGHTER] Here's my hankie, you can cover your... [LAUGHTER] This could help, because I see that your bikinis in America are not even as big as this. VOICE: You spoke briefly before about the dangers of regular hugging and people giving off their vibrations and all that kind of [???]. [INAUDIBLE] difficulty [INAUDIBLE] a l ittle baby who is held by different people and loved? GURURAJ: No, none whatsoever. There are certain people here, for example, who I have put on these special practices to regulate their vibratory status. And I have asked them to avoid hugging. But ge nerally that is not the rule. It is a special practice, where I'm putting them through a certain process of refinement. Where I tell them do not hug and pick up other people's vibrations. That's something different altogether. But baby, uh! Who cannot h old your baby and stop loving it? Tell me? Isn't that a good vibration? Yeah. No, no problem. Next. NIRMALA: Guruji, you suggest that I ask you [??????] between animals, the cruelty to animals, especially in these so called scientific experiments. And the way to fix people. You said you would tell us something about it.

11. U S 83 - 5 GURURAJ: Yes. Um hm. Someti mes we have to use a lesser evil for a greater good. I'm against the killing of animals because they too are souls, though of course, much lessly evolved than humans. And I'm against the killing of animals for experimentation. But at this present stage o f the world's knowledge, if it is necessary, and if through that certain discoveries could be made to help humans... Let's use a simple example of rats, you know, a thousand rats are killed and something is found there that would help people with cancer, h m? Of course a human being is more evolved than a rat, is worth sacrificing the thousand rats. Yah. But my objection is this, they're doing this experimentally without any knowledge or direction. That is my main objection. There's one kind of operation they do on human beings laparotomy? Laparotomy, is that the word? VOICES: Lobotomy? Laparotomy just means opening the abdomen. GURURAJ: Yeah, right. When the doctor cannot find what's wrong, then they open up the person to probe into it. Hm? Surge ry. Now, time will come most probably.... Now, operating this person to find out what's wrong inside might kill that person, so they're just experimenting! And that's as far as medical science goes. You are just a human guinea pig. That is as far as med ical science goes today. And I pray that may they progress to help people more. And then they would answer me that we got to do these experiments to find out how we can help. I wish it was rather like the pickles we find in the shops, supermarkets: mild , hot, very hot. You'd know what you are buying. Unfortunately it is not so. So it's a process that's going on, which is unfortunate the killing of these poor innocent animals. What can you do, huh? What can you do? VOICE: Tell us... [END SIDE ONE ] VOICE: ...it's psychic surgery that you don't know about or care about. GURURAJ: That is another big hoax. Like Swami Vishnu Devananda called Maharishi with his levitation thing, "The Great Himalayan Hoax." This psychic surgery is another hoax. You've heard of slight of hand. A magician sawing a

12. U S 83 - 5 woman in half and it looks so real, the woman is sawn in half. Here in Las Vegas when I came last time, my hosts and hostesses took me to see a show, Sigmund, Roy, hm... VOICE: Siegfried and... GURUR AJ: Siegfried, yeah, whatever. "Beyond Belief." And he made motor cars disappear on the stage and elephants disappear and all these things. I know how they are done. Right. Hoax. There's no truth in psychic surgery at all. Because the psyche of a pe rson is at such a fine level (the psyche means nothing else than the subtle body), it is at such a fine level that they cannot draw out fatty tissues from your system and show it to you. These are all plants. They plant these things, and then draw it out and say, "Ah, you see. This was your problem." This is nothing better than olden time witch doctors. I remember I was about fourteen years old, and one woman was having some mental problems. Then they took her to this witch doctor. I don't remember hi s name but he was a witch doctor. I don't know which doctor but he was a witch doctor. [CHUCKLES] Good. And I wanted to witness this. And they said it can only be done after midnight. So I insisted. And I went. Actually, I ran away from home to see th e process. So this witch doctor told this person that, "You got to bring a fat hen." So this woman...well, there were a few people around with her, they took this fat hen and the witch doctor took the hen into the river, it was at the river side, and cut off its neck and then brought it back to this woman and showed it. "You see, this hen does not bleed. And because of this process I've made the blood of the hen to rejuvenate your mind and body and you'll be well." Later, when I studied this subject, I found it to be just pure, simple, cheap psychology. Because there is a chemical that can be rubbed on that will stop the blood from coming out. But to this illiterate woman it seemed so real that you cut off the neck of a hen and it doesn't bleed. Meanw hile, this witch doctor must have had a good chicken dinner. [LAUGHTER] Do you see. And that is what psychiatrists do today, and psychologists. They don't know what they are doing. I beg your pardon. But if there is any benefit that could be achieved, by all means, whichever way. In the outlands... (Is it? Whose recorder is that? Oh, uh huh.) VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: In the outlands of the villages of India in those years things are more advanced now but there in those villages the barber' s wife used to act as a midwife. So when a woman is pregnant the barber's wife is called to deliver the baby. Fine. And when the barber's wife sees the status of the person wealthy people, fine she'll act accordingly. So she

13. U S 83 - 5 would say, "There is a com plication here with the birth and the baby might not be alive, might be still born, so we got to call the [buwa?], which is the witch doctor. So the witch doctor comes, you know, with a brush, you know, like Muktananda, you know. Yah. Yes, they use that brushes. It's called [peechee?] in the Eastern languages [peechee?]. Right. So he comes with a [peechee?] and waves the [peechee?] and the child gets born very healthy. Now, what happens here is this, that the midwife, which is called [dayon?] in th e Eastern languages, and the [buwa?], the witch doctor, work hand in hand. Naturally, the [dayon?], or the midwife, has to be paid, and the witch doctor has to be paid and they share the deal. Isn't that happening today, where a doctor refers you to a sp ecialist and gets a kickback? I know it's happening, because I know so many specialists and I know so many of the doctors. I don't say all. We have honest guys like Robin, but that's besides the point. Do you see. So what better are they with all thei r degrees spending seven, eight, ten years in university, than that barber's wife who's a midwife, and that witch doctor who could hardly even read? Same thing is happening all the time. And we talk that we are so technologically advanced, huh. It has h elped not an iota. And therefore the best thing to do is to dive deep within oneself and find for yourself that inner peace and joy with some guidance. It doesn't help, discard it. That's how it works. Next question. You know, this bishop of London c ame to visit America. And he was very interested in the American language, like I am Americanese, he was very interested. And he learned some of the phrases; like he used to tell his driver, you know, when he was in a hurry, "Step on the gas." In Engla nd you say, "Come on, go faster, James." You know. Here you say step on the gas. Hm. So he learned some of these Americanisms. But when he went back to England, the Bishop of London, his superior is the Bishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of Canterbur y, he couldn't find the guts to say, "Okay, Chief." [LAUGHTER] Good. Next question. VOICE: Would you touch a bit on the kundalini force? GURURAJ: Oh, I've made a set, Edith Lewis, I've made a set of two tapes on the kundalini and perhaps you can get them from Mary Beth. And that is another big hoax perpetrated upon people the kundalini, down the spinal column, and at the bottom the mulad hara chakra, where there is a snake, a serpent, three and a half coils and you do a practice and you waken up the serpent, the snake, so he creeps up your... [LAUGHTER] the sushumna. Sushumna, yes, I know. Yeah. And as it creeps up you have all these ot her chakras that are lotuses. And as they go up, the lotuses open up. They're drooping at first, and then... [LAUGHTER]

14. U S 83 - 5 VOICE: Six o'clock. GURURAJ: [LAUGHTER] Half past six. Yeah, they're drooping at half past six and then they, you know, go up to twelve o'clock, you know. They wake up and then it goes to, that serpent creeps up more and more to the next chakra, and the next chakra, and the next chakra, and the next chakra until it reaches your head. To the thousand petaled lotus, and you're enli ghtened! Blah, blah. [LAUGHTER] No. The spinal cord is an extension of your brain. So your brain is just not only in the head, but through the medulla and what have you, is an extension down the spinal column. Fine. Now, in the brain including the spi nal column, there are vortexes of energies, and those vortexes of energies help to activate the various organs in the body. And those particular vortexes, call them chakras it doesn't matter, whatever name is a name. A rose is still a rose by whichever n ame you call it Shakespeare. Right. Yeah. Nevertheless, I don't want to tell you about Shakespeare. So these various vortexes of energies that are not functioning in a proper way can be energized. And by bringing it into harmony with the other vortexe s of energy a greater balance occurs in you. But this story of those lotuses there, and not only that, not only the lotuses, each chakra is symbolized by a circle or a triangle or a square, and in that square there is a goddess. Right. And then with the g oddess there are certain colors involved. And things like that. And all these goddesses ride on different kinds of vehicles, one on an elephant, and one on a tiger, and all that. Now, this we can accept if it is used symbolically. Do you see. That you have the strength of an elephant in you. You have the viciousness of a tiger in you. If it's understood in its proper context, then there's validit y. Otherwise, kundalini yoga as it is taught today is a hoax. But all these various vortexes of energies can be activated and brought into synchronization, and there's no serpent coiled three and a half times there. You know children get these worms in their stomach. What do you call it, doctor? VOICE: Hookworm. Tapeworm. GURURAJ: Hookworm. Tapeworm . Yeah. Perhaps that could be there, yes. VOICE: Pinworm. GURURAJ: Yah. And you give them a certain kind of medicine and they excrete it out, which is more healthier than practicing kundalini yoga. [LAUGHTER]

15. U S 83 - 5 Next question. Yeah, I'll tell you abo ut this woman whose husband used to smoke cigars, hm, whose husband was very fond of cigars. And he used to smoke cigars every day, you know those big ones that cost one pound each. Very expensive like Charles, hm? So his birthday was coming, and I was speaking to his wife, which is his wife, and I said, "What did you get for Charles' birthday?" So she says, "I bought him a hundred cigars." I said, "Those big ones!" She says, "Yes, those big ones." I said, "A pound each! A hundred pounds! That's a lot of money." So she says, "No, I got them for nothing." I says, "Have you got an uncle in the business?" She says, "No." I said, "Then how did you get a hundred cigars for nothing?" So she tells me that, "He smokes cigars every day and quite a numb er of them. And every day I used to take one or two out of the box." [LAUGHTER] "And he didn't notice it. So when his birthday came I had a hundred cigars, you know, wrapped it up nicely and gave it to him as his birthday present. And he was so deligh ted and happy in knowing that his wife bought the right type of cigar that he smoked." [LAUGHTER] Next question. VOICE: I don't know if this can be a short question. I would like to hear you talk about love. And maybe about the different kinds. And I don't know if you can do it in a short time. GURURAJ: No, it would be difficult. And, meanwhile, I think I've made over a dozen tapes on love. So get them. You know, I would like to... look, I don't mind talking about it again. VOICE: I think its j ust that I need to hear you. GURURAJ: I don't mind talking about it, but with me... you know, I've covered thousands of subjects and I think I've made over three thousand tapes, and I'd like to talk of new things all the time instead of repetitions. B ecause eventually, as the people have worked out the talks so far, there's enough material to cover fifty volumes of five hundred pages each. So the more the new stuff I can get, the more better. Yes, sometimes... VOICE: Well, tell us something you haven't told us before about love then. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Uh, love. I don't love anyone. I don't love anyone. I am love! Because to love someone is a projection of your own mind, the ideal we spoke about the oth er day. The projection of your own mind. Oh, she's pretty. She's got lovely legs. She's got nice eyes. She's got beautiful lips. You're projecting a certain ideal. Fine. And then that ideal could be... because stemming from your mind... and then ma rrying or whatever you'll find that the person does not live up

16. U S 83 - 5 to your own projected ideal. And then it ends in disaster. Now, I always say this, that as soon as you can analyze love, then it is not love. Because love is something that does not come fro m the mind or the brain. It defies all analysis. Love comes from deep within. Love is indefinable, because God is love and love is God and how can you define the Divine? Hm? Right. Love is a happening that just occurs without involving the object. L ove is a direction to an object, not an idealization of an object according to your own mental standards, according to your own conceptions. So to love a man or to love a woman totally and merge into that person, you merge into Divinity. For who is lovin g who? You are not loving him and he is not loving her. What is happening that through your heart, through your own inner self, God is expressed, Divinity is expressed, and Divinity merges into Divinity. Because in the first place there was no separatio n. That is love. Do you see. I love my wife because she is so pretty or because she is this, or my husband is this or that. That is projection. I love for the sake of love, until I am love until I realize my Divine self, which is non else but love. D o you see. So there are processes to reach this stage. It could start with a physical attraction. It could start with a mental attract ion people think alike and have the same tastes. But it has to go deeper. Because the physical attraction could cha nge. You marry a very, very pretty woman and in a few months time she'll just be a woman. You'll forget the prettiness and vice versa. So is that love? You get mentally attracted to a person, fine, because you have similar tastes. Your tastes can chang e. Then where is love? It's not love infatuation. Love knows no need. When you say to your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife, I need you, you are giving yourself away. You are not loving. Because need implies dependence, and when you love so meone, you are not dependent on that someone. Because love is an offering, it's a giving. My cup runneth over; that's love. Hm. It does not depend on need. You are not dependent. So the process can start with dependency. Start anywhere. And then the dependency becomes interdependency. And after interdependency the higher stage is total independency. So you start with dependency, into interdependency and then total independentness. And you just flower with love. Be like the flowers. The flower do es not need to give you fragrance. It is the nature of the flower to exude this fragrance. That is love. Do you see. And everyone has that. I see so much love in each and every one of you here. You're bubbling over it, but not using it, unfortunately. It is there. Because you are love. You don't need to love. Love is not a mental projection. You are it. Once you uncover who you really are, then you will answer that great, great, great question, which no one else can answer for you: who am I? And the realization will dawn that I am love, and love is Divinity itself. Hm? Okay. I can go on for hours on that, because I l ive it all the time. Do you know this... Huh? VOICE: We need a break.

1. U S 83 - 5 RAPID FIRE GURURAJ: Yes, ma'am. VOICE: My brother was recently in a car accident and he was brain damaged, and he's not functioning at all. GURURAJ: Good. Why didn't you bring him here to me? VOICE: And before he went into the accident he was involved in a lot of things that involv ed himself and other people. So when I go to pray for him, I find that I am real stuck because I have fear of praying to make him well if he's going to come back and continue the way he was going. And yet I feel like, what right do I have to say he doesn 't have a right to live a karma that seems like it's hurting himself and others. I don't know what to pray for. You know, maybe that's what he's supposed to be doing is being brain damaged. I don't know. GURURAJ: I understand. Well, you've just been initiated yesterday, and as you go on in your meditations you will find your mind becoming much, much more calmer. And in that calm state of mind... don't pray for anything in particular. Pray for his well being. It's that simple. Let him be well. He has had brain damage. If we had to bring him here, perhaps we could have done something about it. We have Dr. Robin here and we could have done the ohm electrode treatment on his brain. But him not being here... I... if you have a picture of him with y ou I could meditate on him tonight. Give it to me if you have one. Otherwise, post a picture to me. Otherwise, ask him to come to the course in California in August. Hm. August, okay. And perhaps something can be done. But meanwhile pray for his well being. For praying for someone else's well being, remember, you are adding to your own well being, because you are drawing yourself out from inside yourself and offering it to someone else: be it brother, mother, sister, friend, anyone. It's all you ca n do. And if he reverts back to his old habits, doesn't matter. You have done your best. That's important. You see. And that will give you a greater sense of peace; that I have done my best and if it does not help, what more can I do, my Lord. Would t hat thought not bring peace to you? That's what you need. Your worry is because your peace has been disturbed. Who knows? Perhaps he needs that brain damage. My first son was born spastic. If he was alive he would have been about thirty years old no w. Perhaps your age. And he lived for about nearly five years. And Lata, who's my wife, went through absolute hell looking after a spastic child. Twent y four hours attendance on the child. Now, me being non white, at that time they had no facilities a t all for non white spastic

4. U S 83 - 5 GURURAJ: Yes. That is true. VOICE: I don't really know how to say it. GURURAJ: I know what you m ean. I know what you mean. You don't need to explain it. Yes, I know. This happened at the age of fifteen when I went into meditation with my master. But, of course, there was a lot of preparation involved for that moment; therefore, he ignored me for so many, many months. When I was at college I had a lot of rich young friends who used to invite me here and there come spend the vacation at our home and what have you. But, no. I'd rather go and trudge around in the Himalayas to be with my guru inst ead of going to have a nice time having a ball. Is that what you say here? Hm? Yah. So that one day he said to me suddenly, "Come, let's meditate." And we went into meditation. Two hours went by, and it seemed like two minutes after I came out of it , and since that day everything is covered in a golden haze. Even now, here golden haze. Many times I sit and speak to you, I don't even see your faces. I see blobs of light; some dim, some bright. That's all. So enlightenment can come instantaneousl y if you are prepared. As I said during the week that the time spent making the candle and making the matches, but to light it like that. And when you meet these people that talk of enlightenment, they don't know what it is. I've heard of some person h ere in California who used to call himself Atmananda or something. Now, he calls himself Rama. VOICE: That's right. GURURAJ: Yeah, and all that. I haven't read much about him, but I saw a little pamphlet where he claims to be the incarnation of som e Zen master and the incarnation of this and the incarnation of that and the incarnation of that. I would ask him if I see him, "Prove it to me," because I would know. I will sit there and meditate on him and tell him his fortune. So just don't fall for these tricks. As I said the other day, "Ask yourself what benefit am I gaining by being with any particular teacher? Am I getting greater understanding of myself? Is my life becoming more peaceful? If my life is not peaceful, am I forced to face in th e mirror and look at my faults so that I could do something about it?" And things like that. Am I on the path? Am I progressing? These are the questions to be asked. And a lot of these guys you find around, as I said, you know they... since Maharishi c ame here to America in the sixties, this gurudom business has really taken off. It's become a new field of business. Hm? And a lot of it is not true.

17. U S 83 - 5 GURURAJ: You need a break? Oh. [I try?] to go on. Quar ter to. Yeah. So it's been an hour and three quarters really. Hm, really? Oh, fine. Yeah, it gives me a rest. Lovely. I enjoy so every moment of it, because I love. I am it. **** END ****


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