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6. U S 83 - 6 VOICE: I don't know.... I saw, kept seeing a white ligh t. It was like it was [?????] and I would feel it come. GURURAJ: Coming to you, yeah. VOICE: And it would get this chakra, right here. GURURAJ: Right where? I can't see. VOICE: This [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Manipura, uh huh. VOICE: And I kept hearing, and I've never repeated his name before, and yet I kept hearing Pavitranandaji, Pavitranandaji. GURURAJ: Didn't I tell you he's always with me? [LAUGHS] He's not dead. Yeah, very valid. Very valid. Now, you first felt the radiation at the manipura chakra, and the radiation became so strong that it reflected up to the other chakras. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] feeling of being lifted up really high. I would get so high I would have to come down because I would float away if I [INA UDIBLE]. GURURAJ: Aw, lovey, we don't want that. Did any of you see me rising up from the chair? VOICE: I saw your bottom dissolve, so that virtually just your head was left. GURURAJ: Head was left, right. You too?

9. U S 83 - 6 VOICE: Guru? GURURAJ: Um hm. VOICE: There was one other thing that I wasn't...well, I'll [try?] not to do any [INAUDIBLE]. It's like...almost like a phantom figure. I don't know how to descr ibe it very well. It was around, just kind of around, floating around. GURURAJ: Yeah, that's my subtle body you saw. You see, it has no substance, the subtle body, you see, in the sense of we knowing a substance, you know, tangible. You want to say som ething, huh? VOICE: Yeah, I couldn't actually see your face above your mouth, but I had my eyes [INAUDIBLE]. And then I found that [INAUDIBLE] felt just beautiful. I mean, my body just felt so peaceful, and I felt such a very deep sense of happiness an d just pure contentment. GURURAJ: Beautiful. How many of you felt a very deep sense of calm inside and peace, hm? Practically everyone, yes. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE]...started changing and I felt you were taking me back through time. GURURAJ: Time, that' s right. Oh, I wish I could hold your hands and take you on this journey. Ah, I would love it. You will. You will. You will. And you, too. VOICE: Are you sure we didn't go with you [INAUDIBLE]? GURURAJ: [LAUGHS] You were saying something, Robin? ROBIN: I was just going to say that [?] neck and [?] chin got kind of... GURURAJ: Numb?

10. U S 83 - 6 ROBIN: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Oh. Uh huh. ROBIN: ...that purplish color of a [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE]. GURURAJ: Um hm. Well, people go through all kinds of experiences, really. You know depending upon their perceptions and feelings. But one thing is sure that all of you here are touched by that Divine energy. Your life could never be the same again. It's Him, not me. I'm just a little vehicle flesh a nd blood. TO IAN: And you want to tell me something? Yes. Come on. [KISS] You want to tell me something, hm? That's it. That's lovely. Pull me away. Pull me away. [LAUGHTER] Bob. BOB: Guruji, [INAUDIBLE] ...it must have been my eyes this time. A nd your whole head seemed [???] distorted. It was [??????] vision. GURURAJ: It was. Definitely, it was. As you pass through the various stages of evolution, you know, you got to pass the animal kingdom and all kinds of kingdoms, all kinds of things. So you got into that perception. Are you getting tired, my son? Hm? Okay, go to mommy. Go to mommy for a moment. Lovely. I love. VOICE: [?????] to yourself [INAUDIBLE] I don't know what you want to call it, is traveling. It's like your body wouldn' t hold together. Like it would fragment or something. GURURAJ: No, it doesn't fragmentize, but I go away. In other words, I leave the body and if you at that time, at that time if you put a knife through me I wouldn't be conscious of it. Yes, and even if you put it through me I wouldn't be conscious of it, because you are not conscious of this body when you [????] elsewhere. And the only thing that keeps this body alive is because you don't separate totally from the body because the body is also Divin e. That's why it's kept alive. VIDYA: [INAUDIBLE] a question you always forget to ask [INAUDIBLE].

1. U S 83 - 6 COMMUNION VOICE: ...about when he was born and my experience then. Because the whole...the whole, sort of, birthing process was like was like a paradigm for life and what Gururaj is really teaching us all. Because...briefly what happened was that the contractions started about one in the morning. Oh, dear. And you know that you have to relax and let go. And the first thing that happ ens is that you think, "Ooch, ow, this hurts. I've got to hang on, otherwise, it's going to hurt more." And it's very much like the way we are with our samskaras when they come up. You think, "Oops, here's a biggie," and you don't want to let it go. Yo u don't want to let go of all your negativity, because you've got it so identified with yourself if you let go of that then things are going to get worse. And so, you know, you have this pain starting and you think...what your body is telling you to do i s just, hold on, hold on. Don't let go. Don't give in, you know. And then you just start to breathe and to relax and really consciously relax your way through it, it goes away, you know. And it's just like, it's there but it 's very manageable. And wha t happened was that as we went further and further through the labor that, I just got higher and higher and it was just fantastic. And by the time we got into transition, which is, you know, when you're really sort of right up there and it's the most inte nse part... I'd said to Robin earlier, you know, "Make sure that I keep looking at you, I don't, sort of, go shut my eyes and go and get lost in all the negativity. And make sure I keep breathing." And, if fact, b y the time I got to that point, I was so just amazed by the strength and the power of what was moving through me that I was just lying with my eyes shut. And Robin said, "Shouldn't you open your eyes?" And I said, "Uh uh." And it was like being so deep in meditation that your breath just goes shallower and shallower until it's hardly there at all. And he said, "Shouldn't you be doing your breathing?" And I said, "Uh uh." And I was just completely just relaxed with this fantastic energy just, just surging through. And like I say, it's a bit like with...when we have all our problems coming up, our big blocks, our samskaras, that you want to hold on to them with the little I. And if you can just let them go, and let that energy start flowing through you, then they'll just dissolve, you know. And it was like that when I had Ian that the more I could...the small I could just sort of stand back and say, this isn't anything to do with me, it's just going on, it's just m oving through me. And it was just the most beautiful thing, you know. It was just absolutely beautiful. And Gururaj had given us...given me a chant to use through the delivery, so that was just kind of coursing along. You know sometimes we would say it out loud, sometimes it would just be sort of in the back of my mind. And tha t was kind of like the strength, you know, the support. And so I guess in short what I have to say is that, you know, "Have babies!" [LAUGHTER] It's a neat thing to do. Okay. So I think that's it. [APPLAUSE] VOICE: When's the next one?

2. U S 83 - 6 [TAPE CUTS T O GURURAJ TALKING] GURURAJ: ...from the primal atom, right through the whole process of evolution and return back to that primal atom. And as you journey across the entire universe, sparkling, scintillating, everything operating in such a beautiful prec ision, millions and millions of solar systems and galaxies that comprise the totality of all existence, and you traverse through tha t and you even go beyond the universe and you stand aside and watch its beauty. Then you go beyond. You merge away into tha t infinite source. And the whole universe with all its conflicts disappear. The contractions and the expansions, they all disappear. And you merge away into that. There is nothing but ecstasy. And as you travel through the universe, you can only cry an d be filled with awe at this great, vast glory. And you don't feel like coming back. Then when you come back and you look at all your beloveds for whom you've really taken birth, and you see their pains, their sorrows, their expectations, their suffering s and...and I wonder why. Why should this be so? If only the problems of this world would be like a boulder, a rock, that I could lift up and throw away and rid all the misery in the world. Yah. [IAN FUSSING IN BACKGROUND] Is little Ian troubling you? Bring him to me. Bring him. Bring him. Beautiful flower. Ahh, hello. Hello, hello. There they are. You like to play with them. Would anyone like to discuss their experiences, then I could explain you what they mean? Hm? See, if one starts talking , then the other starts. The first one has to start. Vidya, would you guide the hands, please? [INAUDIBLE] VOICE: What I experienced was a lot of tension and...well, tension in the stomach and chest. GURURAJ: Chest. VOICE: And it kept building and I was very nervous and I got warm. My ears are warm right now. GURURAJ: Um hm. VOICE: And I got a lump in my throat.

3. U S 83 - 6 GURURAJ: Yes. That means that when I become one with the Oneness, a great energy radiates from me and you feel that energy. So there were certain knots in your throat and you felt the heat of the energy in your ears, certain knots in your subtle body and your throat chakra that has been brought into balance and cleared up. Do you see. And because it is so powerful you felt a bit nervous about it because you didn't understand it. If you had understood it, you would have not felt nervous. Next. VOICE: I felt a similar thing to what [INAUDIBLE]. GURURAJ: Ah, through the ajna chakra. Did you feel a tingling there? VOICE: Yes. GURURAJ: Yes. Right. VOICE: And a heaviness. GURURAJ: There, um hm. That's also the opening of the ajna chakra and of the heart. For I could read your mind, I could read your past lives, and I know the problems of yo ur heart. That heaviness there, it'll go away. VOICE: Promise? GURURAJ: Promise you. Next. VOICE: [Lynn?]. VOICE: I saw your face change to that of a very old Chinese man. GURURAJ: Beard? VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] You changed from that [??] me. [INAUDIBLE].

4. U S 83 - 6 GURURAJ: Um hm. You've got no right to look at my past lives [LAUGHS]! Oh, for the primal atom had to go through all those various evolutionary processes to become me. That's good. It also signifies that you have very great visual power. Now, man has five senses, as we spoke about, hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, so different people experience these things in different ways. Good. Next. VOICE: As I was watching you, I could see you with...at one minute be very illumined, and then the next minute you would be sort of heavy. But my feelings with my body was continual heat rushes all over my body. And there was extreme heat radiating from my body. And I get body signals in m y right arm. GURURAJ: Um hm. Very good. Very valid. You're feeling that energy that was radiated, that Divine energy. Very good. Is Bobby here? VOICE: [INAUDIBLE]...the difference at the time, and that I didn't want to...I preferred to close my eye s. I had to struggle to keep my eyes open. I wanted to go, you know? GURURAJ: Um hm. VOICE: [Close my eyes?] Oh, I'm gone, I tell you. [???????] tremendous pulsation in my head. It still is. Going like thi s, and the heart [????]. GURURAJ: Um hm . Yes. Yah, that's the ajna chakra and the heart chakra set into motion. Needed that. Good. VOICE: Eunice. EUNICE: I had the same feeling of wanting to doze off. And every time I [??????] I would get the feeling of emotion [??????] my chair up and like I was bouncing on a road. And then I would wake up and I would get this motion feeling of going over a rough road. GURURAJ: Um hm. And you feel lighter?

5. U S 83 - 6 EUNICE: Um hm. GURURAJ: Right. So...good. Very valid. Very valid. Because it brings a lightness within you. That emotional feeling of the rough road was a spur to the samskaras and getting rid of them, and therefore at the same time, you feel the lightness because the samskaras are lessened. Hm? CHETAN: Mainly light. The gold built up over your head and face and body slowly getting stronger and stronger and stronger. Before that there were many flashes of blue, which seemed to settle down. The entire wall was all pink [?????]. But the thing that is new to me is the extreme brilliance of the light it's blinding, but it's soft. GURURAJ: Um hm. Right. Very luminous? CHETAN: Very luminous. And the plants seemed to be in the sunshine, because the leaves wer e all throwing off this beautiful color. GURURAJ: Um hm. How many of you saw me covered with light? Hm? Most of you. CHETAN: Your eyes were completely white. Completely white. GURURAJ: Um hm. Yeah. Now, the colors you saw before it led to the go lden light is while I was traveling through the universe. And it could be interpreted through various colors what stages you are going through to reach the final stage. CHETAN: And finally when you came back and were looking [???????]. GURURAJ: Um hm. Did anyone hear a sound that... what? Aummm. VOICE: A hum. [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: A hum. That is the universal sound. That was the primal word. That word was with God and is God, that sound.

7. U S 83 - 6 ROOPA: Yeah, I saw that too. O ften I would open my eyes to look at you, because they kept closing, and I'd open them and it would just be a blur. And... Usually, while I'm talking, usually I used to see gold when I'd see you, and now this time I just saw white, aqua, lavender. But i t was just different this time. And my hands... GURURAJ: Um hm. It's different. It's different...um hm. ROOPA: My hands just got so...they had to start moving away from each other. GURURAJ: Why were you crying? ROOPA: I don't know why. Search me. Tell me why. GURURAJ: I know why. That...very good experience. [TO IAN: Oh my, lovey. No, we're not going to grab that [KISSING SOUNDS]. VOICE: One of the things I felt...at first I felt kind of light, [IAN BRE ATHING IN MIKE AND PLAYING WITH MIKE MAKES THE FOLLOWING SECTION DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND.] and I thought it was 'cause I felt my heart was really going, which it was doing before you even came into the room. But then as I sat I just got real, real hea vy. I couldn't move, I couldn't take my eyes, I couldn't avert my eyes...[INAUDIBLE] And you were talking about how, sort of, to Laura how, this [??????????????], getting real, diffuse like you were real transparent. GURURAJ: That's right. VOICE: Not literally transparent, but that feeling. Even with saying to myself, you know, relax your eyes so you're not blurring out, it was still that same kind of thing. GURURAJ: Beautiful. Very valid. VOICE: [??????] something about that plant, too. The pl ant was just glowing.

8. U S 83 - 6 GURURAJ: Oh. Um hm. It's the radiation that emanates from my body that.... I don't know if... (One moment, Robin.) I don't know how many of you saw this entire room filled with a golden glow. You over there? And you, too? Yes, t here. Quite... VOICE: I kept seeing spots of like different colors, [???????] ones around. And a swirling. GURURAJ: Swirling motion. That's the motion of the universe as I was going through it. Yeah. VOICE: The other thing that I saw, Guruji, whi ch entertained me because I'm a fan of Tibetan art, you raised your hand, you started to raise your hand and an absolutely [INAUDIBLE] And when you opened it, like that, it was the heat [INAUDIBLE]. GURURAJ: [WHISPERS TO IAN] Yeah, that's right. Kali is the destroyer of evil, that's why. The color of the goddess Kali. That's not Tibetan, by the way, that's Hindu. And the goddess Kali removes. Destroyer of sins. Do you see. So when you become one with the universal being or with being, then these a re the various different aspects of being: the creator, the preserver and the destroyer. Where's the camera? Yeah, come on. Let's have a few shots of my baby. Lookey. Look at daddy. Yeah, there. There's daddy. [LAUGHS AND MAKES SOUNDS TO IAN.] VOICE: Now, Robin about half way back. [LAUGHTER] No, Robin. About right in here. Get down, get down head level. ROBIN: Right about in here. GURURAJ: Hey. Yes, look at daddy. Yes. Yes. I said look at daddy, not at me. VOICE: He's got better things to do here. GURURAJ: [LAUGHS] [PLAYS WITH IAN.]

11. U S 83 - 6 GURURAJ: What was it? Oh, yes. How many of you saw my face becoming totally serene? Hm? Yeah. Most of them. Whatever questions do I normally ask? I forget. Nevertheless, when we are in the presence of that Divine energy it's good. And I say this again, your life could never be the same again. You are touched by the hand of God. It's my privilege to be a little channel for His power and His force. I'm just an ordinary fellow like you, nothing more. And if I can reach Divinity, reach the inner s elf or the outer self or the entire universe it means the same. All of you too can. You see. Because you are Divine. It's just a matter of going in. And it's so difficult to describe if you are going in or you are go ing out because both are the same. You see, it's paradoxical. Okay, [??????]. **** END ****


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