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3. U S 83 - 8 VOICE: Ishwara. GURURAJ: Ishwara, fine. More, more, more. Come. More ideas. VOICE: Forgiveness. GURURAJ: Forgiveness, right. Fine. More, more, more. VOICE: Frolicking in the pasture. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: What about the pasture? VOICE: Frolicking through th e pasture. GURURAJ: That's enjoyable. You'll have to dance with me to frolic in the pasture. Forgiveness, Ishwara, frolic in the pasture. Come. More, more, more, more, more. VOICE: Reconciliation. GURURAJ: Reconciliation. Now... VOICE: Full mo on at night. GURURAJ: Full moon at night. Ah, you must be mad. [LAUGHTER] VOICE: Sentimental. BOB: More faith. GURURAJ: Hm?

4. U S 83 - 8 BOB: More faith. GURURAJ: Ah. What language? I speak about twelve different languages. VOICES: Whichever one works out. English. GURURAJ: English, fine. VOICE: Pick one that Fred Cota can understand. GURURAJ: Oh, which one does he understand? VOICE: Sanskrit. GURURAJ: Oh, Sanskrit, sure. Fred, you're welcome. You look after tha t daughter of mine. I'm warning you. [LAUGHTER] [SANSKRIT] Oh, forgive me, my Lord. [SANSKRIT] Take me to that field of your eternal wisdom. [SANSKRIT] [Return?] nectar. [SANSKRIT] Let me frolic in your garden. [SANSKRIT] I stayed fora time in Br indaban. In that forest where I frolicked with my Radha. Take me back there to my Radha. [SANSKRIT] Come with me, Radha. [SANSKRIT] Oh, Radha, come dance with me. Come dance with me, Radha, in this Brindaban. In this... Frolicking in this forest, a nd hold me in your arms and just let me melt away in this melody of love. [SANSKRIT] [CLAPPING] Change the beat. [FASTER CLAPPING] We're going tonight. [SANSKRIT] Tonight. [SANSKRIT] [APPLAUSE] So simple. [LAUGHS] Fun night, huh? Okay? VOICE: Yes. [LAUGHTER] Of course. GURURAJ: You see, you frolic, and within the frolicking there is the forgiveness because you could never frolic in that forest of love. You cannot forget. And forgetting is forgiving for giving. Understand the word. Life is for giving, and not taking. So tonight we go and frolic in that forest of Brindaban, for joy is there for us to enjoy.

5. U S 83 - 8 And why are you so miserable, idiots. [LAUGHTER] Tell me why, hm? Do you see the message of love and hope and joy? Live, live, live it. It's always there, all the time, just to be recognized within you again. That's all you are joy. You are life. You are the beauty that everything is. But we have to learn to re cognize the beauty that we are and that is my message to the wor ld. Don't call yourself, I'm a sinner, sinner, sinner. Say no, I'm Divinity itself. I'm no sinner. And the things I interpret to be sinful is an interpretation of my mind because I'm not only judgmental of myself, but I'm also judgmental of all that whi ch is around me. Who are you to judge? Who knows the mind? Give me a thousand psychologists and psychiatrists and I'll kick their bloomin' asses. [LAUGHTER] They know not what they talk about. They know not what they talk about. It is their business. And when they go starting on the lines of which I talk about, do not talk of weakness. Do not say you're weak, you're weak, you're weak, you'll become more weaker. It's autosuggestion which you're implanting in this stupid, putty like mind that can be m olded. So how about molding the same putty with strength, and life becomes better. It must. It has to. [SINGS JAI RAM] [ALL JOIN IN] Hold hands. [SINGS] You know, you find pictures where a yogi sits this way. You don't do it. You must hold your ha nds when you meditate to preserve the circuit. But this means the three gunas, tamas, sattva, rajas, which comprises, which comprises the relativeness. May it be combined to the absolute. Hm? You get that? The three gunas that controls life and all ex istence, rajas, tamas, sattva, right, may they be combined in the relativity of life into the absoluteness of life. VOICE: [Then you're okay?] GURURAJ: You're fixed up! [LAUGHTER] Then you're fixed up. Yeah, I've seen this in American quite a lot of. ..quite a number of times when it says [KISSING SOUNDS?]. But they don't know what the hell it means. [LAUGHTER] I know I've got another thing here in my pocket. I never had a chance [LAUGHTER] I was... [END SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: I was interviewing... [LAUGHTER] I was interviewing people all the damn time. Three Scots in church, I did that. [LAUGHTER] Ah, ah. Right. Right. I don't know if I did this one here. Right. This minister, you know, tells Pat, who was dying , you know, on his deathbed, and the minister says, "Aren't you afraid of meeting God?" And so Pat says, "I'm not afraid of meeting God, but I'm afraid of meeting the other guy." [LAUGHTER] There is no other guy. Okay. There is only one Divinity. Only one Divinity. And if Divinity is omnipresent, where is the place for the other guy, huh? Right.

6. U S 83 - 8 You know, this old woman every time she went to church and the name of Satan was mentioned she used to bow. So one day the minister got hold of her. You k now these ministers, a church minister, you call it that? They always stand at the door [IN A HIGH VOICE] "Good bye, my sissy." You know? "Very nice. Good, good, good. Good, good." So that they could come back next Sunday again, you know, to put some thing in the plate. Huh? Right. So one day he got hold of this woman and says, "Madam, there's one question I have to ask you. Whenever the name of Satan is mentioned you always bow. Now, tell me the reason for it." So this old lady said, "Look, it co sts you nothing to be polite, but then you never know." [LAUGHTER] What is above is below. There is no heaven and there is no hell. It is just a ruse created by certain organizations in all the theologies. Heaven and hell is here and now. And what you make of it is important. You can turn your life into misery, or you could change your life into total joy. Now, what I am teaching is, develop the true perspective towards life. You can be poor, rich or otherwise it does not matter. What matters is yo ur perspective. And the practices that are taught is to strengthen...give you strength to realize the perspective, the true perspective how you should view yourself. One woman felt she was so ugly. Every day she used to look in the mirror and used to us e all these, what do you call this [AS HE RUBS HIS FACE], cosmetics. All that, which I believe is a multi billion dollar industry in America and elsewhere in the world. And she used to think she was so ugly. And then one day she wiped off and washed off all the cosmetics. I told her to do that. Wipe it off, this is absolute, how do you spell it? S, h, something. [LAUGHTER] Wipe it off. Wash your face in clean soap. And that very afternoon, here in Las Vegas, and if you want me to introduce you to h er I could. So she washed her face that morning. I spoke to her the previous evening. Wash your face, take off all that bloomin' junk. And that very evening she met a beautiful man that appreciated her beauty, and not her cosmetics. And they're happy. Do you want to love me, do you want to love your husband, do you want to love your girlfriend, your wife, or whatever, because of the false eyelashes and the cosmetics? No. No. That can't last. You want to love the inner self of the being. You want to connect your inner self with that inner self of that person. That becomes love. It's electrifying. It's beautiful. Not the outwardness. I've got hundreds of women loving me, do you know that? You don't know how many proposals I've had so far. [LAUGH TER] Vidya does all the counting for me. Couple of thousand? VIDYA: At least. GURURAJ: At least, yeah. I give you the connection to the heart, so that heart could be electrified and send off the sparks so that you could attract that which is deserv ing to you. Do you see how simple? Why do you think I worry so

1. U S 83 - 8 YOU ARE DIVINE GURURAJ: Christ went to the desert for forty days to find himself, and yet, I find myself coming to this desert to find so much love. Las Vegas in known for its gambling and what have you, but here there's so much spirituality. There's so much spiritual ity, because there are forces that work in opposition: where there is so much good or where there is so much bad, there also is so much good. There are people in your city that is hungering for truth. There are people that are yearning to find themselves. You don't know. The people of Las Vegas are seeking people. And what you see on the strip is not Las Vegans, they are tourists that come to make a fast buck. But they don't, thank God. There is so much here in this desert area that is so uplifting. T here are so many people here that has the beauty of the soul and the spirit. I have not been wasting my time here in this four days on the course, looking at each and every one. And I've found there's so much beauty, so much devotion, so much dedication, so much love. It's unbelievable. [IAN IN BACKGROUND] Because... You're right, son. Thank you. Because essentially man tries to find himself. You can be anywhere, and yet find yourself. I would so much love to change the entire image of Las Vegas if g iven a chance. Outsiders would think that Las Vegas is a den of vice. But I want them to know that Las Vegas is not a den of vice, but a place that's so nice. And who makes it nice? We. Get into your hearts this one principle only: that I am Divine. I am born of the Divine. Divinity permeates every cell of myself, and if that is so then I am nice. And I'm freed from vice, for I know that I live with that which is Divine. If thi s could enter the hearts of my little family here, spread it, give it t o others, that you are not sinners, but you are Divine. And when you do that all the guilt, all the suffering, and all the misery would evaporate. That's what the sun does. It evaporates t he water of the earth, and sends it back to grow our food and flo wers. And know this now, oh children of God, know this now, that from your feelings of iniquity, know that you are iquity. Why do you sorrow? Why do you sorrow? Why do you borrow when everything is there giving you what you need all the time for what is really needed. Not your want, but what you need is there. Now take heed of the need for what you are, how Divine you are, and to know the infinity of Divinity is in your hands. I, a little teacher of truth, can only tell you that and lead you on the pat h that will show that you are suffering of misconceptions. And sometimes I wish that I would believe in more birth control. Why were you conceived in the first place? Why? You were not conceived in sorrow. You were conceived with the joy of creation t his vastness. And then you go on misinterpreting yourself, magnifying mole hills into mountains, and yet dividing yourself into that duality. Duality is to be realized that although I have five fingers it is from the same hand. Close the fist... Why is this water shaking? Is it because of me? Duality is there. See it, but yet know it belongs to the same hand, the same fist. So

2. U S 83 - 8 close the fingers that spread like a spider's web causing the misery, but close the palm. And closing the palms all these d ualities of these five fingers gathered together there in the center. Do you understand me? Realize now that you are the center. You are the center. You are the sprouting of the center. [SIGHS] Look at this beautiful flower. Hm. Is it only the flower that I am looking at? Is it only the leaves that I look at. (Sorry.) That's what we do, we drop it. Is it only the beauty of the flower we look at, or the leaves we look at? But what about the essence that makes these leaves green, that makes these tho rns, and the totality of it makes this flower. These leaves and all these thorns and this stem are these fingers. Close it, please. And when you close it you know the sap, the sap that is the essence that transforms itself into the stem, into the thorns , into the leaves and into this beautiful flower. And then you would enjoy the kiss of life. Hm. It is so, so simple. So, so simple. Oh, my God, please help me. Why my beloveds have to go through all the suffering. Tonight I will do something that's g oing to transform you, because tonight is the last night of the course? Hm, is it? VOICE: Yes. GURURAJ: Good. We'll do that. I bring you the message of peace and joy. I bring you the message to make you recognize who you really are, oh beautiful fl ower. And yet, without the consciousness of the human being you radiate your beauty. You radiate your effulgence and you give to me, return to me, because I love you, my dear flowers, so much that you give back to me in return your wonderful fragrance. Hm. Now, I believe the American people love singing. We were doing it on the lawn. Some of us joined in together. Shall we do it again? Huh, huh? I'm sure you'll love that. The words mean that praise the Lord. Jai ram, which means praise the Lord. The world calls it, calls Him, It, Him, Her, whatever, by many names. The Hindus say Ishwara. The Muslims say Allah. We Christians we say Cristos. But it is the same essence, the same one, described by so many different names. So I'll start it off, a nd then you could join me with it, because I'll sing it with you all the time. [SINGS JAI RAM] [APPLAUSE] Would you like me to compose a poem on anything you like? Just say it. VOICE: Ishwara. GURURAJ: Hm?

7. U S 83 - 8 much or be concerned, really, of people suffering and struggling and being in misery, when all these things are so simple? Just to connect up. Plug in and the light burns. You can plug it anywhere else, too. Something else will burn. (That's lost.) Plug in to Divinity. That's all. Have me as this little thingamajig, whatever you call it, as the connector. But yo u can plug in. You are plugging in, not me. There's so much electricity in the river, the Colorado, the thing we went to see the other day, but the generator has to be there to draw the electrical, the hydro electrical, power from the water, through the generator so the lights in this room could burn. Use me if you want to. It costs you nothing, and I ask for nothing. Have I got another joke, damn it. No, I didn't manage to work out any more today. I was too busy counseling the whole day today, wasn't I? Nevertheless, I don't know if I said this one. This American went to En gland and he was being shown around a castle. You know, one of those ancient castles? And said, "You know," the guide said, "this castle is six hundred years old and not a stone has been changed. And it is as it was built. Really, the real thing. Six h undred years ago." So the visitor says, "Oh, God..." No. "Aw, shucks." They say gore blimey in England, and of course, here we Americans say, "Aw, shucks." [LAUGHTER] He said, "Aw, shucks, must be the same landlord." [LAUGHTER] Oh, yeah. Half past n ine? [SINGS JAI RAM] [ALL JOIN IN] Well, I think that's enough for tonight. **** END ****


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